Psychiatry Quiz

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Psychiatry Quiz

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Quiz on Psychiatry

1. Hoover’s test is done in
(1) Generalized anxiety disorder
(2) Conversion disorder
(3) Amnestic disorder
(4) Panic disorder

2. Munchausen syndrome represents
(1) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
(2) Chronic Factitious Disorder
(3) Chronic Pain Syndrome
(4) None of the above

3. Ganser syndrome is a type of
(1) Depressive disorder
(2) Dissociative disorder
(3) Anxiety disorder
(4) Body dysmorphic disorder

4. The clinical features of PTSD does not include
(1) Experiencing of traumatic event
(2) Diminished interest in significant activities
(3) Poor startle response
(4) Hyper Vigilance

5. The mainstay of Hospice care includes
(1) Palliative care
(2) Home care
(3) Nursing Home care
(4) All of the above

6. Euthanasia does not refer to
(1) Maintaining dignity in dying patient
(2) Hastening of death in dying patient
(3) To delay death in dying patient
(4) To relieve pain and suffering in dying patient

7. Sleep hygiene does not include
(1) Physical fitness
(2) Evening relaxation exercise
(3) Not viewing TV in evening
(4) Taking cold bath in evening

8. Obstructive sleep apnea on polysomnography in adults is characterized by multiple periods of apnea where nasal and oral airflow ceases for minimum period of
(1) 5 seconds
(2) 10 seconds
(3) 15 seconds
(4) 20 seconds

9. Advanced Sleep Phase Syndrome includes
(1) Maintaining sleep once begun
(2) Ability to delay sleep phase by enforcing conventional sleep and wake timings
(3) They have ability to stay awake in evening
(4) They have ability to sleep in the morning until desired conventional timing

10. The risk of a second suicide attempt is highest within
(1) 01 months of first attempt
(2) 02 months of first attempt
(3) 03 months of first attempt
(4) 04 months of first attempt

11. Parasuicidal behaviour is the term used for
(1) Patients who injure themselves by self-mutilation
(2) Suicide survivor
(3) Repeated suicide thought
(4) Legal term for suicide

12. Decreased level of 5 hydroxy indole acetic acid (5-HIAA) in suicidal patients is seen in
(1) Saliva
(2) Urine
(3) Blood secretion
(4) Lumbar cerebrospinal fluid

13. Danish American adoption studies suggested strongest evidence of genetic factors in
(1) Suicide
(2) Anxiety disorder
(3) Alzheimer’s dementia
(4) None of the above

14. Suicide survivor refers to those
(1) Who have lost a loved one to suicide
(2) Who has attempted suicide but lived
(3) A pact between to truly romantic adult for suicide attempt
(4) None of the above

15. Following should not be used for Rapid Tranquilization for psychotic disturbance
(1) Intramuscular Lorazepam + Intramuscular Haloperidol
(2) Intramuscular Olanzapine + Intramuscular Lorazepam
(3) Intramuscular Diazepam
(4) None of the above

16. The most common catatonic presentation in emergency is seen with
(1) Mood disorder patient
(2) Schizophrenia patient
(3) Malignant catatonic patient
(4) Serotonin syndrome patient

17. Following drugs should not be used in severe Renal Impairment
(1) Lithium
(2) Lamotrigine
(3) Clozapine
(4) All of the above

18. Antidepressants not be used in severe Renal failure
(1) Duloxetine
(2) Fluoxetine
(3) Venlafaxine
(4) All of the above

19. In Myocardial Infarction anti depression should be best avoided in
(1) First 15 days post MI
(2) First 30 days post MI
(3) First 45 days post MI
(4) First 60 days post MI

20. A female patient on treatment for depression took a massive dose of Amitriptyline for suicide. Which of the following statement regarding her management is wrong ?
(1) Gastric lavage to be done
(2) Sodium bicarbonate should be administered to treat acidosis
(3) Atropine sulphate should be administered as an antidote
(4) Diazepam should be injected to treat seizure

Practice Set MCQs
Quiz Questions and Answers

21. A 24 year old male patient presents with a 10 year history of repeated eye blinking and grunting, he complaints of that the symptoms have increase in frequency so much that he does not have any control over them and then have started disturbing his social and routine life making him feel low the best medication that would benefit him is
(1) Carbamazepine
(2) Methylphenidate
(3) Imipramine
(4) Risperidone

22. Nikhil 33-year-old present with abdominal pain and vomiting he also complaints of some psychotic symptoms and visual hallucinations most likely diagnosis is
(1) Hypothyroidism
(2) Hyperthyroidism
(3) Hypoparathyroidism
(4) Intermittent porphyria

23. A 59 year old schizophrenic patient on Chlorpromazine for last 20 years presents with visual changes for last several months, following is likely to be seen on Ophthalmoscopy
(1) Glaucoma
(2) Retinitis Pigmentosa
(3) Corneal deposits
(4) Macular degeneration

24. A 45 year old man presents in emergency room with sinus tachycardia 112 pulse beat per minute, flattening of T-waves and prolonged QT interval. The patient reports that he is taking nerve pills. Which of the following medication is the patient most likely to be taking ?
(1) Bupropion
(2) Imipramine
(3) Fluoxetine
(4) Paroxetine

25. Abrupt stoppage of which of the following drug causes agitation anxiety and insomnia ?
(1) Olanzapine
(2) Venlafaxine
(3) Desvenlafaxine
(4) Imipramine

26. Which of the following mood stabilizer has as anti-suicidal role ?
(1) Lithium
(2) Carbamazepine
(3) Oxcarbamazepine
(4) Valproate

27. Which of the following drug is not effective in treating paediatric acute mania ?
(1) Lithium
(2) Divalproex
(3) Oxcarbamazepine
(4) Carbamazepine

28. Depression is not caused by
(1) Clonazepam
(2) Levodopa
(3) Metformin
(4) Corticosteroid

29. In Wernicke’s Encephalopathy after initiating thiamine as treatment which symptom Is first to respond
(1) Memory loss
(2) Ataraxia
(3) Ophthalmoplegia
(4) Global confusion

30. Sexual problems can be best treated by
(1) Supportive group therapy
(2) Analytical oriented group therapy
(3) Behavioural group therapy
(4) Psychoanalytic based group therapy

31. Following are not cognitive errors
(1) Dichotomous thinking
(2) Selective abstraction
(3) Self-references
(4) Transference

32. A 3-year-old girl who had been developing typically since birth begins to withdraw socially and then stop speaking altogether also instead of purposeful hand movements that child has begun to show repetitive hand wringing behaviour. The chromosome most likely to be involved in this disorder is chromosome
(1) 16
(2) 18
(3) 21
(4) X

33. A boy with conduct disorder least likely to be involved in
(1) Good Academic Performance
(2) Emotional bullying
(3) Involvement with law
(4) Running away from home

34. Bulimia nervosa does not have following characteristics
(1) Self-induced vomiting
(2) Self-perception of being too fat
(3) Self-induced purging
(4) Use of appetite stimulants

35. Asperger’s disorder is characterized by
(1) Delay in language
(2) Delay in cognitive development
(3) Delay in age appropriate self-help skills
(4) Impairment and oddity of social interaction

36. Following drugs are sometimes used as non-stimulating drugs in ADHD
(1) Guanfacine
(2) Clonidine
(3) Bupropion
(4) All of the above

37. Which of the following is not associated with anorexia nervosa ?
(1) Binge eating episodes
(2) Menorrhagia
(3) Compensatory self-induced vomiting
(4) Excessive exercise

38. A girl lost her mother in an accident one month back symptoms of low mood decrease interest in pleasurable activities but she is attending to her office duties with no socio occupational impairment. The likely diagnosis is
(1) Complicated Bereavement
(2) Post-traumatic stress disorder
(3) Mayor depressive disorder
(4) Bereavement reaction

39. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in children include following features
(1) Experiencing of traumatic event
(2) Intrusive distressing memories
(3) Persistent avoidance of stimuli
(4) All of the above

40. Oppositional defiant disorder in children is not characterized by
(1) Hostile negativistic behaviour
(2) Deliberate destruction of property
(3) Shoplifting
(4) Has forced someone in sexual activity

41. Treatment of attention deficit disorder requires use of
(1) Steroids
(2) Central nervous system stimulants
(3) Central nervous system inhibiters
(4) Macro vitamins

42. Tourette’s disorder diagnosis requires at least
(1) One motor tic and one vocal tics
(2) Multiple motor tics and one vocal tic
(3) Only vocal tics
(4) None of the above

43. Treatment of Tourette’s disorder include use of
(1) Haloperidol
(2) Methylphenidate
(3) Amphetamine
(4) Pemoline

44. To diagnose stuttering following should be present
(1) Monosyllabic whole word repetition
(2) Sound Prolongations
(3) Part word repetition
(4) All of the above

45. Splinter function is unusual type of intellectual abilities seen in
(1) Kanner’s Autism
(2) Rett’s disorder
(3) Asperger’s disorder
(4) ADHD