Operating System Practice Questions and Answers

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Operating System Practice Questions and Answers

Practice Questions and Answers on Computer Networking

1. Punched cards use
(a) alphanumeric code
(b) Hollerith code
(c) EBCDIC code
(d) ASCII code

2. When used with I/0 devices, the term intelligent implies
(a) a colour output capability
(b) speech processing capability
(c) high speed printing capability
(d) features to support off-line and online tasks

3. What is the storage capacity of a Hollerith card which is organized into nibbles ?
(a) 32
(b) 64
(c) 120
(d) 240

4. How many symbols exist in Baudot code ?
(a) 32
(b) 29
(c) 58
(d) 76

5. How many addresses are required for 25 x 40 video RAM ?
(a) 1020
(b) 1920
(c) 1000
(d) 2000

6. What technology is used for flat panel displays?
(a) Solid state
(b) RBG monitor
(c) VLSI
(d) Direct view storage tube

7. The digitizing technology that uses an electric field radiated from the tablet and picked by cursor is
(a) Raster
(b) Electrostatic
(c) Sonic
(d) electromagnetic

8. Continuous line drawing are producedi using
(a) chain printers
(b) daisy wheel printers
(c) plotters
(d) thermal devices

9. Daisy wheel printer is a type of
(a) Matrix printer
(b) Impact printer
(c) Laser printer
(d) Manual printer

10. Which of the following printers uses light beam and electrostatically sensitive black powder ?
(a) Daisy wheel printer
(b) Dot matrix printer
(c) Laser printer
(d) Chain printer

11. Which of the following keyboards is the fastest ?
(b) Dvorak
(c) Alphanumeric
(d) Numeric

12. The QWERTY keyboard
(a) is the most popular keyboard
(b) is the fastest keyboard
(c) is a keyboard that is rarely used
(d) uses Dvorak layout

13. In which of the following terminals, the CPU copies the characters to be displayed to the video RAM in alternative bytes and screen is regarded as a 25. 80 array of characters ?
(a) Character map terminal
(b) Bit – map terminal
(c) Rs 232 C terminal
(d) All of the above

14. In which of the following terminals, the screen is regarded as an array of pixels, where each pixel is either on or off ?
(a) Character map terminal
(b) Bit- map terminal
(c) Rs 232 C terminal
(d) All of the above

15. Which video terminal is generally used in engineering workstations
(a) Character map terminal
(b) Bit-map terminal
(c) Rs 232 C terminal
(d) All of the above

16. Bit-map terminal
(a) supports displays containing multiple windows
(b) requires considerable amount of video RAM
(c) requires tremendous amount of copying and hence low performance
(d) all of the above

17. In a modem using dibit phase, encoding has the bit rate
(a) same as the baud rate
(b) higher than its baud rate
(c) lower than its baud rate
(d) independent of its baud rate

18. Terminals can accommodate
(a) inputs only
(b) outputs only
(c) both input and output
(d) turnaround document only

19. Memory mapped displays
(a) are utilized for high resolution graphics such as maps
(b) uses ordinary memory to store the display data in character form
(c) stores the display data as individual bits
(d) are associated with electromechanical teleprinters

20. Which device can sense inventory dat. specified in bar codes
(a) Mouse
(b) Light pen
(c) Holographs
(d) Joystick

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21. Direct entry data devices include
(a) telephone, communications, and bar codes
(b) keyboards, cartridges, and bar code reader
(c) machine communication, key boards, and data collection devices
(d) analog computers, digital computers and time clocks

22. Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction ?
(a) Laser printer
(b) Plotter
(c) Ink jet printer
(d) Dot matrix printer

23. Plotter accuracy is measured in terms of repeatability and
(a) buffer size
(b) resolution
(c) vertical dimension
(d) intelligence

24. In electrostatic plotters the term “resolution” refers to
(a) the number of dots per inch
(b) the speed per inch
(c) the accuracy to which the plotter returns to a specific point
(d) dual axis tracking

25. Input data for electrostatic plotter must be in
(a) vector format
(b) raster format
(c) a raster-to-vector format
(d) an organized format

26. Impact printers
(a) strike a ribbon against the paper to produce character images
(b) include ink-jet and thermal devices
(c) are more expensive than Laser printers
(d) use optical technology

27. A dumb terminal has
(a) an embedded microprocessor
(b) extensive memory
(c) independent processing capability
(d) a keyboard and a screen

28. In a serial communication, an extra clock is needed
(a) to make efficient use of RS – 232
(b) for programmed band rate control
(c) to synchronize the devices
(d) all of the above

29. Which of the following statements is incorrect for a micro-processor system using IO mapped I/O ?
(a) I/O address space is greater.
(b) I/O and memory spaces are distinct.
(c) Memory space available is greater.
(d) Not all data transfer instructions are available.

30. A DMA module is transferring characters to main memory using cycle-stealing (getting the system bus from CPU to do DMA transfer). The device is transmitting at 1 Mbps over a Local Area Net-work. The CPU fetches instructions at the rate of1 MIPS (one million instructions per second). Assuming each memory location accessible in one bus cycle can hold 16 bits, the CPU instruction fetch speed will degrade down to
(a) .9500 MIPS
(b) .9250 MIPS
(c) .9375 MIPS
(d) .9345 MIPS

31. In the disk storage aspect of data bases and application programs,
(a) unblocked record files and locate mode I/O are faster
(b) blocked record files and locate mode I/O are faster
(c) unblocked record files and move mode I/O are faster
(d) blocked record files and move mode I/O are faster

32. Parallel printers uses
(a) RS- 232 C interface
(b) centronics interface
(c) handshake mode
(d) all of the above

33. On receiving an interrupt from an IO device, the CPU
(a) halts for a predetermined time
(b) branches off to the interrupt service routine after completion of the current instruction
(c) branches off to the interrupt service routine immediately
(d) hands over control of address bus and data bus to the interrupting device

34. In a memory based I/0 system, which of the following instruction will not be there ?
(a) IN, OUT
(b) ADD
(c) LDA
(d) All of the above

35. Which of the following does not affect the resolution of a video display image ?
(a) Bandwidth
(b) Sereen size
(c) Raster scan rate
(d) Vertical and horizontal lines of resolution

36. Which of the following is not a part of a CRT?
(a) Phosphor screen
(b) Shadow mask
(c) Gas plasma
(d) Electrongun

37. Which of the keyboards uses a circuit that senses the movement by the change in capacitance ?
(a) QWERTY keyboard
(b) Dvorak keyboard
(c) Capacitance keyboard
(d) Soft keyboard

38. Which of the following devices can be used to directly input printed text ?
(a) OCR
(b) Mouse
(c) MIC
(d) Joystick

39. The barcode that is used on all types of items, is read by a scanning device directly into the computer. What is the name of the scanning device ?
(a) OCR
(b) MICR
(c) Wand
(d) Laser scanner

40. A temporary storage area, attached to the CPU, for I/0 operations is culled
(a) Buffer
(b) File
(c) Core
(d) register

41. Input data for electrostatic plotter must be in
(a) vector format
(b) raster format
(c) linear format
(d) matrix format

42. In which of the following terminals, the screen is regarded as an array of pixels where each pixels is either on or off?
(a) Bit – map terminal
(b) Character-map terminal
(c) Monochrome terminal
(d) TV type terminal

43. Which of the following printers uses light beam and electrostatically sensitive black powder ?
(a) Dot matrix printer
(b) Daisywheel printer
(c) Chain printer
(d) Laser printer

44. Which device can draw continuous lines ?
(a) Daisy wheel
(b) Plotter
(c) Chain printer
(d) Impact printer

45. What type of electric motor is used to activate the read / write head of a floppy diskette drive ?
(a) AC motor
(b) Induction Motor
(c) Stepper Motor
(d) Series Motor

46. The point of scale (POS) terminals are used for reading
(a) Kimbell tags
(b) bar codes
(c) printed information
(d) both (b) and (c) above

47. Bar codes stores information using
(a) punch holes
(b) dots
(c) thick and thin lines
(d) all of the above

48. Which of the following is used to copy stored data into another ?
(a) Drum
(b) Dump
(c) Punching
(d) None of the above

49. In what storage device, recording is done by burning tiny pits on a circular disk ?
(a) Punched cards
(b) Floppy Disk
(c) Magnetic tape
(d) Optical Disk

50. What input device uses switch contacts placed under aplastic pad which may be inscribed with symbols
(a) Touch pad
(b) Punched card
(c) Soft keyboard
(d) Mouse

51. What device is used for entering x-y co-ordinates ?
(a) Card Reader
(b) Joystick
(c) Keyboard
(d) All of the above

52. What printer uses a combination of laser beam and electron photographic techniques ?
(a) Dot matrix
(b) Daisy wheel
(c) Laser printer
(d) All of the above