Botany Practice Question

1. Which one of the following variety is not a variety of Mungbean :-
A. RMG 492
B. IPM 02-3
C. SML 668
D. RMO 40

2. ‘Gangaur’ is a popular variety of gram developed at:-
A. ARS, Kota
B. ARS, Sriganganagar
C. CAZRI,Jodhpur
D. RCA, Udaipur

3. A popular variety of guar is:-
A. RSG 44
B. RGC 1066
C. RMG 268
D. RMO 425

4. Phenotypic appearance of all chromosomes in a particular species is called :–
A. Karyotype
B. Genotype
C. Ecotype
D. Phenotype

5. After hybridization, pedigree selection method is followed in which crop?
A. Pearlmillet
B. Maize
C. Wheat
D. Cotton

6. The term ‘Genetics’ was coined by :-
A. Bateson
B. Punnett
C. Morgan
D. Devries

7. The germplasm theory was proposed by :-
A. Darwin
B. Weismann
C. Lamarck
D. Sutton

8. Numerical approach of dialled analysis in plant breeding provides information about:-
A. D and H components
B. GCA and SCA variances
C. GCA and SCA effects
D. All of these

9. In mitosis DNA synthesis takes place during –
A. G-1 Stage
B. S Stage
C. G-2 Stage
D. All of these

10. Meiosis provides opportunities for:-
A. Crossing over
B. Recombination
C. Segregation
D. All of these

11. Which of the following does not take place during light reaction of photosynthesis :-
A. Reduction of carbon-di-oxide
B. Production of reduction power
C. Production of energy currency
D. Photolysis of water

12. Gene number is altered by :-
A. Duplication
B. Translocation
C. Inversion
D. All of these

13. Line x tester analysis does not permit mating between :-
A. Males and female
B. Among males
C. Among females
D. Among males and Among females

14. F₃ population is used in analysis instead of B₁ and B₂ is :-
A. Six parameter model
B. Five parameter model
C. Three parameter model
D. All of these

15. Homeostasis is associated with :-
A. Heterozygosity
B. Genetic diversity
C. Genetic polymorphism
D. All of these

16. Special chromosomes refer to :-
A. Lampbrush chromosomes
B. Accessory chromosomes
C. Polytene chromosomes
D. All of these

17. For a trait governed by both additive and non-additive gene actions, which of the following breeding procedure should be adopted:-
A. Recurrent selection for gca
B. Mass selection
C. Reciprocal recurrent selection
D. Recurrent selection for sca

18. High value of genetic advance indicates that the character is governed by :-
A. Additive genes
B. Dominant genes
C. Epistatic gene
D. All of these

19. During pachytene, translocation heterozygote exhibits :-
A. Loop configuration
B. Cross shaped configuration
C. Ring configuration
D. None of these

20. Translocation involves:-
A. Homologous chromosomes
B. Isochromosomes
C. Non-homologous Chromosomes
D. All of these

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21. Monoploids are represented by :-
A. x
B. 2x
C. n
D. 2n

22. In primary trisomic, the extra chromosome is :-
A. Isochromosome
B. Translocated chromosome
C. Normal
D. Ring chromosome

23. Hexaploid wheat behaves like diploid species due to :-
A. 5 B system
B. 3B system
C. 4B system
D. 2B system

24. Heterosis can be fixed by :-
A. Sexual reproduction
B. Apomixis
C. Polyploidy
D. All of these

25. In breeding of cross-pollinated species tends to increase:-
A. Homozygosity
B. Genetic correlation
C. Genetic diversity
D. All of these

26. A condition in which pollination and fertilization takes place in an unopend flower is termed as :-
A. Homogamy
B. Apogamy
C. Polygamy
D. Cleistogamy

27. A cybrid is :-
A. A sexual hybrid
B. A hybrid formed by cell fusion
C. A plant produced by cell culture
D. Synonym to hybrid

28. A male gametophyte in angiosperms contain:-
A. One gamete only
B. Two male gametes only
C. Two male gametes and one tube nucleus
D. One male gamete and one tube nucleus

29. The analysis of polygenic variation is based on :-
A. Mean
B. Variances
C. Convariance
D. All of these

30. A repetitive DNA sequence with no obvious function is called :-
A. Pseudogene
B. Overlapping gene
C. Selfish gene
D. Split gene

31. Marker character refers to :-
A. Cytological markers
B. Biochemical markers
C. DNA markers
D. All of these

32. An ideal DNA marker should be :-
A. Codominant
B. Non-epistatic
C. Polymorphic
D. All of these

33. Which of the following mutagen is an alkylating agent ?
A. Proflavin
B. Acroflavin
D. 5BU

34. In a population, gene frequency remains constant if there is :-
A. Random mating
B. Inbreeding
C. Outbreeding
D. Selective mating

35. Which of the following methods of foreign gene transfer exhibits host specificity ?
A. Particle bombardment
B. Plasmid method
C. Micro injection
D. Direct DNA uptake

36. In Wheat, herbicide resistance to glufosinate was transfered from:-
A. Arabidopsis
B. Bt
C. Streptomyces
D. E.coli

37. The value of regression and correlation is same when correlation of two variables is :-
A. Positive
B. Negative
C. Perfect
D. Imperfect

38. Transgressive segregants fall outside the limit of :-
A. Male parent
B. Female parent
C. Both parents
D. None of these

39. During absorption of water by roots, the water potential of cell sap is lower than that of :-
A. Pure water and soil solution
B. Pure water, but higher than that of soil solution
C. Soil solution, but higher than that of pure water
D. Neither pure water nor soil solution

40. The process of photorespiration is found more in :-
A. C₃ plants
B. C₄ plants
C. CAM plant
D. None of these

41. ‘Operon Model’ of gene regulation was proposed by :-
A. Crick
B. Jacob and Monad
C. Watson and Crick
D. Flemming

42. Selection indices are generally classified into :-
A. Classical and restricted
B. General and restricted
C. General, classical and restricted
D. General and classical

43. The D² statistic was proposed in 1936 by :-
A. Fisher
B. Mather and Jink
C. Mahalanobis
D. Johnson

44. Noth carolina Design I analysis provides estimates of :-
A. Addition and dominance variances
B. Additive and addive X additive variances
C. Dominance and additive X additive variances
D. Additive variances

45. For the production of certified seed of hybrid maize which seed is provided to the grower?
A. Foundation seed
B. Breeder seed
C. Basic seed
D. Certified seed

46. Which of the following classes of seeds are certified by a state seed certification agency?
A. Breeder seed
B. Foundation seed
C. Certified seed
D. Both foundation and certified seed

47. The nutrient medium for tissue culture of higher plants was first developed by :-
A. White
B. Murashige and Skoog
C. Maheshwari
D. Davison

48. Which DNA marker technique was developled before the discovery of PCR?

49. Which of the following is a stress hormone:-
A. Abscisic acid
B. Cytokinin
C. Gibberellin
D. Auxin

50. Multilines KSML-3, KML-7406 and MLKS-11 are based on :-
A. Sonalika
B. Kalyansona
C. Sarbati Sonora
D. Karuna