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Model Questions on Basic Computer
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Computer Knowledge Model Question Paper

1. In what form are Data represented in digital computer?
(a) Decimal
(b) Binary
(c) Character
(d) Symbols

2. The second generation of computer was based on
(a) VLSI
(b) Integrated Circuit
(c) Transistor
(d) Vacuum tube

3. What is the first computer that used a stored program concept?
(d) SPCC

4. A group of four bits is also called
(a) Nibble
(b) Quarted
(c) Bit Set
(d) Byte

5. What is the fixed number of memory cells that are processed in a group?
(a) Group
(b) Memory Set
(c) Bump
(d) Word

6. Where is data stored when it is brought into processor?
(a) Auxiliary
(b) Main memory
(c) Register
(d) Magnetic tape

7. The data transfer between processor and memory are controlled by control unit through
(a) Logic circuit
(b) Timing signals
(c) Instruction
(d) Timer

8. The speed of processor is measured in terms of
(a) Hour
(b) Minute
(c) Second
(d) Microsecond

9. What is the register that contains the address of the next instruction?
(a) Instruction register
(b) Program counter
(c) Accumulator
(d) Container

10. The instruction HLT falls under
(a) Data movement instruction
(b) Arithmetic instruction
(c) Logic instruction
(d) Control instruction

11. Which memory has equal time to access any location?
(a) RAM
(b) ROM
(c) PROM

12. What is the fastest memory in computer system?
(a) Optical memory
(b) Cache memory
(c) Magnetic memory
(d) Direct memory

13. If 1Kb (1024 bit) memory is organised in 1Kx1 format, what is the number address line required?
(a) 6
(b) 10
(c) 14
(d) 18

14. Commonly used Pen Drive now a days use
(a) OR flash
(b) NOR flash
(c) NAND flash
(d) AND flash

15. What is the recording technique used to increase the capacity of magnetic disk?
(a) Perpendicular recording
(b) Horizontal recording
(c) Diagonal recording
(d) Vertical recording

16. In what form is the track organised in optical disk?
(a) Straight line
(b) Parallel lines
(c) Concentric circles
(d) Spiral

17. The rate at which scanning is repeated in CRT monitor is called
(a) Refresh rate
(b) Resolution
(c) Pitch
(d) Bandwidth

18. Resolution of Laser printer is specified in terms of
(a) DPI
(b) PPM
(c) LPM
(d) DPM

19. Which of the following is related to electronic card reader?
(a) Bar Code
(b) Smart Card
(c) Magnetic stripe
(d) All of these

20. Study of Software engineering helps in
(a) suitable decomposition of problem
(b) suitable integration of problems
(c) suitable coding of problem
(d) suitable implementation of problems

21. What is the software model that describes skeleton first and refined to increase its capability?
(a) Water fall model
(b) Spiral model
(c) Evolutionary model
(d) Prototyping model

22. Compiler is an example of
(a) Utility software
(b) Application software
(c) System software
(d) None of these

23. What is a software system that is developed from an existing software package for specific organization?
(a) Firm ware
(b) Middleware
(c) Domain software
(d) Customised software

24. An assembly language is translated to its equivalent language by
(a) Translator
(b) Assembler
(c) Loader
(d) Interpreter

25. Which of the following is a machine independent language?
(a) Java
(b) Pascal

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26. What is the first step for converting high level language to executable code?
(a) Semantic analysis
(b) Lexical analysis
(c) Syntax analysis
(d) Source analysis

27. Personal Computer is an example of
(a) Mini Computer
(b) Micro Computer
(c) Analog Computer
(d) High End Computer

28. Which of the following is the characteristic of good programming language?
(a) It should be high level language
(b) It should be Object Oriented language
(c) It should be compatible with all computers
(d) It should be easy and simple to learn

29. A special computer designed for Technical or Scientific Application is
(a) Server
(b) Main Frame
(c) Work Station
(d) TechnoFic Computer

30. Performance of super computer is measured in terms of
(a) Floating point operation per second
(b) Number of instruction per second
(c) Number of Read/Write Cycle per Second
(d) Number of Input/output operation per second

31. The Information Technology Act 2000 contains
(a) 10 Chapters
(b) 11 Chapters
(c) 12 Chapters
(d) 13 Chapters

32. The Information Technology Amendment Bill 2006 was passed in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on
(a) October 2008
(b) November 2008
(c) December 2008
(d) January 2009

33. To what type of software does an operating system belong?
(a) System Software
(b) Application Software
(c) Middle Ware
(d) Intermediate Software

34. What is the main function of operating system?
(a) It provides interface to users
(b) It provides communication system
(c) It manages hardware and other software
(d) It detects errors and provides solution

35. Which of the following Windows version supports 64-bits processor?
(a) Windows 98
(b) Windows 2000
(c) Windows XP
(d) Windows 95

36. You should choose sleep option in windows when
(a) A computer is tired after working a whole day
(b) You are leaving for a short time and want to resume your work shortly
(c) The computer gets hanged frequently, let it sleep for some time
(d) You finished your work and going to bed

37. Which one is not a system tools?
(a) Virus scanning
(b) Back Up
(c) Disk Defragment
(d) Disk Cleanup

38. Which file system is supported by windows?
(a) Kernel File System (KFS)
(b) Virtual File System (VFS)
(c) Second Extended File System (EXT2)
(d) New Technology File System (NTFS)

39. Which component appears in the initial Windows 7 start up?
(a) Recent File
(b) Task Bar
(c) Menu Bar
(d) My Document

40. Which of the following cannot be used as Folder name?
(a) con
(b) can
(c) cam
(d) dam

41. From where can you show or hide files and folders?
(a) View setting in Folder Options
(b) File/Folder setting in Folder Options
(c) User account setting in Folder Options
(d) Display Setting in Folder Options

42. Which statement is true?
(a) Deleting shortcut will make target file/folder inaccessible
(b) Deleting shortcut will only remove shortcut and do nothing to target file/folder
(c) Renaming shortcut will rename the target file
(d) Deleting target file will remove shortcut automatically

43. If you want your windows settings to be as an earlier state, which tool you have to use?
(a) Task Scheduler
(b) System Information
(c) System Restore
(d) Windows easy transfer

44. What is the command that shows all files and directories in current directory?
(a) REN
(b) RD
(c) MD
(d) DIR

45. In Microsoft Word, quick print will print
(a) Only the first page of the document once
(b) All pages of the document once
(c) All Odd pages of the document once
(d) All even pages of the document once

46. What is the Maximum font size that can be applied to any character?
(a) 16
(b) 163
(c) 1638
(d) 16038

47. By default, Word document print with
(a) 1 inch top and bottom margin
(b) Landscape orientation
(c) Page number at lower left corner
(d) Font size 16

48. What is the largest and smallest font size in Microsoft Word formatting tool bar?
(a) 8 and 82
(b) 12 and 82
(c) 12 and 72
(d) 8 and 72

49. If you want to convert a symbol or several lines of text into an Auto Correct entry, you should
(a) Insert the symbol or type the text in word document first. Then, select the text or symbol and go to the Auto Correct dialog box.
(b) Click the tools menu and choose Auto Correct options. Then, Click the Insert menu and choose symbol (or Click the format menu and choose paragraph) to add the symbol or paragraph to Autocorrect.
(c) Auto correct can only accommodate one line of text. It is not possible to convert a symbol or multiple lines of text into an Auto Correct entry.
(d) Insert the symbol or type the text in a word document first. Then, Select the text or symbol and click the edit menu followed by Paste special. Select New Auto Correct Entry and then Click OK.

50. A __________ is a dot or other symbol positioned at the beginning of the paragraph
(a) Bullet
(b) Logo
(c) Cell
(d) Target