Mass Communication Mock Test

Aspirants can find the Mass Communication Mock Test here. Mass Communication Mock Test for Both written examination and interview are available here. The Candidate who is appearing for Mass Communication can download the Mock Test from the link given.

Mass Communication Mock Test

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Mock Test on Mass Communication

1. In which of the following languages ‘Harijan’ edited by Mahatma Gandhi was not published?
(A) Urdu
(B) Tamil
(C) Punjabi
(D) English

2. The Chameli Devi Jain Award is given annually to an outstanding woman from which field?
(A) Advertising
(B) Theatre
(C) Journalism
(D) Music

3. With which decade would you associate the beginning of public access to internet in India?
(A) 1980s
(B) 1990s
(C) 2000s
(D) 2010s

4. What is the main aim of the social service advertising?
(A) Product Selling
(B) Public Education
(C) Economic benefit
(D) New marketing technique

5. Counterhegemony’ in cultural studies refers to:
(A) Audience resisting the messages of the dominant group
(B) Resistance phase of elites
(C) Theatre of struggle
(D) Social struggle by Bourgiose

6. What does the term ‘Typo’ mean?
(A) Typing machine
(B) Short for typographical error
(C) Typically political
(D) Printing text

7. Who was appointed as the chairperson of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) on 9th June 2015?
(A) Gajendra Chauhan
(B) Sharmila Tagore
(C) Alka Sirohi
(D) Jawhar Sircar

8. Which of the following is not the name of a tabloid?
(A) Blitz
(B) The Tribune
(C) Mumbai Mirror
(D) Mid-Day

9. In research, the hypothesis which predicts that there is no relationship or no significant difference between two variables is called:
(A) Positive hypothesis
(B) Null hypothesis
(C) Non-directional hypothesis
(D) Integrated hypothesis

10. In the context of Indian television, which decade marks the era of satellite invasion?
(A) 1990s
(B) 1960s
(C) 1900s
(D) 1970s

11. The weekly women’s supplement of the Marathi newspaper ‘Divya Marathi’ is called by what name?
(A) Stree
(B) Madhurima
(C) Tiche Vishwa
(D) Manthan

12. In a news story what is a source?
(A) The reporter
(B) News Agency
(C) A person interviewed by the reporter
(D) The newspaper

13. What are the names of the Phogat sisters?
(A) Manjula, Seeta
(B) Babita, Geeta
(C) Radha, Seeta
(D) Madhu, Geeta

14. What is the name of the film production company of Ram Gopal Verma?
(A) Factory
(B) Phantom
(C) RGV film factory
(D) Arihant

15. All India Radio recently launched a 24 hours classical music channel. What in the name of this channel?
(A) Sargam
(B) Ragam
(C) Sur Sanjeevan
(D) Bharatiya Shastriya Sangeet

16. What is the minimum period for which President’s Rule under Article 356 remains valid?
(A) Three months
(B) Four months
(C) Five months
(D) Six months

17. Who is the director of the film ‘Bahubali’?
(A) S.S. Rajamouli
(B) Srikanta Addala
(C) Anish Kuruvilla
(D) Kovelamudi Bapayya

18. Indian Government radio reaches to audiences in how many countries in how many foreign languages?
(A) More than 120 countries in 16 foreign languages
(B) More than 100 countries in 16 foreign languages
(C) More than 100 countries in 18 languages
(D) Less than 100 countries in 23 languages

19. What does an ‘Ambush’ interview mean?
(A) An unfair deceptive journalism practise
(B) Television interview with strong technical skills
(C) Internship Interview for BBC
(D) An interview where you are asked to give details of personal financial transactions

20. A qualitative strategy in which the researcher derives an abstract theory of process, action or Interaction grounded in the views of participants in the study is called as:
(A) Ethnography
(B) Experimental research design
(C) Grounded theory
(D) Triangulation method

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21. When India attained independence, there were six radio stations in India. Which one of the following cities was not equipped with a station?
(A) Delhi
(B) Bombay
(C) Cochin
(D) Tiruchirapalli

22. In the year of Independence in which Pakistani cities was not AIR broadcasting?
(A) Peshawar
(B) Islamabad
(C) Lahore
(D) Dhaka

23. Which of the following is not a Script?
(A) Brahmi
(B) Pali
(C) Devanagari
(D) Kharoshti

24. Which of the following is not a concept implied in the theory of Sadharanikaran?
(A) Sahahriday
(B) Rasa
(C) Sthai Bhav
(D) Nirvana

25. Which one among the following boycotted the Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards to protect rising in tolerance in India?
(A) Aamir Khan
(B) Akshaya Mukul
(C) Kishan Chopra
(D) Sreenivasan Jain

26. What is attribution?
(A) Giving a source audit for a quote
(B) The description of what a photo is about
(C) A mistake by a Reporter
(D) An accusation

27. What is the term used for those people or organizations which are vital to the success or failure of an organization, a communication initiative, or a project to reach its goals?
(A) Journalists
(B) Stakeholders
(C) Cheerleaders
(D) Gamers

28. Which ministry of the government of India is associated with the Digital India programme?
(A) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
(B) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
(C) Ministry of Culture
(D) Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports

29. What is soft news?
(A) News that is based on opinions, not facts
(B) News that is entertaining or interesting
(C) News that’s circulated on the Internet, not on paper
(D) Advice columns

30. Which of the following is not an internet browser software?
(A) Opera
(B) Mozilla firefox
(C) Safari
(D) Google Internet

31. Which article of the Indian constitution imposes reasonable restrictions on the right to freedom of speech and expression?
(A) Article 19(1) (a)
(B) Article 19(2)
(C) Article 20(1) (a)
(D) Article 20(2)

32. What does a direct quotation look like?
(A) The Prime Minister roared about “taking India forward”
(B) The Prime Minister said “we will take India forward”
(C) The Prime Minister said he would take India forward
(D) It was reported that the Prime Minister said he would take India forward

33. According to Marshall McLuhan, which of the following is a ‘cool’ medium?
(A) Print
(B) Books
(C) Movies
(D) Television

34. Popular entertainment, loss of touch with reality or irrationality of Audiences is perceived in a phenomenon called:
(A) Paparazzi
(B) Framing
(C) Empathy
(D) Fandom

35. Who is the author of the book ‘Headlines from the Heartland: Reinventing the Hindi Public Sphere’?
(A) Vanita Kohli
(B) Sevanti Ninan
(C) Robin Jeffery
(D) Nalini Singh

36. The mobile operating system Android was developed by Android Inc and then bought over by whom in 2005?
(A) Microsoft
(B) Apple
(C) Google
(D) Linux

37. “Whose News, Whose Freedom” is a book written by whom?
(A) D.R. Mankekar
(B) Deelip Padgaonkar
(C) B.G. Verghese
(D) Patanjali Sethi

38. Who wrote the book “The Third Wave”?
(A) Alvin Toffler
(B) Bill Kovanik
(C) Aravind Singhal
(D) Jan Van Dijk

39. A technique where a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense, space, time and information is called what?
(A) Kuleshov effect
(B) Parallel edit
(C) Montage
(D) McGuffin effect

40. The abbreviations RGB and CMYK are related to what aspect of media?
(A) Sound
(B) Light
(C) Colour
(D) Noise

41. In a Television script, SFX stands for:
(A) An extreme close shot
(B) A standard shot
(C) Special effects
(D) A stationary shot

42. Which was the first bank to allow their users to send money to their facebook friends without knowing their account numbers?
(A) Axis Bank
(B) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(C) HDFC Bank
(D) Andhra Bank

43. Which of the following is not an Android version?
(A) Froyo
(B) Éclair
(C) Jelly Been
(D) Orange

44. ‘Piyo-Sar Uthake’ was the slogan of which brand?
(A) Coca-Cola
(B) Mirinda
(C) Thums-up
(D) Pepsi

45. Name the series with which the Indian actors Priyanka Chopra has made her debut in American TV?
(A) Quantico
(B) Castle
(C) Friends
(D) Big Bang Theory

46. What term is used to the transmission of video and audio signal from earth station to a satellite ……………… .
(A) Broadcast
(B) Upload
(C) Uplink
(D) Transmission

47. Which of the following is not a source of data which is appropriate for qualitative research?
(A) Historical records
(B) Experiments
(C) Biographies
(D) Participant observation