Psychology Previous Question Papers

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Psychology Previous Question Papers

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Previous Question Papers on Psychology

1. When US precedes CS it is known as :
(A) Forward conditioning
(B) Secondary conditioning
(C) Higher order conditioning
(D) Backward conditioning

2. Learning in classical conditioning consists of :
(A) Associating new response to previously neutral stimulus
(B) Associating a new stimulus to previous response
(C) Associating a new neutral stimulus to a new response
(D) Associating old neutral stimulus to old response

3. Object recognition depends most on
(A) Surface information
(B) Colour information
(C) Edge information
(D) Location information

4. Hypothalamus regulates :
(1) Body temperature
(2) Memory processes
(3) Food intake
(4) Development of secondary sexual characteristics
(A) (1) and (2) only
(B) (1) and (3) only
(C) (1), (2) and (3) only
(D) (1), (3) and (4) only

5. The HAS is responsible for :
(1) Arousal and wakefulness
(2) Selective attention
(3) Filtering sensory motor information
(4) Facial expressions
(A) (1) and (2) only
(B) (1) and (3) only
(C) (1), (2) and (3) only
(D) (1), (2) and (4) only

6. The quality or value of the results of an experiment mostly depend upon :
(A) The extent to Which extraneous variables have been controlled or eliminated
(B) The number of independent variables that have been manipulated
(C) The extent to which the independent and the dependent variables are correlated With each other
(D) Whether humans or non-humans were used as participants in the experiment

7. Alternate forms reliability has limitations :
(1) Get influenced by practice effect
(2) Most difficult to make the forms equivalent
(3) Cannot be administered in immediate succession
Codes :
(A) (1) only
(B) (2) Only
(C) (2) and (3) only
(D) (1) and (2) only

8. The ability of a test to measure things consistently is referred to as :
(A) Validity
(B) Reliability
(C) Construct validity
(D) Concurrent validity

9. Research by Paul Ekman and Wallace indicate that subjects are generally successful in identifying (from facial cues in photographs) all but which of the following emotions ?
(A) Fear
(B) Anger
(C) Happiness
(D) Contentment

10. What part of the brain is known for voluntary control over emotional reactions ?
(A) Amygdala
(B) Thalamus
(C) Temporal lobe
(D) Prefrontal lobe

11. ……………….. technique/s of factor analysis is/are used in the study of construct validity of the test.
(1) Confirmatory factor
(2) Principal factor
(A) (1) Only
(B) (2) Only
(C) (1) and (2) both
(D) Neither (1) nor (2)

12. Which of the following is/are essential for the classification principle in measurement ?
(1) Either (a=b) or (a≠b) but not both
(2) If (a=b) and (b=c), then (a=c)
(3) If (a>b) and (b>c), then (a > c)
(A) (1) Only
(B) (2) Only
(C) (2) and (3) only
(D) (1) and (3) only

13. Who proposed that “behaviour is a function of the interaction between the person and the environment” ?
(A) Allport
(B) Dollard
(C) Lewin
(D) Bandura

14. Which one of the following is the oldest label for intelligence tests not influenced by cultural factors ?
(A) Culture-common
(B) Culture-free
(C) Culture-fair
(D) Cross-cultural

15. Which of the following statements are true of information processing ?
(1) Human mind processes information in stages as does a computer
(2) Mental processes are embedded in real time and can be measured in terms of time
(3) The study of transforming, reducing, elaborating, recovering and using the sensory input
(4) Information-processing psychologists use experimental and quasi-experimental techniques in their investigations
Select the correct option from the codes given below 1
(A) (1) and (4)
(B) (1), (3) and (4)
(C) (2) and (4)
(D) (1), (2), (3) and (4) are correct

16. Forgetting occurring due to mere passage of time is called :
(A) Proactive inhibition
(B) Retroactive inhibition
(C) Negative transfer
(D) Decay

17. Once an item is coded in a specific cue dependent Way it is subject to :
(A) Decoding specificity hypothesis
(B) Semantic specificity hypothesis
(C) Encoding specificity hypothesis
(D) Procedural specificity hypothesis

18. Coding format of items in short-term memory is primarily :
(A) Acoustic
(B) Visual
(C) Semantic
(D) Tactile

19. When a new CS is paired with established CS and conditioning takes place, it is :
(A) Primary conditioning
(B) Secondary conditioning
(C) Backward conditioning
(D) Higher order conditioning

20. The natural eliciting stimulus in classical conditioning is called :
(A) Conditioned stimulus
(B) Unconditioned stimulus
(C) Neutral stimulus
(D) Aversive stimulus

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21. Prosopagnosia involves the loss of :
(A) Face recognition
(B) Distance judgement
(C) Pattern recognition
(D) Size judgement

22. Although there are many varieties and types of research in psychology, research methods tend to fall into one of which two categories ?
(A) Experimental and correlational
(B) Meta—analysis and baseline designs
(C) Unilateral and factorial
(D) Physical or social

23. When a researcher develop a tentative explanation for some phenomenon that can be tested and then either rejected or supported, that researcher has developed :
(A) a scientific method
(B) empirical evidence
(C) a hypothesis
(D) an operational definition

24. MACI is a personality assessment tool that is :
(A) Projective and used for adults
(B) Objective and used for adults
(C) Projective and used for adolescents
(D) Objective and used for adolescents

25. Which type of validity compares scores on a measure with some established criterion ?
(A) Content validity
(B) Predictive validity
(C) Construct validity
(D) Concurrent validity

26. The GSR is usually considered to be :
(A) A measure of conscious emotion
(B) An index of honesty
(C) A measure of cortical arousal
(D) A measure of autonomic arousal

27. K-R 20 reliability gets influenced due to :
(A) Heterogeneity of behaviour sampled
(B) Socially desirable responses
(C) Maturity of respondents
(D) Difficulty level of the items

28. If a psychological test has uniform procedure used in the administration and scoring of the test, the test can be best be described as :
(A) Valid
(B) Standardized
(C) Reliable
(D) Normed

29. Means-End Analysis can be described as :
(A) Re-encoding the problem
(B) A heuristic that involves avoiding previous problem solving states
(C) A strategy that involves reducing the difference between current state and a goal state or a subgoal state
(D) Constraint relaxation

30. Patient, Nikhil, is told that an operation has a 10% chance of failure, whereas patient Nitin is told that the same operation has 90% chance of success. If Nikhil chooses not to have the surgery, While Nitin chooses to have the surgery, to What psychological phenomenon could you attribute this outcome ?
(A) Representative heuristic
(B) Availability heuristic
(C) Framing effect
(D) Functional fixedness

31. Unlike deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning can :
(A) Lead to more reliable conclusions
(B) Lead to false conclusions
(C) Prove a statement to be true or false
(D) Deductive and inductive reasoning are actually the same

32. Our memory for facts that are not recalled in any particular temporal context is known as :
(A) Semantic memory
(B) Episodic memory
(C) Procedural memory
(D) Implicit memory

33. The strength of responding declines With increasing distance from original CS is called :
(A) Extinction gradient
(B) Generalization gradient
(C) Discrimination gradient
(D) Inhibition gradient

34. Ames rooms are used to create :
(A) Stereoscopic effects
(B) Visual illusion
(C) Event related potentials
(D) Visual parallax

35. The monocular cue to distance in perspective drawings is:
(A) Linear perspective
(B) Aerial perspective
(C) Gradient texture
(D) Height in the horizontal plane

36. Which of the following is a correct learning acquisition sequence?
(A) Drive—cue—response—reinforcement
(B) Cue—drive—resp0nse—reinforcement
(C) Cue—response—drive—reinforcement
(D) Drive—response—cue—reinforcement

37. The Working memory is markedly affected by:
(A) Attention
(B) Motivation
(C) Emotion
(D) Interest

38. In Guilford’s model of problem solving, which of the following occurs first?
(A) Input
(B) Filtering
(C) Cognition
(D) Production

39. Which of the following statements regarding achievement motivation are true?
(1) It is a stable learned characteristic in Which satisfaction is obtained by striving for excellence
(2) People With high on need for achievement seek out situations in which they compete With some standard of excellence
(3) People with high n-Ach do not choose such tasks in which success is unlikely
(4) People With high n-Ach tend to be motivated primarily by a desire to avoid failure
(A) (2), (3), (4) Only
(B) (1), (3), (4) only
(C) (1), (2), (4) only
(D) (1), (2), (3) only

40. Sternberg identified three kinds of components of intelligence. They are:
(A) Alpha components, beta components, meta components
(B) Meta components, performance components, ability acquisition components
(C) Knowledge acquisition components, skill acquisition components, ability acquisition components
(D) Meta components, performance components, knowledge acquisition components

41. On the Rorschach test, an M score Would be scored under:
(A) Location
(B) Determinants
(C) Content
(D) Form level

42. A newly developed extraversion scale was correlated With the extraversion scale of the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire. The sample size was 400. The obtained correlation of 0.22 Was found to be significant at .01 level. This provides evidence for:
(A) Satisfactory parallel form reliability
(B) Unsatisfactory parallel form reliability
(C) Satisfactory concurrent validity
(D) Unsatisfactory concurrent validity

43. Split brain studies are possible due to surgeries for intractable epilepsy which sever the:
(A) Superior colliculi
(B) Corpus callosum
(C) Cingulate gyrus
(D) Central canal

44. According to Biederman’s ‘recognition by components’ theory of perception, edges have the following invariant properties:
(1) Curvature
(2) Co-termination of light shade
(3) Symmetry
(4) Collinearity
Select the correct option codes given below:
(A) (1), (3) and (4) only
(B) (2), (3) and (4) only
(C) (1), (2) and (3) only
(D) (1), (2) and (4) only

45. Which of the following statements is correct for Craik and Lockhart Model of memory?
(A) Memory consists of one system
(B) Deep processing would lead to long term forgetting
(C) There is no independent way of distinguishing between shallow and deep processing
(D) Central executive guides deep processing

46. ‘Mental Set’ means …………………….
(A) Arriving at conclusion Without conscious awareness
(B) Using the solution persistently that has worked in the past
(C) Sudden realization of solution to a problem
(D) Viewing objects in their functional and customery Way

47. Papez discovered the neural mechanism of emotion known as “Papez circuit”. This involved the connection of:
(1) Cingulate cortex
(2) Hypothalamus
(3) Reticular formation
(4) Corpus Collosum
Select the correct option from the codes given below:
(A) (1) and (4) only
(B) (1) and (3) only
(C) (2) and (3) only
(D) (3) and (4) only

48. Conscientiousness and Agreeableness scales in the NEO-PI-R are:
(A) Uncorrelated with Eysenck’s psychoticism
(B) Positively correlated with Eysenck’s psychoticism
(C) Negatively correlated with Eysenck’s psychoticism
(D) Uncorrelated with each other

49. The membrane potential in the neuron is due to:
(A) Chlorine and zinc ions
(B) Calcium and chlorine ions
(C) Zinc and sodium ions
(D) Sodium and potassium ions

50. Which Gestalt principle is primarily applied while using camouflage?
(A) Proximity
(B) Similarity
(C) Closure
(D) Contour integration