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Mock Test on Basic Computer
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Basic Computer Mock Test Papers

1. In what type of network architecture every workstation has equivalent capability and responsibility?
(a) Client Server
(b) LAN
(c) WAN
(d) Peer to Peer

2. The capacity of transmission media is called It’s_____________
(a) Bit Rate
(b) Baud Rate
(c) Bandwidth
(d) Channel

3. The device containing software that help in determining the best path out of available path for particular transmission is called____________
(a) Repeater
(b) Bridge
(c) Router
(d) Gateway

4. What are the three classes of IP Address
(a) A, B and C
(b) X,Y and Z
(c) P, Q and R
(d) J, K and L

5. What type of cable use light wave to transmit signals?
(a) Coaxial Cable
(b) Twisted pair
(c) Fiber Optic cable
(d) None of these

6. What is the steps for joining domain in WindowsXP?
(a) Right click on MyComputer>Properties>Computer Name> click Change> type in domain name
(b) Click on Start>All programs>System setting> Click Join domain
(c) Open control panel> Administrative tools> Network Setting> change domain
(d) Click on start>All programs>run> type in Network setting and press Enter

7. In windows 2000/XP, which policy determines when accounts shall be locked when failed logon attempts occur?
(a) Account Policy
(b) User rights Policy
(c) System Policy
(d) Account Lockout Policy

8. Characteristics of an entity in database system is called____________
(a) Attribute
(b) Record
(c) File
(d) Table

9. In which type of DBMS model there is parent child relationship among data so that one parent can have multiple children and one child cannot have multiple parent.
(a) Network Model
(b) Relational Model
(c) Hierarchical model
(d) Distributed model

10. In Relational DBMS model, The combination of more than one fields that uniquely identify a record is called________________
(a) Candidate Key
(b) Super Key
(c) Primary Key
(d) Composite Key

11. In Three level architecture of DBMS, which level is closest to the user.
(a) Conceptual level
(b) View Level
(c) Physical Level
(d) Interface level

12. One customer buy many Items and One Item bought by many customers is an example of
(a) One to many relationship
(b) One to One relation ship
(c) Many to one relationship
(d) Many to Many Relationship

13. In an E-R diagram a rectangle represent____________
(a) Entity Set
(b) Attributes
(c) Relationship
(d) Link between entities

14. The methods and/or attributes defined in an object class which can be reused by other object class is called__________
(a) relationship
(b) inheritance
(c) copy constructor
(d) reproduction

15. The result of taking the union of several lower level entity sets to produce higher level entity set is called______________
(a) Categorization
(b) Aggregation
(c) Generalization
(d) Specialization

16. If there is more than one copy of same data in RDBMS it is called__________
(a) Data duplicate
(b) Data redundancy
(c) Multi data
(d) Data overhead

17. The number of rows in RDBMS is called__________
(a) Size
(b) Weight
(c) Count
(d) Cardinality

18. A set of permitted values in for each tuple or row of RDBMS is ___________
(a) Area
(b) Group
(c) Valid
(d) Domain

19. Entity integrity rule says
(a) There can be no composite Key
(b) There can be no Super Key
(c) Components of Primary Key should not be NULL
(d) Every key should be unique

20. Which statement is true
(a) Foreign Key should be primary key to other relation
(b) Foreign key should be unique
(c) Foreign Key should be only one in DBMS
(d) There should be only one foreign Key in a relation

21. A view table is created by using which SQL statement?
(b) DESC

22. How many rules are there in Codd’s rule
(a) 3
(b) 6
(c) 10
(d) 12

23. Data about data is normally termed as__________
(a) Meta Data
(b) Super Data
(c) Mega Data
(d) High order Data

24. In an object oriented model, An object can access data of another object by__________
(a) Message Passing
(b) Sharing data
(c) Global Data
(d) Grouping

25. Who provide database standard?
(a) Database User
(b) Database Administrator
(c) Database Developer
(d) Database Coder

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26. Collection of information stored in database at particular moment is called___________
(a) Image
(b) Local
(c) Present
(d) Instance

27. If a personal information database table has the following fields NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, SEX, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, HEIGHT , Which field can be primary Key?

28. An Excel sheet Linked to MS-Access is _________ Data type.
(a) Memo
(b) Number
(c) OLE object
(d) Text

29. In MS-Access, which field property should be set so as the set text will be displayed in invalid entry.
(a) Input Mask
(b) Validation rule
(c) Validation text
(d) Default value

30. Which view enable insertion or deletion of field in MS-Access?
(a) Form view
(b) Design view
(c) Layout view
(d) Datasheet view

31. In Excel, the column that is visible during scrolling is called
(a) Master column
(b) Unbound column
(c) Freeze column
(d) Fixed column

32. Which one is wildcard in MS-Access?
(a) >=
(b) ?
(c) AND
(d) Date()

33. The selection of the following subnet address for all work stations and the server which install a proxy server was random. It was selected because it falls within the class C subnet range and is easy to remember.
(b) 320.111.220.22

34. The following is not an internet search engine
(a) Google
(b) Excite
(c) Web crawler
(d) Scientra

35. The web page of the web site are connected by________________
(a) Cascaded Style sheet
(b) Hyperlink
(c) Web browser
(d) Domain name

36. ___________________is a server which perform an action for another computer
(a) Internet server
(b) Web server
(c) Network Server
(d) Proxy Server

37. One method to decrease download time is___________
(a) To connect to good server
(b) To take wireless connection
(c) To take ISDN connection
(d) To reduce bandwidth of the connection

38. ________________tools help user to find a set of pages that contain information related to given topic.
(a) Automatic search
(b) Automated search
(c) Related search
(d) Heuristic search

39. The basic format of text link is__________
(a) < A HREF=”URL”> text describing link</A>
(b) < HREF=”URL” > text describing link</A>
(c) < HREF=”URL” ></A>
(d) None of these

40. Which of the following is an italic tag
(a) <IL>
(b) <LI>
(c) <I>
(d) <IT>

41. What part of web page should <title> tag be used in
(a) heading
(b) foot note
(c) body
(d) any where

42. An HTM file start with the tag
(a) <TITLE>
(b) <body>
(c) <HEAD>
(d) <HTML>

43. The attributes of frameset are__________________
(a) ROWS and COLS
(c) Both (a) and (b)
(d) None of these

44. Which of the following is used as dimension of frame.
(a) Relative
(b) Percentage
(c) Absolute
(d) All of these

45. Which tag is used to break text into paragraph?
(a) <PP>
(b) <PB>
(c) <P>
(d) <PR>

46. The ____________ protocol does not keep resending packet if they are misplaced or other problem occur in TCP.
(a) IP
(b) UDP
(c) ATM
(d) None of these

47. What is the default value of SCROLLING attribute
(a) Vertical
(b) Horizontal
(c) Auto
(d) Vertical and Horizontal

48. What is a computer language used to create virtual world
(a) HTML
(b) VMRL
(c) CSS
(d) HTTP

49. _______________ divides the reader’s window in multiple panes that can be viewed independently and change independently
(a) Table
(b) List view
(c) Frame
(d) Tab

50. The environment provided to ASP is based on_____________
(a) Client/Server
(b) Network
(c) Centralized system
(d) distributed system