Botany Questions and Answers

Botany SSC Question Papers

1. Which of the following element plays an important role in nitrogen fixation ? (1) Mo (2) Mn (3) Zn (4) Cu 2. Name the multiple degradative strain “Super bug” created by Chakrabarty and co-workers : (1) Pseudomonas aeruginosa (2) Bacillus subtilis (3) Pseudomonas putida (4) Bacillus cereus A 3. Which committee should be constituted

Botany IIT JAM Question Papers

1. Which one of the following pairs represents physical mutagens ? (1) X-rays and ultraviolet rays (2) a-rays and alkylating agents (3) Base analogue and acridine dye (4) Neutrons and Hydroxylamine 2. In which one of the following combinations, the compounds are arranged in ascending order based on their molecular weights ? (1) DNA, RNA,

Botany GATE Question Papers

1. Which of the following is a repressor of gibberellin signalling ? (1) DELLA (2) AUX (3) HPT (4) TTR1 2. Lampbrush chromosomes are seen in which stage of cell division ? (1) Leptotene (2) Diplotene (3) Diakinesis (4) Zygotene 3. Which of the following culture technique is most suitable for the production of secondary

Botany Viva Question Papers

1. Which one of these is an epigenetic cause of somaclonal variation ? (1) Chromosomal abrasion (2) Point mutations (3) Transposable elements activation (4) Methylation / demethylation 2. According to stability statistics, a genotype exhibiting small magnitude of among environmental variance will have (1) Type I stability (2) Type II stability (3) Type III stability

Botany NET Question Paper

1. In Drosophila C / B genotype used by Muller, ‘C’ stands for crossover suppressor due to (1) presence of a suppressor gene (2) inversion of / B region (3) a deletion between / and B loci (4) transposable element between / and B loci 2. Evolutionary relic of a functional gene is called as

Botany Objective Papers

1. On the basis of distribution of gases , the atmosphere has zonation in one of the following orders : 1) Troposphere , Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere 2) Mesosphere, Stratosphere, Troposphere , Ionosphere and Exosphere 3) Ionosphere , Stratosphere , Mesosphere, Troposphere , and Exosphere 4) Troposphere ,Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Ionosphere and Exosphere 2. Which

Botany NEET Question Paper

1. Non ­columellate species of Notothylas is ­ 1) Notothylas indica 2) Notothylas orbicularis 3) Notothylas leveri 4) All species of Notothylas 2. Air­gun mechanism of spore dispersal is present in : 1) Sphagnum 2) Funaria 3) Frullania 4) Pogonatum 3. Which one of the following pteridophytes is zerophytic ? 1) Azolla 2) Salvinia 3)

Botany Mock Test

1. Haplontic type of alternation of generation is found in ­ 1) Chara 2) Ectocarpus 3) Enteromorpha 4) Ulva 2. Which of the following algae have non­flagellate coenobia ? 1) Eudorina 2) Pandorina 3) Pediastrum 4) Volvox 3. Algae that contain chlorophyll a and c are commonly known as : 1) Chromophyta 2) Euglenophyta 3)

Botany Practice Question

1. Which one of the following variety is not a variety of Mungbean :- A. RMG 492 B. IPM 02-3 C. SML 668 D. RMO 40 2. ‘Gangaur’ is a popular variety of gram developed at:- A. ARS, Kota B. ARS, Sriganganagar C. CAZRI,Jodhpur D. RCA, Udaipur 3. A popular variety of guar is:- A.

Botany GK

1. According to cell theory, cell is :- A. Basic unit of living beings B. Smallest unit of life C. Structural and functional unit of living organisms D. Self sufficient unit of life 2. Most suitable stage of cell division for study of chromosome morphology:- A. Meotic prophase B. Mitotic metaphase C. Meotic telophase D.