Plumber Questions and Answers on Plumbing

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Plumber Questions and Answers

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Plumber Questions and Answers for ITI Plumbing Trade

1. Which valve is provided at intervals in long mains to prevent hack pressure on the pump and in raising lines to prevent backflow of water?
(A) Gate valve
(B) Mud valve
(C) Reflux valve
(D) Pressure relief valve

2. What distribution system is suitable for towns growing irregularly?
(A) Dead End System
(B) Grid Iron System
(C) Radial System
(D) Ring System

3. Spun Iron pipes used in water supply shall confirm to IS Number is :
(A) 1534
(B) 1535
(C) 1536
(D) 1537

4. What fittings are used in pipelines, that easy to dismantle and repair?
(A) Elbow
(B) Union
(C) Reducer
(D) Cap

5. What is the disadvantage of GI pipe?
(A) It can be easily jointed after threading.
(B) It is easy to detach joint.
(C) This pipe can be easily affected by acid or alkaline water.
(D) It will not get rusted easily because of galvanisation.

6. Which vice is used for holding round sections of metals, tubes and pipes?
(A) Pipe vice
(B) Bench vice
(C) Pin vice
(D) Hand vice

7. Soft solders whose melting points are below:
(A) 300°C
(B) 350°C
(C) 400°C
(D) 450°C

8. The try square is used to:
(A) Check the squareness
(B) Check the flatness
(C) Markline at 90° to the edges of work piece
(D) All the above

9. Calipers are classified according to their :
(A) joints and thickness
(B) Thickness and width
(C) Joints and legs
(D) Leg and width

10. Metals which contain iron as major content are called :
(A) Non Ferrous Metals
(B) Ferrous Metals
(C) Non Metal
(D) Alloy

11. Which is used to cut external threads on cylindrical work pieces?
(A) tap and wrench
(B) pipe wrench
(C) spanner
(D) die and stuck

12. Melting point of Bronze is :
(A) 1083°C
(B) 1005°C
(C) 983°C
(D) 660°C

13. Rolling thin layer of metal on to a base metal is known as :
(A) Browning
(B) Enamelling
(C) Electroplating
(D) Cladding

14. Ordinary Portland cement is available in, how many grades?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

15. ___________ C.I. cover provided for manholes constructed within width of road under vechicular traffic.
(A) Light duty
(B) Medium duty
(C) Heavy duly
(D) None of these

16. Minimum size of a bibcock is :
(A) 15 mm
(B) 20 mm
(C) 23 mm
(D) 30 mm

17. Which valve is provided at the bottom of suction pipe for holding water in the suction pipe?
(A) Foot valve
(B) Ball valve
(C) Gate valve
(D) Globe valve

18. Floor trap is also known as:
(A) Gully trap
(B) Running trap
(C) Nahani trap
(D) Intercepting trap

19. Commode is known as :
(A) Urinal
(B) E.W.C.
(C) L.W.C.
(D) Sink

20. Advantage of P.V.C. pipe is
(A) Light weight
(B) Corrosion free
(C) Cost of P.V.C pipe is cheaper than G.I. pipe
(D) All the above

Questions for ITI Jobs

Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Carpenter
Automobile Engineering Lineman
Printing Technology Wireman
Tool and Die Maker Electrician
Boiler Operator Electrical
Pump Operator Mechanic
Architectural Draftsman Surveyor
Draughtsman Civil Instrument Mechanic
Masonry Electronics Mechanic
Welder Information Technology
Fitter Computer Hardware
Turner Steel Fabricator
Plumber Electroplater

21. Which system is also known as combined gravity and pumping system?
(A) Gravity System
(B) Duel System
(C) Direct Pumping System
(D) None of these

22. Shovel is designed by its :
(A) length and weight
(B) width and weight
(C) length and width
(D) length

23. How many system is are adopted in plumbing of drainage work in a building?
(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6

24. What test is applied to check the alignment and condition of the inside of the pipes?
(A) Smoke test
(B) Hydrostatic test
(C) Pneumatic test
(D) Mirror test

25. Force Cup is used for _________ purpose.
(A) Blockage removing
(B) O.H. tank cleaning
(C) Testing of drain pipe
(D) Testing of soil pipe

26. _______ is the best and the most improved type of system of plumbing.
(A) One Pipe System
(B) Two Pipe System
(C) Single Stack System
(D) Partially Ventilated System

27. A water having pH less than 7 is :
(A) Alkaline
(B) Potable
(C) Acidic
(D) Neutral

28. Siphonic action is prevented by :
(A) Vent pipe
(B) Soil pipe
(C) Waste pipe
(D) Rainwater pipe

29. Which tap is used in wash hand basin?
(A) Bib tap
(B) Sell closing tap
(C) Plug tap
(D) Pillar tap

30. What is the size of holes in European water closet for fixing the floor?
(A) 6.5 mm
(B) 7 mm
(C) 7.5 mm
(D) 8 mm

31. The most commonly adopted pump in water supply is :
(A) Rotary pump
(B) Airlift pump
(C) Centrifugal pump
(D) Booster pump

32. The process which removes colloidal matters in water is:
(A) Screening
(B) Sedimentation
(C) Disinfection
(D) Filtration

33. S.W.H. System stands for:
(A) Soil Waste Harvesting
(B) Soft Water Heating
(C) Solar Water Heating
(D) Soft Water Harvesting

34. Which is not a surface source of water?
(A) Streams
(B) Wells
(C) Pond
(D) Lake

35. Automatic flushing cisterns are done by :
(A) E.W.C
(B) L.W.C
(C) Urinal
(D) Bidet

36. Which is used for closing the end of a pipe or fitting having a male thread?
(A) Union
(B) Plug
(C) Socket
(D) Cap

37. Which punch is used for locating drilling holes?
(A) Centre punch
(B) Dot punch
(C) Prick punch
(D) Hollow punch

38. Which file is used to bring the material in accurate size with high degree of finish?
(A) Smooth file
(B) Second cut file
(C) Rasp cut file
(D) Dead smooth file

39. Plain or unthreaded portion of 1/3 of the length of the screw is called :
(A) Head
(B) Shank
(C) Pitch
(D) Point

40. Water meter in piping system is used to check up :
(A) quantity
(B) quality
(C) pressure
(D) controlling

41. The pipe receiving discharge from water closet, urinals etc. are called :
(A) Waste pipe
(B) Soil pipe
(C) Rainwater pipe
(D) Ventilation pipe

42. To prevent corrosion CI pipes are coated with :
(A) Zinc
(B) Chromium
(C) Tin
(D) Bituminous paint

43. While grinding, metal particles are get clogged into the grinding wheel. This process is called :
(A) Loading
(B) Glazing
(C) Dressing
(D) Truing

44. The traps are used to prevent the passage of :
(A) Air
(B) Waste water
(C) Oxygen
(D) Sewerages

45. Access of inspection testing and cleaning of drain is provided by :
(A) Trap
(B) Cistern
(C) inspection chamber
(D) gratings

46. ________ helps the pipeline to branch off at 90°.
(A) Tee bow
(B) Coupling
(C) Elbow
(D) Union

47. The length of stoneware pipe is :
(A) 300 mm
(B) 400 mm
(C) 500 mm
(D) 600 mm

48. How many grades of G.I pipes are available?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

49. The aggregates which cannot pass IS Sieve – No : 480 has been classified as :
(A) Coarse aggregate
(B) Medium aggregate
(C) Fine aggregate
(D) None of these

50. __________ is used for plastering, brick laying and finishing concrete floors.
(A) Spade
(B) Plumb hub
(C) Spirit level
(D) Trowel

51. Which saw is used for cutting sharp comers?
(A) Coping saw
(B) Compass saw
(C) Fret saw
(D) Pad saw

52. Brass is an alloy of :
(A) Copper and tin
(B) Copper and Zinc
(C) Copper and lead
(D) Copper and Aluminium

53. Which tap is used to finish the threads of blind holes of correct depth?
(A) Taper tap
(B) Intermediate tap
(C) Bottoming tap
(D) First tap

54. Function of flux is :
(A) to prevent corrosion
(B) to helps molten solder to flow easily in the required place
(C) promote better joint
(D) all of the above

55. Which tongs are used for holding bars vertically?
(A) Round tongs
(B) Square mouth tongs
(C) Hollow tongs
(D) Flat tongs

56. Ore of Aluninium is :
(A) Carbonate
(B) Bauxite
(C) Lemonite
(D) Magnefite

57. Check valve is also called :
(A) Gale valve
(B) Mud valve
(C) Nun-return valve
(D) Needle valve

58. Which threaded pattern is used in standard pipe fittings?
(A) B.S.P.
(B) B.S.W
(C) B.S.F.
(D) B.A

59. Pillar tap should withstand an internally applied hydraulic pressure of :
(A) 20 kg/
(B) 25 kg/
(C) 30 kg/
(D) 35 kg/

60. What pipes are mostly used in Water Supply Scheme?
(A) Steel pipe
(B) lead pipe
(C) Cast iron pipe
(D) Composite pipe

61. What should be used to connect two pipe with same diameter?
(A) Reducer
(B) Socket
(C) Eccentric Reducer
(D) Concentric Reducer

62. The most important part of a trap is :
(A) Water seal
(B) Diameter
(C) Depth of water
(D) Height

63. For achieving self cleaning velocity, 150 mm dia pipe should have a slope of :
(A) 1:35
(B) 1:40
(C) 1:50
(D) 1:60

64. Lead caulked joints are provided in _____________ pipe.
(A) G.I. pipe
(B) C.I pipe
(C) R.C.C. pipe
(D) AC pipe

65. Overflow from a tank is controlled by :
(A) Gate valve
(B) Safety valve
(C) Ball valve
(D) Mud valve

66. The fittings used to cover the inlet in gully, disconnection and silt trap is :
(A) C.I. gratings
(B) Small C.I. cover
(C) light duty C.I. cover
(D) Heavy Duty C.I. cover

67. Flush valves are made of:
(A) Cast Iron
(B) Brass
(C) Fiber
(D) Plastic

68. Temporary hardness can be removed by :
(A) Base exchanged process
(B) Filtration
(C) Screening
(D) Boiling

69. Which grade cement is used to constructing normal building purpose?
(A) 23
(B) 33
(C) 43
(D) 53

70. Vicat’s needle apparatus is used for :
(A) Mixing
(B) Measuring
(C) Filling of concrete
(D) Consistency

71. An example of Non-ferrous metal is :
(A) Cast Iron
(B) Lead
(C) Wrought Iron
(D) Mild Steel

72. The diameter of the main ventilation pipe should not be less than __________ mm.
(A) 32
(B) 40
(C) 50
(D) 70

73. Benefits of Rain Water harvesting is :
(A) Ground water table raises
(B) Reduce the salinity
(C) To avoid flooding
(D) All the above

74. Which colour hose is used for carry accetylene gas?
(A) Maroon
(B) Black
(C) Green
(D) Blue

75. Which pump is used to increase the pressure in pipe of a distribution system?
(A) Air lift pump
(B) Submersible pump
(C) Centrifugal pump
(D) Booster pump

76. Which is commonly called as thumb nut?
(A) Tee nut
(B) Cap nut
(C) Knurled nut
(D) Self locking nut

77. Which chisel is used for squaring materials at the corner?
(A) Diamond point chisel
(B) Web chisel
(C) Flat chisel
(D) Cross cut chisel

78. Head of the soldering Iron is made of
(A) Bronze
(B) Brass
(C) Forged Copper
(D) Aluminium

79. P.V.C. stands for :
(A) Premium Vinyl Chloride
(B) Poly Vinyl Chloride
(C) Perfect Vinyl Chloride
(D) Pure Vinyl Chloride

80. I.S. Code of water closet is :
(A) I.S 2554
(B) I.S 2555
(C) I.S 2556
(D) I.S 2557

81. Why water seal is required in a trap?
(A) To allow the passage of waste water
(B) To prevent the flow of waste water
(C) To prevent the passage of foul gases from the drain
(D) To block the soil passage

82. Rotary pumps are :
(A) Centrifugal type
(B) Pneumatic type
(C) Displacement type
(D) Hand operated type

83. The presence of Minerals caused in water :
(A) Hardness
(B) Colour
(C) Turbidity
(D) Taste

84. The permissible turbidity of domestic water is :
(A) 5 to 12 p.p.m
(B) 5 to 8 p.p.m
(C) 5 to 10 p.p.m
(D) 5 to 7 p.p.m

85. The Gravity system of water distribution is depends on
(A) Size of pipe
(B) Size of distribution tank
(C) Heights of distribution tank
(D) Location of valves

86. Stand pipes are provided at the distribution system of :
(A) Starting point
(B) Lowest point of distribution system
(C) Highest point of distribution system
(D) Dead end of distribution system

87. Pressure Relief valves are provided in a water line for :
(A) Increase the water pressure
(B) Regulate the pressure of flow
(C) Relieve high pressure from the line
(D) Divert the pressure

88. Hydrant is provided for:
(A) Irrigation purpose
(B) Fire fighting purpose
(C) Drinking purpose
(D) Washing purpose

89. Self- closing water taps are capable for :
(A) Wash basin
(B) Public drinking fountain
(C) Kitchen sink
(D) Batch room

90. Reseating tool is used for:
(A) cleaning of valve
(B) dismantling of valve
(C) setting of valve
(D) levelling and cleaning of valve seat

91. The name employed for a fitting, having a larger size at one end than on the other :
(A) Elbow
(B) Reducer
(C) Tee joint
(D) Union

92. What should be the minimum distance between the hot and cold-water risers in a plumbing system?
(A) 150 mm
(B) 200 mm
(C) 250 mm
(D) 300 mm

93. The size of vent pipe is determined according to :
(A) According to the Size of drain and Number of drainpipe
(B) According to the Length of drain and Number of drain
(C) According to the Number of fittings and Size of fittings
(D) According to the Number of traps installed in the line

94. Why bottom of the leaching cesspool made watertight?
(A) for store the effluent
(B) effluent get dispersed in to the surrounding soil
(C) to spared effluent to ground
(D) for safe deposit

95. Where lime concrete is used?
(A) Heavy duly construction
(B) Light duty construction
(C) Under foundation
(D) Roof concreting

96. Why reinforcement in added in cement concrete?
(A) For easy setting
(B) For increasing load capacity
(C) For heavy pressure
(D) For water proof

97. Mild steel pipe after galvanization is called :
(A) MS pipe
(B) GI Pipe
(C) CI Pipe
(D) Steel pipe

98. The name of valve which prevents the back flow of water is known as?
(A) Gate valve
(B) Ball valve
(C) Check valve
(D) Stop valve

99. The Height of water meter above the water supply line should be :
(A) 100 cm
(B) 50 cm
(C) 30 cm
(D) 20 cm

100. For checking and clearing of house drain, the access is provided by:
(A) Inspection chamber
(B) Door we
(C) Manhole
(D) Lamp hole

101. The minimum size of a public sewer should be :
(A) 60 mm
(B) 60 cm
(C) 60 Inch
(D) 60 Foot

102. The minimum distance between a water source and a septic tank should be :
(A) 15m
(B) 20m
(C) 25m
(D) 100m

103. A structure constructed for drawing water from reservoir is called :
(A) Check dam
(B) Pool
(C) In take
(D) Cesspool

104. Alum is used as:
(A) As disinfent
(B) Filter media
(C) Coagulant
(D) Water softener

105. The trap which provided at drop man hole is called :
(A) Gully trap
(B) Floor trap
(C) Intarcepting trap
(D) Bottle trap

106. An inverted siphon is a:
(A) Sanitary fitting
(B) Sewer section
(C) Masonry fitting
(D) House sewer section

107. Place preferred to fix scour valve is :
(A) In the distribution system at dead ends
(B) in the distribution system at middle
(C) In the distribution system at highest portion
(D) In the distribution system at lowest portion

108. The coal tar coating of CI pipe is done to :
(A) Protect against correction
(B) Protect against flexibility
(C) Protect against brittleness
(D) Protect against fusibility

109. Steel pipes are joined by :
(A) Capillary joint
(B) Welded joint
(C) Adhesive joint
(D) Bell and spigot joint

110. Withstanding pressure capacity of steel pipe is : –
(A) Higher than CI pipe
(B) Lower than AC pipe
(C) Lower than CI pipe
(D) Lower than SWG pipe

111. Copper pipe can easily bend but :
(A) can’t cut
(B) can’t reduce
(C) do not sag
(D) can’t joint

112. Soft solder capillary joints are used for :
(A) CI Pipe joint
(B) AC pipes joint
(C) Copper pipes joint
(D) Lad pipes joint

113. PVC pipe can resist:
(A) High external load
(B) High temperature
(C) Moat inorganic chemicals
(D) Extra heavy water pressure

114. The layers of Composite pipes are :
(A) Polyethylene, Aluminum and Polyethylene respectively
(B) Polyethylene, Fibber and Polyethylene respectively
(C) Fibber, Aluminum and Polyethylene respectively
(D) Aluminum, Fibber and Polyethylene respectively

115. The mostly used CI pumping main joint are :
(A) Adhesive joint
(B) Socket and spigot joint
(C) Screwed joint
(D) Flanged joint

116. The depth of Hemp used in a Socket and spigot joint are
(A) 50 cm
(B) 30 cm
(C) 20 cm
(D) 5 cm

117. Flanged joint are capable for :
(A) Where it maybe lay underground
(B) Where it maybe occasionally dismantle or reaesembling
(C) Where it maybe bear vibration or deflection of pipe
(D) Where it maybe bear high velocity of flow

118. Sand cast CI pipe used in water supply shall conform to :
(A) ISI.2526
(B) ISI.2625
(C) ISI.1536
(D) ISI.1729

119. On a gate valve water flow from around the stuffing box Why?
(A) Valve seat worn-out
(B) Defective packing in the stuffing box
(C) Valve is old and unserviceable
(D) In a gate valve

120. In which valve have an internal partition in it?
(A) Gate valve
(B) Sluice valve
(C) Glob valve
(D) Check valve

121. Where the flush hydrant are insulated?
(A) Ground level
(B) Underground
(C) Upto 90 cm above the ground level
(D) Above the ground

122. The water meter which used for measuring small flow of water is :
(A) Venturimeter
(B) Positive displacement water motor
(C) Receprocative
(D) Turbine type

123. Union joint must be :
(A) At every 50 m
(B) At every 76 m
(C) Al every 100 m
(D) At every 200 in

124. Water is mechanically lifted by means of:
(A) By pulley
(B) By tubs
(C) By bucket
(D) By pump

125. What is the function of foot valve?
(A) To hold water in delivery
(B) To drain out water from delivery
(C) To hold water in suction
(D) To drain out water from suction

126. To prevent the water hammer :
(A) Valves and taps should be avoid
(B) Valves and taps should be closed slowly
(C) Valves and taps should be always open
(D) Valves and taps should be always close

127. Water supply is designed for :
(A) An estimated population
(B) Quantity of water available
(C) The catchment area
(D) Quality of water

128. In India which type of supply system is followed?
(A) In dual system
(B) Direct pumping system
(C) In the intermittent supply system of water
(D) Continuous supply system water

129. The treatment of water is depend upon the :
(A) Quantity of water
(B) Quality of water
(C) Turbidity of water
(D) Hardness of water

130. Permeable hardness of soft water is :
(A) 0 to 75 mg/lit
(B) 0 to 80 mg/lit
(C) 0 to 85 mg/lit
(D) 0 to 90 mg/lit

131. Lime soda process is employed for :
(A) Sedimentation of water
(B) Removal of temporary hardness of water
(C) Removal of permanent hardness;
(D) Removal of colloidal impurities of water

132. pH value acceptable in public water supply is :
(A) 9.0 to 10
(B) 7 to 8.5
(C) 6.5 to 9.2
(D) 5.5 to 8.5

133. Filtration process is removal off?
(A) Floating matters
(B) Suspended matters
(C) Fine Suspended matters
(D) Microorganisms and colloidal matters

134. Intake shall be :
(A) Near the source of water
(B) Higher than the source of water
(C) Far from the source of water
(D) No any distraction

135. Slow sand filters are
(A) Gravity type
(B) Non pressure type
(C) Flow type
(D) Pressure type

136. Clogged filter media in Rapid sand filter is removed by :
(A) Changing media
(B) By scraping
(C) Back wash
(D) Never to clean

137. Most frequently used fitting in water supply is
(A) Gate valve
(B) Float valve
(C) Pillar tap
(D) Bib cock

138. Priming is the process of :
(A) Removing the trapped water
(B) Removing the trapped waste matters
(C) Removing the trapped air
(D) Removing the damaged parts

139. To increase the sufficient pressure of distribution system :
(A) Jet pump is required
(B) Stage pump is required
(C) Turbine pump is required
(D) Buster pump is required

140. The valve which installed suction end is :
(A) Check valve
(B) Foot valve
(C) Non-return valve
(D) Pin valve

141. Instant water heaters are:
(A) Automatic type
(B) Pressure type
(C) Manual type
(D) Non pressure type

142. Water heater to be swatch on :
(A) After texting
(B) After drain out
(C) After loading water
(D) Without water

143. One of the benefits of rain water harvesting is :
(A) Ground water table raise
(B) Sea level will raise
(C) Surface source will over flow
(D) Run off will clean the ground

144. The top of the sump shall be 150 mm above the formation of ground level Why?
(A) For identification
(B) For made a structure over it
(C) For preventing the entry of surface water
(D) For made a office building over it

145. The best and most improved system of sanitary plumping is :
(A) One pipe system
(B) Ingle stack system
(C) Two pipe system
(D) Combined system

146. The second set of pipe in two pipe system is recommended for :
(A) Carrying sullage waste
(B) Carrying floor water only
(C) Carrying soil waste
(D) Carrying sullage and soil waste

147. Lateral fittings are called :
(A) Soil fittings
(B) Waste fittings
(C) Common fittings
(D) Both soil and waste fittings

148. Which one of the following is the method of drawing water from river bed?
(A) Deep well
(B) Ground well
(C) Intake well
(D) Tub well

149. Water will not available for fire extinguishing from?
(A) In dual system
(B) Continuous supply system water
(C) Direct pumping system
(D) In the intermittent supply system of water

150. Which system of water supply system is suitable for irregularly growing towns?
(A) Ring system
(B) Tree system
(C) Radial system
(D) Grind iron system

151. Dual system is also known as :
(A) Gravity system
(B) Combined gravity and pumping system
(C) Direct pumping system
(D) Radial system

152. In base exchange process :
(A) High turbidity water can use
(B) Filtration is not required
(C) No sludge is formed
(D) Sludge is formed

153. Aeration process is used for removal of :
(A) Dissolved gasses tastes and odours
(B) Suspended matters
(C) Fine Suspended matters
(D) Microorganisms and colloidal matters

154. How to remove scale formation from the water heater?
(A) Applying sodium chloride
(B) Applying diluted hydrochloric acid
(C) Applying diluted sulphuric acid
(D) Applying concentrated nitric acid

155. The water storage tank at elevated position are called :
(A) Over head tank
(B) Surface tank
(C) Common tank
(D) Sump

156. Pipes which carrying silage water from baths are called?
(A) Soil pipe
(B) Waste pipe
(C) Rain water pipe
(D) Siphon pipe

157. The permissible dosage of chlorine in drinking water is :
(A) 02.5 to 2.10 mg/liter
(B) 1.05 to 1.10 mg/liter
(C) 01.10 to 2.10 mg/liter
(D) 0.05 to 0.10 mg/liter

158. Fitting which used for connecting service connection no water main is?
(A) Union ferrule
(B) Reduce and cupping
(C) Reduce and valve
(D) Reduce and union

159. On some wooden beam, some where a little part may be come out while cutting or hammering, what is the name of that part?
(A) Grain
(B) Knot
(C) Shake
(D) Planks

160. Where the manholes are provided in straight lengths of pipe Lines?
(A) At 50 meter intervals
(B) 40 meter intervals
(C) 30 meter intervals
(D) 20 meter intervals