Automobile Engineering Questions and Answers for ITI Jobs

1. The unit of temperature in SI unit is:
(A) Kilogram
(B) Kelvin
(C) Centigrade
(D) Celsius

2. Crank case dilution is:
(A) Dilution of lubricating oil
(B) Dilution of diesel in crank case
(C) Addition of water in crank ease
(D) None of these

3. The top ring on the piston is known as:
(A) Ring grove
(B) Oil ring
(C) Compression ring
(D) Scrapper ring

4. The purpose of Feeler gauge is:
(A) Measuring the small gap
(B) Measuring the diameter of a cylinder
(C) Measuring the length of a rod
(D) Measuring length of a beam

5. Viscosity of the oil is the measure of it’s:
(A) Resistance flow
(B) Temperature flow
(C) Velocity flow
(D) Current flow

6. The voltage per cell in a lead acid battery is:
(A) 1 volt
(B) 8 volt
(C) 1.5 volt
(D) 2 volt

7. The chamber angle is usually:
(A) 1/4″
(B) Between 1″ to 3″
(C) Between 1/2″ to 2″
(D) Between 4″ to 6″

8. The cylinder block of heavy engine is made of:
(A) High carbon steel
(B) Cast iron
(C) Nickel or chromium steel
(D) Medium carbon steel

9. Ohms law relates potential difference with:
(A) Time
(B) Current
(C) Voltage
(D) Power

10. The standard firing order for an in-line 6 cylinder IC engine is:
(A) 1-5-3-6-2-4
(B) 1-6-5-4-2-3
(C) 1-3-5-4-2-6
(D) 1 -4-5-2-3-6

11. The dynamo in an automobile is basically:
(A) DC generator
(B) Resistance
(C) Transformer
(D) All of the above

12. The knocking tendency of spark ignition engine is reduced by:
(A) Advancing ignition timing
(B) High compression ratio
(C) how exhaust gas temperature
(D) Adding dope like tetra ethy lead to the fuel

13. The gear ratio of camshaft and crankshaft is:
(A) 1:1
(B) 1:6
(C) 1:2
(D) 1:8

14. The maximum temperature in the IC engine cylinder is:
(A) 700 – 1200°C
(B) 2000 – 2500°C
(C) 1000 – 1500°C
(D) 1500 – 2000°C

15. Which in more viscous lubricating oil?
(A) SAE 50
(B) SAE 70
(C) SAE 40
(D) SAE 90

16. Scavenging is usually done to increase:
(A) Thermal efficiency
(B) Lees fuel consumption
(C) Speed of the engine
(D) Power output

17. All the four wheel drive automobiles has:
(A) Water cooled engine
(B) Air cooled engine
(C) Four stroke engine
(D) Two differentials

18. The radiator in usually made of:
(A) Bronze
(B) Cast iron
(C) Steel
(D) Copper

19. Air standard efficiency of an IC engine depends on:
(A) Compression ratio
(B) Fuel used
(C) Velocity ratio
(D) Power ratio

20. The materials used for cylinder head are generally:
(A) Alluminium
(B) High carbon steel
(C) Mild steel
(D) Cast iron

Questions for ITI Jobs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Carpenter
Automobile Engineering Lineman
Printing Technology Wireman
Tool and Die Maker Electrician
Boiler Operator Electrical
Pump Operator Mechanic
Architectural Draftsman Surveyor
Draughtsman Civil Instrument Mechanic
Masonry Electronics Mechanic
Welder Information Technology
Fitter Computer Hardware
Turner Steel Fabricator
Plumber Electroplater

21. Which law states that pressure remaining constant the volume of a fixed mass of gas is directly proportional to it’s absolute temperature?
(A) Boyle’s law
(B) Charle’s law
(C) Regnnult‘s law
(D) Joule’s law

22. The air fuel ratio of petrol engine is controlled by:
(A) Fuel injection pump
(B) Governer
(C) Injector
(D) Carburettor

23. ___________ tool is used for lightening the nuts and bolt with a specified torque.
(A) Adjustable wrench
(B) Torque wrench
(C) Pipe wrench
(D) Tubular spanner

24. The volume sept by the piston in moving from TDC to BDC is called:
(A) Piston displacement
(B) Clearance volume
(C) Engine capacity
(D) Total volume

25. The total piston displacement of all the engine cylinders is:
(A) Engine capacity
(B) Valve capacity
(C) Fuel tank capacity
(D) Rocker arm capacity

26. A smoky blue exhaust is due to:
(A) incorrect valve adjustment
(B) incorrect tappet adjustment
(C) burning of oil in combustion chamber
(D) rich mixture in the combustion chamber

27. Engine torque is transmitted to the gear box through:
(A) Gear box
(B) Belt
(C) Chain
(D) Clutch

28. Speedometer drive is usually taken from:
(A) Fan belt
(B) Rear wheel
(C) Dynamo
(D) Front wheel

29. Free clutch pedal play in car clutches is about:
(A) 10 mm
(B) 60 mm
(C) 90 mm
(D) 30 mm

30. The specific gravity for fully charged lead acid battery is:
(A) 1.160 – 1.160
(B) 1.175 – 1.185
(C) 1.125 – 1.135
(D) 1.220 – 1.230

31. The bellows type valve, the bellows are filled with liquid such as:
(A) kerosene
(B) diesel
(C) oil
(D) alcohol or acetone

32. A compressed air break system is a type of:
(A) mechanical brake
(B) hand brake
(C) vacuum assisted brake
(D) friction brake

33. Multi oil indicate:
(A) SAE 20W-50
(B) SAE 120
(C) SAE 90

34. The coil spring in wish bone suspension placed between the:
(A) Upper wish bone and the cross member
(B) Shock absorber and the cross member
(C) Lower wish bone and the cross member
(D) Three wish bones

35. The packing brake generally acts on:
(A) Propeller shaft
(B) Rear wheels
(C) Front wheels
(D) Front and rear wheel

36. The rating of diesel fuel is given by:
(A) 1.5
(B) octane number
(C) cetane number
(D) 2PLN

37. The central gear of an epi cyclic gear set is called a:
(A) Internal gear
(B) Ring gear
(C) Planet gear
(D) Sun gear

38. The torque increased in a vehicle obtained by:
(A) Decreasing power
(B) Decreasing fuel consumption
(C) Decreasing speed
(D) Increasing fuel consumption

39. The condition that causes vapour locking in a brake system:
(A) An excessively high engine speed on a downhill road
(B) Over cooling of the brake during high speed driving
(C) Keeping the vehicle without use for an extended period
(D) Overheating of the fluid due to frequent brake application

40. The oil pump is driven by the:
(A) cam shaft
(B) main shaft
(C) primary shaft
(D) crank shaft directly

41. Less or uneven pressure of air in the wheels shall result in:
(A) smooth steering
(B) front axle shifted
(C) hard steering
(D) loose tie rod

42. The oil or fluid used in torque converter is:
(A) SAE – 90
(B) SAE 30-40
(C) Mineral oil
(D) Brake oil

43. Valve ring compressor is used to ___________ the valve springs while removing or installing the engine valve.
(A) Depress
(B) Compress
(C) Brittleneas
(D) Toughness

44. The fully charged buttery is brought to a temperature of:
(A) 90°F
(B) 45°C
(C) 120°F
(D) 80°F

45. The transmission in which various speeds are obtained automatically are known as:
(A) Constant power transmission
(B) High torque transmission
(C) Low speed transmission
(D) Automatic transmission

46. The rotary motion of the crank shaft is in turn used to drive the ____________ for generating power.
(A) Motor
(B) Transformer
(C) Engine
(D) Generator

47. Baffles are provided on engine to:
(A) Reduce fuel consumption
(B) Improve engine performance
(C) Improve heat transfers rate
(D) Reduce the knocking effect

48. Which of the following statement is true statement?
(A) Heavier fly wheel is needed in two stroke engine
(B) Lighter flywheel is needed in four stroke engine
(C) Low thermal efficiency in four stroke engine
(D) Volumetric efficiency is less in two stroke engine

49. The tacometer is used to measure the:
(A) Engine oil viscosity
(B) Engine compression
(C) Engine temperature
(D) Engine rpm

50. During combustion, fuel and water particles escape from the combustion chamber into the crank chamber, which dilute the lubricating oil contained in the oil sump is known as:
(A) Crank case dilution
(B) Crank case burning
(C) Crank case explosion
(D) Crank case ventilation

51. The order or sequence in which the firing takes place in different cylinders of a multi cylinder engine is called:
(A) Air-fuel ratio
(B) Power ratio
(C) Fuel ratio
(D) Firing order

52. When the top of the wheel is fitted inward, then it is called:
(A) Kins pin inclination
(B) Positive camber
(C) Caster angle
(D) Negative camber

53. The main function of a suspension is to:
(A) Correct the effect of steering automatically
(B) Wheel alignment is not distributed during driving
(C) Steering wheel can driven a suitable amount of steering force
(D) Absorb vibration and impact forces from the road surface

54. The type of rear axle used in a car and light commercial vehicles are:
(A) Semi-floating axle
(B) Full floating axle
(C) Three-quarter floating axle
(D) None of these

55. The function of gear box in an automobile is to:
(A) Vary speed
(B) Vary torque
(C) To disconnect the road wheels from the engine when desired
(D) Permanent speed reduction

56. Which instrument in used to measure specific gravity?
(A) Hydrometer
(B) Thermometer
(C) Barometer
(D) Taoometer

57. _________ are provided in the clutch smooth engagement.
(A) Coil spring
(B) Cauhion spring
(C) Torsion spring
(D) Spring basic disc

58. A ring gear is provided around the engine flywheel:
(A) To start the engine using self starter
(B) To operate the valves
(C) To maintain better engine speed
(D) To maintain the water pump speed

59. __________ serves to adjust the length of the propeller shaft when demanded by the rear axle movement.
(A) Universal joint
(B) Cap joints
(C) Corner joint
(D) Slip joint

60. The torque available at the contact between wheels and rod is:
(A) Tractive effect
(B) Gear effect
(C) Brake effect
(D) axle effect

61. The Rear wheels should follow in the tracks of front wheels in a parallel position is called
(A) Turning radius
(B) Uniform motion of wheel
(C) Negotiating turn
(D) Tracking

62. Which of the following is false statement?
(A) Thermal efficiency is low in petrol engine
(B) Thermal efficiency is high in diesel engine
(C) Petrol engine works on constant volume cycle
(D) Compression ratio varies from 6.1 to 9.1 in Diesel engine

63. The basic frame work of an engine is:
(A) cylinder head
(B) cylinder block
(C) oil sump
(D) connecting rod

64. The oil sump is made of:
(A) cast iron
(B) zinc sheet
(C) alluminium alloy
(D) pressed steel sheet

65. While smoke from a diesel engine can be expected during:
(A) Start up or idling
(B) High load operation
(C) High Speed operation
(D) All of the above

66. The term BTDC stands for:
(A) Below Top Dead Centre
(B) Before Top Dead Centre
(C) Back Top Dead Centre
(D) Balance Top Dead Centre

67. The advantages of tube less tyre over tube type tyre is:
(A) slow air leakage
(B) chances of running flat is less
(C) better fuel efficiency
(D) all of these

68. Differential gear box oil is usually renewed after:
(A) 6000 km
(B) 4000 km
(C) 1500 km
(D) 2500-6000 km

69. An over inflated tyre will wear the tread moat near the:
(A) Centre
(B) Corner
(C) Edges
(D) none of these

70. Piston, compression rings and made of:
(A) spring steel
(B) Alluminium
(C) copper alloy
(D) cast iron

71. The power to be transmitted to the road wheels at varied lengths and varied angles is:
(A) axle shaft
(B) primary shall
(C) bevel shaft
(D) propeller shaft

72. In an automobile the wheels convert rotary motion into:
(A) Reciprocating motion
(B) Downward motion
(C) Upward motion
(D) Longitudinal one

73. For maximum engine speed and power, additional fuel must be supplied ________ in providing additional fuel for maximum power.
(A) chock valve
(B) Throttle valve
(C) Additional nozzle
(D) Economizer valve

74. In otto cycle engines the knocking tendency is reduced by:
(A) Adding dope like tetraethy load to the fuel
(B) High exhaust temperature
(C) Less compression ratio
(D) High compression ratio

75. Bendix drive is generally known as:
(A) Front axle drive
(B) Rear axle drive
(C) Bendix gear drive
(D) Inertia drive

76. The front and rear wheel, tyre pressure of Ambassador car is:
(A) 15 psi – 18 psi
(B) 20 psi – 25 psi
(C) 24 psi – 25 psi
(D) 26 psi – 28 psi

77. Brake bleeding is the process of removing ___________ from the system.
(A) Brake oil
(B) Air
(C) Vacuum
(D) Excess pressure

78. ____________ is the conventional material for engine cylinder heads and block
(A) Alluminium
(B) Steel
(C) Vacuum
(D) Cast iron

79. The type of wheels preferred in sport vehicles are:
(A) Wire wheel
(B) Copper alloy wheel
(C) Alluminium alloy wheel
(D) Disc wheel

80. In modern car the head light dimming switch is mounted on the:
(A) Dash board
(B) Steering column
(C) Side board
(D) Flour board

81. Pick out the odd one from the following:
(A) cylinder block
(B) crank shaft
(C) crank case
(D) cylinder head

82. In an engine the temperature of the piston will be more at:
(A) the crown of the piston
(B) the piston walls
(C) the skirt of the piston
(D) the land of the piston

83. Which part is not common between the petrol and diesel engines?
(A) Air cleaner
(B) Crank shaft
(C) Silencer
(D) Spark plug

84. The firing order of a four cylinder inline engine is usually:
(A) 1-2-3-4
(B) 1-3-4-2
(C) 1-2-4-3
(D) 4-1-2-3

85. The device for smoothing out the power impulses from the engine:
(A) crank shaft
(B) clutch
(C) flywheel
(D) shock absorber

86. Which vehicle is provided with single wheel drive?
(A) Tractor
(B) Motor cycle
(C) Truck
(D) Car

87. Engine alternator is driven by:
(A) V-belt drive
(B) Gear drive
(C) Flat belt drive
(D) Chain drive

88. The least count of a inside micrometer is:
(A) 0.02 mm
(B) 1 mm
(C) 0.01 mm
(D) 0.001 mm

89. An engine running in closed garage is dangerous because the exhaust gas contains
(A) water vapour
(B) carbon dioxide
(C) air
(D) carbon monoxide

90. To lighten nuts or bolts accurately, use:
(A) ring spanner
(B) open jaw spanner
(C) torque wrench
(D) combination wrench

91. To cut threads in a hole, use a:
(A) Die
(B) stud extractor
(C) tap
(D) reamer

92. Before you work under a car, make sure that:
(A) the tires are inflated
(B) use a creeper
(C) the car is supported on safety stands
(D) the car is supported on hydraulic jack

93. The component which adjust the length of the propeller shaft according to the movement of the rear axle:
(A) universal joint
(B) slip joint
(C) constant velocity joint
(D) lap joint

94. The instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of electrolyte in a battery
(A) cell tester
(B) voltmeter
(C) hydrometer
(D) thermometer

95. The stroke of an engine in which the exhaust valve is fully closed:
(A) suction
(B) compression
(C) power
(D) exhaust

96. Grade of the lubricating oil used in differential unit:
(A) SAE30
(B) SAE 140
(C) SAE90
(D) SAE40

97. Number of sparks required in one minute for a 4 stroke 4 cylinder petrol engine working at 3000 RPM:
(A) 6000
(B) 3000
(C) 1500
(D) 750

98. Find out the odd one from the following:
(A) Master cylinder
(B) Engine cylinder
(C) Wheel cylinder
(D) Brake drum

99. The property of lubricating oil to resist flow is called:
(A) Viscosity
(B) flash point
(C) pore point
(D) fire point

100. Shape of head lamp reflector of vehicles:
(A) spherical
(B) hyperbolic
(C) convex
(D) parabolic

101. Type of clutch used in motor cycle:
(A) single plate
(B) multiplate
(C) diaphragm
(D) centrifugal

102. Which one of the following engine part is made of aluminium alloy?
(A) crank shaft
(B) piston rings
(C) connecting rod
(D) piston

103. What type of fuel feed system is used in two wheelers?
(A) Pump feed system
(B) Pressure feed system
(C) Gravity feed system
(D) Thermo syphon system

104. Hydraulic brakes work on the principle of:
(A) Pascal’s law
(B) Newton’s law
(C) Faraday’s law
(D) All of the above

105. When the air pass through the air horn of the carburettor:
(A) pressure decreased in the venturi
(B) pressure increased in the venturi
(C) temperature increased in the venturi
(D) pressure and temperature increased in the venturi

106. Air cooled engines are fitted in which vehicles?
(A) Trucks
(B) Cars
(C) Air bus
(D) Scooters

107. While starting an engine, the starter motor pinion meshes with:
(A) Clutch
(B) gearbox top gear
(C) flywheel ring gear
(D) differential sun gear

108. A 4 cylinder engine has u capacity of 1.2 Litres. The swept volume of one cylinder is:
(A) 1200 cm3
(B) 600 cm3
(C) 300 cm3
(D) 150 cm3

109. If the air fuel mixture ignites before the spark occurs at the spark plug, this condition is called:
(A) Detonation
(B) Ignition
(C) Vaporisation
(D) Pre ignition

110. In turbo charged engines, the turbo charger is driven by:
(A) Belt from the engine crank shaft
(B) Belt from the engine cam shaft
(C) The force of the intake air
(D) The force of the exhaust gas

111. Injector is not located in:
(A) Crank case
(B) Cylinder head
(C) Induction manifold
(D) Intake port

112. A constant velocity universal joint is used at the:
(A) Front end of the propeller shaft
(B) Rear end of the propeller shaft
(C) Differential end of the axle shaft on front wheel drive vehicle
(D) Road wheel end of the axle shaft on front wheel drive vehicle

113. The crown wheel and pinion is called the
(A) Final drive
(B) Differential
(C) Rear housing
(D) Rear drive

114. The purpose of a thermostat in an engine cooling system is to:
(A) Prevent the coolant from boiling
(B) Indicate to the driver the coolant temperature
(C) Raise the boiling point of coolant
(D) Allow the engine to warm up quickly

115. In which engine stroke, the pressure in the cylinder is less than atmospheric pressure?
(A) Suction
(B) Compression
(C) Power
(D) Exhaust

116. The sealed beam headlight bulb consists of:
(A) two filament
(B) one filament
(C) three filament
(D) none of the above

117. Two types of oil pumps are generally used. They are:
(A) Gear and Diaphram
(B) Vaocum and pressure
(C) Rotor and gear
(D) Rotor and electric

118. The clearance between the valve and rocker arm is measured by using:
(A) inside micrometer
(B) feeler gauge
(C) wire gauge
(D) outside micrometer

119. The device used to reduce the exhaust noise is known as:
(A) exhaust manifold
(B) muffler
(C) tail pipe
(D) exhaust pipe

120. In case of Trucks, the suspension springs provided on rear wheels are:
(A) coil spring
(B) torsion bar
(C) leaf spring
(D) leaf spring and coil spring

121. Valve overlap means:
(A) early opening of inlet valve
(B) early opening of exhaust valve
(C) both valves are closed
(D) both valves are open

122. The camshaft rotates at:
(A) same speed as the crank shaft
(B) half the speed of crank shaft
(C) twice the speed of crank shaft
(D) none of the above

123. In diesel engine, the fuel is ignited by:
(A) the heat of compressed hot air
(B) the hot exhaust gas
(C) an electric spark
(D) all the above

124. Aluminium cylinder blocks require:
(A) cast iron liners
(B) aluminium liners
(C) brass liners
(D) no liners

125. Wheel base of a vehicle is the:
(A) distance between the front tyres
(B) distance between the front and rear axles
(C) total length of the vehicle
(D) none of the above

126. The capacity of a battery is usually expressed in terms of:
(A) Volts
(B) ampere hours
(C) watts
(D) none of the above

127. Which air cleaner is mostly used in diesel engines?
(A) dry type
(B) paper pleated type
(C) wet type
(D) oil bath type

128. Temperature gauge indicates the temperature of:
(A) Lubricating oil
(B) Engine piston
(C) Engine cylinder
(D) Jacket cooling water

129. The function of diesel feed pump is to:
(A) pump the fuel from the tank into the injection pump
(B) pump the oil into the’ main gallery
(C) send back fuel from the injector to the tank
(D) pump the fuel from the injection pump to the injector

130. An engine converts beat energy into:
(A) Mechanical energy
(B) Chemical energy
(C) Kinetic energy
(D) Electrical energy

131. An engine has e clearance volume of 100 cm3 and piston displacement volume of 800 cm3 The compression ratio is:
(A) 8: 1
(B) 7: 1
(C) 9:1
(D) 1:8

132. The quantity of air petrol mixture that enters the engine cylinder is regulated by the:
(A) Hot
(B) throttle valve
(C) needle valve
(D) main jet

133. Which transmission unit provides a smooth take up of the drive?
(A) gear box
(B) final drive
(C) clutch
(D) differential

134. Deposit of carbon in the exhaust system
(A) will increase noise level
(B) will reduce back pressure
(C) will increase back pressure
(D) will have no effect on back pressure

135. If a tyre is marking with 8.25 x 20 x 10 PR, 8.26 means
(A) Diameter of tyre
(B) Radius of tyre
(C) Diameter of rim
(D) Width of tyre

136. Incorrect tyre pressure causes:
(A) over heating
(B) unsafe steering
(C) rapid tyre wear
(D) all of the above

137. The starting system consists of:
(A) Battery, Switch, Dynamo
(B) Magnetto. Switch, Starter motor
(C) Battery, Switch, Starter motor
(D) Magnetto, Switch, Dynamo

138. The wheel and axle causing support the entire weight of the vehicle in the:
(A) semi floating axle
(B) three-quarter floating axle
(C) drive or live axle
(D) full floating axle

139. Braking is produced by the frictional contact between the brake drum and:
(A) brake shoes
(B) wheel cylinder piston
(C) expanding cam
(D) brake shoe return spring

140. The electrolyte used in lend acid battery is:
(A) Nitric acid
(B) Citric acid
(C) Sulphuric acid with water
(D) Hydrochloric acid with water

141. The device in the cooling system that increases the boiling point of the water:
(A) Pressure cap
(B) Drain Plug
(C) Radiator
(D) Thermostat

142. The gap between the electrodes of a spark plug:
(A) 0.1 mm
(B) 0.2 mm
(C) 1 mm
(D) 0.3 mm

143. The purpose of a shock absorber is to:
(A) absorb the vibration of spring
(B) prevent the spring deflection
(C) absorb the road shock
(D) all of the above

144. While turning a curve, the outer wheel of the car travel more distance than the inner whee. Which device is facilitating this movement?
(A) Stub axle
(B) Final drive
(C) Differential
(D) Propeller shah