Sample Question Papers on Homeopathy for Preparation

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Sample Question Papers on Homeopathy

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Sample Question Papers on Homeopathy Practice Set

1. Medicines which has indications in cyclical order:
(A) Puisatilla — Silicea — Flouiricunfi Acidum
(B) Sulphur-Calcarea Carbonica – Lycopodium Clavatum
(C) Sulphur-Sarsaparilla-Sepia
(D) All of these

2. Vertigo on the least noise is the marked feature of :
(A) Theridion
(B) Argentu Nitricum
(C) Calcarea Carbonicum
(D) Graphites

3. Patient feels better by constipation is the marked feature of:
(A) Caicarea Carbonica
(B) Alumina
(C) Opium
(D) Nux vomica

4. Patient shivers with chili although aversion to covering is the marked feature of:
(A) Sepia
(B) Pulsatilla Nigricans
(C) Murex
(D) China Ofiicinalis

5. The patient is sad, despondent, feels like crying all the times but crying makes her worse is one of the peculiar mental symptoms of :
(A) Pulsatilla
(B) Nuxvomica
(C) Stannummetallicum
(D) Sanicula

6. Patient sleeps in knee chest position is the marked feature of:
(A) Medorrhinum
(B) Natrum Sulphuricum
(C) Pulsatilla Nigricans
(D) Thuja Ocoidentalis

7. Menses flow only on lying down is the marked feature of :
(A) Graphites
(B) Calcarea Carbonica
(C) Pulsatilla Nigricans
(D) Kreosotum

8. Leucorrhoea in little girls is marked feature of:
(A) Sepia
(B) Calcarea Carbonica
(C) Pulsatilla Nigricans
(D) Kreosotum

9. Impulse to throw her child into the fire or to kill her husband who she dearly loves is the marked feature of:
(A) Natrum Sulphuricum
(B) Hepar Sulplruris
(C) Nux vomica
(D) lodum

10. Pain in small spot can be covered by tip of finger is the marked feature of:
(A) Kalium bichromicum
(B) Aconltum Napellus
(C) Belladonna
(D) Hypericum Perforatum

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. Patient has rheumatic pain and he fears thunder and worse in storm is marked feature of:
(A) Rhododendron
(B) Rhus Toxicodendron
(C) Bryonica Alba
(D) Causiicum

12. Ailments from suppressed anger is marked in
(A) Pulsatilla Nigricans
(B) Natrum Murlaticum
(C) Ignatia Amara
(D) Staphysagria

13. Sweat only on uncovered pans is the marked feature of:
(A) Natrums Muriaticum
(B) Calcarea Carbonica
(C) Psorinum
(D) Thuja Occidentalis

14. Aconite antidotes :
(A) Belladonna, Chamomilla, Coffea Cruda
(B) Nux vom, Sepia, Spongia, Sulphur
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

15. Remedies for intense craving for undigestible things are :
(A) Cal Carb, Cina, Alumina
(B) Psorinum, Nitric acid, Cicuta
(C) Both (A)and (B)
(D) None of these

16. The trio of delirious remedies are
(A) Belladonna, Stramonium, Hyoscymus
(B) Nuxvom, Ignatia, Opiuln
(C) Aplsmel, Zincum met, Aoonitum nap
(D) Opium, Antlm tart, Nux mosch

17. Menses preceded by sore throat is one of the peculiar symptoms of ______ lady.
(A) Lac canlrium, Mag Cert
(B) Ignatia, Nuxmosch
(C) Graphltes, Sepia
(D) All of these

18. In. case of Dysentary, the character of stool of Marcurlus patient is ______
(A) Soanty, slimy, painless
(B) Profuse, bleeding, slimy, with tenesmus
(C) ineffectual urging, soursmelllng
(D) Scanty, mucoid, offensive, painful

19. The character of cough of Mercurius patient is ________.
(A) Loose, rattling, with chest pain
(B) Dry fatiguing, racking
(C) Dry with gagging and vomiting
(D) Loose, Profuse white expectoration

20. The character of menses of Murex purp, lady is ______
(A) Regular, bright red, ‘non-coagulable
(B) Irregular, early, profuse, protracted, large clots
(C) Late, lasting for one day only
(D) Late, profuse‘ dark offensive

21. Disease begins on the left side and then goes to the right side is the marked feature of:
(A) Lachesis
(B) Lycopodium olavatum
(C) Lilum Trgrinum
(D) Lac caninum

22. Secale cor is adapted to ________ persons.
(A) Fatty, brunette, with rigid fibres
(B) Thin, scrawny, feeble cachaclic
(C) Emaciated, dirty, filthy
(D) Tall, stoop shouldered, fair complexion

23. The characteristic urine of Selenium patient is _________.
(A) Red, Dark, Scanty, Sandy, Sediment
(B) Yellow, Profuse, Hot offensive
(C) White, Acrid, Scanty
(D) None of these

24. In haemorrhage, the character of blood of Terebinth patient is :
(A) Passive, dark, profuse
(B) Bright red, non coagulable
(C) Dark, clotted, offensive
(D) Scanty, dark in lumps

25. The characteristic wart of Thuja Occidentalis patient is _____
(A) Large, seedy pedunculated
(B) Large, smooth, fleshy
(C) Small, flat, bleeding
(D) Large, rough, non-pedunculated

26. The character of menses of Tuberculinum lady is ______
(A) Too early, profuse, long lasting
(B) Late, scanty, offensive
(C) Early, scanty, flow lasts for one day
(D) None of the above

27. In constipation, the character of stool of Varatrum alb patient is :
(A) Soft, Scanty, Painful
(B) Hard, large in round black balls
(C) Long slender, hard clay coloured
(D) Soft, offensive scanty

28. The characteristic tongue of Veratrum viride patient is ____.
(A) White or yellow, red streak down the middle
(B) Clean, moist
(C) Thick, milky-white
(D) Dry, cracked brownish

29. ‘Can only void urine while sitting and bending backwards’ is one of the red line symptoms of ____
(A) Zincum met
(B) Belladonna
(C) Rhus tox
(D) Causticum

30. Constant pain under the lower and inner angle of right Scapula is the marked feature of:
(A) Lycopodiom clavatum
(B) Berberis vulgaris
(C) Chinaofficinalis
(D) Chelidoniummajus

31. “No prescription” means:
(A) First prescription which have no action
(B) First prescription which produces bad effects
(C) Aggravation following first prescription which need antidote
(D) None of these

32. “A medicine has produced new symptoms” — it need : ’
(A) Antidote the medicine
(B) Repetition of the same medicine
(C) Placebo
(D) Complementary medicine

33. Symptoms takes wrong direction means:
(A) Violating the Hering’s law of cure
(B) Very bad prognosis due to enhancement of gross pathological changes
(C) Result of applying deep acting antipsoric medicine
(D) Obeying Hering’s law of cure

34. The mission of physician is highest as per :
(A) Aphorism No. 1
(B) Aphorism No. 2
(C) Aphorism No.3
(D) Aphorism No. 17

35. Miasm means :
(A) Materiaprecans
(B) Prima causes morbi
(C) Dynamic disease producing inimical force
(D) Material disease producing agents

36. Accessory circumstances is :
(A) The condition or circumstances which causes acute disease
(B) Modifying factors for causing true chronic disease
(C) Conditions for causing indisposition.
(D) Circumstances for causing inappropriately named chronic diseases

37. The concept off “Tolle causam” and “Cessateffectuscessatcausa” is :
(A) Same
(B) Different
(C) Opposite
(D) Synergetic

38. “The hidden treasure of the last organon” is related to the publication of :
(A) 3rd edition
(B) 4th edition
(C) 5th edition
(D) 6th edition

39. Masked venereal disease is a :
(A) Suppressed disease
(B) Complex disease by true chronic miasm
(C) Metastatic disease
(D) Combination of more than one acute disease

40. Accessory miasm is :
(A) Acute miasm of fixed character
(B) Chronic miasm
(C) Causing one sided disease
(D) Extra acute miasm in related to immunization as per homeopathic concept

41. Symptomatic treatment means :
(A) Treatment by symptomatological concept
(B) Treatment by antipathic medicine
(C) Treatment by orthodox system of medicine
(D) Treatment by isopathic medicine

42. Concept of treatment as per Brousseau relates to :
(A) Physiological treatment
(B) Rational treatment
(C) Irrational treatment
(D) Homogenous treatment

43. Conjoint action means :
(A) Combined action of primary and secondary action
(B) Combined action of secondary counter action and secondary curative action
(C) Combined action of passive action of vital force and active action of medicine during primary action
(D) Combined action of alternating action and primary action

44. Dr. Hahnemann allowed to treat the patients by antipathic medicine in some specific emergency conditions mentioned in:
(A) Foot note to Aphorism No. 67
(B) Foot note to Aphorism No. 69
(C) Foot note to Aphorism No. 57
(D) Foot note to Aphorism No. 58

45. “Roodvouk” is medical name of disease:
(A) Purpura miliaris
(B) Scarlet fever
(C) Plague of Levant
(D) Angina pectoris

46. Dr. Hahnemann used Belladonna as genus epidemicus against scarlet fever in the year:
(A) 1798
(B) 1801
(C) 1805
(D) 1810

47. Obviouscause is the cause for:
(A) Causing acute disease
(B) Causing true chronic diseases
(C) Cause relating to any secret mention by the patient during case taking
(D) Cause related to indisposition

48. Empirical drug proving was related to the name of:
(A) Dr. S. Hahnemann
(B) Dr. Albert von Haller
(C) Dr. C. Farrhington
(D) Dr. C. Hering

49. Idiosyncrasy means :
(A) Leuoophregmatic constitution
(B) Peculiar corporeal constitution
(C) Hydrogenoid constitution
(D) Oxy-nitrogenoid constitution

50. “DARUP TREASURE” is the money donated for the publication of 6th edition, Organon of Medicine by:
(A) Willium Boerick
(B) Richard Haehi
(C) Marie Melnie De Hervilly
(D) James Krauss