Agriculture Quiz

1. The market in which there are few buyers, is termed as-
A) Monopsony market
B) Oligopoly market
C) Monopolistic market
D) Oligopsony market

2. Who is the present Ex- Officio chairman of NITI Aayog?
A) Amitab Kant
B) Narendra Modi
C) Rajiv Kumar
D) Dinesh Arora

3. In serving total agricultural credit contribution from different banks in decreasing order is-
A) Rural banks, Co-operative banks, Commercial banks, Private sector banks.
B) Commercial banks, Rural banks, Co-operative banks, Private sector banks.
C) Commercial banks, Co-operative banks, Rural banks, Private sector banks.
D) Co-operative banks, Rural banks, Commercial banks, Private sector banks.

4. Under distress sale, what is the relationship between marketed and marketable surpluses for a farmer?
A) Marketed surplus=0
B) Marketed surplus = Marketable surplus
C) Marketed surplus > Marketable surplus
D) Marketed surplus < Marketable surplus

5. The point of inflexion in classical production function lies at a point where
A) Marginal Physical Product (MPP) is maximum
B) Average Physical Product (APP) is maximum
D) MPP = 0

6. Which one of the following is the objective of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices (CACP)?
A) To stabilize agricultural prices
B) To ensure meaningful real income levels to the farmers
C) To protect the interest of the consumers by providing essential agricultural commodities at reasonable rate through PDS
D) All of these

7. Pradhan Mantri fasal Bima Yogana (PMFBY) was launched in-
A) 2015
B) 2016
C) 2017
D) 2018

8. The National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) was launched by ICAR, New Delhi through the support of-
A) World Bank
B) Govt of India
C) World Bank and Government of India
D) Government of India and State Govt.

9. The first Krishi Vigyan Kendra, on pilot basis, was established in India at Pondicherry in the year
A) 1966
B) 1970
C) 1974
D) 1978

10. In which year, programme on training of rural youth (BPL farmers) for self employment aimed at providing technical and entrepreneurial skill has been commenced?
A) 1979
B) 1990
C) 2013
D) 2017

11. Paramparagat Kirshi Vikas Yogana was started in India in the year-
A) 2013
B) 2015
C) 2017
D) 2018

12. A continuous and cooperative activity, involving the local farmers and extension staff in which objective of the work are set forth and action planned is known as
A) Programming
B) Planning
C) Programme planning
D) Programme planning process

13. Need based and skill oriented vocational training to field staff and to practising farmers is being undertaken in the system of
A) Krishi Vigyan Kendra
B) National Demonstration
C) Lab to Land Programme
D) Jawahar Rozgar Yojana

14. Agricultural clinic is helpful to farmer for –
A) Testing soil sample
B) Testing irrigation water quality
C) Testing seed viability
D) Providing specialized guidance in writing

15. Visual aid for transfer of technology includes:
A) Audio teleconference
B) e – mail
C) Cultural programme
D) All of these

16. Extension Education is related where
A) Audience is more or less homogeneous
B) Teaching is mainly vertical and curriculum centred
C) Teaching is mainly horizontal and need based
D) Pre- planned and pre- decided

17. Method demonstration does not include-
A) Seed treatment with rhizobium culture
B) Use of improved variety seed
C) Taking soil sample for its testing
D) Budding in fruit plants

18. The three characteristics of extension are –
A) Teaching- Informal- Flexible
B) Teaching – Formal- Voluntary
C) Teaching- Curriculum based- Compulsory
D) Teaching- Cooperation- Formal

19. The major difference between the innovation decision process and the diffusion process is that-
A) Innovation decision making takes place within the mind of an individual.
B) Innovation decision- making takes place with a group.
C) Innovation decision is adopted after rejection.
D) Innovation decision is a collection of learning experience.

20. National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources is located at-
A) New Delhi
B) Anand
C) Lucknow
D) Karnal

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21. Care of new born calf should include:
A) Colostrum feeding within one hour of birth
B) Dehorning and disbudding within 24 hours of birth
C) Noves cord cutting very close to ligature
D) All of these

22. Gaddi is a breed of –
A) Sheep
B) Swine
C) Goat
D) Buffalo

23. Frozen semen is being stored at-
A) -169°C
B) -171°C
C) -196°C
D) -206°C

24. The breed evolved by crossing of Murrh and Surti breed of buffalo is-
A) Nili Ravi
B) Jafarabadi
C) Mahsana
D) Nagpuri

25. Gumbora is a disease of which animal?
A) Chicken
B) Cow
C) Goat
D) Sheep

26. FMD (Food and mouth) disease of cattle is a
A) Fungal Disease
B) Viral Disease
C) Protozoan Disease
D) Bacterial Disease

27. Ranikhet is a ____________ disease?
A) Viral
B) Bacterial
C) Fingal
D) Nematodal

28. Which of the following is not a draught purpose bread of a cow?
A) Nagauri
B) Malvi
C) Amrit Mahal
D) Rathi

29. Which of the following breed of buffalo has the highest fat percentage?
A) Murrah
B) Bhadawari
C) Surti
D) Jaffarabadi

30. Protein content in mustard cake is about-
A) 20%
B) 35%
C) 8%
D) 55%

31. ______ is the best method of milking.
A) Fisting
B) Knuckling
C) Stripping
D) Knuckling and Stripping

32. The carburettor is main part of Engine-
A) Diesel Engine
B) Steam Engine
C) Petrol Engine
D) Gas Engine

33. Which weir is used to measure high discharge?
A) Rectangular weir
B) Trapezoidal weir
C) Triangular weir
D) None of these

34. Water can be measured on volume basis if it is………….
A) At rest
B) In motion
C) At rest and in motion
D) None of these

35. Open impeller is made by?
A) Mild steel
B) Cast iron
C) Forged steel
D) Stainless steel

36. Which type of nozzle is most commonly used for herbicide application?
A) Flood jet
B) Flat fan
C) Solid cone
D) Centrifugal type

37. Which of the following machine is not good for zero- till planting of crop under surface residue condition?
A) Turbo happy seeder
B) Rotary disc drill
C) Double disc drill
D) Tyne opener zero till drill

38. Drainage of 1 ha cm in 24 hours equals drainage of-
A) 1.157 lps
B) 0.117 lps
C) 2.7 lps
D) 2 lps

39. The ratio between area of crop irrigated and quantity of water applied crop is termed as?
A) Duty
B) Delta
C) Base period
D) Irrigation quotient

40. The wind velocity is measured by
A) Current meter
B) Hydrometer
C) Anemometer
D) None of these

41. Which harrow is also called “bakhar”
A) Disc harrow
B) Spike tooth harrow
C) Spring tooth
D) Blade harrow

42. The value of variable which occurs most frequently is called as-
A) Mean
B) Mode
C) Median
D) Weighted Mean

43. Variance is-
A) The square root of variation of values
B) The coefficient of variation of values
C) The reciprocal of mean of standard deviation
D) The square of standard deviation

44. The average of the absolute deviations taken from central value is called as
A) Mean deviation
B) Standard deviation
C) Coefficient of variation
D) Range

45. When value of one variable changes while other variable remains constant, it is known as
A) Negative correlation
B) Direct correction
C) Positive correction
D) Independent

46. If Q1 = 5, Q2 = 10 and Q3 = 20, the quartile deviation will be
A) 15
B) 25
C) 7.5
D) 30

47. Which of the following would you regard as discrete variable
A) Height
B) Time
C) Wages paid to workers
D) Number of children in a family

48. The mean of 20 observations is 25. What will be the mean of new set of observation, if 3 is added to each observation.
A) 26
B) 28
C) 30
D) 32

49. The coefficient of correlation between X and Y is 0.6, their covariance is 4.8. The variance of X is 9. Then the standard deviation of Y is –
A) 4.8/3*0.6
B) 0.6/4.8*3
C) 4.8*0.6/3
D) 4.8/9*0.6

50. In storage major pest of rice is
A) Cercyra Cepnolenica
B) Tribolium castaneum
C) Callosobruhus sp
D) Systole albipennis

51. Pectinophora gossypilla is a pest of-
A) Cumin
B) Brinjal
C) Cotton
D) Spinach

52. Heterorhabditis sp. is used for control of
A) Rice stem bore
B) Pea leaf miner
C) White grub
D) Coriander aphid

53. Diamond back moth is a pest of
A) Cotton
B) Cabbage
C) Rice
D) Soybean

54. Melanagromyza obtusa is a pest of
A) Red gram
B) Tomato
C) Potato
D) Mustard

55. Trichogramma chilonis parasitoid used for the control of
A) Bollworm of cotton
B) White fly
C) Aphid
D) Thrips

56. Basillus thuringiensis is used for the control of
A) Diamond backmoth
B) Fruit sucking moth
C) Thrips
D) Aphids

57. Yellow and Witches broom symptoms caused by
A) Viroid
B) Fungus
C) Phytoplasma
D) Bacteria

58. Rice tungro disease is caused by
A) A mixture of spherical and flexous viruses.
B) A bacilliform virus alone.
C) A mixture of bacilliform and flexous virus.
D) A mixture of spherical and bacilliform virus.

59. An example of autoecious rust is
A) Stem rust of wheat
B) Bajra rust
C) Apple rust
D) Linseed rust

60. Aflatoxins are produced by
A) Alternaria burnsii
B) Fusarium graminearum
C) Cladosporium spp.
D) Aspergillus flaxus

61. Sclerotia are formed in which fungus
A) Pythium
B) Claviceps
C) Physoderma
D) Rhizopus

62. Which fungicide is used for control of downy mildew.
A) Karathane
B) Ridomil MZ
C) Thiram
D) Captan