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Practice Set on Basic Computer
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Basic Computer Knowledge Practice Set

1. Possible problem with JavaScript can be______________
(a) Incompatible with HTML
(b) Cannot be used in TCP/IP
(c) Source code inaccessible
(d) Security

2. Which of the following is the method of invoking a CGI program?
(a) GET method
(b) SEND method
(c) RECEIVE method
(d) CONNECT method

3. What is the software package that can be used for creating animation for web design?
(b) Open GL
(d) Adobe animator

4. What is the important benefit of active server page?
(a) Independent of the protocol
(b) Independent of the browser
(c) Independent of the internet connection
(d) Independent of the network

5. What is web Cookie?
(a) Computer code used to show animations and play sound
(b) Information sent to your computer that is used later to give information back to visited website
(c) Computer code that automatically records all purchases and payments you make from your computer
(d) An Advertisement that will at some time de displayed on your computer

6. What are the two types of VLMR browser?
(a) Stand alone and Plug-ins
(b) Netscape navigator and Mozilla Firefox
(c) Internet explorer and Google chrome
(d) Extension and Add-on

7. A switching System that permits multiple pairs of computers to communicate across a shared network with minimal delay is____________
(a) Circuit switching
(b) Packet switching
(c) Message switching
(d) None of these

8. In analog computer
(a) Input is first converted to digital form
(b) Input is never converted to digital form
(c) Output is displayed in digital form
(d) None of these

9. Which of the following computer generation uses the concept of artificial intelligence?
(a) First Generation
(b) Second Generation
(c) Third Generation
(d) Fourth Generation

10. Main component of first generation computer was
(a) Transistors
(b) Vacuum Tubes and Valves
(c) Integrated Circuits
(d) None of these

11. The section of the CPU that is responsible for performing mathematical operations
(a) Memory
(b) Register Unit
(c) Control Unit
(d) ALU

12. CPU consists of
(a) ALU+CU
(d) None of these

13. Information retrieval is faster from
(a) Floppy disk
(b) Magnetic tape
(c) Hard disk
(d) None of these

14. The memory location address are limited to a range of values from
(a) 00000 to 9ffff(16)
(b) 00001 to 9ffff(16)
(c) 00010 to 9ffff(16)
(d) 10000 to 9ffff(16)

15. Result of logical operation is
(a) Boolean
(b) Integer
(c) Character
(d) String

16. Register is a group of
(a) OR gates
(b) OR & AND gate
(c) Flip-flops
(d) None of these

17. The address bus flow in
(a) Bidirection
(b) Unidirection
(c) Mulidirection
(d) Circular

18. Status register is also called as
(a) Accumulator
(b) Stack
(c) Counter
(d) Flags

19. The difference between memory and storage is that the memory is __________ and storage is __________.
(a) Temporary, permanent
(b) Permanent, temporary
(c) Slow, fast
(d) None of these

20. __________ is Volatile Memory
(a) ROM
(c) RAM
(d) None of these

21. EEPROM stands for
(a) Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
(b) Easily Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
(c) Electronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
(d) None of these

22. What characteristic of RAM memory makes it not suitable for permanent storage?
(a) too slow
(b) unreliable
(c) it is volatile
(d) too bulky

23. The average time required to reach a storage location in memory and obtain its contents is called the
(a) seek time
(b) turnaround time
(c) access time
(d) transfer time

24. The idea of cache memory is based
(a) on the property of locality of reference
(b) on the heuristic 90-10 rule
(c) on the fact that references generally tend to cluster
(d) all of the above

25. Cache memory acts between
(a) CPU and RAM
(b) RAM and ROM
(c) CPU and Hard Disk
(d) None of these

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26. Generally Dynamic RAM is used as main memory in a computer system as it
(a) consumes less power
(b) has higher speed
(c) has lower cell density
(d) needs refreshing circuitary

27. If the main memory is of 8K bytes and the cache memory is of 2K words. It uses associative mapping. Then each word of cache memory shall be
(a) 11 bits
(b) 21 bits
(c) 16 bits
(d) 20 bits

28. The communication between the components in a microcomputer takes place via the address and
(a) I/O bus
(b) Data bus
(c) Address bus
(d) Control lines

29. The maximum addressing capacity of a micro processor which uses 16 bit database and 32 bit address base is
(a) 64 K
(b) 4 GB
(c) both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these

30. The major goal of requirement determination phase of information system development is to
(a) determine whether information is needed by an organization
(b) determine what information is needed by an organization
(c) determine how information needed by an organisation can be provided
(d) determine when information is to be given

31. The main objective of system modification is to
(a) use the latest software tools
(b) meet the user’s new/changed needs
(c) use the latest hardware
(d) have the most modern system

32. __________ is computer software designed to operate the computer hardware and to provide platform for running application software
(a) Application software
(b) System software
(c) Software
(d) Utility software

33. What is Data and Information?
(a) Raw facts and figures that has no meaning processed via a set of instructions and meaning attached to data letters, pictures, symbols or sounds
(b) Raw information and meaningful data
(c) Symbols, pictures or sounds
(d) All of these

34. The tool used to convert a ‘C’ program to machine language is called as
(a) Linker
(b) Language translator
(c) Compiler
(d) Preprocessor

35. Find the output of the following program:
void main()
int i=4;
(a) 4 4 2
(b) 4 4 3
(c) 4 4 4
(d) 4 3 2

36. In Java, which component is machine dependent?
(a) Java Source File
(b) Java Class / (Byte code) File
(c) Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
(d) All of these

37. Which of the following is NOT a key component of object oriented programming?
(a) Inheritance
(b) Encapsulation
(c) Polymorphism
(d) Parallelism

38. What type of computers are client computers (most of the time) in a client-server system?
(a) Mainframe
(b) Mini-computer
(c) Microcomputer
(d) PDA

39. The term ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ covers
(a) Copyrights
(b) Know-how
(c) Trade dress
(d) All of these

40. The primary purpose of an operating system is to
(a) make the most efficient use of the computer hardware
(b) allow people to use the computer
(c) keep systems programmers employed
(d) make computers easier to use

41. Which command is used to see the sub-directory structure of drive?
(a) Tree
(b) List
(c) Subdir
(d) Subtree

42. Which DOS command is used to see the contents of a file?
(a) Type
(b) Copy
(c) Ed
(d) None of these

43. Which DOS command displays only file and directory names without size, date and time information?
(a) Dir/w
(b) Dir a:
(c) Dir /b
(d) Dir /s

44. Which DOS command should be used to display all files within the specified subordinate directory of the subdirectory?
(a) Dir \pathname
(b) Dir \pathname\pathname
(c) Dir /ch
(d) Dir \pathname\filename

45. Which DOS command creates a directory or subdirectory?
(a) Dir
(b) Mkdir
(c) Md
(d) Both (b) and (c)

46. Which command is used to delete the directory that is empty?
(a) Del *.*
(b) RD
(c) Erase
(d) MD

47. A system program that sets up an executable program in main memory ready for execution is
(a) Assembler
(b) Linker
(c) Loader
(d) Compiler

48. Which of the following are loaded into main memory when the computer is booted?
(a) internal command instructions
(b) external command instructions
(c) utility programs
(d) word processing instructions

49. Fragmentation of the file system
(a) can always be prevented
(b) can be temporarily removed by compaction
(c) is a characteristic of all file systems
(d) None of these

50. When you start up the computer the boot up storage at which the BIOS versions manufacturer and data are displayed on the monitor is called
(a) Bootstrap
(b) Power on self test (POST)
(c) System configuration
(d) Kernel loading