Computer Networks Important Questions and Answers

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Computer Networks Important Questions and Answers

Important Questions and Answers on Computer Networking

1. A network which is used far sharing data software and hardware among several users owning microcomputers is called
(a) WAN
(b) LAN
(c) MAN
(d) VAN

2. Different computers are connected to a LAN by a cable and a/an
(a) Modem
(b) interface card
(c) special wires
(d) Telephone lines

3. If you get both local and remote echoes every character you type will appear on the screen.
(a) Once
(b) Three times
(c) Twice
(d) Never

4. To setup a bulletin board system you need
(a) a smart modem with auto-answer capabilities.
(b) a telephone line
(c) a personal computer
(d) all of the above

5. When a group of computers is connected together in a small area without the help of telephone lines, it called
(a) Remote Communication Network (RCN)
(b) Local area network (LAN)
(c) Wide area network (WAN)
(d) Value added network (VAN)

6. A communication network which is used by large organisation over regional, national or global area is called
(a) LAN
(b) WAN
(c) VAN
(d) MAN

7. Synchronous protocols
(a) transmit characters one at a time
(b) allow faster transmission than synchronous protocols do
(c) are generally used by personal computers
(d) are more reliable

8. The physical layer of a net work
(a) Defines 0 the electrical characteristic of signals passed between the computer and communication devices
(b) Controls errors detection and correction
(c) Cross the network
(d) All of the above

9. A local area network
(a) that connects thirty personal computers can provide more computing power than a mini computer
(b) cannot become bogged down like a mainframe would if the load is too high
(c) both (a) and (b) above
(d) all of the above

10. Working of the WAN generally involves
(a) Telephone lines
(b) Microwaves
(c) Satellites
(d) All of the above

11. What is the name of the network topology is which there are bi-directional links between each possible node?
(a) Ring
(b) Star
(c) Tree
(d) Mesh

12. What is the commonly used unit for measuring the speed of data transmission ?
(a) Bytes per second
(b) Bits per second
(c) Baud
(d) Either (b) or (c) above

13. A 2400-character text file has to be transmitted by using a 1200 baud modem can you tell how long will it take?
(a) 2 seconds
(b) 20 seconds
(c) 10 seconds
(d) 12 seconds.

14. Local area network can transmit
(a) Faster than telecommunications over public telephone lines
(b) Slower then telecommunications over public telephone lines
(c) Using twisted-pair wiring of coaxial cables
(d) Both (a) and (b) above

15. The application layer of a network
(a) Eatablishes, maintains, and terminates virtual circuits
(b) Defines the user’s part into the network
(c) Consists of software being run on the computer connected to the network
(d) All of the above

16. What are the most commonly used transmission speeds in BPS used in data communication ?
(a) 1200
(b) 4800
(c) 9600
(d) 2400
(e) All of the above

17. A network that requires human inter venation of route signals is called
(a) Bus network
(b) Star network
(c) Ring network
(d) T-Switched network

18. What is the name of the computer based EMMS that provides a common forum where users can check in at their convenience post messages, actively exchange ideas and participate in ongoing discussions?
(a) E-mail
(b) Bulletin board system (BBS)
(c) Video conferencing.
(d) Tele conferencing

19. Massage from one computer terminal con be sent to another by using data network. The messages to be sent is converted to an electronic digital signal, transmitted via a cable, telephone or satellite and then converted back again at the receiving end. What is this system of sending massages called?
(a) Paperless office
(b) Global network
(c) Electronic mail
(d) Electronic newspaper.

20. The most flexibility in how devices are wired together is provided by
(a) Bus networks
(b) Ring networks
(c) Star networks
(d) T switched networks

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21. A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called
(a) Bus network
(b) Star network
(c) Ring network
(d) All of the above

22. Videotext is a combinations
(a) Television
(b) Computer technology
(c) Communication
(d) All of the above

23. We can receive data either through our television aerial or down our telephone lines and display this data on our television screen. What is the general name given for this purpose ?
(a) Viewdata
(b) Teletext
(c) Telesoftware
(d) Videotext

24. A packet-switching network
(a) is free
(b) can reduce the cost of using an information utility
(c) allows communication channels to be shared among more than one user
(d) both (b) and (c) above

25. Devices on one network can communicate with devices on another network via a
(a) File server
(b) Printer server
(c) Utility server
(d) Gateway

26. After coding a document into a digital signal, it can be sent by telephone, al telex are satellite to the receiver where the signal is decoded and an exact copy of the original document is made. What is it called?
(a) Telex
(b) Facsimile
(c) Word processor
(d) Electronic mail

27. The transfer of data from a CPU to peripheral devices of a computer is achieved through
(a) Modems
(b) Interfaces
(c) Computer ports
(d) Buffer memory

28. The communication mode that supports two-way traffic but only one direction at a time is
(a) Simplex
(b) Half duplex
(c) Duplex
(d) Multiplex

29. FDDI is a
(a) Ring network
(b) Mesh network
(c) Star network
(d) Bus based network

30. What is the usual number of bits transmitted simultaneously in parallel data transmission used by micro computers ?
(a) 6
(b) 8
(c) 9
(d) 7

31. Which transmission mode is used for data communication along telephone line ?
(a) Parallel
(b) Synchronous
(c) Serial
(d) Hybrid

32. How many pairs of stations can simultaneously communicate on ethernet LAN ?
(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) 2
(d) Multiple

33. The communication mode that supports data in both directions at the same time is
(a) Simplex
(b) Full-duplex
(c) Half-duplex
(d) Multiplex

34. Modulation is the process of
(a) Sending a file from one computer to another computer
(b) Converting digital signals to analogue
(c) Converting analogue signals to digital signals
(d) Echoing every character that is received

35. The term ‘duplex’ refers to the ability of the data receiving stations to echo back a confirming message to the sender. In full duplex data transmission, both the sender and the receiver.
(a) Can not talk at once
(b) Can receive and send data simultaneously
(c) Can send or receive data one at a time
(d) Can do one data transmission only

36. Which data communication method is used for sending data in both directions at the same time.
(a) Super duplex
(b) Half-duplex
(c) Simplex
(d) Full duplex

37. Choose the one which is not relevant to networking.
(a) Low-end stand alone hubs
(b) Stackable hubs
(c) Enterprise hubs
(d) Bus hubs

38. Which of the following is used for modulation and demodulation ?
(a) Modem
(b) Gateway
(c) Protocole
(d) Multiplexer

39. A software that allows a personal computer to pertend it as a terminal is
(a) auto-dialing
(b) Modem
(c) Bulletin board
(d) Terminal emulation

40. A hub in network is a
(a) a multi part signal repeater or concentrator
(b) a multi-plug like device to allow many computers to be connected
(c) the server which serves every node
(d) the central power supply

41. In networking terminology UTP means
(a) Unshielded twisted-pair
(b) Ubiquitous teflon part
(c) Uniformly terminating part
(d) Unshielded T-connector part

42. Which of the following refers to the terms “residual error rate”?
(a) The number of bit errors per twenty four hours of continuous operation on an asynchronous line.
(b) The probability that one or more errors will be undetected when an error detection schente is used
(c) The probability that the one or more error will be detected when an error detection mechanism is used
(d) Signal to noise ratio divided by the ratio of energy per bit to noise per hertz.

43. Two computers that communicate with each other use a simple parity check to detect errors for ASCII transmissions. Which of the following events will always lead to an undetected error ?
(a) One bit or any odd number of bits inverted in a block of data during transmission
(b) Two bits or any even number of bits inverted in block during transmission.
(c) One bit or any odd number of bits inverted in a byte during transmission.
(d) Two bits or any even number of bit inverted in a byte during transmission

44. A message packet received by the hub
(a) just passed as it is to all parts connected
(b) repeats the signal and sends to the network server
(c) repeats the signal and sends to all the nodes connected to it
(d) repeats the signal and sends to the server and other nodes except the source.

45. Simple network management protocol (SNMP) is implemented with a daughter-board in
(a) the nodes
(b) the server
(c) the hubs
(d) a separate PC that manages the network server.

46. Which layer of international standard organization’s OSI model is responsible for creating and recognizing frame boundaries ?
(a) Physical layer
(b) Data link layer
(c) Network layer
(d) Transport layer

47. If digital data rate of 9600 bps is encoded using 8-level phase shift keying (PSK) method, the modulation rate is
(a) 1200 bands
(b) 3200 bands
(c) 4800 bands
(d) 9600 bands.

48. The chip that an active hub contains is
(a) Multipart repeater chip
(b) 3.86 SX
(c) UART
(d) None of the above.

49. Application servers are basically aimed at being used as
(a) graphic work stations on a network
(b) servers on conventional network
(c) servers on client/server configuration network
(d) odes which serve as job worker similar printer to server in a network

50. Four bits are used for packet sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol used in a computer network. What is the maximum window size?
(a) 4
(b) 15
(c) 8
(d) 16