Zoology MCQ

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Zoology MCQ

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MCQ Question Papers of Zoology

1. Chloride shift is essential for transport of
(A) CO2 and O2
(B) N2
(C) CO2 only
(D) O2 only

2. The snakes and birds are mainly
(A) ammonotelic
(B) amiotelic
(C) ureotelic
(D) uricotelic

3. The number of RBCs in man increases if someone lives at higher altitude because
(A) there is more oxygen
(B) there is less oxygen
(C) there are no germs in air
(D) more heat is needed to warm the body

4. The conduction of impulse from SA node moves to
(A) AV node
(B) bundle of His
(C) Purkinje fibres
(D) chordae tendinae

5. The most abundant granulocyte in human blood is
(A) Basophil
(B) Eosinophil
(C) Neutrophil
(D) monocyte

6. The immediate predecessor of spermatids is
(A) Spermatogonia
(B) primary spermatocyte
(C) secondary spermatocyte
(D) sperm mother cell

7. Fertilization of ova in human takes place in
(A) Ovary
(B) Vagina
(C) Uterus
(D) fallopian tube

8. The eggs of egg-laying mammals are
(A) Macrolecithal
(B) Alecithal
(C) Mesolecithal
(D) telolecithal

9. The tertiary membranes of egg are secreted by the
(A) egg itself
(B) follicular cells
(C) oviduct
(D) uterus

10. Which is an exception to Mendel’s law?
(A) Purity of gametes
(B) Dominance
(C) Linkage and crossing-over
(D) Independent assortment

11. Archenteron is formed during
(A) morula stage
(B) blastula stage
(C) late gastrula stage
(D) early gastrula stage

12. Turner’s syndrome is caused due to sex chromosomal composition of
(A) XO

13. Darwin’s finches are a good example of
(A) convergent evolution
(B) industrial melanism
(C) connecting link
(D) adaptive radiation

14. Which of the following is secondary pollutant?
(A) NO
(B) NO2
(C) SO2

15. A taxon which is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild in immediate future is known as
(A) Rare
(B) Vulnerable
(C) Endangered
(D) critically endangered

16. In a mammalian embryo, the extra-embryonic membranes arise from
(A) inner cell mass
(B) formative cells
(C) trophoblast
(D) follicle cells

17. Removal of spleen from the human body leads to
(A) decrease in antibody formation
(B) increase in RBC production
(C) decrease in platelet formation
(D) decrease in plasma formation

18. Which one of the following elements is required in coagulation of blood?
(A) Calcium
(B) Iron
(C) Potassium
(D) Sodium

19. A person with antigen A and B but without any antibody belongs to the blood group
(A) A
(B) B
(C) AB
(D) O

20. Seymouria, a fossil reptile, is a missing link between
(A) fishes and amphibians
(B) amphibians and reptiles
(C) reptiles and mammals
(D) None of the above

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21. The Wild Life (Protection) Act was passed in the year
(A) 1972
(B) 1982
(C) 1992
(D) 1962

22. In ornithine cycle, which pair of the following wastes are removed from the blood?
(A) CO2 and urea
(B) Ammonia and urea
(C) CO2 and ammonia
(D) Urea and sodium salt

23. The honeybees exhibit a particular dance to communicate the location of food. This is known as
(A) tap dance
(B) waggle dance
(C) break dance
(D) round and waggle dance

24. Who stated that ‘life originated from simple amino acids’?
(A) Oparin
(B) Muller
(C) Urey and Muller
(D) De Vries

25. Which of the following is used for dating the bones?
(A) C14
(B) I21
(C) P32
(D) All of the above

26. The theory of biogenetic law explains ‘ontogeny repeats phyllogeny’. It was propounded by
(A) Weissman
(B) Lamarck
(C) Haeckel
(D) Harvey

27. Derivative of sweat gland is
(A) Moll’s gland
(B) scent gland
(C) sebaceous gland
(D) mammary gland

28. The basis of karyotaxonomy is
(A) number of nucleoli
(B) sedimentation rate of ribosomes
(C) chromosome banding
(D) chromosome number

29. The type of fossil where hard parts like bone or trunks of trees are preserved is known as
(A) Petrifaction
(B) Mould
(C) Compression
(D) pseudofossil

30. Diploblastic acoelomate condition is found in
(A) Planaria
(B) Rotifer
(C) Ascaris
(D) sea anemone

31. Drones in honeybee colony are
(A) fertile males
(B) fertile females
(C) sterile males
(D) sterile females

32. Burachapari Wildlife Sanctuary is located in
(A) Jorhat district
(B) Dibrugarh district
(C) Lakhimpur district
(D) Sonitpur district

33. The silk thread obtained from silk moth is the product of
(A) salivary gland of larvae
(B) cuticle of adult
(C) cuticle of larva
(D) salivary gland of the adult

34. Select the one with wrong class
(A) Sea star : Asteroidea
(B) Sea urchin : Echinoidea
(C) Sea cake : Holothuroidea
(D) Brittle star : Ophiuroidea

35. Lac is produced as
(A) faeces of the lac insect
(B) secretion from the body
(C) excretion from the body
(D) excess food oozing out of the body

36. The functional adult kidney of reptile is
(A) Pronephros
(B) Metanephros
(C) Mesonephros
(D) 50% each of mesonephros and metanephros

37. Obturator foramen in rabbit is present in
(A) Skull
(B) Vertebrum
(C) pelvic girdle
(D) femur

38. Which one of the following is a biologically incompatible marriage?
(A) Rh-positive man and Rh-negative woman
(B) Rh-negative man and Rh-negative woman
(C) Rh-positive man and Rh-positive woman
(D) Rh-negative man and Rh-positive woman

39. What was the principal missing element in the Darwin’s concept of evolution?
(A) Knowledge of heredity and variation
(B) Concept of missing links
(C) Fossil record
(D) Concrete evidence for the operation of natural selection

40. Corals are
(A) sedentary sponges
(B) sedentary cridarians
(C) sedentary ascidians
(D) free living ctenophorans

41. Which one of the following is not a larval stage of liver fluke?
(A) Redia
(B) Cercaria
(C) Dipinnaria
(D) Miracidium

42. The infective stage of Ascaris is
(A) fertilized egg
(B) second-stage larva
(C) unfertilized egg
(D) adult worm

43. Honeybees have pollen basket on their
(A) Abdomen
(B) prothoracic leg
(C) mesothoracic leg
(D) metathoracic leg

44. The first larval stage of Fasciola hepatica is
(A) Miracidium
(B) Redia
(C) Cercaria
(D) metacercaria

45. The epidermal glands originate from which layer?
(A) Stratum granulosum
(B) Stratum corneum
(C) Stratum lucidum
(D) Stratum malpighu

46. Esterase belongs to
(A) Transferase
(B) hydrolytic enzyme
(C) oxidation-reduction enzyme
(D) carboxylating enzyme

47. Mountain sickness results due to
(A) anaemia hypoxia
(B) arterial hypoxia
(C) lack of sufficient Hb
(D) lack of sufficient RBCs

48. Which of the following foetal membranes is directly connected with blood?
(A) Allantoic
(B) Amnion
(C) Chorion
(D) Yolk sac

49. The number of cephalic appendages in prawn is
(A) four pairs
(B) five pairs
(C) six pairs
(D) eight pairs

50. The number of spinal nerves in rat is
(A) 12 pairs
(B) 31 pairs
(C) 33 pairs
(D) 37 pairs