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1. A tyre is specified as P 205/75 R14. The digit 75 stands for : (A) Radius (B) Diameter (C) Aspect ratio (D) Speed rate 2. Which of the following starting drive is used in vehicle ? (A) Bendix drive (B) Torque tube drive (C) Hotchkiss drive (D) Full floating drive 3. In the fully

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1. Increase of torque in a vehicle is obtained by : (A) Increasing speed (B) Decreasing speed (C) Increasing power (D) All of the above 2. Speed of the driving gear (A) 1500 rpm, speed of the driven gear (B) mesh with A is 3000 rpm. What is gear ratio ? (A) 2 (B) 0.5

Automobile Engineering Sample Questions and Answers

1. VIN stands for : (A) Vehicle Information Numerals (B) Vehicle Identification Numerals (C) Vehicle Identification Number (D) Vehicle Index Number 2. In metric system pressure is measured in: (A) Pascal (B) PSI (C) Erg (D) Newton per metre 3. Which of the following is not a cutting tool? (A) Handfile (B) Drill (C) Chisel

Automobile Engineering Model Questions

1. During the compression stroke of a four stroke diesel engine, the piston compresses : (A) Air fuel mixture (B) Atomised diesel (C) Diesel Vapour (D) Air 2. The inventor of two stroke engine is : (A) Dugald Clark (B) Rudolf diesel (C) James Watt (D) Nicolaus A Otto 3. Theoretically during expansion process in

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1. Four stroke petrol engines are also called: (a) S.I Engines (b) C.I Engines (c) Hybrid Engines (d) None of these 2. Two stroke engine has higher mechanical efficiency than four stroke engine: (a) Because of its simple design (b) As it consumes more lubricating oil (c) Due to the absence of cams, crankshafts and