Mass Communication Sample Questions

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Mass Communication Sample Questions

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Sample Questions on Mass Communication

1. Which movement is defined as the rejection of western conventions and the depiction of reality that is widely distorted for emotional effect?
(A) German Expressionism
(B) French New Wave
(C) Cinema Verite
(D) Cinema Nono

2. What was the permitted Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in newspapers and news periodicals in 2018?
(A) 100%
(B) 76%
(C) 49%
(D) 26%

3. Which is the light that is an ellipsoidal non-defining unfocussed spot light?
(A) Reflector
(B) Fresnel
(C) Soft light
(D) Scoop

4. Which of the following is not a Serif font?
(A) Times New Roman
(B) Courier
(C) Cambria
(D) Calibri

5. On the keyboard of every computer each character has an ‘ASCII’ value which stands for:
(A) Adaptable Standard Code for Information Incharge
(B) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
(C) American Stock Code for Information Interchange
(D) Adaptable Standard Code for Information Input

6. Which is a messenger that is used for chatting online?
(C) Agile Bits
(D) Altavista

7. Which one of the following measurement does not divide a set of observations into equal parts?
(A) Quartiles
(B) Standard deviations
(C) Percentiles
(D) Deciles

8. Which of the following statements is correct with respect to Research Methodology?
(A) It is about those methods which are concerned with the collection of data.
(B) It consists of those statistical techniques which are used for establishing relationship between data.
(C) It considers the logic behind the methods we use and explains why we use a particular method in the context of research.
(D) It consists of those methods which are used to evaluate the accuracy of the results obtained.

9. Which popular media group known for having started private television channel in 1992 has stake in television distribution as well as production?
(A) Zee TV
(B) Tata Group
(C) Times Group
(D) Essel Group

10. The process of corporate advocacy to influence decision-making by the legislators, regulatory bodies and government officials is called as:
(A) Public Relations
(B) Public Affairs
(C) Lobbying
(D) Publicity

11. Which is the sampling technique that allows every unit in the population an equal chance of being selected?
(A) Convenience Sampling
(B) Snowball Sampling
(C) Stratified Random Sampling
(D) Expert Sampling

12. What type of Sampling technique is it when researcher ‘selects samples as and when s/he gets them’ in the process of data collection?
(A) Random
(B) Incidental
(C) Purposive
(D) Snowball

13. Which of the following is not required in the reference list or bibliography entry?
(A) Place of publication
(B) Authors names
(C) Publisher
(D) Call number

14. When a reporter goes to an interviewee with evidence of his/her wrong doing and then asks direct questions about that specific incident, instead of asking general questions, what is it called?
(A) In-camera interview
(B) Confrontation interview
(C) Undercover interview
(D) Smoking gun interview

15. What are people who have lived their entire lives in an internet connected world called?
(A) Generation Z
(B) Digital Natives
(C) Net Citizens
(D) Creative Digitals

16. The term to describe the way in which unfair key personnel have control over the information that is presented to the audiences:
(A) Gatekeeping
(B) Agenda Setting
(C) Indexing
(D) Editorial

17. Which of the following is the most widely read newspaper of South India?
(A) Malayalam Manorama
(B) Daily Thanthi
(C) Eenadu
(D) Sakshi

18. What is the technique by which utilising a production switcher, a specific colour can be replaced with another image source?
(A) Cyclorama
(B) Set unit
(C) Chroma-key
(D) Flat

19. Which of the following does not own a daily newspaper in India?
(A) Trust
(B) Private Limited
(C) Government
(D) Cooperatives

20. Which of the following Hindi News Channels had the highest viewership according to BARC in February 2019?
(A) Aaj Tak
(B) News 18 India
(C) Zee News
(D) India TV

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21. Which of the following states was not included in the famous SITE project in India?
(A) Karnatak
(B) Orissa
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Rajasthan

22. Who is the author of the landmark 1971 paper ‘Development Communication in the Agricultural Context’?
(A) Leela Rao
(B) Uma Joshi
(C) Nora Quebral
(D) Crispin Maslog

23. Statement (A): Caste discriminations are now-adays observed only on celluloid.
Statement (R): The directors of films have stopped addressing caste distinction.
In the context of above statements, which one of the following is correct?
(A) Both (A) and (R) are true, (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
(B) Both (A) and (R) are true, (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
(C) Neither (A) nor (R) is accurate
(D) (A) is false and (R) is true

24. What is Crowd-funded Journalism?
(A) Journalists propose projects online to people who then contribute to those they deem worthy
(B) Non-professionals running a daily
(C) Readers contribute to pagemaking of a daily
(D) Readers propose projects online to Journalists

25. The ASCI code has been appended to which of the following:
(A) Cable Television Networks Rules, 1994
(B) Right to Information Act, 2005
(C) Information Technology Act, 2008
(D) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997

26. Which is the indicator to ascertain ‘Quality of life’ of population?

27. From case studies of communities adopting or rejecting technological innovations, Everett Rogers found that diffusion took place in five stages. Which of the following stages occurs first?
(A) Persuation stage
(B) Knowledge stage
(C) Implementation stage
(D) Formal education stage

28. Why is it important for reporters to talk to sources?
(A) Sources help publish a reporter’s story
(B) Sources by newspapers
(C) Sources are the people that help edit and revise copy
(D) Sources give a story balance by offering different perspectives

29. If the following activities are undertaken while arranging a press conference, which of the following is the correct sequence?
(i) share a write up about the event and organisation,
(ii) answering media persons’ questions,
(iii) briefing by an authority,
(iv) welcome address by PRO,
(v) send a press release,
(vi) send an invitation
(A) (vi), (i), (iv), (iii), (ii), (v)
(B) (i), (vi), (ii), (iv), (iii), (v)
(C) (vi), (i), (ii), (iv), (iii), (v)
(D) (vi), (i), (iv), (v), (ii), (iii)

30. Which of the following is not a major distinguishing characteristic of India soap operas?
(A) Preference to outdoor shoots
(B) Women centric stories
(C) Loud and melodramatic narrative treatment
(D) Storyline that has excessive marital and familial conflicts

31. What does ‘Bluetooth’ technology allow?
(A) Landline phone to mobile phone communication
(B) Signal transmission on mobile phones only
(C) Wireless communication between equipments
(D) Satellite television communication

32. When News stories where paragraphs are written in order of descending importance, and then using a transitional paragraph, introduces the rest of the story chronologically, what is the style called?
(A) Inverted pyramid style
(B) Chronological style
(C) Hour glass style
(D) News feature style

33. How long is copyright protection valid for a literary work following the death of the author?
(A) 50 years
(B) 40 years
(C) Forever
(D) 60 years

34. What is it called if an organisation allows people for a day to see the work being carried out by them?
(A) Educational Visit
(B) Open House
(C) Visitors Day
(D) Public Relations Day

35. Which of the following is not a method for preparing Advertisement Budgets?
(A) Fixed percentage of sales
(B) Comparable to the competition
(C) The maximum amount possible
(D) The minimum amount

36. One of these is a reason for faulty listening:
(A) Listening with images of stereotypes
(B) Focussed attention
(C) Questions to a minimum
(D) Listening with mind

37. Which of the following is not true of Advertising and Marketing?
(A) Marketing is a long-term process while advertising is short-term
(B) Advertising is part of marketing communication
(C) Advertising is about promotion while marketing is also about place, price and product
(D) Advertising costs more than marketing

38. What is the most common use of ‘social media’ analytics?
(A) For increasing profits
(B) To increase customer base
(C) In order to support marketing customer service activities
(D) To win an election

39. The following are the characteristics of Information Society:
(i) Organisation of society based on science, rationality and reflexivity.
(ii) Labour market needing less education and more physical effort.
(iii) Media and information products dominated by culture.
Which is accurate representation of the Information Society?
(A) Only (i)
(B) (i) and (ii)
(C) (i) and (iii)
(D) (ii) and (iii)

40. In journalism, what do you understand by ‘junkets’?
(A) Free sponsored trips
(B) Fake news
(C) Kill a story
(D) Negative feedback

41. What device does cardioid represent in video production?
(A) Microphone
(B) Camera
(C) Stand
(D) Lights

42. Which of the following describes external communications?
(A) External communications keep employees informed about the company.
(B) External communications always flow from the bottom to the top.
(C) External communications are always carried out using mass media.
(D) External communications deal with investors, clients, customers

43. Which is the official state run press agency of the People’s Republic of China?
(A) Asahi Shimbun
(B) Xinhua News Agency
(C) Renmin Ribao
(D) Chinese Central News Agency

44. The financial publics of a company include:
(A) Investment analysts
(B) Employees of a bank
(C) Senior citizens
(D) Political journalist

45. What is the full form of DSLR?
(A) Digital Single Lens Reflex
(B) Direct Smart Locus Reflector
(C) Direct Sun Light Reflector
(D) Digital Sequence Light Reflector

46. When an autorickshaw’s interior is decorated with pictures cut out from popular magazines it can be called a case of what mass media process?
(A) Cultivation
(B) Representation
(C) Bricologe
(D) Reproduction

47. A general expression for the tendency of global media industry exporters to dominate media consumption in developing countries and impose their culture and other values is termed as:
(A) Culture monopoly
(B) Cultural imperialism
(C) Cultivational culture
(D) Mediated culture

48. Marathi daily ‘Dnyanprakash’ published which of the following news and information?
(1) Panchang or Almanac
(2) Market rates
(3) International news
(4) Government notifications
(A) (1) and (4) are correct
(B) (2) and (3) are correct
(C) All are correct
(D) (3) and (4) are correct