Narration Change Exercise and Examples for Class 12

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direct and indirect speech exercises with answers for class 12

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Exercise and Examples for Class 12 on Narration Change

Directions: Change the following direct speech into indirect speech.

1. The kid said, “I want that pastry.”

2. He said, “Goodbye!”

3. There is nobody home at my house, said the boy.

4. Lomov said to Chubukov, “The fact is, I’ve come to ask the hand of your daughter, Natalya Stepanovna, in marriage.”

5. The teacher said, “The earth moves round the sun.”

6. “How did you do that?” they asked Edison.

7. “Now, Valentine,” said the warden, “you’ll go out in the morning.

8. She said, “French is an easy language to learn.”

9. Mother said, “I took tea.”

10. He said, “Let me come in.”

11. He said to me, “Ali can speak English well, can’t he?”

12. Why didn’t you tell me so before ?, Natalya told Chubukov.

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13. That always happens, she said, “Do you see any animals?”

14. He said, “Leave me alone.”

15. Priya said to Mina, “The library is closed today.”

16. Sunil said, “I shall play football.”

17. “Preposterous, Preposterous,” he shouted, hoarse with anger, “I’ll have you arrested guard, guard!”

18. He said, “The beggar is lying on the ground.”

19. “Why did you run away without telling us?” asked Leela’s mother.

20. The teacher said, “Well done, my child.”

21. My friend said to me, “Lock up your car; there has been happening a lot of stealing from cars.”

22. The old lady said, “Please show me the way.”

23. She said, “I have spent some sleepless nights.”

24. He said to her, “I like to read short stories.”

25. He said, “I shall go to Delhi tomorrow.”

26. The doctor said to her, “Take off your shoes and lie down.”

27. The child said, “Milk is white.”

28. It was a great day, he said.

29. She was an interesting girl, I said.

30. Sourav said to his playmates, “Good morning, I hope you are quite well.”

31. I said to grandmother, “Tell me the story of the tiger.

32. They said, “Hurrah! India has won the World Cup.”

33. All said to him, “You should forgive him.”

34. I said to them, “You are rich.”

35. My brother said to me, “What a fool you are!”

36. Sunilbabu said to Sisirbabu, Please lend me some money.”

37. He said, “I may come.”

38. The policeman said to me, “Would/Could you show me your passport, please?”

39. Nandalal Bose said, “An effort should be made to give the festival a total shape and beauty with music, dances and processions; the time of the festival should be decided according to the location.”

40. “Are you weeping?” he asked her.

41. Dipta said to Rina, “May you be happy in life.”

42. She said, “We are sinners.”

43. Rimbaud says, “The humming insects don’t disturb his rest.”

44. Father said, “The child must not have any chain hereafter.”

45. Leela’s father said to her, “Baby, if you don’t behave, I will be angry with you.”

46. The minister said to his deputy, “What is the situation there?”

47. You said to me, “You are not a good.”

48. Riya said, “Have you seen the picture?”

49. Everybody said, “He has broken the vase.”

50. Rachana said, “I shall start for Puri tomorrow.


1. The kid said that she wanted that pastry.

2. He bade goodbye to me.

3. The boy said that there was nobody home at his house.

4. Lomov disclosed the fact to Chubukov that he had come to ask the hand of his daughter, Natalya Stepanovna, in marriage.

5. The teacher said that the earth moves round the sun.

6. They asked Edison how he had done that.

7. The warden then told Valentine that he would go out in the morning.

8. She said that French was an easy language to learn.

9. Mother said that she had taken tea.

10. She requested to forgive her.

11. He asked me if Ali could speak English well and assumed that he could.

12. Natalya asked Chubukov why he had not told her so before.

13. She said that such things always happened and asked if I saw any animals.

14. He requested to leave him alone.

15. Priya told Mina that the library was closed that day.

16. Sunil said that he would play football.

17. Shouting hoarsely in anger, he repeatedly said that it was preposterous and warned that he would have him arrested and then kept on calling the guard.

18. He said that the beggar was lying on the ground.

19. Leela’s mother asked why he had run away without telling them.

20. The teacher praised the child.

21. My friend advised me to lock up my car as there had been a lot of stealing from cars.

22. The old lady requested to show her the way.

23. She said that she had spent some sleepless nights.

24. He told her that he liked to read short stories.

25. He said that he would go to Delhi the next day.

26. The doctor instructed her to take off her shoes and lie down.

27. The child said that milk is white.

28. He said that it had been a great day.

29. I said that she had been an interesting girl.

30. Sourav wished his playmates good morning and expressed his hope that they were quite well.

31. I told grandmother to tell me the story of the tiger.

32. They exclaimed in joy that India had won the World Cup.

33. All told him that he should forgive him.

34. I told them that they were rich.

35. She exclaimed in grief to me that Rituparno Ghosh was no more.

36. Sunilbabu requested Sisirbabu to lend him (Sisirbabu) some money.

37. He said that he might come.

38. The policeman requested me to show him my passport.

39. Nandalal Bose said that an effort should have been made to give the festival a total shape and beauty with music, dances and processions; the time of the festival should have been decided according to the location.

40. He asked her if she was weeping.

41. Dipta wished that Rina might be happy in life.

42. She said that they were sinners.

43. Rimbaud says that the humming insects do not disturb his rest.

44. Father said that the child must not have any chain thereafter.

45. Addressing Leela as baby, her father told her that if she did not behave properly, he would be angry with her.

46. The minister asked his deputy what the situation was of that place.

47. You told me that I was not a good boy.

48. Riya asked whether I had seen the picture.

49. Everybody said that he had broken the vase.

50. Rachana said that she would start for Puri the next day.