Home Science Mock Test Papers

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Home Science Mock Test Papers

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Mock Test Papers on Home Science

1. MCTs contain ……..
(A) More than C12
(B) Less than C6
(C) C6–C10
(D) C6–C12

2. Vitamin E supplementation is suggested in :
(A) Tardive Dyskinesia
(B) Osteoarthritis
(C) Alzeimer’s disease
(D) Ulcerative colitis

3. Hypoglycemic substance in fenugreek seeds is :
(B) Catechin
(C) Trigonelline
(D) Lignin

4. Lectins are :
(A) Protease inhibitors
(B) Sugar binding protein
(C) Probiotic
(D) Prebiotic

5. Hormone calcitonin :
(A) Decreases calcium absorption from GIT
(B) Increases calcium reabsorption
(C) Promotes calcium absorption in small intestine
(D) Prevents calcium mobilization from bones

6. Canned shellfish becomes dark or discoloured because of formation of :
(A) Carbon dioxide
(B) Iron sulphide
(C) Ferrous oxide
(D) Oxygen

7. An enzyme that plays a vital role in producing angiotensin is :
(A) Rennin
(B) Trypsin
(C) Dipeptidase
(D) Renin

8. Retinol is stored in :
(A) Retina
(B) Kidney
(C) Liver
(D) Bones

9. Dispensable amino acid is :
(A) Tyrosine
(B) Serine
(C) Valine
(D) Tryptophan

10. Meat tenderizing enzyme is :
(A) Papain
(B) Lycopene
(C) Ficin
(D) Pepsin

11. A pregnant lady requires ………….. mg of calcium daily.
(A) 400—600
(B) 600—800
(C) 1000
(D) 1200

12. Pressure at cell membrane is :
(A) Oncotic pressure
(B) Osmotic pressure
(C) Colloidal pressure
(D) Portal pressure

13. pH of a protein solution at which the positive and negative charges are the same is :
(A) Isoelectric point
(B) Isometric point
(C) Electromagnetic point
(D) Electrokinetic point

14. Production increased to keep up with the demand was seen in the marketing evolution of :
(A) Production era
(B) Sales era
(C) Management era
(D) Sales and production era

15. Promotion without monetary benefit is :
(A) Up promotion
(B) Out promotion
(C) Lateral promotion
(D) Dry promotion

16. Cyclic menu is followed in :
(A) Hostel
(B) Hotel
(C) Coffee shop
(D) Fast-food service

17. SEBI means :
(A) Stock Exchange Board of India
(B) Securities Exchange Board of India
(C) Share Exchange Board of India
(D) State Exchange Board of India

18. Table-d-hote refers to :
(A) Table of special food
(B) Table of the host
(C) Table of menu
(D) Table of special menu

19. The leader who provides freedom to employees and lets the organisation run at its own pace :
(A) Bureaucratic leader
(B) Diplomatic leader
(C) Free rein leader
(D) Instrumental leader

20. An acute type of fever is seen in :
(A) Malaria
(B) Tuberculosis
(C) Typhoid
(D) Pneumonia

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21. A numerical value of a food’s ability to rise blood sugar is termed as :
(A) Glycemic Index
(B) Glycemic Load
(C) Glycemic Number
(D) Glycemic Standard

22. Condition marked by the presence of renal calculi is :
(A) Nephritis
(B) Nephrosis
(C) Pyelonephritis
(D) Nephrolithiasis

23. Peptic ulcer is caused by :
(A) Acetobacter pylori
(B) Enterobacter pylori
(C) Erwinia bacter pylori
(D) Helicobacter pylori

24. A fibre rich diet is advised for :
(A) Peptic ulcer
(B) Obesity
(C) Malabsorption syndrome
(D) Diarrhoea

25. Depreciation cost is :
(A) Direct cost
(B) Operating cost
(C) Material cost
(D) Labour cost

26. The method of child study which is vastly time consuming is ………..
(A) Biographical
(B) Observation
(C) Anecdotal
(D) Experimental

27. The reflex that helps in early social relationship is :
(A) Rooting reflex
(B) Palmar grasp reflex
(C) Tonic-neck reflex
(D) Stepping reflex

28. The birth cry makes the baby’s first expression of :
(A) Discomfort
(B) Breath
(C) Movement
(D) Anger

29. Demanding, strict and punishment giving parents are :
(A) Authoritarian
(B) Permissive
(C) Democratic
(D) Diplomatic

30. Sudden infant death syndrome is more common in :
(A) Breast fed babies
(B) Bottle fed babies
(C) Weaning babies
(D) Premature babies

31. The responsibility of …………… begins when a couple plan to have a child.
(A) Adolescence
(B) Adulthood
(C) Disciplining
(D) Parenting

32. PPP refers to :
(A) Physical Programme for Parents
(B) Parental Preparation for Planning
(C) Pulse Parental Programme
(D) Pulse Polio Programme

33. Family is the principal institution for the …………of children.
(A) Socialisation
(B) Dissolution
(C) Evolution
(D) Production

34. Which of the following helps in reducing maternal and infant mortality by promoting institutional delivery among the poor pregnant women ?
(A) Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram
(B) Janani Suraksha Yojana
(C) Matru Shishu Suraksha Yojana
(D) Family Planning

35. National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) which aims at major qualitative improvements in standards of public health and ……
(A) Health care in the rural areas
(B) Urban health
(C) Education for rural
(D) Food for poor

36. The changes in the structure and function of the reproductive organs begin during :
(A) Puberty
(B) Late adolescence
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Early adulthood

37. Which two psychologists focused on emotional development within social relationships ?
(A) Piaget and Freud
(B) O’Bryan and Piaget
(C) Freud and Spitz
(D) Spitz and O’Bryan

38. Which of the following is essential for textile fibre identification ?
(A) Dye bath
(B) Colorimeter
(C) Pick glass
(D) Microscope

39. Enzyme wash is a finish given to :
(A) Silk saris
(B) Denim garments
(C) Terry wool jackets
(D) Cotton nightwear

40. Dress forms are used for :
(A) Designing by draping
(B) Displaying garments
(C) Drafting garments
(D) Adaptation by flat pattern method

41. A French curve is used for :
(A) French seam
(B) Drawing neckline
(C) Raglan sleeve
(D) Finishing edges

42. Which of the following is a quality control agency in India ?

43. The colour fastness to light of a dyed fabric can be tested by :
(A) Fadometer
(B) Elemendrof tester
(C) Crockmeter
(D) Launderometer

44. The textile finish that gives lusture is :
(A) Gigging
(B) Napping
(C) Calendering
(D) Tebilizing

45. Which of the following is a shuttleless loom ?
(A) Rapier loom
(B) Shantiniketan loom
(C) Drugget loom
(D) Balarampur loom

46. Sanganer is famous for :
(A) Weaving units
(B) Phulkari
(C) Gota embroidery
(D) Block printed textiles

47. Which of the following is a famous Shawl manufactured at Aurangabad ?
(A) Doshala
(B) Panetar
(C) Himroo
(D) Jamevar

48. The process of dyeing a fabric containing two or more different generic fiber types in one colour is known as :
(A) Union dyeing
(B) Cross dyeing
(C) Piece dyeing
(D) Stock dyeing

49. Which of the following dyes is not suitable for cellulosic fibres ?
(A) Disperse dye
(B) Direct dye
(C) Azoic dye
(D) Vat dye

50. The method of removal of colour from dyed fabric to create white design on coloured background is :
(A) Resist printing
(B) Discharge printing
(C) Direct printing
(D) Khadi printing

51. Planning is :
(A) Scrutinizing, reviewing and forecasting
(B) Scrutinizing, rewarding and forecasting
(C) Scrutinizing, reviewing and training
(D) Scrutinizing, rating and training

52. The most important income in terms of quality of living is :
(A) Subsidiary income
(B) Psychic income
(C) Real income
(D) Money income

53. The effective reach area for an individual in work space is :
(A) 85 cm
(B) 85 mm
(C) 145 mm
(D) 145 cm

54. A design which lends greater freedom is :
(A) Abstract
(B) Conventional
(C) Naturalistic
(D) Geometric

55. The three stems used in Japanese flower arrangement are denoted as :
(A) Tallest-man, second stem-earth, third stem-heaven
(B) Tallest-heaven, second stemearth, third stem-man
(C) Tallest-man, second stemheaven, third stem-earth
(D) Tallest-heaven, second stemman, third stem-earth

56. Identify the one, which is not a resource of management :
(A) Man
(B) Material
(C) Money
(D) Monitor

57. The effort involved in home making activities such as bending, leaning, kneeling and stooping is :
(A) Physical effort
(B) Pedal effort
(C) Muscular effort
(D) Torsal effort

58. Non-motion and time study is :
(A) Pathway chart
(B) Process chart
(C) Flow chart
(D) Pie chart

59. World Consumer Day falls on :
(A) 5th March
(B) 10th March
(C) 15th March
(D) 25th March

60. House planning principles of orientation states that the kitchen should be placed towards :
(A) East
(B) West
(C) South
(D) North

61. Using an activated carbon filter in water purification equipment helps in :
(A) Filtering dirt
(B) Absorbing organic impurities
(C) Inactivating bacteria
(D) Filtering insects

62. Laws of mechanics that apply to body movement and segment are :
(A) Gravitational force, arm position, work height
(B) Gravitational force, momentum, arm position
(C) Arm position, moment, work height
(D) Arm position, work height, leverage

63. Projected aids are :
(A) Slides, filmstrip, opaque projector
(B) Chalk board, Bulletin board
(C) Drama, puppet show, talking doll
(D) Tape recorder, telephone

64. Behavioural change in human being in extension education includes :
(A) Change in thinking
(B) Change in attitude
(C) Change in skill
(D) Change in knowledge, attitude and skill

65. The state of India where the Panchayat Raj system was first introduced :
(A) Uttar Pradesh
(B) Rajasthan
(C) Haryana
(D) Maharashtra

66. To assess the progress of the programme is known as :
(A) Evaluation
(B) Organization
(C) Planning
(D) Decision-making

67. On whose birthday, Community Development Programme was started in India ?
(A) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
(B) Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru
(C) Mahatma Gandhi
(D) Sardar Patel

68. Basic principle of Extension Education is :
(A) Help to those who help themselves
(B) Help poorest of the poor
(C) Internal and Spiritual Education
(D) Adult Education

69. Panchayat Raj report was submitted by Balwant Rai Mehta in the year :
(A) 1952
(B) 1955
(C) 1957
(D) 1961

70. Rural upliftment on mass scale was started by Mr. F.L. Brayne who started Gurgaon Project in the year :
(A) 1918
(B) 1920
(C) 1921
(D) 1922

71. The most basic social institution is :
(A) Village
(B) Family
(C) Town
(D) Government

72. A balanced extension programme is one which considers :
(A) Location specific recommendation
(B) Needs and desires of people
(C) Broad based programme
(D) Gives proper consideration to the facts, resources and time

73. The term ‘Androgogy’ implies :
(A) Child education
(B) Women’s education
(C) Adult education
(D) Distance education

74. Tests and scaling are :
(A) Quantitative measurement technique
(B) Qualitative measurement technique
(C) Both qualitative and quantitative
(D) None of the above

75. Leadership is the product of :
(A) Position rather than knowledge
(B) Knowledge rather than position
(C) Position alone
(D) Knowledge alone