Mock Test Papers on Homeopathy for Practice

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Mock Test Papers on Homeopathy

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Mock Test Papers on Homeopathy Practice Set

1. Who wrote the book “Lectures on the Theory and Practice of Homoeophathy?
(A) Richard Haele
(B) Philip Spright
(C) H. A. Roberts
(D) R.E. Dudgeon

2. “I Say Cure, And By This I Mean A Recovery Undisturbed By After Sufferings’? ——who told this?
(A) S. Hahnemann
(B) C. M. Bogar
(C) J. H. Allen
(D) Stuart Close

3. “Probiem Child” belongs to ______ Miasm.
(A) Psora
(B) Syphilis
(C) Sycosis
(D) Tubercular

4. What is Antitype?
(A) Homoeopathically selected most suitable medicine
(B) Isopathically selected medicine
(C) Antipathicallyselected medicine
(D) Allopathically selected medicine

5. Patients develop very large ears. The lobe of the ear is pale, white and transparent; The miasm is:
(A) Psora
(B) Pseudo psora
(C) Syphilis
(D) Sycosis

6. Book authored by Fr. Muller:
(A) Manual of Homoeopathy
(B) Use of the repertory
(C) Lesser Writing
(D) Homoeopathic Materia Medica

7. Until now how many numbers of repertory have been published ?
(A) 200
(B) 225
(C) 250
(D) 300

8. How many numbers of medicines are there in Synthetic Repertory?
(A) 1335
(B) 1248
(C) 1594
(D) 2468

9. Kent’s Repertory is the result of vast experience of Dr. J. T. Kent ; which is based on :
(A) Materia Medica Pura
(B) Dr. Lippes Handbook
(C) Lesser Writing
(D) Organon of Medicine

10. In which repertory sub rubrics are placed alphabetically according to the arrangement?
(A) B. T. B. P.
(B) Computer repertory
(C) Murphy’s Repertory
(D) Dr. Kent’s Repertory

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. In Kent’s Repertory, sub rubric of Apathy is _________.
(A) Indifference
(B) Dullness
(C) Forsaken
(D) Confusion

12. The article “How Shall I Find the Remedy ?” written by whom?
(A) Dr. J. T. Kent
(B) Dr. W. Boerick
(C) Dr. Boenninghausen
(D) Dr. Allen

13. Who wrote “I discovered that Boger‘s Boenninghausen’s Repertory is a real Gold Mine for all kinds of symptoms” in forward to “Complete Repertory”?
(A) Tafel
(B) Dr. Fradricka E. Glawin
(C) Edward Livingston
(D) Dr. Dario Spinedi

14. A physician should be able to tackle the five “D’s” of health — Disease, Discomfort, Disability, Dissatisfaction and _____.
(A) Death
(B) Discordant
(C) Desire
(D) Diathesis

15. In which book Dr. Hahnemann has described the method of investigation of a sick man and than it continued in Organon of Medicine ?
(A) Novum Organum
(B) Materia Medica Pura
(C) Chronic Miasms
(D) Medicine of Experience

16. By whom picture type material medica is given ?
(A) Nash
(B) Farrington
(C) Pulford
(D) H. C.Allen

17. Who was’ not convinced about the use and practicability of the repertory ?
(A) Dr. Stuart Clause
(B) Dr Aegidi
(C) Dr. Roger Van
(D) Dr. Fredrick Schroyens

18. Who has produced a combined work of all Repertories and Materia Medica ?
(A) Dr. Barthal
(B) Dr. Jhar
(C) Dr.Murphy
(D) None of them

19. “No one can know everything and that’s why in all honesty one must admit that no conscientious homoeopaths can practice in scientific way without repertory” — a quote by whom ?
(A) Dr. Hahnemann
(B) Dr.J.T.Kent
(C) Dr. Schmidt
(D) Dr. Kiunker

20. How many drugs in Synthesis of Schroyens Repertory?
(A) 1851
(B) 364
(C) 648
(D) 3256

21. How many gradation given in Dr. Lippe Repertory?
(A) Three
(B) Five
(C) Eight
(D) Two

22. How many numbers of chapters given in B. B. C. R. ?
(A) 49
(B) 37
(C) 7
(D) 32

23. In about 1829, to whom Dr. Hahnemann assigned work to arrange a repertory of the remedies ?
(A) Dr. Boenninghausen
(B) Dr. Ruckert
(C) Dr. Kent
(D) Dr. Boger

24. “Repertory of purely pathogenic effects” prefaced by Dr. Hahnemann in 1833 was published by:
(A) Joseph L
(B) Glazore
(C) Weber Peschiner
(D) C. Hering

25. “A manual of Homoeopathic Prescription” written by :
(A) Tanner J
(B) Muller C
(C) Sherill H
(D) Mure

26. How many numbers of Rubrics of Mind are there in Dr; Kent’s repertory?
(A) 529
(B) 648
(C) 339
(D) 533

27. In which department of American College of St. Louis Dr. J. T. Kentwas a Professor ?
(A) Anatomy
(B) Organon of Medicine
(C) Materia Medica
(D) Physiology

28. “Totality of Symptoms is to therapeutist, the disease” — told by whom?
(A) H. A. Roberts
(B) Knerr
(C) Richard Huges
(D) Stuart Clause

29. Which type of symptoms are necessary for selection of remedy?
(A) Sympiom’s totality
(B) Totality of symptom
(C) Common symptoms
(D) Uncommon symptoms

30. How many Cards have been contains in Kishore‘s Card Repetory ?
(A) 3000
(B) 10000
(C) 3500
(D) 5000

31. The Drug and Magic Remedies Act was formed in the year:
(A) 1954
(B) 1957
(C) 1959
(D) 1960

32. “Pharmacokinship” deals with:
(A) Preparation of medicine
(B) Routes of drug administration
(C) Remedy relationship
(D) Repetition of dose

33. Mydriatics are the drugs which:
(A) Contract the pupils
(B) Dilate the pupils
(C) Increase the secretion of milk
(D) Increase the secretion of sweat

34. Active principle found Secale Comutum is:
(A) Cornin
(B) Ergotin
(C) Cerasin
(D) Gteranin

35. As per the old Hahnemannian method the drug strength of Class I is :
(A) ½
(B) 1/6
(C) 1/10
(D) 1/100

36. Potency denotes :
(A) Back potency
(B) Mother tincture
(C) 50 Millesimal potency
(D) Mother Substance

37. English meaning of Semel in d is :
(A) Once a day
(B) To Dissolve
(C) As directed
(D) One Dram

38. Lachesis mother substanoes must be preserved in:
(A) Glycerine in Phial
(B) Absolute alcohol in Phial
(C) Anticoagulant in Phial
(D) Distilled water in Phial

39. The ratio of Drug and Vehicle in Decimal scale is :
(A) 1:99
(B) 1:9
(C) 1:999
(D) 1:50000

40. Number of succession given for preparing LM petenoles are :
(A) 10
(B) 1000
(C) 100
(D) 10000

41. Standards of Homeopathic Drugs are covered under:
(A) 1st Schedule of Drugs and Cosmetic Act
(B) 2nd Schedule of Drugs and Cosmetic Act
(C) 3rd Schedule of Drugs and Cosmetic Act
(D) 4th Schedule of Drugs and Cosmetic Act

42. Tarantula Hispanica is prepared from :
(A) Orange Spider
(B) Black Cuban Spider
(C) Spanish Spider
(D) Poison Spider

43. Number of Monographoin Volume of HPI are
(A) 180
(B) 105
(C) 107
(D) 100

44. The first Homeopathic Phamracopeia was published by Carl W Casparl in :
(A) 1855
(B) 1825
(C) 1835
(D) 1845

45. Cannabis Satrva is prepared from
(A) Flowering Head
(B) Seeds
(C) Spores
(D) Unriped Fruit

46. For emergency or limited quantity of medicating the globules the phial must be kept standing on the cork for:
(A) 6 hrs
(B) 8 hrs
(C) 4 hrs
(D) 12 hrs

47. Sugar of milk solution + Silver nitrate solution = light yellow precipitate.
Above reaction shows the presence of:
(A) Starch
(B) Acid
(C) Cl- and PO4+
(D) Copper

48. “Alcohol Fortis” is:
(A) Strong alcohol
(B) Dilute alcohol
(C) Dispensing alcohol
(D) Absolute alcohol

49. In old method the drug Crotalus is prepared under:
(A) Class VII
(B) Class VIII
(C) Class VI
(D) Class IX