Forensic Science Practice Set

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Forensic Science Practice Set

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Practice Set Question Papers on Forensic Science

1. Which of the following parts of foetal skeleton can provide a better estimate of sex ?
(A) Pelvis
(B) Scapula
(C) Femur
(D) Clavicle

2. ‘‘Bertillonage’’, one of the earliest techniques of personal identification that was developed in the later part of 19th century was mainly based on :
(A) Photographic comparison
(B) Handwriting comparison
(C) Anthropometry
(D) Fingerprints

3. Which of the following methods is best suited to recover dusty footwear impressions from a surface ?
(A) Plaster Casting
(B) Wax Casting
(C) Electrostatic Lifting
(D) Sulphur Casting

4. Hackle marks are present in :
(A) Paint
(B) Wood
(C) Steel
(D) Glass

5. Which of the following is an optical property ?
(A) Hardness
(B) Refractive index
(C) Brittleness
(D) Density

6. Which of the following cast materials is popular to reproduce the striation marks ?
(A) Plaster of Paris
(B) Sulphur
(C) Liquid silicone rubber
(D) Dental Plaster of Paris

7. In case of tire track, which of the following is not a class characteristic ?
(A) Wear markings
(B) Arrangement of Landwidth
(C) Number of Lands
(D) Groove pattern

8. If one of the parents is of O blood group, the blood group of the child cannot be :
(A) AB
(B) A
(C) O
(D) B

9. DNA profiling cannot be carried out from :
(A) Erythrocytes
(B) Buccal smear samples
(C) Semen samples
(D) Hair root tissue

10. Which of the following organs secrets zinc in large amounts in man ?
(A) Seminal vesicles
(B) Prostate gland
(C) Epididymis
(D) Vas deferens

11. Which of the following techniques involves bombarding of nonradioactive sample with neutrons :

12. Name the reagent formed by mixing 1 ml of formaldehyde solution with 9 ml of sulfuric acid :
(A) Mandelin’s reagent
(B) Marqui’s reagent
(C) Duquenoi’s reagent
(D) Zwikkers reagent

13. How many CFSLs are working under Directorate of Forensic Science Services ?
(A) 06
(B) 03
(C) 04
(D) 07

14. Which of the following Sections of IPC are concerned with Dowry Death ?
(A) Sect. 302
(B) Sect. 304
(C) Sect. 304A
(D) Sect. 304B

15. Which is the first case in which the defense attempted to rebut the State’s scientific evidence ?
(A) The Jon Benet Ramsey Case
(B) Lafarge Case
(C) Ruxton’s Case
(D) Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case

16. Urea nitrate crystal test is used to identify :
(A) Semen
(B) Urine
(C) Sweat
(D) Saliva

17. Why is it very important to secure the crime scene ?
(A) To stop police from entering the crime scene
(B) To stop evidence from escaping
(C) To stop unauthorized personnel from entering the crime scene and in turn, destroying the evidence
(D) To arrest the suspect

18. What is the correct sequence of various stages in crime scene investigation ?
(A) Protection and Collection of evidence
(B) Protection, Recognition, Documentation, Collection and Pakaging of evidences
(C) Protection, Documentation and Pakaging of evidence
(D) Collection and Pakaging of evidence

19. Which of the following statements is not correct ?
(A) Glass is supercooled liquid.
(B) Glass is non-crystalline in nature.
(C) Glass is a solid material.
(D) Glass break with conchoidal fracture.

20. High explosive have generally burning rates upwards of :
(A) 12,000 ft/sec.
(B) 14,000 ft/sec.
(C) 16,000 ft/sec.
(D) 20,000 ft/sec.

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21. In test firing, the test pallets are obtained in :
(A) Solid wax
(B) Rags
(C) Cotton wool
(D) Water

22. AK-47 is a popular rifle because bullet used in it has :
(A) Very high velocity
(B) Soft nose and steel and lead core
(C) Easy to handle
(D) Steel core

23. ANFO commercial explosive consists of :
(A) Ammonium nitrate + fuel oil
(B) Sodium nitrate + fuel oil
(C) Potassium nitrate + fuel oil
(D) Calcium nitrate + fuel oil

24. Richochet means :
(A) Tampered bullet
(B) Blunting of the bullet
(C) Unfired bullet
(D) Deflection of the bullet

25. Scale patterns of hair was initially classified by :
(A) Gettler
(B) Madea
(C) Suzuki
(D) Martiz

26. Most useful physical property of fibers from forensic viewpoint is that many manufactured fibers exhibit :
(A) Double refraction or birefringence
(B) Colour
(C) Diameter
(D) Texture

27. Which of the following tests is best suited for species determination from semen stains ?
(A) Gel electrophoresis
(B) Precipitin test
(C) Cross over electrophoresis
(D) Inhibition test

28. Fibrinogen and LDH are used for the identification of :
(A) Saliva
(B) Menstrual blood
(C) Semen
(D) Saliva, semen and menstrual blood

29. The sequence : Mobile phase delivery system -> pump -> injector -> column -> detector -> data processing system, is associated with which of the instrumental set up.
(A) GC

30. WCOT, PLOT are example of :
(A) Chromatographic peak shape
(B) Tubular column
(D) Injection port

31. In planar chromatography Rf is calculated by :
(A) Distance travelled by solvent front/Distance travelled by solute
(B) Distance to centre of component spot/Distance to centre of standard spot
(C) Distance to centre of standard spot/Distance to centre of component spot
(D) Distance travelled by solute/Distance travelled by solvent front

32. The transmittance property of ‘‘KBr’’ is in the range of :
(A) 200 nm to 20000 nm
(B) 200 nm to 2000 nm
(C) 800 nm to 10000 nm
(D) 800 nm to 20000 nm

33. Blood group specific antigens are found on the surface of :
(A) Erythrocytes
(B) Leucocytes
(C) Thrombocytes
(D) Neutrophils

34. Which of the following is involved in the immune system of human body ?
(A) Erythrocytes
(B) Leucocytes
(C) Serum
(D) Thrombocytes

35. Coal oil is also known as :
(A) Petrol
(B) Diesel
(C) Gas oil
(D) Kerosene

36. Δ9-THC gives……………..colour with Duquenois reagent.
(A) Violet
(B) Red
(C) Pink
(D) Orange

37. ‘‘Big four’’ components of biological profile are :
(A) Race, sex, height, age
(B) Race, sex, height, skeleton
(C) Race, sex, stature, blood groups
(D) Teeth, height, race, sex

38. The examination of diatoms from bone marrow/water is performed most commonly by :
(A) Acid digestion
(B) Sodium sulphate method
(C) Soluene – 350 method
(D) Both A and C

39. Rule of Hasse is applied to determine :
(A) Age of foetus
(B) Height of adult
(C) Race of person
(D) Identification

40. Cherry red colour of blood is seen in poisoning with :
(A) Nitrate
(B) Cyanide
(C) Lead
(D) Sulphite

41. Which of the following measurement of tire track can’t yield information about the manufacturer ?
(A) Wheel base
(B) Front track width
(C) Type of body built on the chassis
(D) Rear track width

42. Chemical name of common white pigment used in paint is :
(A) TiO2
(B) Al2O3
(C) SnO2
(D) CdS

43. Which of the following can be used as casting material ?
I. Silicon rubber
II. Moulage
III. Wax
IV. Plaster of Paris
(A) I, II and III
(B) I and II
(C) I and III
(D) I, II, III and IV

44. What is the major difference between ordinary and dental plaster ?
(A) Expansion factor
(B) Chemical reaction
(C) Drying time
(D) Cost

45. The greater sciatic notch in pelvis of a female human skeleton is :
(A) Much wider than in males
(B) Narrower than in males
(C) Equal in width to males
(D) Very variable in width

46. Alcohol is rapidly absorbed from stomach, duodenum and small intestine as it is :
(A) Highly volatile
(B) Highly lipid soluble
(C) Highly addictive
(D) Highly flammable

47. Name the detector commonly employed to detect trace environmental pollutants like chlorinated pesticides, herbicides, etc. by gas chromatography :
(A) Electro-chemical detector
(B) Electron capture detector
(C) Ultraviolet detector
(D) Refractive index detector

48. The time taken by the mobile phase to pass through the column i.e., from injector to detector is not called its :
(A) Dead time
(B) Void time
(C) Migration time
(D) Hold up time

49. Species of origin of a blood stain can be detected with the help of :
(A) Orthotoluidine Test
(B) Precipitin Test
(C) Inhibition Test
(D) Elution Test

50. Exfoliated epithelial cells are present in :
(A) Vaginal secretions
(B) Saliva
(C) Blood
(D) Tears