Numismatics Questions and Answers Papers

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Numismatics Questions and Answers Papers

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Questions and Answers Papers on Numismatics

1. Which one of the following scripts was not used by the Vijaynagar rulers on their coins?
(1) Kannada script
(2) Telagu script
(3) Malyalam script
(4) Devnagari script

2. Who among the following was first to issue Islamic type of coins in India?
(1) Amirs of Sind
(2) Mahmud Ghazni
(3) Muhammad bin Sam
(4) Witutmish

3. Arab script on Indian coins is noticed as early as Eight Century on the coins of ____
(1) Mahmud Ghazni
(2) Amurs of Sind
(3) Balban
(4) Iltutmish

4. The first occurrence of Mint name and Hijri date on Indian coins is found on the coins of ____
(1) Mahmud Ghazni
(2) Amirs of Sind
(3) Ututmish
(4) Razia

5. Who among the following Sultans of Delhi issued the silver coins on the name of Iltutmish with an additional word Nusrat?
(1) Ruknuddin Firoz Shah
(2) Razia
(3) Bahram Shah
(4) Allauddin Masud Shsh

6. Who among the following Sultans of Delhi issued coins only from Delhi Mint?
(1) Ruknuddin Firoz Shah
(2) Razia
(3) Bahram Shah
(4) Allauddin Masud Shah

7. The term Al-Ghazi is frequently found on the coins of _____.
(1) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(2) Nastruddin Khusru
(3) Qutubuddin Mubarak
(4) Shahabuddin Umar

8. Who among the following received recognition from the Khalif of Baghdad and the name of Khalif was appeared on his coins?
(1) Qutbuddin Aibak
(2) Tajuddin Yalduz
(3) Iltutmish
(4) None of the above

9. What was the type of currency prevailing in Bengal before Bhaktiyar Khilji?
(1) Gold coins
(2) Silver coins
(3) Cowries
(4) None of the above

10. The word Surifana in Devanagari was found on the coins of Iltutmish. Suritana means
(1) Sultan
(2) Khalifah
(3) King
(4) Queen

11. Who among the following Sultans represented himself with the title Sikandaruththani?
(1) Balban
(2) Iltutmish
(3) Qutbuddin Aibak
(4) Alauddin Khilji

12. What was the extent of the Empire of Balban decided by the Mints?
(1) Lakhnauti
(2) Delhi
(3) Ghazm
(4) Delhi and Deogirt

13. Tarikh-i-Firozshah has reported an incident of fraud at the mint during the reign of Sultan –
(1) Iltutmish
(2) Balban
(3) Allauddin Khaliji
(4) Firozshah Tughlaq

14. The introduction of the use of unalloyed metals was done by :
(1) Sikander Lodi
(2) Sher Shah
(3) Akbar
(4) Shahjahan

15. Who among the following did not issue coinage during Slave Dynasty?
(1) Aibak
(2) Aram Shah
(3) Iltutmish
(4) Ruknuddin Firoz Shah

16. Sikander Lodi issued coins only in –
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) Billion

17. Who has published “A Catalogue of the coins of the Sultans of Gujarat in the Princes of Wales Museum Bombay”?
(1) K. K. Maheshwari
(2) C.R. Singhal
(3) S. Lane Pool
(4) Muhammad Kabir

18. The coins issued from Islamnagar Mint belong to –
(1) Akbar
(2) Jahangir
(3) Shahjahan
(4) Aurangzeb

19. Babur appears to have issued coins at only one Mint. What was the name of that Mint?
(1) Agra
(2) Delhi
(3) Sultanpur
(4) Gwalior

20. Who was the most skilful engraver during the period of Akbar as per Abul Fazal?
(1) Afzal Khan
(2) Maulana Sirap
(3) Maulana Afzal
(4) Maulana Ali Ahmad

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21. Which of the coms of Akbar has the symbols of Swastika along with Chnistian Symbol?
(1) Gold coin
(2) Silver coin
(3) Copper coin
(4) None of the above

22. Abul Fazal referred four mints issuing Gold coins. Which of the following mints was not included in the list of Abul Fazal?
(1) Bangla Mint
(2) Ahmedabad Mint
(3) Kabul Mint
(4) Sarangpur Mint

23. In which province Malpur Mint issuing Gold, Silver and Copper coins was situated?
(1) Gujarat
(2) Malwa
(3) Punjab
(4) Uttar Pradesh

24. The term Muaskar-i-lgbal signifies –
(1) Silver coins of Akbar
(2) Mint of Akbar
(3) Gold Muhar of Akbar
(4) None of the above

25. Which of the following Mints issued the Gold Muhar having the spot of Duck?
(1) Agra Mint
(2) Ahmedabad Mint
(3) Jaunpur Mint
(4) Kashmir Mint

26. What was the name of city which was depicted as Dar-ul Aman on the Mughal coins?
(1) Agra
(2) Delhi
(3) Buiapur
(4) Jaunpur

27. What was the title of Mint at Bijapur as depicted on Mughal Coins?
(1) Dar-ul Khilafat
(2) Dar-ul Zafar
(3) Dar-ul Aman
(4) Dar-ul Zarb Mutabarrak Khitta

28. Mughal coins bear the name of Mint as Dar-ul Zarb Mutabarrak Khitta. What does it mean?
(1) Seat of Khalifat
(2) Seat of Victory
(3) Gate of Safety
(4) Blessed District

29. The Ilahi coins of Akbar signifies.
(1) No Kalima on coins
(2) Kalima on coins
(3) Prince’s title on coins
(4) Queen’s title on coins

30. The weight of early Muhars of Akbar was :
(1) 9 mashas
(2) 10 mashas
(3) 11 mashas
(4) 12 mashas

31. Which of the following chapters of Ain-i-Akbari is totally devoted to the coins of Akbar?
(1) 9th Chapter
(2) 10th Chapter
(3) 11th Chapter
(4) 12th Chapter

32. What was the name of mint city which was mentioned on coins under the title of Dar-ul Khilafat from the time of Shahjahan?
(1) Bijapur
(2) Shahjahanabad
(3) Agra
(4) Jaunpur

33. Who has published a coin of Shahjahan from Surat Mint having 31 on the obverse and the hijari year 1027 on the reverse?
(1) C. R. Singhal
(2) S. H. Hodivala
(3) PL. Gupta
(4) RK. Selhi

34. Nuratabad a mint belongs to :
(1) Babur
(2) Akbar
(3) Jahangir
(4) Aurangzeb

35. Who among the following Mughal Rulers is said to struck the coins on pieces of leather water bag?
(1) Babur
(2) Humayun
(3) Akbar
(4) Jahangir

36. In which metal, Mughals struck their coins?
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) All of the above

37. Who among the following Mughal kings issued the silver coins bearing the words Rama or Gobind?
(1) Akbar
(2) Jahangir
(3) Shahjahan
(4) Aurangzeb

38. Which of the following mints issued Rupee coins on which Sun appears?
(1) Mint at Akbarpur Tanda
(2) Mint at Ujjain
(3) Mint at Hissar Firoza
(4) None of the above

39. From which regnal year of Akbar’s reign, it was decided to drop Kalima from the Gold coinage?
(1) 30 regnal year
(2) 20 regnal year
(3) 10 regnal year
(4) None of the above

40. What was the name of copper coin which was heavier and replaced the copper coins of Babur and Humayun?
(1) Paisa
(2) Rupiya
(3) Falus
(4) Tanka Akbar Shahi

41. Which of the following denominations of copper coins was not mentioned by Abul Fazal in Ain-i-Akbari?
(1) Dam
(2) Adhelah
(3) Damri
(4) Tanki

42. What was the principal unit of the currency during the times of Akbar?
(1) Gold Muhar
(2) Rupiya
(3) Dam
(4) Tanka

43. Whose coinage inspired the coinage of Akbar?
(1) Sher Shah
(2) Babur
(3) Humayun
(4) No inspiration

44. Square Rupees and Muhars of Akbar were the imitation of the coinage of ;
(1) Jaunpur
(2) Deccan
(3) Malwa
(4) Gujarat

45. From which year of his reign, Akbar had introduced Ilahi year on his coins?
(1) 10th year
(2) 20th year
(3) 30th year
(4) 40th year

46. What was the name of coins which were used by Mughals for the purpose of distribution on the occasion of festivals?
(1) Dam
(2) Jital
(3) Nisar
(4) None

47. Gold Muhars of Kalima type coins of Akbar were issued first in :
(1) 980 AH.
(2) 972 AH.
(3) 971 AH.
(4) 970 AH.

48. What was the name of Delhi given on Gold Muhar of Akbar from 972-977 AH.?
(1) Dar-ul Mulk
(2) Hazarat
(3) Hazarat Jalal
(4) None

49. The word Dar-ul Mulk means –
(1) the abode of the world
(2) the abode of the mint
(3) the abode of the country
(4) None

50. Which of the following Mints did not issue Gold coins as per Abul Fazl?
(1) Ahmadabad
(2) Kabul
(3) Muastear-i-Iqbal
(4) Patna