Forensic Science Quiz

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Forensic Science Quiz

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Quiz Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from :
(A) Father
(B) Both Father and Mother
(C) Mother
(D) Father and Grandfather

2. Thermal cycler is an instrument that is used in the :
(A) Detection of blood
(B) Amplification of DNA
(C) Detection of semen stains
(D) Separation of plasma from blood

3. Proteins of plant origin which behave like antibodies for blood grouping are termed as :
(A) Agglutinogens
(B) Phytoagglutinins
(C) Antibodies
(D) Antigens

4. What is the minimum pressure required to completely occlude jugular veins ?
(A) 20 kg
(B) 2 kg
(C) 500 grams
(D) 5 kg

5. In shotgun ammunition which type of wads cover more range ?
(A) cushion wad
(B) over shot wad
(C) under shot wad
(D) over powder charge

6. Which is not called the country made firearms among the following :
(A) Home made firearm
(B) Pipe guns
(C) Rifled firearms
(D) Zip guns

7. Assertion (A) : Chocking reduces dispersion of pellets.
Reason (R) : Constriction of barrel at muzzle end occurs in chocking.
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true
(B) Both (A) and (R) are false
(C) (A) is true but (R) is false
(D) (A) is false but (R) is true

8. Among the following techniques which one is not suitable method for detecting the gunshot residue ?
(D) Pyrolysis GC

9. A type of hair that are fine unmedulated and are generally shed after six months of gestation are known as :
(A) Verlus hair
(B) Terminal hair
(C) Lanugo hair
(D) Pili anulati hair

10. The pigment granules that give colour to the hair are :
(A) Melanin pigments principally found in cortex
(B) Carbon granules principally found in cortex
(C) Dark air spaces found in medulla
(D) Melanin pigment principally found in cuticle

11. A condition of human hair that causes the appearance of bonding along the hair shaft due to the presence of numerous small irregular air spaces situated at intervals in the cortex is :
(A) Pili annulate
(B) Monilethrix
(C) Trichorrchexis invaginate
(D) Trichonodosis

12. Sex can be established by examining hair root cells for the presence of :
(A) Barr body
(B) Davidson body
(C) Golgi body
(D) Medular Index

13. The following are red cell enzymes except for :
(A) Phosphoglucomutase
(B) Adrylate kinase
(C) Haptoglobin
(D) Peroxidase

14. Nuclear DNA can usually be found in :
(A) Shed hair
(B) Pulled hair
(C) Cut hair
(D) Singed hair

15. The first step in the forensic examination of fibers for comparison is :
(A) Colour only
(B) Diameter only
(C) Chemical constitution
(D) Both colour and diameter

16. Spermine is detected in semen by which test ?
(A) Fluorescence test
(B) ELISA test
(C) Barberio test
(D) Agglutination inhibition test

17. A petroleum product having a lower carbon limit of C1 and an upper carbon limit of C4 is known as :
(A) Aviation fuel
(B) Gasoline
(C) Lubricating oil
(D) Refinery gas

18. Corrosiveness of gasoline is caused due to the presence of :
(A) Sulfur
(B) Water
(C) Chloride
(D) Lead

19. The terminal ballistics is concerned with :
(A) the destructive effect on the target
(B) the damage suffered by the projectile
(C) the angle of incidence at which the projectile hits
(D) the determination of the terminal or remaining velocity of the projectile

20. ‘‘DRUGFIRE’’ system is associated with :
(A) Database of firing pin and primer impression on spent cartridges
(B) Recovery of cartridge and bullet
(C) Capture and rapidly compare bullet stria
(D) Searching of bullets or cartridges using the same computer system

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21. Double base smokeless powder contains :
(A) Potassium chlorate and arsenic sulphide
(B) Nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine
(C) Nitrocellulose and potassium chlorate
(D) Nitroglycerine and potassium chloride

22. Which of the following are not useful for DNA analysis ?
(A) Vaginal cells
(B) Buccal mucosal cells
(C) Spermatozoa
(D) Erythrocytes

23. PAN test is related to :
(A) Urine
(B) Saliva
(C) Semen
(D) Bile

24. Hyoscine is an ester of an organic acid known as ‘‘tropic acid’’ with a complex organic base called :
(A) Atropine
(B) Oxime
(C) Tropine
(D) Scopine

25. With cyanogen bromide, nicotine gives………………colour.
(A) Orange
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) Black

26. The half life of chlorpyrifos is approximately :
(A) 12 hrs
(B) 24 hrs
(C) 48 hrs
(D) 72 hrs

27. Blood doping including the use of autologous, homologous or heterologous blood or red blood cell products of any origin falls under :
(A) Enhancement of oxygen transfer
(B) Chemical and physical manipulation
(C) Gean doping
(D) Anabolic doping

28. Dying declaration comes under :
(A) Section 32 IPC
(B) Section 32 IEA
(C) Section 60 IEA
(D) Section 293 CrPC

29. Grievous injury is punishable under which of the following sections of IPC ?
(A) Sec. 354
(B) Sec. 320
(C) Sec. 321
(D) Sec. 402

30. Frye standard or ‘‘General Acceptance’’ test comes into force in the year :
(A) 1953
(B) 1973
(C) 1993
(D) 1923

31. Certain repetitive pattern of a criminal’s way of Committing crime is called as :
(A) Signature crime
(B) Modus-operandi
(C) Probability crime
(D) Corpus-delicti

32. The power of amnesty for Capital Punishment is vested with :
(A) Supreme Court
(B) High Court
(C) The Governor
(D) The President

33. What is a secondary crime scene ?
(A) Place where actually crime has taken place
(B) Place of conspiracy
(C) Meeting place before crime
(D) Site where subsequent criminal activity take place

34. Which of the undermentioned factors causes non-linearity of Boer-Lambert law at high concentration ?
(A) Dissociation of analytes in solution
(B) Analyte turning to be fluorescence in nature
(C) Electrostatic interaction between species reducing absorption
(D) Reaction between analyte and the solvent

35. In capillary electrophoresis we measure the……………of analyte.
(A) Retention time
(B) Migration time
(C) Electrophoretic time
(D) Anodic time

36. In a gas chromatograph :
(i) FID uses an oxygen rich flame
(ii) FPD uses a hydrogen rich flame
(A) (i) is correct (ii) is wrong
(B) (i) is wrong (ii) is correct
(C) (i) and (ii) both are correct
(D) (i) and (ii) both are wrong

37. Capillary electrophoresis is an example of HVE where the applied voltage is not more than :
(A) 10 kV
(B) 15 kV
(C) 30 kV
(D) 60 kV

38. Potassium ferricyanide reagents is used for the detection of which compound of urine ?
(A) Creatinine
(B) Ammonia
(C) Urea

39. Munsell chart is used to study :
(A) Density of soil
(B) Refractive index of soil
(C) Particle size of soil
(D) Colour of soil

40. Which of the following statements is not true ?
(A) Better indirect physical match would be obtained more easily with larger piece of wood
(B) In indirect physical match, even if one or both of the fracture surfaces had been damaged, surface markings and surface contours will be relied upon
(C) In an indirect physical match, if an exact fit were obtained, it would be documented photographically.
(D) Indirect physical match can be achieved even if external dimensions do not match.

41. Direct physical fit or Jigsaw fit can’t be attained unless article has been :
(A) Broken into pieces
(B) Torn into pieces
(C) Cut into pieces
(D) Not separated into pieces

42. In which of the following bones does the ossification centre appear first ?
(A) Talus
(B) Pisiform
(C) Trapezoid
(D) Cuboid

43. Which of the following statements is not correct in relation to estimation of stature from long bones using regression formulae ?
(A) Most recently developed formulae should be used
(B) The bone should be measured as prescribed by the author of a formula
(C) The regression formulae are different for males and females
(D) We should mix formulae developed by different authors

44. Which of the following sutures of skull closes the last ?
(A) Metopic suture
(B) Sagittal suture
(C) Squamous suture
(D) Coronal suture

45. Internal epicanthic fold is most frequently found on the eyes among the :
(A) Mongoloids
(B) Negroids
(C) Caucasoids
(D) Negroids as well as caucasoids

46. Which of the following is not a part of Gustafson’s technique of age estimation from individual teeth ?
(A) Taurodontism
(B) Attrition
(C) Root transparency
(D) Secondary dentine apposition

47. Ted Bundy, an American serial killer, was convicted on the basis of which type of forensic evidence ?
(A) Latent fingerprints
(B) DNA profile
(C) Bite marks
(D) Blood evidence

48. A properly certified photocopy is admissible in court only :
(A) If the original is lost, stolen or destroyed and not available
(B) The public prosecutor vouches safe its authenticity
(C) The judge has seen the original before
(D) If the person tenders the copy on oath

49. Pica type is :
(A) Twelve characters to the inch
(B) Rarely encountered in India
(C) The same height as elite
(D) Ten characters to the inch

50. Anonymous letter is :
(A) An unsigned letter
(B) Contains no obvious clue to the identity of the writer
(C) City is unknown from where it has come from
(D) Written by illiterate person