Mass Communication Mock Test Papers

Aspirants can find the Mass Communication Mock Test Papers here. Mass Communication Mock Test Papers for Both written examination and interview are available here. The Candidate who is appearing for Mass Communication can download the Mock Test Papers from the link given.

Mass Communication Mock Test Papers

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Mock Test Papers on Mass Communication

1. Which section of the Indian Penal Code is about Sedition?
(A) 124A
(B) 124B
(C) 130
(D) 498

2. What is an advertorial?
(A) An advertisement in the form of editorial content.
(B) An editorial written to condemn advertisements
(C) An advertisement on the editorial page
(D) An editorial about the editor himself

3. The term ‘Phatic Communication’ refers to:
(A) Verbal or non-verbal communication that has a social function rather than an informative function
(B) Communication during natural disasters
(C) Verbal/Oral culture recorded in Ethnographic studies
(D) Communication with no media involved

4. Which of the following is not a ‘e-media gratification’ under uses and gratification theory?
(A) Security
(B) Cultural satisfaction
(C) Surveillance
(D) Filling time

5. Which of the following is often cited as the main reason for the general ineffectiveness of Press Council of India in curbing wrong practices in journalism?
(A) No representation for newspapers owners
(B) Complex and time consuming process of hearing of cases
(C) Lack of power to take penal action against defaulters
(D) Old and irrelevant standards of code of conduct.

6. Credibility consists of which three core elements?
(A) Expertise, motivation and trustworthiness
(B) Expertise, power and trustworthiness
(C) Motivation, trustworthiness, personality
(D) Expertise, power, motivation

7. Which of the following is not a part of an Advertising Agency?
(A) Production Department
(B) Crisis Department
(C) Copy Department
(D) Public Relations Department

8. In 1961 Robert J. Lavidge and Gary A. Steiner created which model that suggests six steps to consumer buying behavior?
(A) AIDA model
(B) Innovation and adoption model
(C) Hierarchy of effects model
(D) Information-processing model

9. Which of the following is not a television signal distribution format?
(B) Terrestrial
(C) IP
(D) Satellite

10. If you have to record an interview in a windy area, which of the following microphones should one use?
(A) Omnidirectional microphone
(B) Microphone with wind filter
(C) Microphone with mounting stand
(D) Camera mounted microphone

11. What is the characteristic that does not describe colour?
(A) Hue
(B) Saturation
(C) Brightness
(D) Harmony

12. ‘Relationship beyond banking’ is the tagline of which of the following Indian banks?
(A) Bank of Baroda
(C) Axis
(D) Bank of India

13. Which one of the following is not one of the four main types of spokesperson?
(A) Critics
(B) Celebrity endorsers
(C) PROs
(D) Brand Ambassadors

14. What can be the most appropriate PR action in times of crisis for an organisation?
(A) Do not allow media to report on the incident
(B) Wait silently until the crisis tides over
(C) Provide accurate information to the media about the incident
(D) Shield the stakeholders from the incident

15. Which one of these is not a parliamentary privilege?
(A) Freedom from arrest for all parliamentarians
(B) Expel any stranger from the House
(C) Publication of expunged portions of the proceedings
(D) Order and arrest any accused person

16. The ‘reputation’ of a company is:
(A) Social evaluation in the longrun
(B) Generic perception of the organisation
(C) Short-term evaluation of an organisation and its impact on publics
(D) Image of the organisation

17. Which of the following is not used as a public relations tool?
(A) Press Conference
(B) Press Visit
(C) Press Club
(D) Press Releases

18. Warana Wired Village Project was an ICI project for agricultural development in which Indian State?
(A) Goa
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Maharashtra
(D) Tamil Nadu

19. Who of the following is a non-state actor in development processes?
(A) Public Universities
(B) Corporate House/Civil Society
(C) Government Departments
(D) Government Ministry

20. Corporate Social Responsibility is governed by:
(A) Companies Act, 2013
(B) Trade and Merchandise Act, 1958
(C) Income Tax Act, 1961
(D) Profession Tax Act, 1975

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21. In his book ‘Network Society’ Manual Castells claims that society is passing from which age to which age?
(A) The traditional to the modern
(B) The literate to the visual
(C) The industrial to the information
(D) The textual to the audio-visual

22. What is a large size headline across the entire page called?
(A) Banner
(B) Deck
(C) Lead
(D) Header

23. Which of the following is not a type of validity?
(A) Content validity
(B) Design validity
(C) Criterion-related validity
(D) Construct validity

24. Which of the following steps generally is done before the other three in the Research Process?
(i) Preparing the Research Design
(ii) Determining Sample Design
(iii) Developing the Hypothesis
(iv) Extensive Literature Survey
(A) (i)
(B) (iv)
(C) (iii)
(D) (ii)

25. A magazine printed a survey in its monthly issue and asked readers to fill it out and send it in. Over 1000 readers did so. What is this type of sample called?
(A) A cluster sample
(B) A self-selected sample
(C) A stratified sample
(D) Simple random sample

26. World Radio Day is celebrated on which day?
(A) 19th November
(B) 30th April
(C) 13th February
(D) 8th December

27. What is the generic format of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ programme on radio hosted by P.M. Narendra Modi?
(A) Talk
(B) Interview
(C) Drama
(D) Radio Feature

28. What is diegetic sound?
(A) Sound created through the use of an advanced digital system
(B) Music and narrative that the audience hear and the characters do not
(C) Sound that is heard by the characters in the fictional world of the film
(D) Sound created during the postproduction phase

29. What is the last stage of insertion of an ad in TV programming called?
(A) Verification
(B) Insertion
(C) Distribution
(D) Scheduling

30. The film ‘Gully Boy’ is based on the life of which rap artist?
(A) Swadesi
(B) Anime
(C) Divine
(D) Raja Kumari

31. Who is credited with beginning the Rasa tradition?
(A) Abhinavagupta
(B) Anandavardhan
(C) Bharat
(D) Kalidasa

32. Which of the following Satyajit Ray films was based on a story written by Rabindranath Tagore?
(A) Charulata
(B) Sadgati
(C) Ganashatru
(D) Aganthuk

33. The news value ‘prominence’ is said to be present in which kind of story?
(A) A story that will affect a large number of people
(B) The story involves very well known people
(C) If the story has one prominent character
(D) If the story is on the front page of the newspaper

34. Indian television underwent another historical milestone in its history in 2019. Which area of television process did it impact?
(A) Production
(B) Distribution
(C) Consolidation
(D) Amalgamation

35. Which committee in 1976 recommended that Akashwani and Doordarshan be separated?
(A) Joshi Committee
(B) Verghese Committee
(C) Chanda Committee
(D) Sengupta Committee

36. Which constitutional amendment amended the Preamble to the Constitution of India?
(A) 41st Amendment
(B) 42nd Amendment
(C) 43rd Amendment
(D) 44th Amendment

37. Internet Protocol Television allows one to do what?
(A) Watch TV on computers and mobile phones
(B) Watch HD TV
(C) Attach TV through wifi
(D) Make a skype call through TV

38. What is an advertisement that is intended to create goodwill for an organisation called as?
(A) Corporation advertising
(B) Product advertising
(C) Institutional advertising
(D) Concept advertising

39. ‘Validity’ in quantitative research refers to:
(A) Whether one can draw meaningful and useful inferences from scores on a particular instruments
(B) A characteristic or attribute of an individual
(C) Use of interrelated set of constructs
(D) Where researcher validates the study by conducting pilot study

40. In research, how does quasiexperiment stand in contrast to the true experiment?
(A) In terms of the degree of control excercised by the researcher over possibly confounding variables
(B) In terms of the number of control groups assigned by the researcher to understand their effect on experimental group
(C) In terms of number of participants identified by the researcher for the experiment
(D) In terms of degree of freedom exercised by the researcher to operationally define each of the dependent and independent variable

41. Which of the following is the most appropriate data collection method to carry a research on dynamics of interactions of control over television remote in a family set up in India?
(A) Content Analysis
(B) Survey
(C) Observation
(D) Netnography

42. Daniel Learner’s ‘The Passing of Traditional Society — Modernising the Middle East’ is an influential seminal work in the field of:
(A) Organisational Communication
(B) Developmental Communication
(C) International Communication
(D) Intercultural Communication

43. When does a DTH operator does not violate the ruling on ‘Airwaves being public property’?
(A) Broadcasts its ‘own’ channels with 24/7 ads, self-promotional messages and teleshopping spots unlicensed
(B) Offers value added services
(C) Pop-up ads on screen occupying 2/3rd space
(D) Offers individual pay channels

44. What does Section 499 of the Indian Penal Code deal with?
(A) Civil Defamation
(B) Criminal Defamation
(C) Press Laws
(D) Right to Criticize

45. Which of the following words have not been mentioned in the original Constitution of India?
(A) Contempt of Court
(B) Parliamentary Privileges
(C) Official Secrets Act
(D) Social Equality

46. In advertising what are trade mark, brand name, logo, slogan, URL, jingle, packaging, spokesperson and signage, etc. called?
(A) Brand elements
(B) Brand value
(C) Brand equity
(D) Brand personality

47. What is the most popularly used advertising trick of making the audience think that the product is better than its really is called?
(A) Puffery
(B) Weasel claim
(C) Cognitive
(D) Unethical

48. Which of the following is not a citation and referencing style followed in academic writing?