Model Question Papers on General English for all Competitive Exam

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Model Question Papers on General English
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General English Model Question Paper

In each of the following sentences a word is underlined. Choose the right synonym of the word underlined from the alternatives given below the sentence.

1. They are out to disgrace his name.
(A) Dishonor
(B) Reject
(C) Transform
(D) Disown

2. It was a fragile, inflammable shop.
(A) Strong
(B) Crowded
(C) Vulnerable
(D) Deserted

3. It seemed incredible.
(A) Ambiguous
(B) Impertinent
(C) Irrelevant
(D) Unbelievable

4. He tried not to notice people’s contemptuous attitude towards him.
(A) Friendly
(B) Insulting
(C) Appreciative
(D) Indifferent

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences using the appropriate antonyms of the word underlined.
5. Many promptly claimed their photos, but some remained in the shop _______
(A) Unclaimed
(B) Disclaimed
(C) Misclaimed
(D) None of these

6. The customer was satisfied unlike Ram who remained __________
(A) Missatisfied
(B) Unsatisfied
(C) Dissatisfied
(D) None of these

7. Now that we know the theoretical framework, let us examine the _________ aspects.
(A) Abstractive
(B) Hypothetical
(C) Practical
(D) Suppositious

8. She was concerned by the Vagqueness of the subjects, whereas others were Struck by their __________
(A) Clarity
(B) Unclearness
(C) Obscure
(D) Muddy

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences using the appropriate forms of the words given in brackets.
9. The __________ seems too severe for his mistake. (punish)
(A) Punish
(B) Punishment
(C) Punished
(D) punishable

10. He stared at the ___________ (disastrous) at his feet.
(A) Disaster
(B) Disastering
(C) Disastrous
(D) Disastered

11. He accepted the situation with a hopeless _________ (resign).
(A) Resign
(B) Resignness
(C) Resignment
(D) Resignation

12. He would add that _________ (atone) for his sins.
(A) Atone
(B) Atoneness
(C) Atonement
(D) Atonity

Give one word substitutes for the following from among the choices given below them.
13. Another of the same.
(A) Ditto
(B) Maelstrom
(C) Banal
(D) None of these

14. Comprehending a wide variety of information.
(A) Judicious
(B) Encyclopedic
(C) Trombone
(D) Primeval

15. A wrongful entry upon the lands of another.
(A) Banal
(B) Swagger
(C) Primeval
(D) Trespass

16. A puzzling question, problem, or matter.
(A) Shandygaff
(B) Blatant
(C) Riddle
(D) lrascibility

Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the appropriate words from the alternatives given below them.
17. He would not stint where this great _______ was concerned.
(A) Soul
(B) Sole
(C) Soal
(D) Saul

18. It will _________ seventeen rupees.
(A) Coast
(B) Cost
(C) Caust
(D) None of these

19. Those were the golden, unforgettable _______ of heroism and sacrifice.
(A) Moments
(B) Movements
(C) Moaments
(D) Moovements

20. If they had to go out, they would always take a longer ______
(A) Root
(B) Route
(C) Roat
(D) Rot

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Fill in the blanks with suitable articles from the alternatives given below them.
21. Why don’t you wear ________ dress I gifted you last Christmas?
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) of

22. Who has _________ keys to this lock?
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) no article required

23. Manu is ______ union leader.
(A) a
(B) an
(C) the
(D) none of these

24. Karishma is _______ S.P. candidate from U.P.
(A) an
(B) a
(C) the
(D) none of these

Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions from the alternatives given below them.
25. Who would like to pose ________ to the tiger?
(A) onto
(B) near
(C) next
(D) ahead

26. Xander is the man _________ stubble.
(A) of
(B) with
(C) at
(D) through

27. The price of fuel has been rising _________ 2014.
(A) for
(B) by
(C) since
(D) down

28. We reached the airport ___________ of you.
(A) ahead
(B) between
(C) towards
(D) along

29. The ball was hit _____________ the batsman.
(A) with
(B) by
(C) from
(D) besides

Add suitable question tags to the following statements from among the alternatives given below them.
30. We shall contribute generously, _________?
(A) shall we
(B) shan’t we
(C) do we
(D) don’t we

31. Raveen isn’t courageous, _________?
(A) isn’t he
(B) is he
(C) does he
(D) has he

32. Bring your guitar, _____?
(A) will you
(B) won’t you
(C) do you
(D) don’t you

Choose the best way to complete the sentences below.
33. I told him _____________
(A) What the homework was
(B) What was the homework
(C) What was to be the homework
(D) What is the homework

34. I didn’t know ___________
(A) What he mean
(B) What did he mean
(C) What did he meant
(D) What he meant

35. He said _________
(A) That two and two make four
(B) Two and two made four
(C) That two and two makes four
(D) Two and two will make four

Fill in the blanks with suitable adjective from the options given below each sentence.
36. My father is _________ than your father.
(A) elder
(B) eldest
(C) older
(D) oldest

37. My _________ brother is an IAS officer.
(A) elder
(B) older
(C) eldest
(D) oldest

38. How _________ students are there in the hostel?
(A) much
(B) many
(C) more
(D) none of these

Find out the wrongly spelt word from the alternatives given in each options.
39. (A) Exemplear (B) Embarrass (C) Envious (D) Excellence
40. (A) Efficient (B) Reticent (C) Magnificient (D) Deficient

From the four alternatives given below, choose the correct meaning of the idioms and phrases given in italics in the sentences:
41. The political candidate won the election because he had the gift of the gab.
(A) money to bribe people
(B) a talent for speaking
(C) an attractive physique
(D) good political connections

42. My grandfather was a man of letters:
(A) a writer
(B) a good speaker
(C) a correspondent
(D) a learned man

43. Mrs. Malley was always tired because her young son was a ball of fire.
(A) energetic and active
(B) feverish and sick
(C) crying incessantly
(D) disobedient

44. John hated to attend parties because he always felt like a bull in a China shop at social events.
(A) unwanted
(B) clumsy and awkward
(C) quiet and silent person
(D) too popular

45. I could not attend church yesterday because I was out of sorts.
(A) too busy with work
(B) feeling unwell
(C) out of the country
(D) having a quarrel with someone

46. The late singer David Bowie cast a long shadow over other musicians.
(A) blocked other’s success
(B) is above average height
(C) encouraged other people
(D) had a great influence

47. Despite his brave words, the soldier had a hidden yellow streak.
(A) a secret
(B) cruelty
(C) a weapon
(D) cowardliness

48. I got this second-hand car for a song.
(A) for free
(B) for a musical performance
(C) cheaply
(D) in exchange for something

49. After working for three straight hours on the report, I decided to call it a day.
(A) it is now night-time
(B) the day’s work is done
(C) to give up on it
(D) it needs to be redone

50. Learning to cook is child’s play; all it takes is practice.
(A) very easy
(B) a relaxing pastime
(C) very hectic
(D) very tricky

51. The outing would have been much better if the guide had not been such a wet blanket.
(A) sick person
(B) overweight person
(C) dull or depressing person
(D) fast talker

52. The lawyer promised to help the defendant, no strings attached.
(A) Secretly
(B) for a small fee
(C) in exchange for favours
(D) without any conditions

53. It was an open secret that the vacant post had already been promised to the Chairman’s son.
(A) known to everybody
(B) not known to anyone
(C) known to some
(D) declared to everyone

54. Despite being a huge celebrity, she was really down to earth.
(A) plain-looking
(B) sensible and practical
(C) not very rich
(D) generous and fun

55. Looking at the state of the world nowadays, I feel it is all going to the dogs.
(A) Deteriorating
(B) Progressing
(C) class-separation
(D) destroyed

56. He had been recently divorced so we had to skirt around the topic of relationships.
(A) constantly talk about
(B) sympathize with
(C) inform everyone
(D) avoid talking about