Voice Change Exercise for Class 11

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Voice Change Exercise for Class 11

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Rewrite the Active Sentences into Passive

1. And Jim struck Sir Mohan flat on the face.

2. Can we touch the sky?

3. Does the moon know you?

4. Don’t worry.

5. Education in arts heightens man’s knowledge.

6. Functional art brings beauty to the objects of our daily use.

7. Functional art provides us with means of livelihood.

8. Have you done it?

9. He covered the ball tightly with his fingers.

10. He knew Jimmy’s habits.

11. He lost his speech.

12. He never showed any sign of eagerness to talk to the English.

13. He rarely spoke Hindustani.

14. He recognised the Prince of Peace.

15. He took out his tools, one by one.

16. Her mouth was bloated with betel saliva.

17. His company made her supremely happy.

18. How can you love God?

19. I crossed the churchyard with a sigh.

20. I didn’t bring more rice that evening.

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21. I didn’t consult him.

22. I do not love my neighbour.

23. I don’t see it.

24. I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread.

25. I have asked it to follow us about.

26. I have received a lot of love from you all.

27. I may bring the spirit of forgiveness.

28. I never forget an opportunity.

29. I pick up a person from the street.

30. I will not eat sugar for three days.

31. In fact, our country’s economic decline has followed closely the decay of its functional arts.

32. It has also estranged us from our past heritage.

33. It touched the wood-bird’s folded wing.

34. Jimmy was carrying his cleaned, dusted suitcase.

35. Lady Lal hurriedly finished off her meal.

36. Leela gave a cry of joy.

37. Leela keenly examined the ball for traces of the moon.

38. Literature certainly provides man inner delight.

39. Man apprehends the world with his mind and senses.

40. Man derives aesthetic delight.

41. Mother didn’t answer the question.

42. Now come with me.

43. She emitted a long, loud belch.

44. She gave me a very simple answer.

45. She hailed a passing railway coolie.

46. Sidda opened the gate.

47. Sir Mohan had acquired the manners and attitudes of the upper classes.

48. Sir Mohan threw out his chest.

49. Sir Mohan waved a goodbye to the mirror.

50. St. Francis of Assisi composed this prayer.

51. The arrival of the train did not disturb Sir Mohan Lal’s sang-froid.

52. The engine gave another short whistle.

53. The police know his haunts.

54. The warden didn’t hand him the pardon right away.

55. The warden gave Jimmy a railroad ticket.

56. The young lady returned his glance.

57. These nocturnal visits had borne no fruit.

58. They can teach us so many beautiful things.

59. They will pick him up very soon.

60. This knowledge of each other has brought us very close.

61. Training in drawing will develop their powers of observation.

62. We all want the peace of heart.

63. We can create a home for the poor.

64. We have sent words to all the clinics.

65. We picked up four people from the street.

66. We pray this prayer everyday after Holy Communion.

67. What did she do with him?

68. Why did they send you away?

Answers into Passive Voice

1. And Sir Mohan was stuck flat on the face by Jim.

2. Can the sky be touched by us?

3. Are you known to the moon?

4. You are asked/advised not to worry.

5. Man’s knowledge is heightened by education in arts.

6. Beauty to the objects of our daily use is brought by functional art.

7. We are provided with means of livelihood by functional art.

8. Has it been done by you?

9. The ball was covered tightly by him with his fingers.

10. Jimmy’s habits were known to him.

11. His speech was lost (by him).

12. Any sign of eagerness to talk to the English was never shown by him.

13. Hindustani was rarely spoken by him.

14. The Prince of Peace was recognised by him.

15. His tools were taken out by him, one by one.

16. Betel saliva bloated her mouth.

17. The ball was keenly examined by Leela for traces of the moon.

18. How can God be loved by you?

19. The churchyard was crossed by me with a sigh.

20. More rice was not brought by me that evening.

21. He was not consulted by me.

22. My neighbour is not loved by me.

23. She was made supremely happy by his company.

24. A plate of rice, a piece of bread was given to him by me.

25. It has been asked by me to follow us about.

26. A lot of love has been received by me from you all.

27. The spirit of forgiveness may be brought by me.

28. An opportunity is never forgotten by me.

29. A person is picked up by me from the street.

30. Sugar will not be eaten by me for three days.

31. In fact, the decay of its functional arts has been closely followed by our country’s economic decline.

32. We have also been estranged from our past heritage by it.

33. The wood-bird’s folded wing was touched by it.

34. Jimmy’s cleaned, dusted suitcase was being carried by him (Jimmy).

35. Her meal was hurriedly finished off by Lady Lal.

36. A cry of joy was given by Leela.

37. It is not seen by me.

38. Inner delight is certainly provided to man by literature.

39. The world is apprehended by man with his mind and senses.

40. Aesthetic delight is derived by man.

41. The question was not answered by mother.

42. You are asked to come with me now.

43. A long, loud belch was emitted by her.

44. A very simple answer was given by her (to me).

45. A passing railway coolie was hailed by her.

46. The gate was opened by Sidda.

47. The manners and attitudes of the upper classes had been acquired by Sir Mohan.

48. His chest was thrown out by Sir Mohan.

49. A goodbye was waved to the mirror by Sir Mohan.

50. This prayer was composed by St. Francis of Assisi.

51. Sir Mohan Lal’s sang-froid was not disturbed by the arrival of the train.

52. Another short whistle was given by the engine.

53. His haunts are known to the police.

54. The pardon was not handed to him by the warden right away.

55. A railroad ticket was given to Jimmy by the warden.

56. His glance was returned by the young lady.

57. No fruit had been borne by these nocturnal visits.

58. We can be taught so many beautiful things by them.

59. He will be picked up very soon by them.

60. We have been brought very close by this knowledge of each other.

61. Their powers of observation will be developed by training in drawing.

62. The peace of heart is wanted by us all.

63. A home for the poor can be created by us.

64. Words have been sent by us to all the clinics.

65. Four people were picked up from the street by us.

66. This prayer is prayed (by us) everyday after Holy Communion.

67. What was done by her with him?

68. Why were you sent away by them?