Mass Communication Quiz

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Mass Communication Quiz

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Quiz on Mass Communication

1. In digital Mass Communication the audience is:
(A) Passive
(B) Participatory
(C) Uncultured
(D) Large

2. McBride Commission was appointed by UNESCO in 1977 to study world communication problems with special stress on international implication of the modern media. What was the title of the report of the commission?
(A) New World Communication Order
(B) Alternative Voices of the World
(C) Many voices, one world
(D) New Communication future of the world

3. Which of the following agencies or organizations was not associated with the ambitious satellite instructional television experiment carried out in 1970s.
(A) National Aeronautic and Space Administration
(B) Indian Space Research Organization
(C) Center for Development of Telematics
(D) All India Radio

4. What do you understand by the word ‘‘Android’’?
(A) Operating System
(B) Operating Device
(C) Operating Application
(D) Operating Protocol

5. MP3 is an important development because:
(A) It increases the download speed of texts and graphics
(B) Its sound quality is better than that of a CD
(C) Its contents are not subject to copyright restrictions
(D) It permits the digital distribution of music, in a non-physical form

6. A society when social networks of face to face communication is replaced by relationships in media networks according to Van Dijk (1993) Manuel Castells (1996) is called:
(A) Mediated Society
(B) Virtual Society
(C) Connected Society
(D) Network Society

7. An attempt to take over other companies in order to broaden ones portfolio across different media sectors refers to:
(A) Horizontal integration
(B) Vertical integration
(C) Expansion track
(D) Expansion up and down

8. Which of the following acts related to Indian media completes its twenty years in 2015?
(A) The Conditional Access System of Television Act
(B) The Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Act
(C) The News Broadcasting Standards Act
(D) The Direct to Home (DTH) Broadcasting (Regulation) Act

9. The protection of publication of proceedings of parliament and state legislature is guaranteed by Article …………… of the Indian Constitution.
(A) 194
(B) 375
(C) 361-A
(D) 105

10. Which committee was set up to re-examine Prasar Bharati Act?
(A) Verghese Report
(B) Joshi Report
(C) Chanda Committee
(D) Varadan Committee

11. The making of a film, based on a novel is adaptation, whereas a novel based on a film is called:
(A) Adoration
(B) Novelization
(C) Assimilation
(D) Docudrama

12. On 15th September 2009, who among the following celebrated its 50th anniversary:
(A) Doordarshan

13. ‘Clutter’ in the context of communication is defined as:
(A) Rubbish Paper Stock
(B) A promotional tool
(C) Broadband connection
(D) An overabundance of messages

14. In the context of television news, the term ‘P to C’ or ‘piece to camera’ means:
(A) An introductory remark on news by the anchor in studio
(B) A catchy statement made by an eye-witness on camera
(C) A ‘byte’ of the official or authority in the news story
(D) A summative or informative narration by the reporter on camera

15. What is the common factor in the following journals: Young India, Navjivan, Indian Opinion and Harijan?
(A) All of them were publications of Indian National Congress
(B) All of them faced a ban from the British Govt. during 1910s
(C) All of them were edited by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
(D) All of them were edited by Mahatma Gandhi

16. Fast-forwarding through commercials on home-taped video casettes is called:
(A) Zipping
(B) Zapping
(C) Zoning
(D) Juxtaposing

17. Find the incorrect pair from the following books and authors:
(A) The Principles of Sociology— Herbert Spencer
(B) The German Ideology—Karl Marx and Frederick Engels
(C) Outline of Psychoanalysis—Sigmund Freud
(D) Rhetoric—Plato

18. The news agency that has the largest number of foreign correspondents is:
(A) United Press International
(B) Reuters
(C) Associated Press
(D) Agence France Press

19. In research, integrating various qualitative methods with quantitative methods can be called as:
(A) Coherence
(B) Biparity
(C) Triangulation
(D) Impassive study

20. In audience analysis, if public audiences are analysed according to their age, gender ethnicity, education and income level then it is termed as:
(A) Demographics
(B) Psychographics
(C) Statistics
(D) Seismographics

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21. Famous ‘Manga’ Style graphics are related to:
(A) Video games
(B) Korean song
(C) Fantacy entertainment of Malaysians
(D) Architecture technique

22. A ‘Jump Cut’ is an editing technique that is employed:
(A) At the beginning of a shot
(B) At the end of a shot
(C) Within a scene
(D) In between two shots

23. Which among the following is not a statistical method?
(A) Quartile deviation
(B) Chi-square
(C) Mode

24. White balance refers to:
(A) Editing
(B) Video camera
(C) Non-linear editing
(D) A still camera

25. In the context of corporate communication/public relations the abbreviation CSR means:
(A) Company’s statutory rights
(B) Corporate Social responsibility
(C) Commercial strategy for reach
(D) Continuous strategic review

26. Purchase from the fast food giant, McDonalds, comes with a toy based on a character from a popular movie. This is an example of:
(A) Controlled purchase
(B) Merchandise tie-in
(C) Product placement
(D) Film buzz

27. Positioning a weak programme between two successful programmes to support it by motivating audiences to watch, it is called:
(A) Hyping
(B) Hammocking
(C) Tent polling
(D) Hooking

28. When a photographer is working with a Single Lens Reflex (SLR) camera, adjusting the F-stop will most significantly influence which of the following elements of a photograph?
(A) Degree of brightness
(B) Lines of force
(C) Depth of field
(D) Size of images

29. The Arabic television channel AI-Jazeera has its headquarters at:
(A) Tehran
(B) Burkinafaso
(C) Doha
(D) Baghdad

30. With which folk art form would you associate Vithabai Narayanagaonkar?
(A) Dashavataar
(B) Hareekatha
(C) Warli Painting
(D) Lavanee

31. Which of the following media groups has a presence in Marathi Language?
(A) Sun group
(B) Bhaskar group
(C) Sakshi group
(D) Manorama group

32. Tendency of global media industry exporters to dominate the media consumption in other smaller countries to impose their own cultural and other values on audience elsewhere is called:
(A) Consumerism
(B) Discourse
(C) Convergence culture
(D) Cultural imperialism

33. The verbal code for communication is ………..
(A) Visual cue
(B) Language
(C) Picture
(D) Colour

34. Which among the following is taking the fastest growth strides in India?
(A) FM Radio Advertising
(B) TV Advertising
(C) Digital Advertising
(D) Mobile Advertising

35. Live Television and Radio that need the presence of audience are identified as:
(A) Transmission media
(B) Signal media
(C) Asynchronous media
(D) Synchronous media

36. In mediated communication, use of language imposes a grid on ……………
(A) Textuality
(B) Artificiality
(C) Conformity
(D) Reality

37. Which of the following is not the correct description of Yogendra Yadav?
(A) Psephologist
(B) Psychologist
(C) Politician
(D) Political Scientist

38. Which film theory gives primary creative credit to the director?
(A) New Wave
(B) Expressionism
(C) Auteur theory
(D) Realism

39. The life and work of which of the following eminent personalities has not been the subject of a movie in Marathi?
(A) Dadasaheb Phalke
(B) Yashwantrao Chavan
(C) Narayan Shripad Rajhans
(D) Mahadev Govind Ranade

40. Recently released popular Marathi movie ‘Duniyadaree’ was based on a novel with the same name. Who was the author of that novel?
(A) Suhas Shirwalkar
(B) Yogini Joglekar
(C) Rajan Shirodkar
(D) Vyankatesh Madgulkar

41. In quantitative research, what nature of the questions remain?
(A) General
(B) Abstract
(C) Ambiguous
(D) Standardised

42. The ratio between the vertical and the horizontal measurement of a film/video is termed as:
(A) Freeze ratio
(B) Screen ratio
(C) Shape ratio
(D) Aspect ratio

43. In liberation philosophy, private ownership of the property is provided by:
(A) Legislative Law
(B) Judicial Law
(C) Constitutional Law
(D) Civil Law

44. British Film maker Leslee Udwin’s India’s Daughter documentary is based on:
(A) Female foeticide
(B) 2012 Delhi Gang Rape in India
(C) Girl Education
(D) Domestic Violence

45. In social media sites especially in Twitter, usage of the symbol (#) is primarily meant for:
(A) Tagging
(B) To get more retweets
(C) To generate more followers
(D) Content copied from others

46. Who has written the famous Hindi novel ‘Kitne Pakistan’?
(A) Surendra Sen
(B) Asghar Wajahat
(C) Kamleshwar Saxena
(D) Abdul Bismillah

47. Which of the following journalists turned politician contested a Lok Sabha election?
(A) Bharatkumar Raut
(B) Imtiaz Jalil
(C) Aashutosh
(D) Arun Shorie

48. The commercial broadcasting wing of AIR, Vividh Bharati was started as a counter to:
(A) Radio Ceylon
(C) Voice of America
(D) Radio Moscow

49. Which of the following media groups does not run a channel or newspaper in Marathi language?
(A) Anand Bazar Patrika Group
(B) Benett and Coleman Group
(C) Network 18 Group
(D) Jagran Group