Agriculture Engineering Model Question Papers

1. In __________ drying, removal of moisture is same as the rate of evaporation from a free liquid surface.
(1) Constant rate period
(2) First falling rate period
(3) Second falling rate period
(4) All of the above

2. Vegetable seeds having high initial moisture content and lighter in weight are efficiently dried in a
(1) Solar dryer
(2) Deep bed dryer
(3) Flat bed dryer
(4) Fluidized bed dryer

3. __________ is moisture content by a substance which exerts equilibrium vapour pressure equal to that of pure liquid at the same temperature.
(1) Bound moisture
(2) Unbound moisture
(3) Free moisture
(4) Critical moisture

4. Sensible heating or cooling process of air vapour mixture on psychrometric chart is represented by
(1) Horizontal line
(2) Vertical line
(3) Inclined line
(4) None of the above

5. The moisture content at which the drying rate ceases to the constant and falling drying rate starts is called
(1) Initial moisture content
(2) Final moisture content
(3) Equilibrium moisture content
(4) Critical moisture content

6. In pneumatic conveying,
(1) Wide range of material cannot be handled.
(2) It does not require high power.
(3) The system is not self-cleaning.
(4) The conveying path can be changed easily.

7. Centrifugal! discharge is used extensively for handling small grains in
(1) Belt conveyor
(2) Chain conveyor
(3) Screw conveyor
(4) Bucket elevator

8. In spiral separator, round shaped grains are collected at
(1) Inner spirals
(2) Outer spirals
(3) Intermediate spirals
(4) None of the above

9. The specific gravity of skim milk is
(1) Lower than whole milk
(2) Same as whole milk
(3) Higher than whole milk
(4) Same as water

10. ____________ assumed that energy required in size reduction is proportional to new surfaces created.
(1) Kick
(2) Rittinger
(3) Bond
(4) Fick

11. The paddy dehusking (sheller) machine has two rubber rolls that rotate with
(1) Identical] speed in same direction
(2) Identical speed in opposite direction
(3) Differential speed in same direction
(4) Differential speed in opposite direction

12. Tripple point of water occurs at
(1) 0-0098°C and 0-64 kPa
(2) 0-0098°C and 64 kPa
(3) 0-98°C and 0-64 kPa
(4) 0-98°C and 64 kPa

13. In deep bed dryers, the drying takes place in a drying zone and the layer of grains is more than _________cm.
(1) 20
(2) 10
(3) 15
(4) None of the above

14. ___________ is the process of moving air through stored grain at low flow rates to maintain or improve its quality.
(1) Fumigation
(2) Emulsification
(3) Drying
(4) Aeration

15. The method of using the heat of pasteurized milk to warm up cold incoming milk is known as
(1) Heating
(2) Blanching
(3) Homogenization
(4) Regeneration

16. The moisture migration into or from a product is dependent on the difference of ____________ between atmosphere and product.
(1) Vapour pressure
(2) Absolute pressure
(3) Absolute temperature
(4) None of the above

17. _______________ type storage structures are cylindrical in shape and made by mud alone or by mud and bamboo.
(1) Morai
(2) Bukhari
(3) CAP
(4) None of the above

18. High Temperature Short Time (HTST) pasteurization occurs at
(1) 71-7°C temperature for 15 seconds
(2) 71-7°C temperature for 15 mimutes
(3) 71-7°C temperature for 30 minutes
(4) 71-7°C temperature for 30 seconds

19. During fruit juice concentration by evaporation steam economy can be improved by _____________ system.
(1) Single effect
(2) Multiple effect
(3) Vacuum
(4) None of the above

20. SI engines (petrol) develop ___________ of rated power, CI engines (diesel) develop __________ of rated power on biogas.
(1) 85%, 100%
(2) 100%, 85%
(3) 85%, 85%
(4) 100%, 100%

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21. Biogas plant delivers a gas which contains mainly
(1) Methane
(2) Carbon-dioxide
(3) Methane plus carbon-dioxide mixture
(4) None of the above

22. The blade tip velocity of a horizontal! axis wind turbine is dependent on
(1) Type of wind turbine
(2) The diameter of wind turbine propeller at blade tips
(3) Blade pitch angle
(4) All the above parameters mentioned in (1), (2) and (3)

23. The following is/are indirect method(s) of solar energy utilization:
(1) Wind energy
(2) Biomass energy
(3) Wave energy
(4) All of the above

24. Nearly all electrical energy generated
a. Utilizes steam or hydraulic energy.
b. Can be generated at high voltages and transformed to the voltages required for utilization.
c. This type of current flows first in one direction and then in the opposite direction periodically.
d. All these statements are specifically true about
(1) D.C.
(2) A.C.
(3) Both D.C. and A.C.
(4) None of the above

25. In solar water pumping system, photovoltaic module can be installed on a fixed array or on a sun tracking system. In this context, following statements are made:
a. Sun tracking system allows extraction of maximum power produced by PV array.
b. Fixed PV arrays are cheaper than sun tracking system.
c. Sun tracking system requires less maintenance.
Out of the above, following statement(s) is/are true.
(1) Only a and
(2) Only b and e
(3) Only a and c
(4) a, b and c

26. The calorific value of bio-gas ranges from
(1) 1600 to 2500 kJ/m3
(2) 3600 to 5500 kJ/m3
(3) 16,000 to 25,000 kJ/m3
(4) 75,000 to 90,000 kJ/m3

27. Flat plate collectors are used for heating
(1) Solid
(2) Liquid
(3) Solid and liquid
(4) None of the above

28. The following statements are considered regarding bio-gas plant:
a. Bio-gas is a mixture of methane, carbon-dioxide and nitrogen oxide.
b. The digestor of bio-gas plant is normally above ground level.
c. The dome serves as a gas holder.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?
(1) Only a and b
(2) Only b
(3) Only b and c
(4) Only c

29. Which of the following losses in the 3-phase induction motor of a motor-pump set vary proportional to the square of the motor current i.e. proportional to I2?
(1) Core losses
(2) Copper losses
(3) Mechanical losses
(4) All the above losses mentioned in (1), (2) and (3)

30. What should be the minimum total area of window opening as compared to floor area of the room?
(1) 10%
(2) 20%
(3) 15%
(4) 40%

31. The minimum width for doors in public buildings such as hospitals, library etc. is kept as
(1) 1 m
(2) 0.8m
(3) 1.2m
(4) 1.5m

32. Which of the following fencing is not very effective against the goats and rabbits and also cannot be used for poultry?
(1) Electric fencing
(2) Barbed wire fencing
(3) Plain wire fencing
(4) None of the above

33. Unit cost per square feet of any construction work is
(1) The total actual cost of completed structure divided by the floor area based on outside dimensions.
(2) The total actual cost of completed structure multiplied by the floor area based on outside dimensions.
(3) The total actual cost of completed structure plus the floor area based on outside dimensions.
(4) None of the above

34. The most popular covering material replacement for glass in case of greenhouse is
(1) FRP
(2) Acrylic
(3) Polyethylene
(4) None of the above

35. The capacity of diversion channel should be estimated based on peak runoff for _________ years recurrence interval.
(1) 5
(2) 10
(3) 15
(4) 20

36. In case of grassed waterway, velocity of flow does not exceed
(1) 3-2m/s
(2) 1.0m/s
(3) 1.8 m/s
(4) 4.0 m/s

37. For a watershed having 5% land slope and 15 m horizontal interval, the vertical interval will be
(1) 0-50 m
(2) 0.75m
(3) 1.00m
(4) 1.25m

38. The length of contour bund per ha having horizontal interval 25 m is
(1) 400m
(2) 500m
(3) 1000m
(4) 200m

39. The consistency of rainfall is determined by
(1) Mass-curve
(2) Hyetograph
(3) Flow-duration curve
(4) Double-mass curve

40. The nature of hydrograph depends on the characteristics of
(1) Rainfall and watershed
(2) Rainfall only
(3) Watershed only
(4) None of the above

41. The assumptions of unit hydrograph are
(1) Linear response and time invariant
(2) Non-linear response of time
(3) Non-linear time variance only
(4) None of the above

42. Snyder’s method is used to derive the
(1) Unit hydrograph
(2) Synthetic unit hydrograph
(3) Dimensionless unit hydrograph
(4) Distribution graph

43. In the land capability Class I type soils, the slope of land is _________%.
(1) 3 to 5
(2) 5 to 8
(3) 8 to 12
(4) 0 to 1

44. Which of the following is not sediment load?
(1) Bed load
(2) Siltation load
(3) Saltation load
(4) Suspended load

45. The K-factor in USLE is measured on unit plot of size
(1) 22m long with 9% slope
(2) 44m long with 12% slope
(3) 50m long with 15% slope
(4) 60 m long with 20% slope

46. ____________ type of gullies are generally found in the alluvial plains, where surface and sub-surface soils are easily erodible.
(1) U-shaped
(2) V-shaped
(3) L-shaped
(4) W-shaped

47. Nash model is associated to
(1) IUH
(2) SUHG
(3) Distribution HHG
(4) All of the above

48. _________ is the material bouncing along the bed or moving directly or indirectly by the impact of bouncing particles with each other.
(1) Contact load
(2) Saltation load
(3) Suspended load
(4) Bed load

49. ______________ of the watershed represents the yield of sediment rate from the entire watershed area.
(1) The outlet
(2) The Ridge line
(3) The high elevation point
(4) None of the above

50. The sediment sampler should be kept in ___________ position from the stream bed.
(1) Horizontal
(2) Vertical
(3) Parallel
(4) None of the above