Statement and Conclusions Questions Answers Analytical Logical Reasoning

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Statement and Conclusions Questions Answers

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Statement and Conclusions Model Questions

Directions: In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement.
Give answer (1): If only conclusion I follows
Give answer (2): If only conclusion II follows
Give answer (3): If either I or II follows
Give answer (4): If neither I nor II follows and
Give answer (5): If both I and II follow

1. Statement: The eligibility for admission to the course is minimum second class master’s degree. However, the candidates who have appeared for the final year examination of master’s degree can also apply.
I. All candidates who have yet to get their master’s degree will be there in the list of selected candidates.
II. All candidates having obtained second class master’s degree will be there in the list of selected candidates.

2. Statement: The government-run company had asked its employees to declare their income and assets but it has been strongly resisted by employees union and no employee is going to declare his income.
I. The employees of this company do not seem to have any additional undisclosed income besides their salary.
II. The employees’ union wants all senior officers to declare their income first.

3. Statement: The ‘Official Secrets Act’ (OSA) enacted by the XYZ government during the war seems to be the source of much corruption in the country ‘P’.
I. The Official Secrets Act has to be abolished immediately to stop corruption in country ‘P,’
II. The XYZ government wanted to encourage corruption in the government offices.

4. Statement: After collision of two vessels in the sea all the crewmen and passengers are declared as missing. – A news report
I. No one from the two vessels has survived after the collision.
II. A few persons from the two vessels may have survived and are missing.

5. Statement: Good health is a luxury in country ‘P’ where rate of death is very high compared to other nations of that region.
I. People in country ‘P’ cannot afford to have many luxuries of life.
II. Good health is a gift of nature.

6. Statement: An advertisement – Interest rate will be fixed on the basis of our bank’s rate prevailing on the date of deposit and re-fixed every quarter thereafter.
I. It is left to the depositors to guard their interest.
II. The bank’s interest rates are subject to change on a day-to-day basis depending on market position.

7. Statement: In order to enforce discipline on transport operators, the state government has decided to impose a fine of Rs 5,000 for the first excess tonne loaded in transport vehicle and Rs 1,000 for each subsequent tonne.
I. People will follow some discipline when severe fine is imposed.
II. The state government has failed to understand the problem of transport operators.

8. Statement: Research has proved that people eating high fat diets coupled with decreased level of exercises are prone to heart diseases.
I. People should reduce their high-fat diet as a preventive method.
II. People must have sufficient level of exercise to reduce their chances of having heart disease.

9. Statement: Only those candidates with exceptional talent and strong motivation should apply. – An advertisement.
I. Candidates not fulfilling these criteria will not be considered.
II. It is possible to decide clearly who is talented and motivated.

10. Statement: Book your flat before 15th June and avail interest-free loan from the builders. – An advertisement.
I. No at will be booked afterwards.
II. After 15th June no loan will be provided.

11. Statement: Although we have rating agencies like Crisil, ICRA, there is demand to have a separate rating agency of IT companies to protect investors.
I. Assessment of financial worth of IT Companies calls for separate, set of skills, insight and competencies.
II. Now the investors investing in IT companies will get protection of their investment.

12. Statement: Company “Y” will improve the manufacturing facilities for the production of shaving kits as a result of which capacity would increase and cost would be reduced. – A spokesperson of the Company “Y”
I. The products of Company “Y” will compete the market norms in the quality and cost factor.
II. There will be demand of shaving kits of Company “Y”.

13. Statement: During 1997-98 the total loss incurred by the 111 Public Sector Units was to the tune of Rs. 6809 crore which was converted into paid capitals by the Government of its total investment of Rs. 5129 crore.
I. The Government is left With only one option, that is, to privatise these units.
II. The Government did not take care in the matter of investments in these public sector units.

14. Statement: Population increase coupled with depleting resources is going to be the scenario of many developing countries in days to come.
I. The population of developing countries will not continue to increase in future.
II. It will be very difficult for the governments of developing countries to provide its people decent quality of life.

15. Statement: Mr. X is one of the probable candidates shortlisted for the post of Director of KLM Institute
I. Mr. X will be selected as Director of KLM Institute.
II. Mr. X will not be selected as Director of KLM Institute.

16. Statement: The maximum number of vacancies for the clerical cadre is 40, which will be filled through this recruitment round – An advertisement of Company ‘A’.
I. The Company ‘A’ may appoint less than 40 clerks in this round.
II. The Company ‘A’ may appoint 40 clerks in this round.

17. Statement: Global ecological issues have eclipsed local environmental problems which are being faced by the poor societies.
I. Poor societies always have to suffer because of their poverty.
II. Global ecological issues are not so important. Rich societies can bear with it.

18. Statement: People in metropolitan city ‘X’ have welcomed the recent Supreme Court order banning the registration of private vehicles that do not conform to Euro II emission norm is with immediate effect for metropolitan city ‘Y’ only.
I. City ‘X’ has quite lower level of vehicular pollution than city ‘Y’.
II. Public vehicles do not contribute to the vehicular pollution.

19. Statement: ‘70% of the world’s data is processed on XYZ company’s platforms’ – An advertisement of XYZ – a computer manufacturing company.
I. There is no other company in the world which produces platforms of data processing.
II. Company XYZ has to make more efforts to market its platforms.

20. Statement: The government of State ‘A’ has sought a waiver of outstanding Central loans of Rs 4,000 crores and a moratorium on repayment pending the waiver.
I. Unlike other states, State ‘A’ has no desire to make repayment of its loans.
II. State ‘A”s financial condition does not appear to be satisfactory.

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21. Statement: Society is organised to provide the opportunity for personality development and society at its best promotes the personality of its members.
I. Individuals brought up in total isolation from any human contact cannot get an opportunity for development of their personality.
II. Development of personality has no implication for any society.

22. Statement: Being from a business family, Chandan was apparently convinced by his parents and other family members to join the family trade.
I. People should take up their family profession so that family prospers.
II. It is necessary to keep family members happy by choosing family’s business.

23. Statement: When I no longer enjoy playing cricket or if I feel I am blocking a youngster’s place, then only I will quit. – Statement of the captain of country Z’s cricket team.
I. Right now the country ‘Z ’ does not have any promising youngster.
II. One who enjoys the game of cricket, has the right to be captain of the country’s cricket team.

24. Statement: Mr X, an officer, is alleged to be involved in cases of corruption in office ABC, along with a group of persons.
I. Mr X may be a corrupt official from office ABC.
II. Mr X may not be involved in cases of corruption in office ABC.

25. Statement: ‘No part of the education of a politician in democracy is more indispensable than the fighting of election. – A politician’s statement.
I. A politician should be highly educated to influence people and win elections.
II. To succeed in politics, it is necessary to learn and practice the art of electioneering.

26. Statement: The cabinet of state X took certain steps to tackle the milk glut in the state as the cooperatives and Government dairies failed to use the available milk. – A news report
I. The milk production of state X is more than its need.
II. The Government and co-operative dairies in State ‘X’ are not equipped in terms of resources and technology to handle such excess milk.

27. Statement: My first and foremost task is to beautify this city. If city ‘X’ and ‘Y’ can do it why can’t we do it? – Statement of Municipal Commissioner of city ‘Z’ after taking over charge.
I. The people of city ‘Z’ are not aware about the present state of ugliness of their city.
II. The present Commissioner has worked in city ‘X’ and ‘Y’ and has good experience of beautifying cities.

28. Statement: Women’s organisations in India have welcomed the amendment of the Industrial Employment Rules 1946 to curb sexual harassment at the workplace.
I. Sexual harassment of women at workplace is more prevalent in India as compared to other developed countries.
II. Many organisations in India will stop recruiting women to avoid such problems.

29. Statement: It has been decided by the Government to withdraw 33% of the subsidy on cooking gas from the beginning of next month – A spokesman of the Government.
I. People now no more desire or need such subsidy from government as they can afford increased price of the cooking gas.
II. The price of the cooking gas will increase at least by 33% from the next month.

30. Statement: “The Government will review the present policy of the diesel price in view of further spurt in the international oil prices”.- A spokesman of the Government.
I. The Government will increase the price of the diesel after the imminent spurt in the international oil prices.
II. The Government will not increase the price of the diesel even after the imminent spurt in the international oil prices.