Anthropology Test Papers

1. The tribe(s) living in Andaman and Nicobar islands is/are
(A) Jarawa
(B) Onge
(C) Shompen
(D) All of these

2. Shifting cultivation is also known as
(A) Slash and burn cultivation
(B) Hoeand burn cultivation
(C) Horticulture
(D) None of these

3. The Garos area tribe.
(A) Matrilineal
(B) Matnarchal
(C) Patrilineal
(D) Patmniocal

4. The declaration of some forest areas as reserved led to among the tribals.
(A) Land alienation
(B) Poverty and indebtedness
(C) Problems of health
(D) Cultural problems

5. The tribal pockets of Chotanagpur region, Orissa, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh suffered the most due to —————-
(A) Mining activities
(B) Lack of education
(C) Lack of drinking water and other amenities
(D) Displacement and rehabilitation

6. Developmental projects have impacted the tribals and their livelihood. This statement is
(A) Correct
(B) Incorrect
(C) Difficult to state
(D) None of these

7. Traditional factor(s) of culture change among tribals of India is
(A) Hinduzation
(B) Chnistianization
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) None of these

8. What does pseudo-tribalism mean?
(A) Tribals who have adopted a modern and urban way of life
(B) Non-tribals undergoing the process of tribalisation for claiming socio-economic benefits
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) None of these

9. S.L. Washburn is associated with
(A) Primatology
(B) Social Anthropology
(C) Study on Pen
(D) Economic Anthropology

10. Taphonomy stands for-
(A) Brachiation
(B) Study of the process of site disturbance and destruction
(C) Study of tribal housing pattern
(D) Linguistic analysis

11. Who for the first time used the term ‘teknonymy’ in Anthropology?
(A) Morgan
(B) Tylor
(C) Majumdar
(D) Lowie

12. Muller was awarded Noble prize for his work on-
(A) Structure of DNA
(B) Chemistry of DNA
(C) Mutation by X-ray
(D) Nature of genes

13. Earliest evidence of domestication was found at-
(A) Adamgarh
(B) Jarmo
(C) Nevasa
(D) Maski

14. The dental formula of Loris is-
(B) /

15. ‘Anthropomorph’ is related to-
(A) Indus Valley Civilization
(B) Ganges Valley Civilization
(C) Megalithic Tradition
(D) None of the above

16. ‘LAMPS’ are related with
(A) IV th year plan
(B) V th year plan
(C) VI th year plan
(D) VII th year plan

17. Who among the following said “culture is a part of nature”?
(A) Tylor
(B) Morgan
(C) Krober
(D) Linton

18. ‘Dendrochronology’ stands for-
(A) Counting of pots on any stratum
(B) Counting of rings on the trunk of a tree for dating
(C) Analysis of pottery
(D) None of the above

19. Who applied genealogical method for the first time?
(A) Westermarck
(B) B. J. Barnes
(C) Murdock
(D) WHR Rivers

20. Band Organization is the characteristic feature of –
(A) Industrial Society
(B) Foraging Society
(C) Agricultural Society
(D) Horticultural Society

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21. Genetic Drift is also known as-
(A) Bergmann Effect
(B) White Effect
(C) Wright Effect
(D) None of the above

22. Pressure flaking appeared during-
(A) Lower Paleolithic
(B) Middle Paleolithic
(C) Upper Paleolithic
(D) All of the above

23. Which of the following is an example of association?
(A) Clan
(B) Moiety
(C) Adrama troop
(D) All

24. Socio-linguistics is concerned with-
(A) Ethnography of speaking
(B) Study of how people in a society vary and how they speak
(C) Also deals with casual conversations.
(D) All of the above

25. Spindle Rays are-
(A) RNA strands
(B) Protoplasm
(C) Centrioles
(D) All of the above

26. Interrelationship between organism and their environment is termed as-
(A) Cultural relativism
(B) Materialism
(C) Ecology
(D) Environmental determinism

27. Supra Orbital torus is found in-
(A) Gorilla
(B) Man
(C) Kangaroo
(D) None of these

28. Body Fat can be measured by-
(A) Skin fold
(B) Height
(C) Weight
(D) Head Circumference

29. Meiosis is a
(A) Division of sexual cells
(B) Is a reduction division
(C) Has many complex stages
(D) All above

30. What is ‘Bonga’?
(A) A Tribe
(B) Name for Supernatural power
(C) A Totem
(D) A Ritual

31. Which is a Flake Tradition Culture?
(A) Sohan Culture
(B) Abbivilian Culture
(C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’
(D) None

32. Who practices Kula?
(A) Trobrianders Islanders
(B) Dobus
(C) Amphlet
(D) All Above

33. Who talked about Classificatory and Descriptive Kinship terms?
(A) Morgan
(B) Tylor
(C) Lowie
(D) Murdock

34. Which is the key feature of Anthropological Research method?
(A) Interview
(B) Questionnaire
(C) Survey Method
(D) Field Work

35. Concept of Nature- Man- Spirit Complex was given by-
(A) L.P Vidyarthi
(B) Malinowski
(C) Krober
(D) Tylor

36. The concept of Sanskritization was propounded by-
(A) Malinowski
(B) M.N Srinivas
(C) S.C Duby
(D) D.N Majumdar

37. Who is known as Father of Indian Anthropology?
(A) S.C. Dube
(B) D.N. Majumdar
(C) S.C. Roy
(D) B.K. Roy Burman

38. The model of evolution known as ‘punctuated equilibrium’ was propounded by
(A) Dobzhansky
(B) George Simpson
(C) Eldredge & Stephen Gould
(D) Mendel

39. Arun Sonkia is associated with which site-
(A) Attirampakkam
(B) Bhimbetka
(C) Hoshangabad
(D) Pallavaram

40. ‘Sib-Pair method’ was given by-
(A) R. A Fisher
(B) J.B.S. Haldane
(C) Penrose and Burks
(D) R. Sanger

41. Which of the following book advocated “trial marriage”?
(A) Primitive Society
(B) The Family
(C) The History of Human Marriages
(D) None of the above

42. ‘ Bukuma Tula’ — a type of youth dormitory is found in-
(A) Oraons
(B) Trobriand Islanders
(C) Mundas
(D) Bhotias

43. Hunting and gathering is the chief economic activity of
(A) Jaunsarese
(B) Chenchus
(C) Baigas
(D) Gonds

44. VI ™ Schedule administers and controls which of the following states?
(A) Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh, Uttarakhand
(B) Assam, Meghalaya, Mijoram and Tripura
(C) Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh
(D) None of the above

45. Who are called ‘lesser apes’?
(A) Hylobates
(B) Pan
(C) Pongo
(D) None of the above

46. TRIFED was formed in-
(A) August, 1987
(B) August, 1988
(C) August, 1989
(D) August, 1990

47. Which is not true for conservative Neanderthals?
(A) Its fossils were discovered from a cave in Correze district of France
(B) Its average cephalic index was 74.5
(C) Its nose was platyrrhine
(D) Its cranial capacity was 1150 cc

48. Bagore’ site is situated on the bank of which river?
(A) Tapi
(B) Kothari
(C) Narmada
(D) Mahanadi

49. Which article of the Indian constitution empowers the President to declare an area as ‘Scheduled Area’?
(A) Article- 244
(B) Article- 275
(C) Article-32
(D) Article-165

50. Sarhul’ Festival is celebrated by-
(A) Oraons
(B) Santhals
(C) Mundas
(D) Bhumij