Old Question Papers on Homeopathy for Preparation

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Old Question Papers on Homeopathy

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Old Question Papers on Homeopathy Practice Set

1. Which of the following is correct regarding “Health for All by 2000AD” goals ?
(A) NRR=1
(B) Crude Death Rate 9/1000 LB
(C) To provide potable water to rural population
(D) All of these

2. All the following are true about surveillance except:
(A) It is a onetime observation
(B) Continuous scrutiny of occurrence of disease
(C) Essential for prevention and control
(D) Provides information on changing needs

3. Strength of sewage is expressed in terms of:
(A) Biological of oxygen demand
(B) Suspended solids
(C) Chemical oxygen demand
(D) E. coli count

4. Sensitivity of a test is given by:
(A) True positive / True positive + False positive X 100
(B) True positive / True positive + False negative
(C) True negative / False positive + True negative
(D) False positive / False positive + True negative X 100

5. The ‘Clean 5‘ principles of safe motherhood includes all except :
(A) Clean tie
(B) Clean cord
(C) Clean perineum
(D) Clean room

6. Health Education :
(A) Develops reflexible behavior
(B) Trains people to use judgement for health action
(C) Appeals to emotions to adopt health measures
(D) Does not change attitude

7. All are true regarding measles except:
(A) Sec. attack rate 30-40%
(B) Carrier state not present
(C) Severe in malnourished child
(D) I attack confers life-long immunity

8. Carriers are not source in the transmission of:
(A) Poliomyelitis
(B) Typhoid
(C) Diphtheria
(D) Measles

9. All of the following are considered high risk factors for development of protein energy malnutrition except:
(A) Measles
(B) Acutediarrhoea
(C) Tuberculosis
(D) Low birth weight

10. Keta themometer is used now-adays to determine:
(A) Direction of air flow
(B) Air velocity
(C) Cooling power of air
(D) Humidity of air

Homeopathy MCQ Question Papers

11. One of the following is peripheral nerve poison:
(A) Conium
(B) Digitalis
(C) Oleander
(D) Aconite

12. Among the following irritant poison one is non-metallic poison :
(A) Arsenic
(B) Lead
(C) Mercury
(D) Phosphorus

13. Rule of nine estimate percentage of burns by :
(A) Body surface area percentage by age
(B) Cause of burn
(C) Age of person
(D) Surface area of burns

14. One of the following is typical drowning :
(A) Dry drowning
(B) Immersion syndrome
(C) Submersion off the unconsciousness
(D) Wet drowning

15. In dead born child following sign may be absent:
(A) Scalp oedema
(B) Rigor mortis
(C) Maceration
(D) Mummification

16. For disputed paternity and maternity following systems are used preferentially :
(a) ABO grouping
(b) MN system
(c) Rh sub-grouping
(d) Salivary DNA study
(A) (a), (b), (c). (d)
(B) (a), (c). (d). (b)
(C) (c), (a) (d). (b)
(D) (b), (c). (d), (a)

17. For certification of mental illness patient is observed for at a time :
(A) For 10 to 30 days
(B) For 4 days
(C) For 9 days
(D) For 30 days

18. One of following is criminal cause of death in new born:
(A) Immaturity
(B) Malformation
(C) Diseases of mother and child
(D) Act of commission or omission

19. Authorisation for a medico legal autopsy is given by:
(A) Coroner
(B) Police
(C) Magistrate
(D) All of these

20. The presence of four wisdom teeth usually means that the subject has passed the age of :
(A) 10 years
(B) 12 years
(C) 17 years
(D) 2.5 year

21. Serotonin is produced by:
(A) Mast cell
(B) Macrophage
(C) Platelet
(D) All of these

22. Sudan IV and Oil Red O are the common stains used in :
(A) Amyloidosis
(B) Fatty Liver
(C) Leprosy
(D) All of these

23. Heart failure cell is a characteristic feature of:
(A) Acute Pulmonary Congestion
(B) Chronic Passive Congestion of Lung
(C) Myocardial infraction
(D) Myxoma

24. Most common chromosomal disorder cause mental disorder with microcephaly:
(A) Down syndrome
(B) Edward syndrome
(C) Felty syndrome
(D) All of these

25. Common pathway for initial dissemination of Carcinona is:
(A) Seeding of body cavitied
(B) Implantation
(C) Haematogenous
(D) Lymphatic pathway

26. Pulseless disease is :
(B) Burger‘s disease
(C) Takayasus disease
(D) Raynauds phenomena

27. Anitschkow cells are pathognomonic of :
(A) Rheumatoid arthritis
(B) Rheumatic fever
(C) Cirrhosis of liver
(D) Peptic Ulcer

28. Reid index is related to :
(A) Bronchial Asthma
(B) Lipoma
(C) Leukemia
(D) Bronchitis

29. Mallory bodies are seen in :
(A) Alcoholic Cirrhosis
(B) Rabies
(C) Endocarditis
(D) Normal structure of Bone marrow

30. Codman Triangle is a feature of :
(A) Osteosarcoma
(B) Osteochondroma
(C) Chondrosarcoma
(D) Goitre

31. The sacro-iliac joint transmit from the lower limbs to the:
(A) Sacro-iliac ligament
(B) Pubic symphysis
(C) Lumbosacral ligament
(D) Vertebral column

32. Lateral boundary of cubital fossa is formed by:
(A) Biceps brachii
(B) Brachioradialis
(C) Brachialis
(D) Pronatorteres

33. Skin of nail bed of ring finger is supplied by:
(A) Lat. half by median; medial half by ulnar
(B) Medial half by median, lat. Half by median
(C) Whole by median nerve
(D) Whole by ulnar nerve

34. Which of the following is not present in the bed of stomach ?
(A) Splenic artery
(B) Transverse mesocolon
(C) Fourth part of duodenum
(D) Transverse colon

35. Normal position of uterus is:
(A) Anteverted and Anteflexed
(B) Retroverled and Retroflexed
(C) Anteverled and Retroflexed
(D) Retroverted and Anteflexed

36. There is one sesamoid bone in the tendon of peroneus longus. It articulates with the :
(A) Talus
(B) Calcaneus
(C) Navicular
(D) Cuboid

37. Middle cerebellar peduncle is formed by:
(A) Vestibulocerebellar fibers
(B) Parollvocerebellar fibers
(C) Pontocerebellar fibers
(D) Posterior spinocerebellar fibers

38. The pulmonary veins are four in number, two on each side and they carry:
(A) Carbondi-oxided blood
(B) Carbo-mono-oxided blood
(C) Carbo-pera-oxided blood
(D) Oxygenated blood

39. Which gland is provided secretomotor fibres from inferior salivatory nucleus ?
(A) Lacrimal
(B) Sublingual
(C) Parolid
(D) Subrhjandibular

40. All the germ layers; ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm are present in:
(A) Heart
(B) Cornea
(C) Tympanic membrane
(D) Urachus

41. The total body water can be measured using :
(A) Evans Blue
(B) Tritium oxide
(C) Sucrose
(D) Sodium thiosulphate

42. Lymphocytes are concerned with :
(A) Cell mediated immunity
(B) Humoral immunity
(C) Phagocylosis
(D) Delayed hypersensitivity

43. Pancreatic enzyme secretion:
(A) Is mainly from the ductules cells
(B) Is from the acinal cells of the pancreas
(C) Is stimulated by pancreatic polypeptide
(D) Is stimulated by secretin

44. Clearance value of a substance that is freely filtered but neither secreted nor reabsorbed by the kidney will equal to the:
(A) Filtration fraction
(B) Flomerular filtration rate
(C) Renal plasma flow
(D) Urinary excretion rate of the substance

45. When the core temperature of the individual rises more than 41°C (106° F) the following changes occur except :
(A) Heat production increases
(B) Sweating increases greatly
(C) Central nervous system may malfunction
(D) Person may become poikilothermic

46. Which of the following hormones impairs hydrolysis of triglycerides into fatty acids ?
(A) Cortisol
(B) Glucagon
(C) Growth hormone
(D) Insulin

47. Ventricular musle is activated by impulses directly from the :
(A) Purkinje system
(B) S-A Node
(C) Bundle of His
(D) A-V node

48. Histotoxic hypoxia is seen in
(A) Carbon monoxide poisoning
(B) Cyanide poisoning
(C) Shock
(D) Anaemias

49. Intestinal absorption of calcium occurs by :
(A) Active uptake
(B) Simple diffusion
(C) Facilitated diffusion
(D) Endocytosis

50. In human being, the primary auditory cortex is located in :
(A) Area 44
(B) Area 41
(C) Area 43
(D) Area 22