Test Papers on Homeopathy

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Test Papers on Homeopathy

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Test Papers on Homeopathy Practice Set

1. According to Boenninghausen complete symptoms means:
(A) Symptom having location sensation modality and concombitants
(B) A symptom having location and modality
(C) Symptom having mental general and physical general
(D) Symptom having mental general and particulars

2. Total number of chapters in Boenninghausen’s therapeutic pocket books:
(A) Ten
(B) Seven
(C) Twelve
(D) Fifteen

3. The rubric ‘Desire for Open Air’ is found in BTPB in Section :
(A) Aggravation
(B) Fever
(C) Amelioration
(D) Sensation and complaints

4. The rubric ‘vertigo’ is found in BTPB Section:
(A) Fever
(B) Sensation and complaints
(C) Mind and intellect
(D) Nausea and vomiting

5. The rubric parotid glands in BTPB is found in Section :
(A) Sensation and complaints in general
(B) Mouth
(C) Ear
(D) Throat

6. The relationship Section of BTPB :
(A) 126 remedies
(B) 362 remedies
(C) 139 remedies
(D) 141 remedies

7. The total number of chapters in Boger Boenninghausen characteristics and repertory are:
(A) 50
(B) 53
(C) 46
(D) 40

8. The total number of medicines in BBCR comes to:
(A) 378
(B) 362
(C) 478
(D) 461

9. The rubric ‘moon light age’ is found in the following chapter Kent’s repertory :
(A) Skin
(B) Extremities
(C) Generalities
(D) Head

10. The rubric ‘convulsions’ is found in following chapter of Kent’s repertory:
(A) Generalities
(B) Skin
(C) Extremities
(D) Head

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. Year of publication of first edition of Kent’s Repertory of Homoeopathic Materia Medica, was in :
(A) 1908
(B) 1897
(C) 1924
(D) 1902

12. Total number of chapters in Kent’s repertoryis:
(A) 30 Chapters
(B) 37 Chapters
(C) 33 Chapters
(D) 32 Chapters

13. Sleep chapter of Kent’s repertory consist of the following types of dreams:
(A) 200 types
(B) 237 types
(C) 100 types
(D) 210 types

14. The rubric ‘paralysis agitans’ is found in the following chapter of Kent’s repertory:
(A) Extrimities
(B) Head
(C) Generalities
(D) Skin

15. The rubric ‘suppression of urine’ is found in the following chapter of Kent‘s repertory :
(A) Kidneys
(B) Prostategland
(C) Urine
(D) Urethra

16. The rubric ‘heartburn’ is found in the following chapter of Kent’s repertory:
(A) Heart
(B) Skin
(C) Stomach
(D) Throat

17. In procket mannual of homoeopathic Materia Medica and repertory the clinical repertory was written by:
(A) Oscar E. Boericke
(B) William Boericke
(C) Allen Boericke
(D) Constantine Lippe

18. The repertory the Homoeopathic Therapeutics of Diarrhoea was written by:
(A) W. Gurnsey
(B) Adolf Lippe
(C) James B.Bell
(D) Oscar E. Boericke

19. Rubric word originated from the word :
(A) Rubrica
(B) General Rubrics
(C) Sub Rubrics
(D) Physlcal Rubrics

20. The word ‘RADAR in computer software means:
(A) Rapid Aid for drug airred research
(B) Rapid adjustment for Aid research
(C) Radar used software
(D) Rules accompanying drug research

21. Gentry’s concordance repertory has following numbers of volumes:
(A) 6 volumes
(B) 5 volumes
(C) 8 volumes
(D) 4 volumes

22. The repertory “fragmenta deviribus medica mentorum positivis’ was written by :
(A) J. T. Kent
(B) Samuel Hahnemann
(C) Constantine Lippe
(D) Adolf Lippe

23. The pan which is used for preparing the medicine “Cactus Grandiflorus” :
(A) Only leaves
(B) Only barks
(C) Only stem
(D) Only roots

24. Alkaloids present in Opium are:
(A) Codeine and Morphine only
(B) Narcotinum and Narceinum only
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

25. The following medicines are prepared from Black Spider except :
(A) Thericlioncurassavicum
(B) Latrodectus Hasselii
(C) Latrodectus Mactans
(D) Mygalelasidora

26. The medicine Ambra Grisea is a :
(A) Sarcode
(B) Nosode
(C) lmponderabilia
(D) None of the above

27. Spermaceti is a :
(A) Solid vehicle
(B) Liquid vehicle
(C) Semisolid vehicle
(D) None of the above

28. On adding Potassium ferrocyanide solution to sugar of milk solution if reddish brown precipitation is formed, inference is:
(A) Copper is an impurity
(B) Chloride is an impurity
(C) Starch is an impurity
(D) Alum is an impurity »

29. Oil of Wintergreen test is used to find out the presence of ______ as an impurity in Ethyl alcohol.
(A) Acid
(B) Water
(C) Methyl alcohol
(D) Fusel oil

30. Pharmacopollaxy deals with :
(A) Routes of drug administration
(B) Drug dynamisation
(C) Repetition of doses
(D) Drug proving

31. Maceration is done under ordinary temperature of :
(A) 10°- 15°c
(B) 15° – 20°c
(C) 20° – 25°c
(D) 25° – 30°c

32. For conversion of trituration into liquid potency under decimal scale the potency taken is :
(A) 3C
(B) 4C
(C) 8X
(D) 6X

33. Number of Monograph present in volume IX of HPI:
(A) 105
(B) 107
(C) 100
(D) 180

34. Which variety of alcohol is used for purification of sugar of milk in Stapf process?
(A) Strong alcohol
(B) Dilute alcohol
(C) Dispensing alcohol
(D) Absolute alcohol

35. In making the first trituration double time should be taken for the following drug except:
(A) Mercury
(B) Platinum
(C) Plumbum
(D) Graphites

36. According to Drug and Cosmetic Act for, the sale of Homoeopathic medicines duration of License is given in:
(A) 67 E
(B) 67 B
(C) 67 F
(D) 67 D

37. The following Tinctures or Solutions are having Drug strength of 1/100 except:
(A) Phosphorus
(B) Arsenicum album
(C) Bromium
(D) Glonine

38. Among the following which one is a nosode?
(A) Thyroidinum
(B) Pancreatinum
(C) Parotidinum
(D) Adrenalinum

39. To remove greasy or oily materials of Pharmaceutical utensils the following substanoes are used
(A) Methylated Spirit and Ether
(B) Chlorofonn
(C) Benzene
(D) All of the above

40. In old method the drug Natrum Mur is prepared under:
(A) VA
(B) VB