English Grammar Questions and Answers

English Grammar Worksheets for Class 7

Change the voice: (i) Soma is cooking meat. Ans. ______________________________________________ (ii) Please, help me. Ans. ______________________________________________ (iii) She loved him only as a friend. Ans. ______________________________________________ (iv) I helped him pass the exam. Ans. ______________________________________________ (v) He does not know the truth. Ans. ______________________________________________ (vi) Who called you here? Ans. ______________________________________________ Change the mode of

English Grammar Worksheets for Class 6

Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the help box. [Help box: in, into, at, under, of] (i) Come ___________________ my umbrella. (ii) Who knocks _________________ the door. (iii) Rajat kicks the ball __________________ the net Join the pair of sentences using linkers given in the brackets. (i) I am tried. I can not go.

English Grammar Worksheets for Class 5

Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles: ___________ Taj Mahal is one of ___________ greatest wonders of ____________ world. It is ____________ wonderful specimen of architecture. Fill in the blanks with present continuous form of, the given verbs in the brackets: (i) Rina _____________ (study) for her exams at the moment. (ii) The boys ____________

English Grammar Worksheets for Class 4

Tick the correct pronouns : (a) My father is a doctor. (He/She) treats the sick people (b) My name is Amal. (Me/I) love my country. (c) Reshma lives in a village. (He/She) sings well. (d) The elephant is a large animal. (It/He) has a trunk. Fill in the blanks with pronouns which are appropriate (a)

English Grammar Worksheets for Class 3

Find out the naming words in the sentences and write in the blanks : (a) Agatha Christie wrote many books. __________ (b) Cleopetra is the cutest queen ever. ____________ (c) I’m drawing Monalisa. _______________ (d) Let’s go Shantiniketan. _____________ (e) Mr. Ball seems to understand what students need. ______________ (f) I can see Jupiter tonight.

English Grammar Worksheets for Class 2

Fill up the blanks with a/an/the. (a) This is _____________ onion. (b) That is _________ tree. (c) There is __________ mango. (d) This is _____________ orange. (e) This is ___________ house. (f) This is _________ axe. (g) This is __________ moon. (h) This is _____________ train. Write down the opposite words. (a) Alive ______ (b)

English Grammar Worksheet for Class 1

Fill in the blanks. (a) ___________ love my school. (b) We live in ____________. (c) The _____________ is in India. (d) Yolk is ________________. (e) Leaf is ___________________. Fill in the blanks with ‘a’ or ‘an’ (a) ______________ elephant (b) _______________ tiger (c) ______________ man (d) _________ doll (e) _____________egg (f) ______________orange (g) ______ goat

Splitting of Sentence Examples

1. The clerks were pleased to be greeted by the good-looking, agreeable young man who was going to marry Miss Annabel. 2. One afternoon Jimmy Valentine and his suitcase climbed out of the mail-hack in Elmore, a little town five miles off the railroad down in the black-jack country of Arkansas. 3. (And) with this

Splitting of Sentence Exercises

1. Agatha’s mother, frantic now, beat the door of the vault with her hands. 2. His face lit up as he saw two English soldiers trudging along, looking in all the compartments for room. 3. The coolie flattened his turban to make a cushion, hoisted the steel trunk on his head and moved down the

Joining Sentences Worksheet with Answers

Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing their meaning. 1. He is a thief. He has taken away your gold chain. (Join into Simple & Complex) 2. He was dismayed. The compartment was empty. (Join into a Simple sentence) 3. We are standing here. Our parents wanted us. (Join into Complex) 4. A mother