CSAT Data Sufficiency Questions and Answers for Practice

Directions: Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and give answer
(1) if the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question;
(2) if the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question
(3) if the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question;
(4) if the data given in both the statements I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question
(5) If the data in both the statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question.

1. There are two families, the Mittals and the Singhanias. Which family does Kavita belong to if each family has four kids and-the Mittal family does not have any twins?
I. Meena is the elder sister of Dilip, Ramesh and Prabhat are twin brothers. Sonia has 2 sisters.
II. Kavita and Raj are siblings and one family has three girls and 1 boy as their kids and Rajni is a part of their family.

2. A businessman Oliver is married to a movie actress and has only one child Krishna who is a student. Neel’s nephew Bob is neither a lawyer nor a TV anchor. Madhur has a son Neel and two daughters Neeta and Seema who are housewife and movie actress not necessarily in the same order. There are in all 2 T.V. anchors. Who is the mother of the younger journalist?
I. The policeman’s brother has 2 son-in-laws, Sam and Oliver one of whom is a TV anchor.
II. There are 2 journalists and Madhur being one of them is married to the lawyer Pancham and Seema’s son is a student.

3. Alan, William, Susan, Sam and Alfred are standing one behind the other facing north, but not necessarily in the given order and they are given the numbers 1 to 5 (1st number to the first person 5th number to the last person). Who stands in the middle?
I. Two persons with the same initials will not stand together.
II. Alan is standing behind Susan and Alfred. William’s number is a perfect square. Sam is the last person.

4. Italy, France, England, Germany, Spain, Denmark are the six countries of the Eurpean Union. Which of these countries has the smallest area?
I. The sum of the areas of Italy, France, England is larger than Spain but smaller than Germany and Denmark.
II. The area of France is greater than Italy but smaller than England and the area of Italy is smaller than that of Spain.

5. By how much percent is Ajay lighter than Vijay?
I. If Ajay weighs 20 kg more than his weight will be equal’ to Vijay’s weight.
II. Vijay is 30% heavier than Ajay.

6. How many brothers does Kaustubh have?
I. Kaustubh has two sisters.
II. Kaustubh’s sisters have only one brother.
7. Deepak got a job. Did Aman get a job?
I. If Aman gets as job, Deepak will also get a job.
II. If Aman does not get a job, Deepak will not get a job.

8. What is the number of triangles that can be formed?
I. Each triangle has vertices involving exactly three of the given ten con-cyclic points.
II. The perimeter of the triangle with integral sides is 14.

9. What is the relation between Ajay and Vijay?
I. Vijay’s paternal grandparents had two children.
II. Ajay says “My mother’s mother-in-law is the Wife of Vijay’s father’s father-in-law”.

10. Sonu, Monu and Pinu are standing on a playground. Who is at the right hand side of Monu?
I. Sonu is facing the South, Monu is facing the North and Pinu is facing the North-West.
II. They form a right angled triangle.

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11. Each of the four brothers, Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughna, likes to play atmost two games out of football, cricket and tennis. Which game is liked by the most, if everyone likes at least one game?
I. Ram and Bharat hate football, but Laxman and Shatrughna like it.
II. Bharat and Shatrughna hate tennis, but Ram and Laxman like it.

12. In a group of 8 people A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H, there are 4 girls and 4 boys. They sit around an octagonal table facing the centre of the table. There are 2 couples in this group and they sit opposite each other. The seats are numbered 1 to 8 in clockwise direction. A sits on seat number l opposite his girlfriend E. F sits on seat number 6 opposite his girlfriend B. The people sitting opposite G and H are not their girlfriends. Within a couple, a girl is referred to as girlfriend and a boy as boyfriend. Who are sitting to the left and to the right of G?
I. Apart from the girls who are part of a couple, all the other girls sit between two girls and don’t have a boy sitting adjacent to them.
II. If all of them turn their chair by 180° then B’s boyfriend has H to his right.

13. “You must submit your application within 10 days from the date of release of this advertisement.” What is the exact date before which the application must be submitted?
I. The advertisement was released on l8th February.
II. It was a leap year.

14. Kiran is older than Manoj and Dilip is older than Neelam. Who among them is the youngest?
I. Kiran is older than Neelam.
II. Manoj is younger than Dilip.

15. Brinda’s merit rank is 17th in her class. What is her rank from the last?
I. There are 70 students in her class.
II. Nisha who ranks 20th in Brinda’s class 51st from the last.