General Intelligence Sample Question Papers

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General Intelligence Sample Question Papers

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Sample Question Papers on General Intelligence

Directions- Find the missing numbers.

1. 18, 21, 24, 27 …….
(A) 32
(B) 30
(C) 31
(D) 29

2. 3, 9, 27, 81 …..
(A) 243
(B) 324
(C) 342
(D) 432

3. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 …
(A) 35
(B) 36
(C) 38
(D) 34

4. 216, 221, 231, 246, 266…….
(A) 289
(B) 271
(C) 281
(D) 291

5. 2,5, 10, 17……
(A) 21
(B) 26
(C) 27
(D) 29

Directions- Read the following sentences carefully and then answers the following 5(five) questions.
There are five cars for sale.
Maruti is cheaper than Tata but costlier than Daewoo.
Suzuki is the costliest.
Hyundai is cheaper than Tata but costlier than Maruti.

6. Which car is the cheapest?
(A) Maruti
(B) Daewoo
(C) Suzuki
(D) Hyundai

7. If the cars are arranged in order of their prices, which car would be in the middle?
(A) Daewoo
(B) Suzuki
(C) Maruti
(D) Hyundai

8. If they put in order of increasing prices which car will be second?
(A) Hyundai
(B) Maruti
(C) Tata
(D) Suzuki

9. Which is the second costliest car?
(A) Suzuki
(B) Tata
(C) Hyundai
(D) Maruti

10. Which car is costlier than Hyundai but cheaper than Suzuki?
(A) Maruti
(B) Suzuki
(C) Tata
(D) Daewoo

Directions- Read the following sentences carefully and then answers the following five questions.
There are Four friends-
Radhey, Venky, Kumar and Nandi
Radhey and Venky play football
Radhey studies commerce.
Nandi is a boxer.
Both the football players study Mathematics.
One of the friends is a cricketer and studies Chemistry and Biology.
One football player also studies Physics.
The boxer study Mathematics and Accountancy.
All the friends’ studies two subjects each and play one game each.

11. Who is a cricketer?
(A) Radhey
(B) Venkey
(C) Kumar
(D) Nandi

12. Who does not study Mathematics?
(A) Radhey
(B) Venkey
(C) Kumar
(D) Nandi

13. Who studies Physics?
(A) Radhey
(B) Venky
(C) Kumar
(D) Nandi

14. Who studies Commerce and plays football?
(A) Radhey
(B) Venkey
(C) Kumar
(D) Nandi

15. Name the person who is not a boxer but studies both Chemistry and Biology?
(A) Radhey
(B) Venkey
(C) Kumar
(D) Nandi

Directions- In the choices given to you, three out of four have a similarity of character. You have to find a word which is different from and is un-associated with the others.

16. Find the odd term out?
(A) Mercury
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Planet

17. Find the odd sequence out?
(A) AN
(B) BO
(C) CP
(D) DO

18. Find the odd number out?
(A) 369
(B) 692
(C) 789
(D) 879

19. Find the odd term out?
(A) Rules
(B) Act
(C) Bye laws
(D) Parliament

20. Find the odd term out?
(A) Racket
(B) Wicket
(C) Pitch
(D) Umpire

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Directions- In each of the following questions, a related pair of works is followed by four pairs of words or phrases. Select the pair that best expresses a relationship similar to the one expressed in the question pair.

21. Action: Reaction
(A) Introvert: Extrovert
(B) Assail: Defend
(C) Diseased: Treatment
(D) Death: Rebirth

22. Drama: Audience
(A) Brawl: Vagabonds
(B) Game: Spectators
(C) Art: Critic
(D) Movie: Actors

23. Book: Author
(A) Rain : Flood
(B) Light: Switch
(C) Symphony: Composer
(D) Song: Music

24. War: Death:: Smoke : ?
(A) Burning
(B) Pollution
(C) Fire
(D) Cigarette

25. Child: Fire
(A) Aged: Wisdom
(B) Student: Examination
(C) Youth : Adolescence
(D) Judge: Dishonour

26. If TEMPLE is coded as VHQURL, how would you code CHURCH”?

27. If the following scrambled letters are rearranged to form the name of a city, which letter will appear in the middle -A I D M U R A?
(A) M
(B) R
(C) U
(D) None of the above

28. In a certain Code, COMPUTER 1s written as LNBVQOSFU. Give us BULKHEAD written in that code?

29. Find out the missing number from the following series-
101,100, ……….., 87,71,46
(A) 92
(B) 88
(C) 89
(D) 96

30. Find out the wrong number in the pattern of the following series-
864, 420, 200, 96, 40,16,6
(A) 420
(B) 200
(C) 96
(D) 40

31. Find the missing number-
5, 16, 49, 104, ?, 280
(A) 115
(B) 148
(C) 170
(D) 181

32. In a certain language CAT 1s coded as 24, what will be the code number for BAT in the same code language?
(A) 32
(B) 21
(C) 23
(D) 42

33. A man is facing north; He turns 45 degree in the clockwise direction and then 90 degree in the anticlockwise direction. Which direction is he facing now?
(A) South-west
(B) North-west
(C) South-east
(D) North-east

34. Pointing to a woman in a photograph a man says, “Her mother’s mother is the mother of my father.” How is the man related to the woman in the photograph?
(A) Uncle
(B) Grandson
(C) Nephew
(D) Maternal Cousin

35. If ‘sky’ is called’ ‘sea’, ‘sea’ is called ‘water’, ‘water’ 1s called ‘air’, ‘air’ is called ‘cloud’
(A) Sky
(B) Air
(C) Water
(D) Sea

36. Today is Tuesday. What will it be after 65 days?
(A) Monday
(B) Thursday
(C) Friday
(D) Saturday

Directions- Read the following information carefully and answer the next five questions given below:
There is a group of six persons A, B, C, D, E and F in a family. They are Psychologist, Manager, Lawyer, Jeweller, Doctor and Engineer. The doctor is the grandfather of F who is a Psychologist. The manager D is married to A. C, the Jeweller, is married to the lawyer. B is the mother of F and E. There are two married couples in the family.
37. How is A related to E?
(A) Father
(B) Grandfather
(C) Uncle
(D) Brother

38. Which of the following are the married couples in family?
(A) AD and CE
(B) AD and FC
(C) AD and BE
(D) AD and BC

39. What is the profession of E?
(A) Lawyer
(B) Doctor
(C) Engineer
(D) Can-not be determined

40. Who is the Manager?
(A) Spouse of A
(B) Grandson of F
(C) Husband of Lawyer
(D) Son of B

41. Who is a Lady?
(A) A
(B) B
(C) D
(D) F

Directions- The next 5 questions are based on the information given below-
Four ladies A, B, C, D and four gentlemen E, F, G, H are sitting in a circle round a table facing each other under the following arrangement-
i. No two ladies or two gentlemen are sitting side by side
ii. C, who is sitting between G and E, is facing D
iii. F is between D and Ais facing G.
iv. H is to the right of B

42. Who is sitting to the left of A?
(A) E
(B) F
(C) G
(D) H

43. E is facing whom?
(A) F
(B) B
(C) G
(D) H

44. Who are immediate neighbours of B?
(A) G and H
(B) E and F
(C) E and H
(D) F and H

45. D is facing whom?
(A) A
(B) B
(C) C
(D) H

46. Who is sitting to the left of H?
(A) A
(B) B
(C) C
(D) E

47. You get invitation card of your friend’s 10 year old daughter’s marriage. You would-
(A) Attend the marriage
(B) Report the matter to the police
(C) Neither attends the marriage nor report the matter to the police
(D) Point out to your friend the illegality of the matter

48. While traveling by a crowded bus you notice that an old lady having a small child in lap is standing as there is no seat for her to sit. What would you do?
(A) Ask the conductor to make a seat available for the lady
(B) Ask the lady to sit where you are sitting
(C) Ask the lady not to travel by the crowded bus
(D) Ask someone to offer his seat to the lady