Forensic Science MCQ

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Forensic Science MCQ

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MCQs Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Bank notes are printed at all places except :
(A) Nashik, Maharashtra
(B) Guntur, AP
(C) Salboni, WB
(D) Dewas, MP

2. The commonest constitutents of ink are :
(A) Iron, magnesium and calcium
(B) Iron and phenol
(C) Tannic acid, gallic acid and ferrous salt with phenol
(D) Ferrous salts and usage of some dyes

3. Photocopied document can be connected specifically with a photocopier with the analysis of :
(A) Toner analysis and defect marks on the drum
(B) Defect marks present on the drum of photocopier
(C) Only toner used in photocopier
(D) The font type used to prepare the document

4. The handwriting of an individual may change with :
(A) Neurological
(B) Temperature
(C) Humidity
(D) Place

5. Mummification refers to :
(A) Hardening of muscle after death
(B) Colliquative putrefaction
(C) Saponification of sub-cutaneous fat
(D) Desiccation of a dead body

6. Hyoid fracture is common in :
(A) Hanging
(B) Strangulation
(C) Throttling
(D) Chocking

7. Post-mortem staining in a dead body appears on :
(A) Sides of the body
(B) Upper parts
(C) Dependent parts
(D) Middle parts

8. The large, averted and irregular size of wound is suggestive of :
(A) Lacerated wound by blunt object
(B) Exit wound
(C) Stab wound
(D) Entry wound of gun

9. Which of the following courts is an appellate court ?
(A) Court of 1st Class Magistrate
(B) Court of 2nd Class Magistrate
(C) District and Session Courts
(D) High Court

10. Pioneer of Science of Forensic Toxicology was :
(A) Mathieu Joseph Orfila
(B) Mathieu Henry Orfila
(C) James Marsh
(D) Mathieu Marsh

11. The pioneer of Science of Forensic Ballistics was :
(A) Henry Perkins Goddard
(B) Calvin Hooker Goddard
(C) Edmond Locard
(D) Miachel Thomas

12. Causing disappearance of evidence by a Forensic Scientist is punishable under :
(A) Sec.-201, IPC
(B) Sec.-302, IPC
(C) Sec.-253, IPC
(D) Sec.-274, IPC

13. Evidence that can be traced to a common source with an extremely high degree of probability is said to9. Process of converting analyte into free atoms is known as :
(A) Derivatization
(B) Atomization
(C) Sputtering
(D) Alkylation

14. Which of the following has highest wavelength ?
(A) Microwave rays
(B) X-rays
(C) Gamma rays
(D) Radio waves

15. In GC-MS, a process in which an inert gas is bubbled through the water is known as :
(A) Eluting
(B) Mixing
(C) Purjing
(D) Trapping

16. Process of converting analyte into free atoms is known as :
(A) Derivatization
(B) Atomization
(C) Sputtering
(D) Alkylation

17. Forensic NAA unit is situated at :
(A) BARC, Trombay
(B) TIFR, Mumbai
(C) PRL, Ahmedabad
(D) RRL, Jammu

18. Differential extraction is most suitable for the extraction of DNA from :
(A) Mixed samples
(B) Blood
(C) Urine
(D) Milk

19. Which of the following performs better for testing an aged blood stain ?
(A) Kastle Crust assay
(B) Absorption elution assay
(C) Absorption inhibition assay
(D) Mixed agglutination

20. After removal of which of the following, the clear fluid portion of the plasma is called serum ?
(A) Fibrinogen
(B) Gamma-globulin
(C) Agglutinins
(D) Agglutinogens

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21. Antigens of blood group substances of human blood are :
(A) Mucopolysaccharides
(B) Gamma-globulins
(C) Albumin
(D) Monosaccharides

22. The persons with AB blood groups have in their plasma :
(A) Anti-A
(B) Anti-B
(C) Both Anti-A and Anti-B
(D) Neither Anti-A nor Anti-B

23. Octane number signifies :
(A) Performance of fuel
(B) Composition of fuel
(C) Strength of fuel
(D) Ignition temperature of fuel

24. Range of alcohol in wine is :
(A) 3 to 10%
(B) 15 to 20%
(C) 10 to 14%
(D) 40 to 50%

25. Harry, Horse, Smack and Junk are the common street names for :
(A) Diazepam
(B) Charas
(C) Heroine
(D) Cocaine

26. A substance that reduces pain and has no psycho-active property is known as :
(A) Hypnotic
(B) Anti-depressant
(C) Analgesic
(D) Narcotic

27. Stass-Otto method is used for the extraction of :
(A) Alkaloids
(B) Pesticides
(C) Metallic poisons
(D) Benzo dizipines

28. Which of the following is a class characteristic of a fired bullet or a cartridge case ?
(A) Number of lands and grooves
(B) Ejector markings
(C) Breach block markings
(D) Both (B) and (C)

29. Who invented dynamite ?
(A) Newton
(B) Alfred Noble
(C) Habber
(D) Einstein

30. The initiation action in the detonation of HE-36 grenade is :
(A) Pull
(B) Pressure
(C) Pressure release
(D) Tension release

31. Richochet of bullet means :
(A) Tampered bullet
(B) Unfired bullet
(C) Deflection of bullet
(D) Blunting of bullet

32. Direction of fire in case of arson can be ascertained from all of the following, except :
(A) Fire patterns
(B) Broken window glasses
(C) Smoke and soot pattern
(D) Accelerant container

33. Eumelanin gives which colour to the hair ?
(A) Red
(B) White
(C) Grey
(D) Black

34. Normally fibers possess :
(A) Class characteristics
(B) Individual characteristics
(C) Class and individual characteristics
(D) Specific characteristics

35. Bilirubin in fecal stains can be detected using :
(A) Edelmann’s test
(B) Starch iodide test
(C) Kastle-Meyer test
(D) Takayama’s test

36. Mulberry silk is produced by :
(A) Bombyx mori
(B) Anther pernyi
(C) Antheraea proyeli J.
(D) Antheraea assamensis

37. Club formation takes place during which growth phase of hair ?
(A) Anagen
(B) Catagen
(C) Telogen
(D) Pre-anagen

38. The speed and size of a vehicle can be determined by :
(A) Skid marks
(B) Vehicular soil
(C) Splashing of blood
(D) Tyre marks

39. Dried paint cannot be tested for the presence of :
(A) Binder
(B) Solvent
(C) Pigment
(D) Additive

40. Which of the following techniques may be used to characterize binder type in automotive paints ?
(A) Pyrolysis gas chromatography
(B) Atomic absorption spectrometry
(C) Atomic emission spectrometry
(D) X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

41. Out of the following bones, which will provide a more accurate estimation of stature ?
(A) Clevicle
(B) Radius
(C) Metacarpals
(D) Femur

42. Dentine is :
(A) Harder than enamel
(B) Softer than enamel
(C) Neither hard nor soft than enamel
(D) Softer than ligament

43. Which of the following is one of the key element of Forensic Anthropology ?
(A) Examining animal bones
(B) Diagnosing bone disease in living humans
(C) Examining bones for the legal purposes
(D) Performing autopsis on soft tissues

44. Patella belongs to the category of :
(A) Irregular bones
(B) Pneumatic bones
(C) Sesamoid bones
(D) Short bones

45. Skull photo superimposition was first applied by :
(A) Glaister and Brash
(B) Henry Lee
(C) Kenton J. Moody
(D) Suzaane Bell

46. Disguise is :
(A) Duplicate another’s writing
(B) Deliberate effort to alter the discriminating elements of ones own writing
(C) Simulation of another’s writing
(D) Copying of another’s writing

47. Two inks having similar shades in visible light may be differentiated by using :
(B) Comparison microscope
(C) Stereozoom microscope
(D) Scanning electron microscope

48. The security thread in a genuine currency note is :
(A) Line made by printing
(B) Aluminium foil inserted in a paper
(C) Impressed by a roller in a pulpy state
(D) Silver foil inserted in a paper

49. Fragile documents can be preserved in :
(A) Citric acid
(B) Formalin
(C) Polypropyline
(D) Polyvinyl acetate

50. Which one is not a sizing agent for paper ?
(A) Starch
(B) Gum Arabic
(C) Animal gelatin
(D) Aluminium hydroxide

51. Deliberate killing of a child within four weeks of its birth is called :
(A) Foeticide
(B) Filicide
(C) Neonaticide
(D) Abortion

52. Hydrochloric acid is best suited as a solvent test for which fiber ?
(A) Nylon
(B) Wool
(C) Silk
(D) Cotton

53. GRIM stands for :
(A) Glass Refractive Index Management
(B) Glass Ratio Intensity Measurement
(C) Glass Refractive Index Measurement
(D) Glass Refractive Index Matching

54. While conducting Luminol test, luminol reacts with hydrogen salt and forms :
(A) Di-anion
(B) Cation
(C) Anion
(D) All of the above