Drawing and Painting Questions and Answers

Drawing and Painting MCQ

1. Who is the painter of a painting called ‘Green Strip’ ? (1) Matisse (2) Van Gogh (3) Hodler (4) Paul Gaugin 2. Select the correct chronological sequence of artists. (1) Juan Gris, Picasso, Courbet, Manet (2) Courbet, Manet, Picasso, Juan Gris (3) Manet, Courbet, Juan Gris, Picasso (4) Courbet, Manet, Juan Gris, Picasso 3.

Drawing and Painting GK

1. From the following, the ‘Ghantai Temple’ is located (1) at Konark (2) at Hars temple, Sikar (3) at Khajuraho (4) at Arthuna, Banswara 2. The statue of elephant due to which the name of ‘Dharapurr island was changed to ‘Elephanta’ is now located at (1) Nehru Center, Mumbai (2) Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya,

Drawing and Painting Quiz

1. Assertion (A) : To give dominance a form it should be painted on an ornate background. Reason (R) : Because the ornate space has more attraction than the blank space. (1) (A) is correct and (R) is incorrect. (2) (A) is incorrect and (R) is correct. (3) (A) and (R) both are correct. (4)

Drawing and Painting Sample Question

1. Which artist was synonym of Blue Pottery art in Rajasthan? (1) Bhoor Sing Shekhawat (2) Parmanand Choyal (3) Dwarka Prasad Sharma (4) Kripal Singh Shekhawat 2. Artist Kripal sing Shekhawat was awarded with ‘Padma Shree’ by Government of India in the year (1) 1964 (2) 1970 (3) 1974 (4) 1980 3. In late 60s

Drawing and Painting Model Question

1. The painted text in Pal style have mostly been painted on which surface? (1) Canvas (2) Wall (3) Palm leaves (4) All of these 2. Who has described Dhiman and Vittapal artists as the founder of Pal style? (1) Lama Taranath (2) Rai Krishnadas (3) N.C. Mehta (4) None of these 3. The paintings

Drawing and Painting Previous Year Question

1. The black and white colour scheme that used in a painting is called (1) Polychromatic (2) Achromatic (3) Monochromatic (4) None of these 2. What are the three primary colours? (1) Orange, Green, Violet (2) Red, Yellow, Blue (3) Red, Black, Blue (4) Red, White, Blue 3. Texture is the character of the (1)