Agriculture Engineering Old Question Papers

1. Unit hydrograph method is not suitable for the estimation of surface runoff from a watershed area of
(1) < 25 km2and > 5000 km2
(2) < 25 ha and > 5000 ha
(3) < 25 acre and > 5000 acre
(4) < 15km2and > 10,000 km2

2. The intensity of moderate rainfall is
(1) 2.5 cm to 7.5 cm/hr
(2) 2.5 mm to 7.5 cm/hr
(3) 7.5 mm to 10 cm/hr
(4) 7.5 cm to 10 cm/hr

3. ___________ is the most successful method for controlling the stream bank erosion, when the stream takes a sharp bend and bed scour is not deep.
(1) Brushwood edging
(2) Brushwood rollers
(3) Stone revetment
(4) None of the above

4. As per IMD norms, in plain area raingauge station is necessary for an area of
(1) 250 km2
(2) 450 km2
(3) 520 km2
(4) 1200km2

5. The kinetic energy of raindrop depends on
(1) Drop size
(2) Rainfall intensity
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(4) None of the above

6. Chute spillways are located at the drop height of
(1) 1 to 2 m
(2) 0.5 to 1m
(3) 5 to 6 m
(4) All of the above

7. USLE is
(1) An empirical equation
(2) A theoretical equation
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(4) None of the above

8. Broad-base terraces are made on lands upto __________ percent land grade only.
(1) 10
(2) 15
(3) 20
(4) 22

9. Which of the following terms is not related to basin shape?
(1) Form factor
(2) Circulatory ratio
(3) Elongation ratio
(4) Drainage density

10. For estimating erosivity from rainfall data ___________ method/s is/are used.
(1) EI 30 index method
(2) KE > 25 index method
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(4) Rational

11. In the process of sedimentation, which types of particles are transported by bed load?
(1) Silt, clay and sand
(2) Only clay
(3) Only silt
(4) Sand, gravel and rock particles

12. For design of grassed waterways the value of roughness coefficient ‘n’ is usually taken as
(1) 0.04
(2) 0.02
(3) 0.08
(4) All of the above

13. The National Watershed Development Project for Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) was initiated in
(1) 1973-74
(2) 1977-78
(3) 1986-87
(4) 1983-84

14. The hydrostatic law states that the rate of increase of fluid pressure in a vertically downward direction is equal to __________ at that point.
(1) Density of the fluid
(2) Specific weight of the fluid
(3) Weight of the fluid
(4) Volume of the fluid

15. Hydraulic gradient line is the line which gives the sum of _________ of a flowing fluid in a pipe.
a. Pressure head
b. Velocity head
c. Datum or elevation head
Answer Options:
(1) Only a and b
(2) Only a and c
(3) Only b and c
(4) All of the above

16. The required condition for a trapezoidal section of open channel to be most economical is
a. Bottom width must be equal to depth of flow
b. Half of the top width must be equal to one of the sloping sides of the channel
c. Hydraulic mean depth must be equal to half the depth of flow
Answer Options:
(1) Only a and b
(2) Only a and c
(3) Only b and c
(4) All of the above

17. Which one of the following discharge measuring devices operates efficiently on very small drop in head?
(1) V-notch
(2) H-flume
(3) Cut-throat flume
(4) Parshall flume

18. The parallelism of advance and recession curves denote
(1) Less depth of application of water along the length of furrow
(2) Uniform distribution of water throughout the length of the border
(3) Appropriate design of check basin
(4) None of the above

19. The critical parameter(s) related to clogging susceptibility of drippers is/are
(1) Site of the flow passage
(2) Velocity of water through the flow passage
(3) Both (1) and (2)
(4) None of the above

20. The drainage water intercepting the canal can be disposed of
a. By passing the canal over the drainage
b. By passing the canal below the drainage
c. By passing the drain through the canal
d. By aligning the canal parallel to the drain
Answer Options:
(1) All of the above
(2) Only a, b and c
(3) Only a and b
(4) Only a

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21. In gridiron type of composite pipe drain systems and patterns,
a. Laterals are perpendicular to the collector
b. Laterals enter the collector at a sharp angle
Anmer Options:
(1) Only a
(2) Only b
(3) Both a and b
(4) None of the above

22. Drawdown at any instant is the difference between
(1) Static water level and ground level
(2) Pumping water level and ground level
(3) Pumping water level and impermeable level
(4) Static water level and pumping water level

23. A permeable bed, only partly filled with water and overlying a relatively impervious layer is called
(1) Semi-confined aquifer
(2) Confined aquifer
(3) Unconfined aquifer
(4) Artesian aquifer

24. Tractor drawn scraper
a. Scoops the soil and dumps the soil
b. Cuts to grade, hauls the load and spreads the soil
c. Digs the soil and throws away
Answer Options:
(1) Only a
(2) Only c
(3) Only b
(4) All of the above

25. Which one of the following structures is not cross drainage work constructed on canal system?
(1) Cantilever skimming platform
(2) Level crossing
(3) Super passages
(4) Syphon

26. Labour peaks in transplanting of paddy can be managed by
a. Increasing the working hours
b. Extending the time period of operations
c. Adjusting the cropping pattern
d. Mechanizing the operations
e. Decreasing the intensity of some operations
Answer Options:
(1) All are correct
(2) All are incorrect
(3) Only a, b and c are correct
(4) No relevance to labour peaks

27. In an ideal Otto cycle, the adiabatic process of compression is followed by
(1) Constant pressure heat addition
(2) Constant volume heat addition
(3) Constant pressure heat rejection
(4) Constant volume heat rejection

28. Valve timing for opening and closing in IC engines is
(1) Advanced and delayed with increase in the engine speed
(2) Delayed and advanced with decrease in the engine speed
(3) Always at same time as top dead centre and bottom dead centre position of piston
(4) Same for slow speed and high speed engines

29. a. Power brakes are generally used on large size tractors
b. Brakes must give positive control when the pedals are pressed.
c. Air bubbles in the hydraulic line would indicate soft braking action.
Answer Options:
(1) Only a and b are correct
(2) Only a and c are correct
(3) All are correct
(4) All are incorrect

30. If number of teeth on the driven gear are doubled without changing number of teeth on the driver gear, what will be the new speed ratio if the original speed ratio is 2: 1?
(1) 4: 1
(2) 1:4
(3) 1: 2
(4) 1: 1

31. a. In wet land for paddy cultivation shoes have more flat sections.
b. For general ploughing in dry lands shoes are of triangular cross-section.
c. Working angle of share to ground varies from 40° to 50°.
Answer Options:
(1) c is incorrect
(2) All are incorrect
(3) All are correct
(4) a is incorrect

32. This machine consist of a conventional cutter bar assembly, crop row dividers with star wheels, covers, pressure springs and vertical conveyor belts.
(1) Power tiller
(2) Mower
(3) Thresher
(4) Reaper windrower

33. The function of governor in the tractor engine is to
a. Increase the speed of engine under increased load condition.
b. Decrease the speed of engine when load decreases.
c. Regulate the fuel supply.
d. Increase the speed of engine when load decreases.
Answer Options:
(1) Only a and b
(2) Only a and c
(3) Only a, b and c
(4) Only c and d

34. This type of cell plate is widely used for maize planting and in this plate risk of crushing unevenly sized seed is greater.
(1) Horizontal plate
(2) Vertical plate
(3) Inclined plate
(4) Cup type

35. This type of duster is more conventional to operate in tall crop like sugarcane as it does not get entangle in plants during dusting.
(1) Knapsack type
(2) Plunger type
(3) Belly type
(4) Rotary type
36. Which of the following things are true for hydraulic brake system?
a. Force required to apply brake is less than mechanical brake.
b. Brake fluid used is caster oil and denatured alcohol.
c. Brake fluid used is glycerine and alcohol.
d. Force is transmitted to all wheels in equal magnitude.
Answer Options:
(1) Only a, b and d
(2) Only a, b and c
(3) Only a and d
(4) All of the above

37. The angle at which the plane of the cutting edge of disc is inclined to vertical line is called
(1) Tilt angle
(2) Disc angle
(3) Gang angle
(4) Caster angle

38. It is also called valve lifter, it raises or lowers the valves and receives motion from the cams, mounted on the camshaft.
(1) Push rod
(2) Rocker arm
(3) Tappet
(4) All of the above

39. Field efficiency of any machine is the function of
a. Width of machine
b. Depth of operation
c. Speed of operation
d. Shape of field
Answer Options:
(1) Only a and b
(2) Only a, b and c
(3) Only a, c and d
(4) All of the above

40. Cell fill is affected by
(1) Seed size
(2) Cell size
(3) Cell speed
(4) All of the above

41. The energy of the engine is converted into heat by a set of rotating cups, turning next to a set of stationary vanes in
(1) Hydraulic dynamometer
(2) Electrical dynamometer
(3) Spring dynamometer
(4) Prony brake dynamometer

42. In seed drill calibration, following parameters are determined and adjusted
a. Seed rate
b. Uniformity of seed delivery from different furrow openers
c. Uniformity of seed delivery from same furrow opener
d. Depth of seed placement
Answer Options:
(1) Only a
(2) Only a and b
(3) Only a, b and c
(4) All of the above

43. The nozzle used for chemical spraying of weedicides is
(1) Hollow cone nozzle
(2) Flat fan nozzle
(3) Solid cone nozzle
(4) Flooding nozzle

44. In this system, the frequency of explosions of engine are regulated and is mostly used on gas engines.
(1) Throttle system
(2) Hit and miss system
(3) Hydraulic governor
(4) Centrifugal governor

45. During suction spoke the pressure inside the engine cylinder is
(1) Below the atmospheric pressure
(2) Equal to the atmospheric pressure
(3) Above the atmospheric pressure
(4) None of the above

46. Complete the following sentence meaningfully.
The pressure or head developed by a given centrifugal pump in a sprayer at a particular speed is a function of
(1) Pump capacity
(2) Total head
(3) Spray volume
(4) Discharge rate

47. At what temperature standard thermostat valves are designed to fully open?
(1) 70°C
(2) 75°C
(3) 85°C
(4) 82°C

48. How much is the air compressed in a compression stroke of 4 stroke diesel engine?
(1) 1/6th of engine volume
(2) 1/5 of engine volume
(3) 1/10 of engine volume
(4) 1/12 of engine volume

49. Where are the centrifugal governors very common?
(1) carburator engine
(2) stationary engine
(3) gas engine
(4) both (1) and (2) above

50. What type of furrow openers are widely used in seed drills?
(1) Shovel
(2) Shoe
(3) single disc
(4) double disc