Journalism Quiz

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Journalism Quiz

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Quiz on Journalism

1. In November 2016 NDTV India faced a ban for a day. Under which Act that action was initiated?
(A) Cable TV Network (Regulation) Act
(B) Official Secrets Act
(C) Freedom of Speech and Expression
(D) Sedition Act

2. In Indian Constitution, article 19(1)(A) is closely related to which of the following?
(A) Religious freedom
(B) Profession freedom
(C) Freedom of expression
(D) Right to work

3. The scandal involving harvesting of personal data by Cambridge Analytica was first reported by Harry Davis, a journalist with which paper?
(A) The New York Times
(B) The Guardian
(C) The Times
(D) The Washington Post

4. ‘Snapdeal’ went for a change in logo and its corporate identity with a new tagline ‘unbox zindagi’. What is this process known as?
(A) Rebranding
(B) Repositioning
(C) Rethinking
(D) Revitalizing

5. Which of the following is not an aspect of Dhvani?
(A) Abhidha
(B) Lakshana
(C) Vyanjana
(D) Riti

6. Which of the following is not the term given by McQuail to refer to media?
(A) Signpost
(B) Gatekeeper
(C) Interlocutor
(D) Mirror

7. According to Russell Colley model the ultimate objective of advertising involves a communication task, intended to create awareness, impart information, develop attitude and induce action. What is the model called?
(C) Bottom-up approach
(D) Top-down approach

8. What is stage two in the public relations process?
(A) Communication
(B) Planning
(C) Evaluation
(D) Research

9. Where is the headquarters of the Advertising Standards Council of India located?
(A) Mumbai
(B) Pune
(C) Hyderabad
(D) Bengaluru

10. Which type of content involves the transmission of information or ideas that might or might not be false and also no effort is made to determine their validity?
(A) Pink Journalism
(B) Gray propaganda
(C) Engineering of consent
(D) Manufacturing consent

11. Which of the following is not a characteristic of good sample design?
(A) It must result in small sampling error
(B) It must be such that systematic bias may be controlled in a better way
(C) It must result in small standard deviation
(D) It must result in a truly representative sample

12. ‘Hegemony’ is a kind of dominant consensus that works in a concealed way without direct coercion. Who introduced the term?
(A) Derrida
(B) Karl Marx
(C) Antonio Gramsci
(D) Habermas

13. How many minutes/hr does the advertising code mandate for TV channels to carry advertisements?
(A) 16 minutes
(B) 18 minutes
(C) 10 minutes
(D) 12 minutes

14. Which language newspapers are usually the largest circulating newspapers in India?
(A) English
(B) Hindi
(C) Bengali
(D) Marathi

15. How does a reporter ‘balance’ the story?
(A) By writing several paragraphs
(B) By quoting several different sources
(C) By including pictures
(D) By publishing a story and following it up

16. As part of its crisis management, Maggi Noodles came up with which hash tag?
(A) # we miss you too
(B) # just two minutes
(C) # bring maggi back
(D) # we are home

17. Which of the following is a camera movement pair?
(A) Pan-Tilt
(B) Top-Bottom
(C) Track-Tour
(D) Rock-Roll

18. Which public relations professional’s telephonic conversation with media persons led to a major political and media controversy?
(A) Amrit Ahuja
(B) Nira Radia
(C) Anchal Jain
(D) Dilip Cherian

19. Which of the following means mutual understanding, commonness or oneness among the people?
(A) Sadharanikaran
(B) Rasa
(C) Bhasa
(D) Sandesha

20. James Augustus Hickey earned the distinction of launching India’s first English newspaper. Hickey belonged to which part of the United Kingdom?
(A) Wales
(B) Ireland
(C) Scotland
(D) England

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21. According to Herbert Blumer, which of the following is not a distinguishing characterisitc of the concept ‘mass’?
(A) Large uncountable number of Individuals
(B) Aggregate of people who are unaware of each others identity
(C) Group of individuals who are geographically widespread
(D) Aggregate of people who are critical of their media choices and gives immediate feedback

22. In the context of history of radio in India identify the correct pair from the following?
(A) 1930s-Beginning of radio transmission in India
(B) 1940s-ISBS renamed as AIR
(C) 1950s-Vividh Bharati started
(D) 1980s-AIR brought under Prasar Bharati Board

23. Sales promotion is a very effective tool and it offers various benefits. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(A) Sales promotion helps to supplement and support both advertising and selling
(B) Sale promotional activities involves both direct and indirect approaches
(C) Sales promotion eliminates the need of a salesman
(D) Sales promotion will not enable the consumers to gain knowledge

24. Which of the following is true regarding the Supreme Court Judgement on airwaves in 1995?
(A) Airwaves constitute public property and must be utilized for advancing public good
(B) Airwaves are not public property and may be used for commercial interests
(C) The right to free speech does not include the right to receive and import information
(D) The Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 is totally adequate to govern radio and television

25. Which of these aspects will not hinder readability and legibility in page designs?
(A) Over use of capital letters
(B) Low contrast between text and background
(C) Very small type sizes
(D) Use of white spaces

26. What is the full form of FTA in television broadcasting?
(A) Free Trade Arrangement
(B) For Television Audiences
(C) Free To Air
(D) Federal Trade Agreement

27. Which of the following is the most compressed video format?
(D) MP4

28. In a newspaper when there is an overemphasis on soft news writing, some of the editors refer to it as:
(A) Yellow Journalism
(B) Jell-O Journalism
(C) Feature Journalism
(D) Armchair Journalism

29. What was the name of the Saudi dissident journalist murdered in Turkey at the Saudi consulate in October, 2018?
(A) Jamal Khashoggi
(B) Zahera Kazemi
(C) Reja Entesari
(D) Kasara Nouri

30. What is the full form of TRP in media terminology?
(A) Trade Recall Percentage
(B) Trade Restricted Practice
(C) Television Rating Point
(D) Television Recall Percentage

31. If an analysis of the death penalty is written soon after a murderer is sentenced to death, it is an example of:
(A) In-depth story
(B) Trend story
(C) Backgrounder
(D) Theme story

32. Which one of the following variables is not categorical?
(A) Age of a person
(B) Gender of a person: male or female
(C) Choice on a test item: true or false
(D) Marital status of a person (single, married, divorced, other)

33. Which is not a part of Brand architecture?
(A) Corporate brand
(B) Endorsed brand
(C) Individual product brand
(D) Generic brand

34. Which is the odd one out?
(A) Agence France Presse (AFP)
(B) Reuters
(C) Associated Press (AP)
(D) Britannica Press

35. In the context of typing in MS-Word, what is the adjustment of space between characters called?
(A) Leading
(B) Kerning
(C) Runaround
(D) Spacing

36. A cut from one sound to another without breaking continuity is called:
(A) Segue
(B) Harmonics
(C) Fade
(D) Hiss

37. Which of the following is not a name/ type of newspaper publication?
(A) Broadsheet
(B) Tabloid
(C) Daily
(D) Scroll

38. Which model of development communication considers the audience to be targets of an injection or bullet of information fired from the pistol of mass media?
(A) Hypodermic needle theory
(B) Gun-shot theory
(C) Agenda setting theory
(D) Knowledge gap theory

39. Which film introduced play back songs in India?
(A) Dhoop Chhaon
(B) Raja Harishchandra
(C) Alam Ara
(D) Aparadhi

40. To change organisational culture successfully we used to do what?
(A) Find the most effective subculture and use it as an example
(B) Included employees in the change process
(C) Make changes from bottom-up
(D) Use autocratic style

41. What is known as ‘Invisible road’?
(A) Telecom
(B) Computer
(C) WiFi
(D) Internet

42. Who was the editor of the newspaper ‘Afternoon, Dispatch and Courier’ who wrote under the name ‘Busybee’?
(A) Oscar Fernandes
(B) Behram Contractor
(C) Dom Moraes
(D) Darryl D’Monte

43. ‘Swish-panning’ in production is related to:
(A) Camera movement
(B) Scene composition
(C) Lighting
(D) Post-production

44. Which is the type of research that decides on the effectiveness of a public relations campaign?
(A) Exploratory Research
(B) Evaluation Research
(C) Processual Research
(D) Descriptive Research

45. Whose theory is credited as early theory of communication in Indian context?
(A) Bharat Muni
(B) Chanakya
(C) Ashok
(D) Kalidas