Printing Technology Questions and Answers

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Printing Technology Questions and Answers

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MCQ Questions on Printing Technology

1. Name the boards which usually associated with carton work, but heavier grades are also widely used for the better quality buildings :
(A) Chopper board
(B) Chip boards
(C) Corrugated board
(D) Mill board

2. Paste inks are used in the ____________ printing process.
(A) Screen Printing
(B) Electrostatic Printing
(C) Bathic Printing
(D) Offset

3. The additive which is used during printing ink formulations in order to improve the scuff or rub resistance of printed surface is :
(A) Waxes
(B) Dyes
(C) Clay
(D) Thinner

4. Printing on both sides of a sheet, with the tail becoming the lead edge for the second colour by turning the pile for the second pass through the press is referred as :
(A) Work and Turn
(B) Work and tumble imposition
(C) Signature
(D) Sideways

5. Stochastic screening is otherwise known as :
(A) Screen ruling
(B) AM Screening
(C) Light Screening
(D) FM Screening

6. In layout, two or more connected letters on a same type body is known as :
(A) Ligature
(B) Serif
(C) Fillet
(D) Indentation

7. Name the recommended file format to save art (vector) image :

8. Name the printing method in which the dry ink is used :
(A) Offset
(B) Electrostatic Printing
(C) Gravure
(D) Screen

9. Pre-sensitized plate coating material is :
(A) Diazo
(B) Albumen
(C) Silver
(D) Gum arabic

10. Internal curve between the serif and main stroke in a type :
(A) Square serif
(B) San serif
(C) Stroke
(D) Fillet

11. Name of the tool used to view dots in a photograph :
(A) Microscope
(B) Densitometer
(C) Linen tester
(D) Slur gauge

12. UCR stands for :
(A) uv character recognition
(B) under colour removal
(C) bitmap
(D) gray correction

13. Device used to convert digital signal into analog signal
(A) Motherboard
(B) Radar
(C) Modem

14. Carbonless copy paper is known as :
(A) Card board
(B) Newsprint
(C) Mechanical Paper
(D) Auto copying Paper

15. Name the device used to calibrate or to determine actual exposure time during plate processing :
(A) Sensitivity guide
(B) Side guide
(C) Calibration guide
(D) Printing down frame

16. Name the image carrier in Letterpress :
(A) Type
(B) Cylinder
(C) Plate
(D) Drum

17. Reverse of letterpress :
(A) Flexogxaphy
(B) Xerography
(C) Offset
(D) Intaglio Printing

18. Laser printer reproduce image by using :
(A) Drum
(B) Ink
(C) Toner

19. Name the programme help to diagnose problems with DTP documents or post script files .
(A) Preflighting software
(B) Illustrating software
(C) Word-processing software
(D) Trapping Software

20. The universally accepted method for specifying and mixing colours :
(A) Colour matching system
(B) Pantone matching System
(C) CMYK Matching System
(D) RGB Matching System

Questions for ITI Jobs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Carpenter
Automobile Engineering Lineman
Printing Technology Wireman
Tool and Die Maker Electrician
Boiler Operator Electrical
Pump Operator Mechanic
Architectural Draftsman Surveyor
Draughtsman Civil Instrument Mechanic
Masonry Electronics Mechanic
Welder Information Technology
Fitter Computer Hardware
Turner Steel Fabricator
Plumber Electroplater

21. A leaf contains only a green pigment is illuminated with monochromatic red light. The leaf will appear to be :
(A) Green
(B) Black
(C) Red
(D) Yellow

22. Stochastic screening is otherwise known as :
(A) Angle Screening
(B) AM Screening
(C) FM Screening
(D) Elliptical Screening

23. The page style of a layout programme that appears on every page of a multipage publication with automatic page numbering :
(A) Key sheet
(B) Master page
(C) Style sheet
(D) Index

24. The packaging used for electronic components, pharmaceutical tablets, capsules etc :
(A) Plastic packets
(B) Corrugated Packets
(C) Containers
(D) Blister Packets

25. A series of small holes very close to each other is made so that a position of the sheet of paper may be readily torn away and this operation is known as :
(A) Punching
(B) Creaaing
(C) Perforating
(D) Stamping

26. Who is the Father of Printing?
(A) Johann Gutenberg
(B) In Rubel
(C) William Caxton
(D) Chestor Carlson

27. Dandy roll is used for :
(A) Watermark
(B) Inking
(C) Stencil
(D) Colouring

28. Who invented Electrostatic Printing?
(A) Jessie Wright
(B) Chester Carlson
(C) Richard March
(D) Francis Bacon

29. Industrial intaglio printing is called :
(A) Flexography
(B) Lithography
(C) Gravure
(D) Screen Printing

30. Name the birth place of Johann Gutenberg:
(A) France
(B) China
(C) England
(D) Mainz

31. 6 Picas =
(A) 12 inch
(B) 2 inch
(C) 72 inch
(D) 1 inch

32. Number of pixels per linear inch in a scanner is known as :
(A) Resolution
(D) Halftone

33. ___________ has the ability to change light to electrical signal and is the most important element of the scanner.
(A) Head
(C) Colour tube
(D) Drum

34. Name a page layout software :
(A) Corel Draw
(B) Microsoft word
(C) Microsoft Excel
(D) Calc

35. The method by which align four colour halftone screens is referred as :
(A) Tint
(B) Gray scale
(C) Resolution
(D) Screen Angle

36. Portable Document Format was developed by Adobe in :
(A) 1995
(B) 1997
(C) 1993
(D) 1987

37. Recreation of a document for use on the web without altering its original look :
(A) PDF Publishing
(B) XML publisher
(C) Database

38. A printing machine which prints simultaneously on both sides of the press sheet as it passes through the printing unit is known as :
(A) Perforating machine
(B) Perfect binding
(C) Perfecting press

39. Device for checking multiple sheets in registration system of a printing press :
(A) Double Sheet detector
(B) Side lay
(C) Front stop
(D) Suckers

40. Device used for attaching a new web while the printing is going on :
(A) Shaft
(B) Splicer
(C) Tensioner
(D) chopper

41. A roller which is free to move up or down, forward or backward as the press runs in a web :
(A) Oscillating roller
(B) Dancer roller
(C) Chill rolls
(D) Ductor roller

42. Who is the inventor of lithography?
(A) Johann Gutenberg
(B) Ira Rubel
(C) William Caxton
(D) Allois Senefelder

43. Name the instrument used to draw parallel lines in a layout table :
(A) Light table
(B) Cursor
(C) Ruler
(D) T-square

44. Small particles of paper teat from the surface of each press sheet and feedback into the inking system causes : –
(A) Set off
(B) Tinting
(C) Hickies
(D) Strike through

45. pH of dampening solution is :
(A) 3 to 4
(B) 4.5 to 5.5
(C) 5.5 to 7.5
(D) 7

46. In printing, non-image area accept ink causes :
(A) Doubling
(B) Dot grain
(C) Set off
(D) Scum

47. Stencil is used as an image carrier in which type of printing :
(A) Flexography
(B) Screen printing
(C) Lithography
(D) Electrostatic printing

48. The inventor of Heliography is :
(A) Allois Senefelder
(B) Ira Rubel
(C) Joseph Nicephore
(D) William Caxton

49. Paper bulk is measured in :
(B) gms
(C) ream
(D) points

50. Weight of 1000 sheets known as :
(A) Basis Weight
(B) M weight
(C) 1 Ream
(D) Tonne

51. Process of assembling signatures by placing one on another is :
(A) Gathering
(B) Laminating
(C) Punching
(D) Jogging

52. The popular paperback or pocket book is an example of which type of binding :
(A) Case binding
(B) Quarter cloth
(C) Account book binding
(D) Perfect binding

53. Type Height :
(A) 0.61 inch
(B) 0.918 inch
(C) 1.9 inch
(D) 0.98 inch

54. Scanners sharpness is measured in terms of :
(A) resolution
(C) dpi
(D) screen

55. Device used for measuring thickness of blanket :
(A) Densitometer
(B) Shoredurometer
(C) Startarget
(D) Ammeter

56. A smeared or double image area on the printed sheet is known as :
(A) Tinting
(B) Slurring
(C) Scumming
(D) Doubling

57. Lithography is invented in the year :
(A) 1900
(B) 1768
(C) 1787
(D) 1798

58. Pick out the roller which relate to flexographic printing process :
(A) Anilox Roll
(B) Dancer roller
(C) Distribution roller
(D) Form roller

59. An array of parallel rectangular bars and spaces that together represent a single data element or character particularly symbology :
(A) Spine
(B) Binary symbols
(C) Barcode
(D) Bitmap

60. Name the paper characteristic which contributes to actual colour image for colour work
(A) Reflectance
(B) Bulk
(C) Flat
(D) Opacity

61. A set of blank pages prepared to show the size, shape, form and general appearance of a printed piece :
(A) Sample
(B) Dummy
(C) Finished Layout
(D) Book

62. Name the roller which touches the Plate cylinder in an offset machine :
(A) Inking roller
(B) Form roller
(C) Fountain roller
(D) Doctor roller

63. RIP stands for :
(A) Red Image Processing
(B) Raster Image Processing
(C) Rapid Image Processing
(D) Random Image Processing

64. Nip roller is associated with which type of machine :
(A) Nipping Press
(B) Electrostatic Machine
(C) Sheet fed
(D) Web Press

65. Perfect binding is also known as :
(A) Web Press
(B) Adhesive binding
(C) Perforating Press
(D) Comb binding

66. Brochures commonly used for :
(A) Laminating
(B) Binding
(C) Advertising
(D) Screening

67. Wire stitching machines are used for :
(A) Edge decorating
(B) Stapling
(C) Cutting
(D) Embossing

68. In printing facsimile stands for :
(A) Xerox
(B) Printed copy
(C) Fax
(D) Perfect copy

69. Latent image :
(A) Hidden image
(B) Transparent image
(C) Removed image
(D) Printed image

70. The material in which the image is printed commonly known as :
(A) Bull
(B) Substrate
(C) Paper
(D) Sheet

71. Rendering means:
(A) Copying
(B) Screening
(C) Doubling
(D) Converting

72. Spectrophotometer is a device used for measuring :
(A) Print speed
(B) Exposure time
(C) Density
(D) Colour values

73. Name the property of a substance to flow :
(A) Solid
(B) Resistance
(C) Liquid
(D) Viscosity

74. Method to find out the number of pages in a printed copy from a given manuscript
(A) Casting in
(B) Casting on
(C) Casting off
(D) Casting out

75. A plan prepared for graphic design is called _________.
(A) Flat
(B) Layout
(C) Imposition
(D) Design

76. Who is the inventor of type used for printing ?
(A) Johann Gutenberg
(B) William Caxton
(C) Ira Rubel
(D) Benjamin Bailey

77. Name the metals used for making the type alloy.
(A) Aluminiuin & Steel
(B) Zinc, Iron & Aluminiuin
(C) Aluminium & Lead
(D) Lead, Tin & Antimony

78. Define DPI in photographs :
(A) Direct image processing
(B) Desk Top Publishing
(C) Dots per Inch
(D) Direct Print Imaging

79. In press CTP system means :
(A) Computer to Print
(B) Computer to plate
(C) Central Trial Printing
(D) Computer to Proof

80. Who is the founder of printing press ?
(A) William Caxton
(B) Ira Rubel
(C) Johann Gutenberg
(D) Allois Senefelder

81. ___________ is the process of planning for placing the pages in such a Way that after printing and folding a sheet of paper all the printed sheets should come in a definite serial numbers.
(A) Layout
(B) Dummy
(C) Imposition
(D) Proof

82. The unwanted reverse impression appear at the back side of the printed sheet is called ___________.
(A) Scum
(B) Hickies
(C) Show through
(D) Setoff

83. Printed image appear double in one impression is called ____________.
(A) Dot grain
(B) Star target
(C) Hickies
(D) Slur

84. Select the basic principle of lithography.
(A) Oleophilic Non image area
(B) Image area accepts ink
(C) Oil and Water do not mix
(D) Hydrophobic

85. In printing plate the application of ink in the non-image areas causes .
(A) Scum
(B) Setoff
(C) Show through
(D) Creasing

86. Name the tool used for spreading the ink to and fro on the screen surface in Screen printing
(A) Squeegee
(B) Blender
(C) Thinner
(D) Brush

87. Doctor Blade is used in which type of printing method?
(A) Flexography
(B) Offset
(C) Letterpress
(D) Gravure

88. Process of making the image surface of the paper is raised and backside degreased.
(A) Hologram
(B) Embossing
(C) Laminating
(D) Gathering

89. M Weight stands for ___________.
(A) Weight of one ream
(B) Weight of 500 sheets
(C) Weight of 1000 sheets
(D) Weight of 100 sheets

90. Identify the paper making machine.
(A) Perforating Machine
(B) Punching Machine
(C) Fordriener Machine
(D) Pulping Machine

91. Name the raw material used for paper making.
(A) China Clay
(B) Boards
(C) Calcium Carbonate
(D) Cellulose Fibre

92. Name the endless belt which carries the paper to the front lay (front stop) :
(A) Conveyor belt
(B) Running wheels
(C) Paster
(D) Sheet separator

93. Identify the small gap between the bearer and the cylinder body.
(A) Cylinder
(B) Gutter
(C) Clamp
(D) Strip

94. Name the intermediate roller between the fountain roller and the distribution roller in an offset machine.
(A) Ductor roller
(B) Forrm roller
(C) Anilox roller
(D) Darnpening roller

95. The rollers that actually in contact with plate cylinder in an offset machine are called
(A) Blanket
(B) Distribution rollers
(C) Form rollers
(D) Fountain rollers

96. In waterless presses the surface of a waterless plate is a layer of that repels ink and keeps the non image area separate from the image area.
(A) Toner
(B) Zinc
(C) Antimony
(D) Silicon rubber

97. The printed sheets in the delivery unit are sprayed with to avoid setoff.
(A) Chalk powder
(B) Super calendaring
(C) Drying agents
(D) Anti setoff powder

98. Hardness of blanket is measured in terms of ________.
(A) Thickness
(B) Shore hardness
(C) Flexibility
(D) Elasticity

99. Satellite unit is found in which type of presses?
(A) Gravure
(B) Sheetfed
(C) Web presses
(D) Screen Printing

100. A unique mechanism for bringing a new roll of paper into the feed cycle in web presses is called ___________.
(A) Splicer
(B) Dancer roller
(C) Tensioner
(D) Folder

101. ___________ is the final preparation of author’s or Writer’s manuscript for publication.
(A) Editing
(B) Proofing
(C) Typesetting
(D) Printing

102. The process of assembling line and halftone positives or negatives in to pages has traditionally been called ____________.
(A) Imposition
(B) Stripping
(C) Trapping
(D) Exposing

103. In which type of relief printing process that uses flexible printing plates?
(A) Letterpress
(B) Gravure
(C) Flexography
(D) Electrostatic printing

104. The most commonly used intaglio process is __________.
(A) Ionography
(B) Therrnography
(C) Flexography
(D) Gravure

105. __________ is the process of bringing several signatures together in the proper order.
(A) Collating
(B) Stripping
(C) Gathering
(D) Binding

106. The segment of the printing industry covers printing facilities operated by companies whose business is not the production of printed materials.
(A) Related industries
(B) In plant printing
(C) Package printing
(D) Security printing

107. Name the point of contact where two cylinders, gears or rollers meet or come close to one another.
(A) Nip point
(B) Contact printer
(C) Bearer contact
(D) Dwell ti1ne

108. Expansion of VOC :
(A) Violet Orange Cyan
(B) Vector image Optical Character
(C) Visual Object Copying
(D) Volatile Organic Compound

109. Name the science of fitting the job to the Worker.
(A) Casting on
(B) Ergonomics
(C) Copy fitting
(D) Casting off

110. 12 points = _________ pica.
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Six
(D) Twelve

111. Name the device used to measure point size and leading of printed type.
(A) Slur gauge
(B) Vernier Calliper
(C) E-Gauge
(D) Screw gauge

112. The standard system of print measurement used in Europe.
(A) SI Unit
(C) Point
(D) didot point system

113. Name the device used to measure paper thickness.
(A) Paper Calliper
(B) Vernier Calliper
(C) Shoredurorneter
(D) Densitorneter

114. Name the device used to measure the density of an image.
(A) Linen Tester
(B) Densitometer
(C) Star target
(D) T-Square

115. Name the process of fitting together copy and illustrations in a specific amount of space.
(A) Justification
(B) Alignment
(C) Copy fitting
(D) Text wrap

116. Name the device used with computers to send and receive digital information through cable.
(A) Mouse
(B) Scanner
(C) WiFi
(D) Modem

117. _____________ is a positively charged powder that attracted to negatively charged image dots to make up the printed image on a page.
(A) Ionography
(B) Toner
(C) Screen
(D) NIP technology

118. A solid state, light sensitive chip receptor that converts light into an analog charge, commonly built into image capturing device.

119. Name the type of scanner that scans images mounted on a rotating drum.
(A) Drum Scanner
(B) Flatbed Scanner
(D) Laser beam scanner

120. _____________ is a large base sheet to which images have been attached for exposure on to a printing plate.
(A) Film
(B) Flat
(C) Key Sheet
(D) Dummy

121. Write the term for an Imprinted space allowed at the edge of a printing sheet.
(A) Bleed
(B) Margins
(C) Gripper Allowance
(D) Spine

122. Name the cloth tube that fits over the body of a dampening roller and helps it retain fountain solution.
(A) Molleton cover
(B) Blanket
(C) Thermal tube
(D) Plating

123. Name a diamond cutting tool used to form the tiny ink cells on the metal surface of a gravure cylinder.
(A) Thermal cutter
(B) Engraver
(C) Etching
(D) Stylus

124. Write the translucent design impressed in paper.
(A) Embossing
(B) Reverse
(C) Watermark
(D) Surprint

125. The exact height difference between the cylinder body to the bearer is called as _________.
(A) Undercut
(B) Gripper
(C) Bearer
(D) Cylinder line

126. Name any two metals used for making printing plate.
(A) Iron and Silver
(B) Aluminium and Copper
(C) Zinc and Aluminium
(D) Copper and Steel

127. Name the cylinder which is used to transfer the printed sheet from one printing unit to the next printing unit in multicolour offset machine.
(A) Impression Cylinder
(B) Form roller
(C) Oscillating Cylinder
(D) Transfer cylinder

128. _______ hold and carry the lead edge of the paper from printing unit to delivery unit.
(A) Gutter
(B) Gripper
(C) Suckers
(D) Guides

129. What is the other name of rider roller?
(A) Scavenger Roller
(B) Ductor roller
(C) Anilox roller
(D) Dancer roller

130. The time taken by the doctor roller to contact and receive dampening solution from the fountain pan roller and to supply the dampening solution to the oscillator is called __________.
(A) dwell period
(B) oscillating period
(C) drying time
(D) perfecting

131. ________ is used as the buffer in the fountain solution which neutralizes the acidity or alkalinity of the solution.
(A) Magnesium Nitrate
(B) Calcium Nitrate
(C) Copper Sulphate
(D) Calcium Carbonate

132. ISO Propyl alcohol is used as _________ and it reduces the surface tension of Water in the dampening solution.
(A) drying agent
(B) Wetting agent
(C) ink recipient
(D) colouring agent

133. ___________ is used to increase the contact angle and reduce the surface tension of Water during the use of dampening solution.
(A) Acid
(B) Gum Arabic
(C) Fungicide
(D) Alcohol

134. The metal strips are used in the feeder head which are used to avoid the passing the double sheet for printing during sheet separation.
(A) Side lay
(B) Conveyor Belt
(C) Metal finger
(D) Running on Wheels

135. Name the roller used to maintain the flow rate and the control the Web tension
(A) chill rolls
(B) splicer
(C) steering device
(D) dancer roller

136. Name the splicer which pastes the new Web roll With the running Web roll when the machine is running at the operating speed.
(A) zero speed splicer
(B) flying speed paster
(C) Web steering device
(D) roll stand

137. What is R.T.F. roller?
(A) Roller top of the former board
(B) Reverse Tag Format
(C) Rotations per minute
(D) Reverse Tiff Format

138. Choose one offset machine manufacturers in India from the following.
(A) Manugraph
(B) Heidelberg
(C) Fuji
(D) AB Dick

139. Dandy roll is used for :
(A) Rotating
(B) Watermark
(C) Stencil
(D) Colouring

140. Name the tendency of ink to flow more freely after being worked.
(A) Viscosity
(B) Tackness
(C) Opacity
(D) Thixotropy

141. Name the operation that places a series of small cuts or slits in the substrate using various types of blades or wheels on the press or folder.
(A) Creasing
(B) Collating
(C) Perforating
(D) Jogging

142. A part of a type character extending above the body height or x-height is called ________.
(A) Descender
(B) Ascender
(C) Text
(D) Serif

143. The angular relationship of halftone screens used in making black and white halftone and colour separations for four colour printing known as _________.
(A) Bitmap
(B) Wavelength
(C) Screen Angle
(D) Filter

144. An electronic form or paper form used to track costs for labour, materials and press time of a given printing job is known as ____________.
(A) Order form
(B) Job Ticket
(C) Invoice
(D) Business letter

145. An ornamental design used to illustrate and attract attention to specific text matter is termed ________.
(A) Fillet
(B) Serif
(C) Ligature
(D) Dingbat

146. The pleasing relationship between the elements on the printed page and the general dimensions of the page itself in a design is termed as ________.
(A) Proportion
(B) Harmony
(C) Unity
(D) Contrast

147. An understandable wavelike or check board pattern visible across a halftone or screened image caused by misalignment of screens is known as ________.
(A) Halftone
(B) Bitmap
(C) Moire
(D) Vector

148. Name the printing plate that is exposed with film positive and on which the ink bearing image area is slightly etched below the non image area.
(A) PS Plate
(B) Deepetch plate
(C) Wipe on Plate
(D) Egg Albumin Plate

149. The phenomenon of a colour appearing differently under light sources with different colour balances known as ___________.
(A) Isomerism
(B) Latent image
(C) Moire Pattern
(D) Metamerism

150. Name the press that print on both sides of paper at the same time.
(A) Perfecting press
(B) Offset
(C) Gravure
(D) Inline

151. Identify the device used in a printing press to detect when multiple sheets of paper are being feed at the same time.
(A) Side lay
(B) Double Sheet Detector
(C) Front stop
(D) Back guide

152. Name the back side of the blanket, which is specially woven to maintain the integrity of the blanket.
(A) Smash
(B) Hardness
(C) Sandwich Blanket
(D) Carcas