Homeopathy Questions and Answers

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Homeopathy Questions and Answers

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Homeopathy Questions and Answers Practice Set

1. Choose the most appropriate answer from the following:
(I) The Antibody to Somatic (O) Antigen is usually higher-in the Patient with the Disease.
(II) The Antibody to Flageller (H) Antigen is usually higher in immunized individuals.
(III) The VI Antibodies are usually present in chronic carrier.
(IV) Typhidot and Typhidot-M are new Rapid and Reliable Diagnostic Tests for Typhoid.
Consider the following statements related to Typhoid:
(A) Only (I) & (II) are correct
(B) Only (III) is wrong
(C) All are correct
(D) Only (IV) is correct

2. Find out the ODD Matching among the following?
(A) Mansonoides mosquito – Malayan (Brugian) Filariasis
(B) Yersinia pestis – Plague
(C) Phlebotomine Sandfly – Leishmaniasis
(D) Aedes aegypti – Dengue

3. Find out the wrong statement among the following?
(A) In Chickenpox the patient ceases to be infectious once the lesions have crusted.
(B) In Measles virus are present in tears, nasal and throat secretion, urine and blood during prodromal phase and early eruptive phase.
(C) Incubation period of Influenza is around 18 hours to 72 hours.
(D) Immunization against Diphtheria not only prevents the disease but also the development of its carrier state.

4. Which is a correct statement among the following?
(A) “Lead Time” means time gap between diagnosis by conventional method and by advanced method.
(B) “Median incubation Period” means Time required for 50% of the cases to occur following exposure.
(C) “Window period” is the time gap between the positivity of HIV antigen and Antibody against HIV in blood.
(D) “Generation time” is the time gap between reception of infection and first production of antibody against the agent.

5. Which one is not a correct match?
(A) Henry Dunant—UNICEF
(B) Fracastorious — Theory of Contagion
(C) Neumann and Virchow – Social Medicine
(D) Lord Dowson – Health Centre

6. Which is not a correct statement among the following?
(A) Japanese Encephalitis is a Zoonotic Disease.
(B) Japanese Encephalitis is a Vector Borne Disease.
(C) Japanese Encephalitis is not a Vaccine Preventable Disease.
(D) Japanese Encephalitis is a Viral Disease.

7. Find out the incorrect statement among the following?
(A) Contaminated food and water are examples of “Fomites”.
(B) “Droplet Nuclei” is a type of indirect Transmission.
(C) Conjugated Vaccines elicit strong immune responses and immune memory in young children.
(D) Maximum Mutation occurs among polio viruses in OPV is Type 3.

8. Which is not a correct statement among the following?
(A) “Apgar Score” is taken at 1 minute and at 5 minute after birth.
(B) Early initiation ‘of breast feeding lowers the mother’s risk of Postpartum Haemorrhage.
(C) There is different Growth Chart for Boys and Girls.
(D) Iron-Folic Acid Tablet supplied during Antenatal Care contains 100 mg Elemental Iron and 50 mcg Folic Acid.

9. In firearm injuries, the deviation between the long axis of the bullet and the axis of the path of the bullet is called:
(A) Musket
(B) Yaw
(C) Cooking
(D) Buckshot

10. Medicolegal importance of cadaveric spasm is, it indicates:
(A) Sudden death associated with great emotional tension
(B) Muscles in physical activity at the time of death
(C) Nature of death
(D) All of the above

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. Examples of expert witness can be:
(A) Handwriting expert
(B) Ballistic expert
(C) Chemical examiner
(D) All of the above

12. In Kidnapping it is an offence to import into India from a foreign country a girl for illicit intercourse if her age is less than _______ years.
(A) 16
(B) 21
(C) 18
(D) 12

13. The process of aseptic autolysis of a foetus dead in uterus is known as:
(A) Maceration
(B) Rigor Mortis
(C) Mummification
(D) None of the above

14. In a burningyas a cause of death, among certain signs, one of is:
(A) Cherry red colour of blood due to presence of carbon monoxide
(B) Vesicles contains air
(C) Bleeding
(D) Healing is nil

15. Examples of cognisable offence is:
(A) Kidnapping
(B) Rape
(C) Murder
(D) All of the above

16. Several persons acting jointly and illegally to overpower an individual and hang him by means of a rope to a tree or some similar object is known as:
(A) Lynching
(B) Chocking
(C) Throttling
(D) Smothering

17. Following absorption, the concentration of alcohol in blood reaches a maximum in about ______ after ingestion.
(A) 15 to 30 minutes
(B) 30 to 40 minutes
(C) 40 to 90 minutes
(D) 90 to 120 minutes

18. ________ is known as ideal suicidal poison.
(A) Arsenic album
(B) Dhatura
(C) Hydrocyanic acid and cyanides
(D) Sulphuric acid

19. Which of the following is not seen in Unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia?
(A) Increased serum bilirubin
(B) Increased bilirubin in urine
(C) Normal serum transaminase level
(D) Increased urobilinogen in urine

20. Which bacteria causes Toxic shock syndrome?
(A) Streptococcus pyogens
(B) Pseudomonas
(C) Staphylococcus aureus
(D) Haemophilus

21. Only maternal immunoglobulin that is normally transported across the placenta:
(A) Ig A
(B) Ig E
(C) Ig M
(D) Ig G

22. Multifocal malignant proliferation of plasma cells is:
(A) Hamartoma
(B) Multiplemyeloma
(C) Blastoma
(D) Choristoma

23. Curschmann’s spirals can be seen in the mucous plugs of:
(A) Bronchial asthma
(B) Emphysema
(C) Chronic bronchitis
(D) Bronchiectasis

24. Epstein Barr Virus is associated with:
(A) Infectious Mononucleosis
(B) Burkitt’s Lymphoma
(C) Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
(D) All of the above

25. Which among the following is not associated with Thalassaemia?
(A) Microcytosis in Peripheral smear
(B) Decreased Haemoglobin
(C) Erythroid Hypoplasia of bone marrow
(D) Increased serum bilirubin

26. Amyloidosis is associated with:
(A) Alzheimer’s disease
(B) Atherosclerosis
(C) Liver Cirrhosis
(D) All of the above

27. Rheumatic heart disease is caused by:
(A) Hyperlipidaemia
(B) Streptococcal infection
(C) Mitralstenosis
(D) Aorlicstenosis

28. Lack of differentiation of cells seen in malignant tumor is:
(A) Hyperplasia
(B) Metaplasia
(C) Dysplasia
(D) Anaplasia

29. All are the muscles of mastication except:
(A) Temporalis
(B) Masseter
(C) Medial Pterygoid
(D) Platysma

30. Nerve supply of Extra ocular muscles:
(A) Oculomotor nerve
(B) Abdusent nerve
(C) Trochlear nerve
(D) All of the above nerves

31. Which structure is not under cover of Deltoid?
(A) Circumflex humeral nerve
(B) Circumllex humeral vessels
(C) Brachial artery
(D) Upperend of Humerus

32. Morula:
(A) 16 cell stage of developing embryo
(B) 4 cell stage of developing embryo
(C) 8 cell stage of developing embryo
(D) 32 cell stage of developing embryo

33. Haversion canal:
(A) Hunter’s canal
(B) Bone
(C) Inguinal canal
(D) None of the above

34. Which is wrong in forming boundaries of femoral triangle?
(A) Medially by Lateral border of Adductor Longus
(B) Base by Poupart’s ligament
(C) Apex formed by overlapping of Adductor longus and Sartorius
(D) Laterally by Medial border of Sartorius

35. All are ligaments of Hip joint except:
(A) Pubo-femoral ligament
(B) Ligamentum Teres
(C) Glenoidal labrum
(D) Ischio-femoral ligament

36. All are forming Stomach bed structures except:
(A) Left Kidney
(B) Right Supra Renal Gland
(C) Pancreas
(D) Transverse mesocolon

37. Mcburney‘s point:
(A) Junction between medial 1/3rd and lateral 2/3rd of a line connecting Umbilicus and Right anterior superior iliac spine
(B) Junction between medial 2/3rd and lateral 1/3rd of a line connecting Umbilicus and Right anterior superior iliac spine
(C) Junction between medial 1/3rd and lateral 2/3rd of a line connecting Umbilicus and Left anterior superior iliac spine
(D) Junction between medial 2/3rd and lateral 1/3rd of a line connecting Umbilicus and Left anterior superior iliac spine

38. Which is wrong about Suerior Venecava?
(A) Formed by the union of Right and Left Brachio-cephalic veins
(B) Azygos vein is a tributary of superiorvenecava
(C) Terminate in to Left Atrium
(D) Its terminal part is enclosed by pericardium

39. Which of the following helps in blood clotting?
(A) Blood platelets
(D) Iron

40. There are approximately ________ muscles in human body.
(A) 206
(B) 360
(C) 500
(D) 700

41. A colour blind person has difficulty in distinguishing between which colour?
(A) Green and Red
(B) Blue and Black
(C) Green and Violet
(D) White and Yellow

42. Wisdom teeth normally grow during the age of:
(A) 12-15 years
(B) 15-30 years
(C) 17-30 years
(D) 30-40 years

43. The saliva helps in digestion of:
(A) Fats
(B) Fibres
(C) Proteins
(D) Starch

44. Blood does not coagulate inside body due to presence of:
(A) Fibrin
(B) Haemoglobin
(C) Thromboblastin
(D) Heparin

45. The marasmus is caused by deficiency of:
(A) Proteins
(B) Fats
(C) Irons
(D) Carbohydrates

46. Trypsin enzyme is found in:
(A) Bile Juice
(B) Pancreatic Juice
(C) Saliva
(D) Intestinal Juice

47. Kuffer cells ate found in:
(A) Stomach
(B) Liver
(C) Kidney
(D) Heart

48. Scurvy is due to the deficiency of
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin D