Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 5

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worksheet on direct and indirect speech for class 5

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Exercise and Examples for Class 5 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. Rina said to him, “Sir, Don’t go home now.”

2. He said to me, “Which book do you want?”

3. Sadhan said to Nabin, “Have you read the letter?”

4. I said to him, “Excuse me, sir.”

5. Mother said to me, “Don’t run in the sun.”

6. She looked at Sidda and said, “He doesn’t seem to me worse than the others we have had.”

7. The youth said, “Alas! I am undone by the death of my father.”

8. “Would you sing for our visitors?” my mother said to my sister.

9. Alfred said. “When will you leave?”

10. She said, “I love mango pickle.”

11. He said to me, ‘Please open the door.”

12. He said to me, “Get out!”

13. Shyamal said to Rakhal, “Did you go there?”

14. I said to her, “Could you give me a cup of tea?”

15. Mrs. Bose said, “I have been teaching here for five years.”

16. The teacher said, “Have you finished you work ?”

17. She said, “Let us go for a movie.”

18. “Tell, me a story, Mother,” Leela said.

19. “Isn’t that young lady Polly Simpson?” asked Jimmy.

20. Salil said to his friend, “You are ill.”

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21. She said, “Do you know gymnastics ?”

22. She said, “Wow! What good news!”

23. The tired guest said to the host, “Please give me a glass of cold water”

24. Father said to me, “Do not read so fast.”

25. The leader said, “We must keep our locality clean.”

26. Mother said, “Two and two make four.”

27. He said, “I have been suffering from fever”.

28. Chubukov said to Lomov, “Your grandfather was a drunkard and your younger aunt Nastasya Mihailovna, ran away with an architect.”

29. They said to me, “Happy Birthday.”

30. Sisir said, “I have finished reading the book.”

31. The peon said, “I gave the letter to Mr. Roy.”

32. Open the door, said Susan.

33. She said, “I am drinking coffee.”

34. He said, “What a fool I am!”

35. Simi said to her mother, “You must prepare my tiffin now.”

36. He said, “Every fair from fair sometimes declines.”

37. Why don’t you say this to the people who come to you for help and advice? I asked my father.

38. He said, “Did she start for Paris?”

39. .”Eat some more, son”, she said.

40. The teacher said. “Stop writing.”

41. Ah, Nature, keep him warm;

42. He said to his sons, “Do not quarrel among yourselves.

43. I didn’t see you either, I said. “But I heard you come in.”

44. The passer-by said to me, “What is the time now by your watch?”

45. Alexander said to Porus, “How do you desire to be treated ?”

46. One of the professors said, “Mother, please tell us something that we will remember.”

47. The General said to the soldiers, “Halt!”

48. Bimal said to him, “You should be more careful.”

49. Subir said, “I was doing sums.”

50. The announcer said, “The bus is going to leave.”


1. Rina asked him politely not to go home then.

2. He asked me which book I wanted.

3. Sadhan asked Nabin if he had read the letter.

4. I requested him to excuse me.

5. Mother advised me not to run in the sun.

6. She looked at Sidda and said that he did not seem to her worse than the others they had had.

7. The youth lamented that he was undone by his father’s death.

8. My mother asked my sister if she would sing for our visitors.

9. Alfred asked when I would leave.

10. She said that she loved mango pickle.

11. He requested me to open the door.

12. He ordered me to get out.

13. Shyamal asked Rakhal whether he (Rakhal) had gone there.

14. I requested her to give me a cup of tea.

15. Mrs. Bose said that she had been teaching there for five years.

16. The teacher asked if I had finished my work.

17. Seema wished that she had won a lottery.

18. Leela requested her mother to tell her a story.

19. Jimmy asked whether that young lady was Polly Simpson or not.

20. Salil told his friend that he was ill.

21. She asked whether I knew gymnastics.

22. She exclaimed in joy that it was such good news.

23. The tired guest requested the host to give him (guest) a glass of cold water.

24. Father forbade me to read so fast.

25. The leader said that they must keep their locality clean.

26. Mother said that two and two make four.

27. He said that he had been suffering from fever.

28. Chubukov told Lomov that his grandfather had been a drunkard and his younger aunt Nastasya Mihailovna had run away with an architect.

29. They wished me happy birthday.

30. Sisir said that had finished reading the book.

31. The peon said that he had given the letter to Mr. Roy.

32. Susan ordered to open the door.

33. She said that she was drinking coffee.

34. He reproached himself for being such a big fool.

35. Simi told her mother that she must prepare her tiffin then.

36. He said that every fair from fair sometimes declined.

37. I asked my father why he did not say that to the people who came to him for help and advice.

38. He asked if she had started for Paris.

39. Addressing the boy as ‘son’, she urged him to eat some more.

40. The teacher ordered to stop writing.

41. The poet requests Nature to keep him warm.

42. He advised his sons not to quarrel among themselves.

43. I said that I had not seen her either but had heard her come in.

44. The passer-by asked me what time it was then by my watch.

45. Alexander asked Porus how he desired to be treated.

46. One of the professors requested Mother to tell them something that they would remember.

47. He said that he should be allowed to come in.

48. Bimal told him that he should be more careful.

49. Subir said that he had been doing sums.

50. The announcer announced that the bus was going to leave.