Direct and Indirect Speech Examples

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direct speech and indirect speech examples

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Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
“Have you written the letter?”, said Julia. Julia asked whether I had written the letter.
He said, “I am ill.” He said that he was ill.
The boy said, “Do not pester me.” The boy requested me not to pester him.
Nanda said to me, “What do you want?”, Nanda asked me what I wanted.
The little girl said, “Which way should I go?” The little girl asked which way she should go.
The teacher said to the students, “Be selfless.” The teacher advised the students to be selfless.
The poet said, “The invisible worm has found out thy bed.” The poet said that the invisible worm had found out her bed.
Grandmother said to me, “Tell me the story of a ghost.” of Grandmother proposed to me that I should tell her the story of a ghost.
You will say, “I am poor.” You will say that you are poor.
The traveller said, “How far is Chennai from here?” The traveller wanted to know how far Chennai was from there.
“What is in the sky, Sidda?” Leela said. Leela asked Sidda what was in the sky.
The villagers said to the traveller, “Do not enter the forest at night.” The villagers advised the traveller not to enter the forest at night.
The child said to her mother, “I want to touch the moon.” She said that she was sorry.
Shyam will say, “I have done this work.” Shyam will say that he has done this work.
The doctor said to the patient, “Are you feeling ill?” The doctor asked the patient whether he was feeling ill.
“Don’t go near him,” the inspector said, stopping her. The inspector stopped and forbade her to go near him.
The teacher said “The sun rises in the east”. The teacher said that the sun rises in the east.
The officer shouted to his men, “Halt!” The officer ordered his men to halt.
Gobinda said, “I saw this man yesterday.” Gobinda said that he had seen that man the previous day.
Nandalal Bose said, “To get students into an encounter with Nature we should hold seasonal festivals, including displays of the season’s fruits and flowers.” Nandalal Bose said that to get students into an encounter with Nature they should have held seasonal festivals, including displays of the season’s fruits and flowers.
The author said, “Do the workers belong to a tribe?” The author asked whether the workers belonged to a tribe.
He said to me. “When will your examination commence?” He asked me when our examination would commence.
“Don’t open the window,” said Jim. Jim ordered not to open the window.
She commanded, “Now write.” She commanded him to write then.
Father said, “May you prosper in life.” Mother wished that I might live long.
The man said to him, “He works at a farmhouse.” The man told him that he worked at a farmhouse.
The boy said, “I want this book.” The boy said that he wanted that book.
He said, “Long live our leader.” The doctor told the patient that he should be allowed to explain the problem.
Here comes someone running, said the hermit, “let us see who it is.” The hermit said that there came someone running and suggested that they should see who it was.
He said, “I must go.” He said that he would have to go (or, he had to go).
She said, “Are the authorities trying to improve the condition?” She asked if the authorities were trying to improve the condition.
Father said, “Honesty is the best policy.” Father said that honesty is the best policy.
Pam said, “Has he gone?” Pam asked whether he had gone.
“My! Ralph, how heavy it is ?” said Annabel. Addressing Ralph, Annabel exclaimed that it was very heavy.
I said, “May his soul rest in peace.” I wished that his soul might rest in peace.
The parents said, “Why have you beaten the child?” The parents asked why you had beaten the child.
Teacher said, “Explain the laws of gravitation.” Teacher instructed to explain the laws of gravitation.
Natalya said, “Won’t you have some lunch ?” Natalya asked whether he would have some lunch or not.
Rafiq said, “Alas! I am undone!” He wished that their leader might live long.
Carl said, “Who is this?” Carl asked who that was.
“Sorry we could not make it sooner, Jimmy,” said Mike. Mike apologised to Jimmy and said that they could not make it sooner.
The master said to his servant, “Polish my shoes.” The master ordered his servant to polish his (master’s) shoes.
Mother Teresa said to the audience, “We have a tremendous demand from families who have no children.” Mother Teresa told the audience that they had a tremendous demand from families who had no children.
Mother said, “We may be doing social work in the eyes of the people, but we are really contemplatives in the heart of the world.” Mother said that they might be doing social work in the eyes of the people, but they were really contemplatives in the heart of the world.
Father said to me, “Which is the wrong one among these answers?” Father asked me which among those answers was the wrong one.
Rahul said, “I go to school by bus.” Rahul said that he went to school by bus.
The Tsar approached him and said, “For the last time, I pray you to answer my questions, wise man.” The Tsar approached the hermit and addressing him as wise man, requested him for the last time to answer his questions.
The old man said to me, “The war broke out.” The old man told me that the war had broken out.
The teacher said to the boys, “Stand up.” The teacher ordered the boys to stand up.
He says, “The root is to be pulled out.” He says that the root is to be pulled out.
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