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Numismatics GK

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GK Question Papers on Numismatics

1. Which of the following coins have been discovered at Vidisa?
(1) Vatsa Coins
(2) Mathura Coins
(3) Kosala Coins
(4) Naga Coins

2. In which metal Yaudheyas issued their coins?
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) Lead

3. In which of the following regions, Satavahana coins were not found?
(1) Malwa
(2) Maharashtra
(3) Karnataka
(4) Orissa

4. Which of the following animals was not depicted on the coins of Satavahanas?
(1) Elephant
(2) Bull
(3) Lion
(4) Horse

5. Which of the following animals was depicted on the largest number of Satavahana Coins?
(1) Elephants
(2) Lion
(3) Horse
(4) None of the above

6. The Satavahanas issued the coins of Potin which is an alloy of copper with
(1) Zinc
(2) Lead
(3) Tin
(4) All of the above

7. Who among the following Satavahana Kings issued silver coins for the first time?
(1) Sri Satakarni
(2) Yajna Satakarni
(3) Gautamiputra Satakarni
(4) None of the above

8. Which of the following coins was not referred by the Bakshi manuscript a work on Indian mathematics composed in A.D. 200?
(1) Dramma
(2) Dinaras
(3) Pana
(4) Masaka

9. Who among the following Gupta Kings was known to have started Copper Coins in Gupta Empire?
(1) Chandragupta-I
(2) Chandragupta-II
(3) Samudragupta
(4) Skandgupta

10. What is the weight of the coins depicting Kumardevi issued by Chandragupia-I?
(1) 105 grains
(2) 104 grains
(3) 100 grains
(4) 88 grains
11. In which of the following metals, Sakas of Western India issued the coins known as Rudradamaka during 5th century A.D.?
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) Lead

12. One fourth of Silver Karsapana is known as
(1) Pada
(2) Masaka
(3) Rudradamaka
(4) None of the above

13. What were the coin denominations as referred by Varahamihira in the 6h Century A.D.?
(1) Karsapanas
(2) Rupakas
(3) Both of the above
(4) None of the above

14. Who among the following authors says that, apart from metals, coins could be made of leather, wood and gum?
(1) Buddhaghosha
(2) Kautilya
(3) Banabhatta
(4) None of the above

15. On the coins of Audumbara ruler Dharaghosha is depicted the name and effigy of
(1) Mahadeva
(2) Chatresvara
(3) Brahmanya
(4) Visvamitra

16. Which of the following sites has yielded a large number of clay moulds for manufacturing Yaudheya coins?
(1) Agaroha
(2) Bayana
(3) Khokarakot
(4) Suratagarh

17. The representation of which of the following deities continued on Kushana coins from Kadphises-II to Vasudeva?
(1) Boddo
(2) Oesho
(3) Nana
(4) Mihira

18. The term ‘Devavrata’ occurs on the coins of
(1) Kanishka
(2) Samudragupta
(3) Gondopharnes
(4) Devapala

19. Which Satavahana ruler has the symbol of the ship with a mast on his coins?
(1) Yagnasri Satakarni
(2) Gautamiputra Satakarni
(3) Vasishthiputra Satakarni
(4) Simukha Satavahana

20. Who among the following Scholars was first to indicate the significance of the paucity of Indigenous coins in the post Gupta period?
(1) D. D. Kosambi
(2) R. S. Sharma
(3) Romile Thapar
(4) D.N. Sha

Questions and Answers GK
Quiz MCQs

21. What was the weight of Seated Goddess type of the Gold coins of Chandellas?
(1) 60 grains
(2) 62 grains
(3) 63 grains
(4) 46 grains

22. Dida, a queen issued copper coins belongs to
(1) Malwa
(2) Jejakabhukati
(3) Kashmir
(4) Punjab

23. What was the ratio between Gold and Silver in the coins issued during second century B.C.?
(1) 1:10
(2) 1:50
(3) 1:13
(4) 1:70

24. What was the name of Karsapanas used in Mahabharata?
(1) Satamana
(2) Prati
(3) Kaparda
(4) Varataka

25. What was the name of Gold coins of Orissa?
(1) Nanaka
(2) Khattapaka
(3) Godyana
(4) Madha

26. Who among the following Scholars is of the opinion that Chandragupta-I Kumaradevi coin was issued by the Lichchhavis?
(1) V. S. Agarwal
(2) V.C. Pandey
(3) V.S. Pathak
(4) None of the above

27. Who suggests that at the time of issue of the Chandragupta-I Kumardevi coins, there was joint rule in the Gupta Empire?
(1) Jayaswal
(2) Sohani
(3) Altekar
(4) V.S. Agarwal

28. Who among the following Scholars was of the view that during the reign of Kumargupte-I, the Gupta coinage reached the highest point of excellence?
(1) D.R. Bhandarkar
(2) P.L. Gupta
(3) Altekar
(4) R. D. Banerji

29. Who among the following scholars suggests that the Apratigha type coins belong to the last years of the reign of Kumargupta-I when he was leading a Semi-ascetic life?
(1) Altekar
(2) Munshi Chandra Joshi
(3) Ajit Ghosh
(4) None of the above

30. In which of the following metals Kuninda did not issue their coins?
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) None of the above

31. What is the name used for the coins found at Eran is M.P.?
(1) Avanti Coins
(2) Ayodhya Coins
(3) Kosam Coins
(4) None of the above

32. The Satavahana coins are made of which of the following metals?
(1) Lead
(2) Potin and Lead
(3) Silver and copper
(4) All the above

33. The coins of which dynasty replaced the Satavahana coins in Eastern Deccan?
(1) Salankayana
(2) Ikshvaku
(3) Vishnukundin
(4) Vishamsiddhi

34. Thousanads of Malava coins were found at which one of the following places in Rajasthan?
(1) Bairat
(2) Rairh
(3) Nagar
(4) Nagari

35. What was the name of the king of Ahichhatra who issued circular copper coins?
(1) Indramitra
(2) Bhadraghosa
(3) Achyuta
(4) None of the above

36. Gold coins of Kirti Varma of Chandella Dynasty of Jeyjakabhukt belong to
(1) 1165-1203 A.D.
(2) 1130-1165 A.D.
(3) 1055-1100 A.D.
(4) None of the above

37. Kuninda coins can be categorised as
(1) Imperial coins
(2) Tribal coins
(3) Local coins
(4) Foreign coins

38. What do you mean by Parikshika as per L. Gopal?
(1) Name of coins
(2) Duties in lieu of issues of coins
(3) Both of the above
(4) None of the above

39. Who among the following scholars was of the opinion that Rigvedic Aryans had full fledged system of coinage?
(1) D. R. Bhandarkar
(2) E Thomas
(3) A.C. Das
(4) All of the above

40. In how many categories, Punch Marked coins were divided by A. N. Lahiri?
(1) 2
(2) 3
(3) 4
(4) 5

41. What was the metal of Vrishni coin published by Cunningham?
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) Lead

42. How many Vemaki Coins were found?
(1) One
(2) Two
(3) Three
(4) Four

43. Who has published Princep’s Essays in two Volumes which consisted of the study of coins conducted by Princep?
(1) E. Thomas
(2) E. J. Rapson
(3) A. Cunningham
(4) None of the above

44. Who was author of Coins of Ancient India’ published in 1861?
(1) E. Thomas
(2) E. J. Rapson
(3) A. Cunningham
(4) None of the above

45. Who among the following Scholars published a work entitled “Catalogue of Coins in the Indian Museum” in volumes?
(1) E. Thomas
(2) E. J. Rapson
(3) A. Cunningham
(4) V.A. Smits

46. What is the title of the Book of S. K. Chakraborty on coins published in 1931?
(1) Coins of Ancient India
(2) Indian coins
(3) A study of Ancient Indian Numismatics
(4) None of the above

47. Who among the following scholars has published a “Catalogue of the Gupta Gold coins the Bayana Hoard”?
(1) A. Cunningham
(2) A. S. Altekar
(3) S. K. Chakrabortty
(4) D. R. Bhandarkar

48. How many coins of Samudragupt were found in the Bayana Hoard?
(1) 163
(2) 173
(3) 193
(4) 213

49. What was the metal of coins of Saka Kshatrapa of Western India found in Sanchi and Gondarmau Hoards?
(1) Gold
(2) Silver
(3) Copper
(4) Bronze

50. Whose coins were found in the Hoard discovered in Abyassina?
(1) Indo-Greeks
(2) Kushana
(3) Guptas
(4) Pratihara