Mass Communication MCQ Objective Type Question

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Mass Communication MCQ Objective Type Question

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MCQ Objective Type Question on Mass Communication

1. The term ‘Sahahriday’ in the larger discourse of ‘Sadharanikar’ was first used by:
(A) Bhattanayak
(B) Banabhatta
(C) Aaryabhatta
(D) Gagabhatta

2. The first Indian state to introduce a law on the Right to Information (RTI) Was:
(A) Tamil Nadu
(B) Goa
(C) Rajasthan
(D) Karnataka

3. Which one of these is not pictorial script?
(A) Latin
(B) Mundarin
(C) Cantnese
(D) Kanji

4. When did the Indian Government first approved the policy to open up FM radio to private players?
(A) 1979
(B) 1989
(C) 1999
(D) 2009

5. Who among the following was a feminist activist who protested patriarchy and caste in the 19th century in her published work, ‘Stri Purush Tulna’?
(A) Pandita Rarnabai
(B) Savitribai Phule
(C) Tarabai Shinde
(D) Ramabai Ranade

6. Give the full form of the research methodology called PRA:
(A) Participatory Research Action
(B) Public Reception Analysis
(C) Public Research Activity
(D) Participatory Rural Appraisal

7. What does M&E stand for in research methods?
(A) Major and Emerging
(B) Master and Emissary
(C) Monitoring and Evaluation
(D) Mechanical and Engineering

8. Which of the following sections of the IPC deals With sedition?
(A) 253 A
(B) 124 A
(C) 153 B
(D) 124 B

9. Who is the author of ‘Lucknow Boy’?
(A) Vinod Mehta
(B) Rajat Sharma
(C) Akhilesh Yadav
(D) Pravish Kumar

10. Which media service was started under the Department of Industries and Labour on an experimental basis in April 1930?
(A) Doordarshan Service
(B) Indian Broadcasting Service
(C) All India Radio
(D) Indian Television Service

11. Which of the following is not part of the Shannon and Weaver mathematical model?
(A) Source
(B) Computation
(C) Channel
(D) Receiver

12. Which one of these is not a newspaper size?
(A) Broadsheet
(B) Tabloid
(C) Berliner
(D) New Yorker

13. What is the full form of DSLR?
(A) Digital Single-Lens Reflex
(B) Direct Smart Lens Reflection
(C) Digital Smart Locus Ring
(D) Direct Smart Lens Reflexion

14. Rupert Murdock was a citizen of Which country by birth?
(A) U.S.
(B) U.K.
(C) France
(D) Australia

15. Which channel was given the first DTH license in India?
(C) Sony TV
(D) Zee TV

16. What is the strategy of shooting and editing that helps provide spatial continuity for viewers called?
(A) Parallel Edit
(B) Montage Edit
(C) 180 degree system
(D) Swish panning

17. There is a type of transition in Which one image fades in While another slowly disappears so that both images appear simultaneously at some points. What is such a transition called?
(A) Jump cut
(B) Fade
(C) Dissolve
(D) Parallel cut

18. With Which decade would you associate the massive and fast spread of television through high and low power transmitters in India?
(A) 1950s
(B) 1960s
(C) 1970s
(D) 1980s

19. A label or metadata identifier used on social networking and microblogging services Which makes it easier for users to find messages With a specific theme or content is called as:
(A) Poke
(B) Data mining
(C) Hashtag
(D) Data analytics

20. What is the difference between marketing and advertising?
(A) They are one and the same
(B) Marketing is a part of advertising
(C) Marketing is the overall process and advertising is one method in it
(D) Marketing is the method and advertising in the process

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21. What is the practice of the barter of equity against advertising space indulged in by some media houses better known as:
(A) Public Interest
(B) Brand Equity
(C) Private Treaties
(D) Social Marketing

22. In which of book did Marshall McLuhan putforth the celebrated statement medium is the message?
(A) Guttenberg Galaxy
(B) Understanding Media
(C) History of Communication
(D) Communication and Culture

23. Which of the following regulatory media bodies in India is not a self regulatory one?

24. In virtual environment, a graphical representation of an individual in a game is referred to as:
(A) Cookie
(B) Avatar
(C) Ghost
(D) Crawler

25. Which term describes the gap between those Who have access to the information and communication technologies (like the computers and the internet) and those Who do not?
(A) Digital culture
(B) Digital divide
(C) Digital age
(D) Digital seva

26. What is the meaning of the word ‘Android’?
(A) A mobile phone
(B) The name of a galaxy
(C) A robot with human like appearance
(D) A handhold device

27. Who is the inventor of WWW (World Wide Web)?
(A) Steve Jobs
(B) Bill Gates
(C) Tim Berners Lee
(D) Michael S. Dell

28. The newspaper library, where published stories, photographs and other resources are stored for reference is called as:
(A) Morgue
(B) News room
(C) Off the record
(D) Tie-back

29. With which region in Maharashtra ‘Dandar’ a folk art is related?
(A) Vidarbha
(B) Marathwada
(C) Khandesh
(D) Konkan

30. World Radio Day is not celebrated for which one of the following reasons?
(A) To promote access to information
(B) To promote gender equality over the air Waves
(C) Improve international cooperation
(D) Eradication of poverty

31. What is the full form of SPSS?
(A) Strategic package of social studies
(B) Statistical package for the social sciences
(C) Systematic package for social science
(D) Stringent package of the social sciences

32. ‘Hermeneutics’ refers to:
(A) Theory of interpretation
(B) Hot and cold media
(C) Theory of civil society
(D) Social media theory

33. Which of the following instrument is used to measure TV audiences?
(A) Passive people meter
(B) People meter
(C) Active mete
(D) Gaze meter

34. CJ+ — the citizen Journalist show is broadcast on which Indian television news
(B) Times Now
(C) CNN-News
(D) DD News

35. The two broad categories controlled environment’ and documentary style’ are part of
(A) Reality TV
(B) Docu-drama
(C) Sit Com
(D) Soap Opera

36. Who is the author of the book ‘Media Analysis Techniques’?
(A) A. A. Berger
(B) Joseph Dominick
(C) K. J. Kumar
(D) Pradip Thomas

37. In which one of the following films did Amitabh Bachchan share the screen With the British Actor Ben Kingsley?
(A) Chini Kam
(B) Toofan
(C) Teen Patti
(D) Lal Badshah

38. Which among these bollywood films touches upon the phenomenon of trial by media?
(A) Talvar
(B) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai
(C) Mohenjo Daro
(D) Slumdog Millionaire

39. What does a press kit comprise of?
(A) Gifts for the journalists
(B) Press note only
(C) Set of documents and material relevant to the client
(D) Stationery

40. NFDC stands for which of these?
(A) National Federation of Drama and Cinema
(B) National Film Development Corporation
(C) National Fashion Designing Council
(D) National Food Development Council

41. Which of the following Rasa is not mentioned in Bharata’s Natyashastra?
(A) Raudra
(B) Shanta
(C) Beebhatsa
(D) Hasya

42. Advertising which is used to promote a position on a political, controversial or other social issues is called:
(A) Product Advertising
(B) Corporate Advertising
(C) Direct Response Advertising
(D) Advocacy Advertising

43. The dominant methodology used for ‘Exit Polls’ is:
(A) Quantitative
(B) Qualitative
(C) Mixed method
(D) Observation method

44. Circulation in Print Media means Which of these?
(A) Number of editions
(B) Number of copies printed
(C) Number of copies sold
(D) Number of total readers

45. In the context of news, What are the 5 Ws and 1 H?
(A) The only six questions that a reporter can ask to a subeditor
(B) The six facts necessary in a news story
(C) The six paragraphs that are required for a standard news story
(D) The six Worst mistakes a reporter can make

46. Which agriculture focussed daily paper is published by ‘sakal’ group?
(A) Krishival
(B) Shetkari
(C) Agrowon
(D) Agronews

47. The gap or space between two columns in the newspaper is known as:
(A) Gutter
(B) Indent
(C) Running space
(D) Line spacing

48. With whom is the term, ‘print capitalism’ associated?
(A) Benedict Anderson
(B) Antonio Gramsci
(C) Marshall McLuhan
(D) Nancy Fraser

49. Which of the following is not a correct characteristic of science?
(A) Empirical
(B) Predictive
(C) Democratic
(D) Progressive