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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practice Set

1. Which of the following statement is NOT true with respect to the effect on pharmacodynamics of some chiral drugs? A. S-Timolol is more potent blocker than R-Timolol B. D-propranolol is blocker while L- form is inactive C. S-ibuprofen is active form while R- Ibuprofen is inactive form D. L-Sotalol is blocker while D-Sotalol is

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Quiz

1. Which among the following element cannot demonstrate M+2 peak in its mass spectrum? A. Sulphur B. Iodine C. Oxygen D. Bromine E. None of the above 2. In this reaction catalysed by Cu (II), synthesis of symmetrical biaryls takes place. A. Dieckmann reaction B. Sharpless asymmetric epoxidation C. Ullmann reaction D. Mitsunobu reaction E.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry MCQ

1. The term Vicinal coupling describes- (a) coupling between 1H nuclei in an alkane. (b) coupling between 1H nuclei in an alkene. (c) coupling between 1H nuclei attached to a djacent C atoms. (d) coupling between 1H nuclei attached to the same C atom. 2. In the mass spectrum of the ethyl propanoate, a typical

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Questions and Answers

1. Which of the following is an example of a carrier linked tripartite prodrug? (a) Becampicillin (b) Carbenicillin sodium (c) Chloramphenicol palmitate (d) Sulfisoxazole diacetate 2. In which of the following named reactions Tosylhydrazone is used as protecting group for alcohols and amines to obtain chemo selectivity in a multistep reaction? (a) Sandmeyer reaction (b)