Horticulture MCQ

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Horticulture MCQ

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MCQs Question Papers on Horticulture

1. Gladiolus belongs to the family
(a) Iridaceae
(b) Oleaceae
(c) Caryophyllaceae
(d) Amaryllidaceae

2. The scientific name of citronella is
(a) Cymbopogon winterianus
(b) Cymbopogon flexuosus
(c) Pogostemon cablin
(d) None of these

3. Sarpagandha belongs to the family
(a) Asteraceae
(b) Poaceae
(c) Araceae
(d) Apocynaceae

4. Which of the following medicinal plants is used as memory tonic
(a) Withania somnifera
(b) Tinospora cordifolia
(c) Bacopa monnieri
(d) Rauwolfia serpentina

5. Pyrethroides, an important insecticide is obtained from which of the following medicinal plants
(a) Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium
(b) Cassia angustifolia
(c) Plantago ovate
(d) Catharanthus roseus

6. The recommended spacing for Opium poppy is
(a) 30×30 cm
(b) 60×60 cm
(c) 90×90 cm
(d) 150×150 cm

7. Senna belongs to the family
(a) Leguminosae
(b) Plantaginaceae
(c) Solanaceae
(d) Apocynaceae

8. Alkaloid Vinblastin and Vincristine, which form the constituents of cancer drugs are present in
(a) Isubgal
(b) Sarpagandha
(c) Aswagandha
(d) Periwinkle

9. The lemon grass is generally propagated by
(a) Suckers
(b) Seeds
(c) Root slips
(d) Rhizome

10. Rusa or Rusha, the popular essential oil is obtained from
(a) Vetiver
(b) Palmarosa
(c) Lemon grass
(d) Citronella

11. In geranium, the first cuttings of leaves is done at
(a) 8 months after planting
(b) 12 months after planting
(c) 16 months after planting
(d) 20 months after planting

12. The recommended spacing for Ocimum spp. Is
(a) 45×45 cm
(b) 60×60 cm
(c) 75×75 cm
(d) 90×90 cm

13. Patchouli is propagated by
(a) Seeds
(b) Suckers
(c) Cuttings
(d) Root suckers

14. The scientific name of Bergamot mint is
(a) Mentha piperita
(b) Mentha spicata
(c) Mentha arvensis var. piperascens
(d) Mentha citrata

15. Which of the following is the best planting materials for vetiver
(a) Slips
(b) Tillers
(c) Cuttings
(d) Seeds

16. Which of the following is used as anti-diarrhoea and anti-dysentric drug
(a) Senna
(b) Sarpagandha
(c) Isubgol
(d) Pyrethrum

17. Arka Upkar is a high yielding clone of
(a) Medicinal yam
(b) Sarpagandha
(c) Ashwagandha
(d) Fox-glove

18. In Agar plantation, the aroma comes due to infection of fungi which generally occurs due to stem injured by the larvae of a stem borer named
(a) Heortia vitessoides
(b) Zewzera conferta
(c) Odioporus longicollis
(d) Anoplophora versteegi

19. The biting taste of Black pepper is due to
(a) Piperine
(b) Piperol
(c) Piperoresin
(d) None of these

20. The pungency of Ginger is due to
(a) Gingerol
(b) Gingerine
(c) Gingiberine
(d) None of these

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21. The pungent aromatic flavor of turmeric is due to
(a) Curcumin
(b) Tumerol
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these

22. Ramsey and Swaney are important cultivars of
(a) Small cardamom
(b) Large Cardamom
(c) Cinnamom
(d) Vanilla

23. The costliest spice in the spice Horizon is
(a) Vanilla
(b) Small cardamom
(c) Black pepper
(d) Saffron

24. Coriander belongs to the family
(a) Fabaceae
(b) Polygonaceae
(c) Compositae
(d) Apiaceae

25. Trigonellin, an important constituent of which of the following spice, for which it is valued for medicinal use
(a) Coriander
(b) Cumin
(c) Fennel
(d) Fenugreek

26. Fennel is generally harvested at an age of
(a) 90-120 days
(b) 120-150 days
(c) 150-170 days
(d) 170-180 days

27. Small cardamom yields an average yield of dried capsule of
(a) 100-200 kg
(b) 200-500 kg
(c) 500-1000 kg
(d) 1000-2000 kg

28. Stem gall is an important disease of
(a) Coriander
(b) Cumin
(c) Fenugreek
(d) Black pepper

29. RZ 209 is an important cultivar of
(a) Coriander
(b) Cumin
(c) Azwain
(d) Ginger

30. The scientific name of clove is
(a) Syzigium aromaticum
(b) Myristica fragrans
(c) Cinnamomum verum
(d) Pimenta dioica

31. Allspice belongs to the family
(a) Lauraceae
(b) Myrtaceae
(c) Myristicaceae
(d) Caesalpinaceae

32. Rhizome rot of Ginger is due to
(a) Pythium aphanidermatum
(b) Ralstonia solanacearum
(c) Phylosticta zingiberi
(d) Fusarium oxysporum

33. The recommended seed rate of turmeric is
(a) 25 kg/ha
(b) 250 kg/ha
(c) 2500 kg/ha
(d) None of these

34. In India, among all the spices, the largest seed spice is
(a) Fenugreek
(b) Coriander
(c) Cumin
(d) Fennel

35. In terms of quality, among the all types of vanilla, the best vanilla is
(a) Bourbon vanilla
(b) Java vanilla
(c) Bourbon like vanilla
(d) Mexican vanilla

36. The type of Green house whose roof is semi round in shape is
(a) Ridge and Furrow type
(b) Quonset type
(c) Tunnel type
(d) Even span type

37. The tomato cultivars for green house cultivation should be
(a) Determinate
(b) Semi determinate
(c) Indeterminate
(d) All of these

38. Which of the following is not true for glass house cultivation of flowers
(a) Long life span
(b) Least affected by weathering
(c) Non combustible
(d) Not resistant to UV rays

39. Greenhouse cooling can be achieved by which of the following
(a) Roof shading
(b) Ventilation
(c) Evaporative cooling
(d) All of these

40. Greenhouse is based on the principles of
(a) Evaporative cooling
(b) Greenhouse cooling
(c) Greenhouse heating
(d) Greenhouse effect

41. The direction in which Greenhouse should be constructed for its maximum efficiency
(a) East -West
(b) North-South
(c) East-South
(d) North-West

42. The thickness of polythene used in greenhouse construction is
(a) 0.10-0.15 mm
(b) 1-1.5 mm
(c) 10-15 mm
(d) 100-150 mm

43. The country which is number one in Greenhouse vegetable production is
(a) Japan
(b) USA
(c) Netherlands
(d) Canada

44. The type of greenhouse which is only about 2 m in height and constructed by bending bamboo and steel is
(a) Gable type
(b) Ground to Ground type
(c) Tunnel type
(d) Polyhouse

45. Out of the total mushroom production in India, which of the following spp. comprises more than 90% production
(a) Agaricus spp.
(b) Pleurotus spp.
(c) Volvariella spp.
(d) Auricularia spp.

46. The first edible mushroom cultivated in India is
(a) Paddy straw mushroom
(b) Oyster mushroom
(c) Shiitake mushroom
(d) White button mushroom

47. Among the various oyster mushrooms cultivated in India, the most popular and well adapted species is
(a) Pleurotus sajor caju
(b) P. flabellatus
(c) P. ostreatus
(d) P. florida

48. Which of the following Paddy straw mushroom is cultivated commercially in India
(a) Volvariella volvacea
(b) V. diplasia
(c) V. esculenta
(d) All of these

49. The scientific name of milkey mushrooms
(a) Colocybe indica
(b) Auricularia polytricha
(c) Stropharia ruguso-annulata
(d) Lentinula edodes

50. In global level, the mushroom which ranked second after button mushroom is
(a) Oyster mushrooms
(b) Paddy straw mushrooms
(c) Shitake mushrooms
(d) Giant mushrooms