Microbiology Mock Test Papers

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Microbiology Mock Test Papers

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Mock Test Papers on Microbiology

1) Which of the following is NOT related to each other-
A) Ixodides tick and Babesiosis
B) Ixodides tick and Lyme disease
C) Ixodides tick and Endemic relapsing fever
D) Ixodides tick and Tularemia

2) Which of the following is NOT true of Actinomyces-
A) These are strictly aerobic gram positive branching filaments
B) They produce sulphur granules
C) They cause Actinomycetoma
D) They are Non acid fast

3) Which of the following is a high level disinfectant-
A) Phenol
B) Gluteraldehyde
C) Iodophors
D) Chlorhexidine

4) Which of the following is correct-
A) Ebola virus is BSL 4 agent and requires Class III BSC to handle in the laboratory
B) Ebola virus is BSL 4 agent and requires Class II B3 BSC to handle in the laboratory
C) Ebola virus is BSL 3 agent and requires Class III BSC to handle in the laboratory
D) Ebola virus is BSL 1 agent and requires Class I BSC to handle in the laboratory

5) Which of the following virus is NOT transmitted through blood-
C) BK virus
D) Parvovirus B19

6) The maximum permissible bioload in an empty conventional operation theatre should be-
A) 10 bcp/m3
B) 35 bcp/m3
C) 50 bcp/m3
D) 100 bcp/m3

7) In hospital settings air conditioning ducts and cooling towers can be a source of hospital acquired Infection due to-
A) Methicillin resistant Staph aureus
B) Mycobacterium scrofulaceum
C) Legionella pneumophila
D) Aeromonas hydrophila

8) The proper biomedical waste policy for disposal of Human anatomical and animal waste would be-
A) Segregation in red bag and deep burial
B) Segregation in yellow bag and incineration
C) Segregation in puncture proof container and microwaving
D) Segregation in blue bag and autoclaving

9) Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are characterized by all, EXCEPT
A) They have appeared for the first time or existed previously and presently increasing in incidence or Geographical range
B) They have developed resistance to drugs
C) They are the result of increasing change in ecosystem, deforestation
D) They are seldom of Zoonotic origin

10) All of the following are vaccine preventable diseases (VP), EXCEPT
A) Measles
B) Hepatitis B
C) Dengue
D) Pertussis

11) Involution forms of bacteria are seen in-
A) Log phase of bacterial growth curve
B) Stationary phase of bacterial growth curve
C) Decline phase of bacterial growth curve
D) Lag phase of bacterial growth curve

12) Which mechanism of drug resistance to Tetracyclines is exhibited by bacteria-
A) Active efflux of antibiotic
B) Altered target enzymes
C) Poor transport across membrane
D) Altered ribosomal targets

13) By matching bacterial suspension with 0.5 McFarland turbidity standard corresponds to-
A) 0.5-1 X 10 5 cfu/ml
B) 1-2 X 10 8 cfu/ml
C) 2-3 X 10 8 cfu/ml
D) 1-2 X 10 5 cfu/ml

14) The Electron microscope was developed by-
A) Wright 1903
B) Frederick W. Twort 1915
C) Ernst Ruska 1934
D) Frank Burnet 1957

15) Which of the following is NOT true –
A) Bollinger bodies are seen in measles virus infection
B) Negri bodies are seen in Rabies virus infection
C) Guarnieri bodies are seen in vaccinia virus infection
D) Cowdry type A bodies are seen in Yellow fever virus infection

16) Owl’s eye inclusion bodies are seen in-
A) Tanapox virus
B) Epstein Barr virus
C) Cytomegalovirus
D) Mumps virus

17) Which of the following in NOT oncogenic-
A) Hepatitis C virus
B) Human Papilloma virus
C) Cytomegalo virus

18) Which of the following is NOT a gene of HIV-1-
A) Nef
B) Vpx
C) Rev
D) Vif

19) Which of the following is NOT a human infection cause by slow viruses-
A) Visna
C) Kuru
D) CJ disease

20) Which of the following antiviral agent is part of HAART(Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy –
A) Lamivudine
B) Amprenavit
C) Saquinavir
D) Delavirdine

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21) Acute and highly infectious Hepatitis B Virus infection will have serological profile as-
A) HBsAg +, HBeAg +, Anti-HBcIgM -, Anti-HBs -, Anti-HBe –
B) HBsAg +, HBeAg +, Anti-HBcIgM +, Anti-HBs -, Anti-HBe –
C) HBsAg – ,HBeAg-, Anti-HBcIgM -, Anti-HBs +, Anti-HBe –
D) HBsAg -, HBeAg -, Anti-HBcIgG -, Anti-HBs +, Anti-HBe +

22) Lesions on genitalia in case of Chancroid have characteristic features of-
A) It is painless, circumscribed, indurated, superficial ulcer
B) Multiple painful and tender vesicular lesions
C) Painless, granulomatous nodule producing deep red sharply defined ulcer
D) Multiple, tender, painful, purulent, ragged edges of ulcers

23) Which of the following is NOT causing infection in fetuses-
A) Toxoplasma gondii
B) Parvovirus B19
C) Reovirus
D) Rubella virus

24) Which of the following viruses are NOT cultivable on tissue cultures-
A) Rubeola
B) Hepatitis B virus
C) Respiratory Syncytial Virus
D) Ebola virus

25) Which of the following statement regarding sensitivity and specificity of a test is TRUE
A) A highly sensitive test would have least number of false negative results
B) A highly specific test would have least number of false negative results
C) A poorly sensitive test would have more number of true positives
D) A poorly specific test would have more number of true positives

26) Von Magnus phenomenon in virus replication is-
A) Production of non-infective daughter virions
B) No release of daughter virions after replication
C) Production of ghost virions after replication
D) Production of low infectivity daughter virions

27) Which of the following cells is known as Large Granular Lymphocytes-
A) Plasma cells
B) NK cells
C) T-cells
D) K-cells

28) Which of the following is a Pan T- cell marker-
A) CD-2
B) CD3
C) CD19
D) CD25

29) Which of the following is NOT a tick borne hemorrhagic fever-
A) Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever
B) Omsk hemorrhagic fever
C) Kyasanur forest disease
D) Yellow fever

30) Which of the following statement is TRUE about λ, κ and heavy chains of Ig molecule-
A) Coded in the same site of a chromosome
B) Coded in the different site of a chromosome
C) The chains are formed by genetic rearrangement after maturation
D) Different chains of same Ig are coded by same chromosome

31) The secretory piece of IgA is synthesized in –
A) T-cells
B) B-cells
C) Lymph nodes
D) Mucosal epithelium

32) Membrane attack complex in complement pathway has-
A) C5b, C6
B) C6, C7
C) C8, C9
D) C5b, C6, C7, C8, C9

33) All of the following are TRUE about immunologic techniques EXCEPT
A) ELISA can detect antigen and antibody both
B) Immunofluorescence test uses Fluorescein iso thiocyanate
C) Immunoblotting is also called as Northern blotting
D) Immunoferritin is used in Immunoelectron microscopy

34) Rheumatoid factor is-
A) IgD antibody against Fc fragment of IgG
B) IgG antibody against Fc fragment of IgG
C) IgM antibody against Fc fragment of IgM
D) IgE antibody against Fc fragment of IgM

35) At what temperature pasteurization by Flash method is done-
A) 125o C for 30 sec
B) 60o C for 5 min
C) 72o C for 15-20 sec
D) 120o C for 2 min

36) Phenol Co-efficient indicates-
A) Efficacy of a disinfectant
B) Dilution of a disinfectant
C) Quality of a disinfectant
D) Purity of a disinfectant

37) Psychrophillic bacteria can grow at temperatures-
A) 50-60o C
B) 20-40o C
C) ≤20o C
D) ≥90o C

38) Dark ground microscopy is needed for all EXCEPT
A) Treponema pallidum
B) Borrelia recurrentis
C) Leptospira biflexa
D) Rickettsia prowazekii

39) Which species of Streptococcus is known as Flesh eating bacteria-
A) Streptococcus pyogenes
B) Enterococcus faecium
C) Streptococcus mucilagenosus
D) Streptococcus sanguis

40) Which is the suitable test to check water bacterology-
A) Presumptive coliform count
B) Total plate count
C) Semiquantitative coliform count
D) Total fecal Streptococcus count

41) Which of the following is NOT true of C1 esterase inhibitor-
A) It inhibits Hageman factor
B) It inhibits plasmin
C) It is alpha-neuraminoglycoprotein
D) It inhibits the normal progress of complement cascade

42) Which of the following is NOT an example of molecular mimicry-
A) Shigella flexneri and HLA B27
B) Cosackie B virus and Myocardium
C) Corynebacterium diphtheriae and glial cells
D) Mycobacterium tuberculosis and joint membranes

43) Which of the following is NOT true –
A) Alpha feto protein is found in hepatomas
B) Carcinoembryonic antigen is found in Colonic cancers
C) CA-135 is found in ovarian cancers
D) Prostate specific antigen is found in Prostate cancers

44) Which of the following is NOT a method for bacteriological examination of air-
A) Settle plate
B) Slit sampler
C) Air centrifuge
D) Pour plate method

45) Noguchi’s medium is used for the culture of-
A) Borrelia
B) Leptospira
C) Brucella
D) Francisella

46) Obligate aerobes break down superoxides and hydrogen peroxide due to-
A) Thermonuclease
B) Superoxide dismutase and catalase
C) Phosphatase
D) Luciferase

47) Which of the following is NOT a recent diagnostic test in microbiology-
A) Limulus Amoebocyte Lysate(LAL)
B) Mass Spectrometry Immuno Assay
C) Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionisation(MALDI)
D) Chemiluminescence Immuno Assay

48) Which of the following is an immune complex disease-
A) Lepromatous leprosy
B) Farmer’s lung
C) Hemolytic disease of the newborn
D) Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome

49) A parasite that must spend at least part of its life cycle on or in a host is called-
A) Facultative parasite
B) Hyperparasite
C) Obligate parasite
D) Pathogenic parasite

50) The schedule of post exposure active anti Rabies vaccination is-
A) 0,3,7,14 and 30 day optional
B) 0,7,14,30 and 90 day optional
C) 0,3,7,14,30 and 90 day optional
D) 0,7,14 and 30 day optional