Community Medicine Model Question Papers

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Community Medicine Model Question Papers

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Model Question Papers on Community Medicine

1) Which of the following in NOT included in Mental Health Care Act 2011?
A) Promotion of Mental Health & prevention of mental illness
B) Integration of mental health care system in to all levels of health care
C) Fundamental rights of mentally retarded
D) Minimum mental health care for all

2) Potential support ratio (PSR) is defined as
A) Number of persons aged 15 to 65 per children below 15 years
B) Number of persons aged 15 to 65 per 1 older person aged > 65 years
C) Number of persons aged 15 to 65 per 1 older person aged > 65 years and younger person < 15 years
D) Number of persons aged 15 to 65 per 1 older person aged > 60 years and younger person < 15 years

3) What is Net Reproduction Rate (NRR)?
A) No. of children a new born girl has in her left time
B) No. of female children a newborn girl has in her life time
C) No. of male children a newborn girl has in her life time
D) No. of female children a newborn girl has in her life time, taking into account age specific mortality

4) In WHO “Road to health” chart upper and lower limit represents
A) 30 percentile for boy and 3 percentile for girl
B) 50 percentile for boy and 3 percentile for girl
C) 30 percentile for boy and 5 percentile for girl
D) 50 percentile for boy and 5 percentile for girl

5) Conditionally essential amino acids are
A) Leucin & Lysine
B) Histidine & Arginine
C) Tyrosine & Cysteine
D) Phenylalanine & Triptophan

6) The protein quality indicator adopted by ICMR in recommending dietary protein requirement is
A) Amino acid score
B) Net protein utilization
C) Biological value
D) Protein efficiency ratio

7) Amount of cereals provided per child per school day at primary level in mid day meal program is
A) 50 Grams
B) 75 Grams
C) 100 grams
D) 150 grams

8) Xerophthalmia is a problem in a community if the prevalence of bitot’s spots is more than:
A) 1%
B) 0.5%
C) 5%
D) 25%

9) True about cow’s milk are all except:
A) Cow’s milk contain 80% of whey protein and no casein
B) Has more protein than breast milk
C) Has more K+ and Na+ than breast milk
D) Has less carbohydrates than mother’s milk

10) According to WHO anemia in pregnancy is diagnosed below – gm/dl hemoglobin level
A) 8
B) 9
C) 10
D) 11

11) International food standards included:
A) BIS standards
B) Codex alimentarius standards
C) AgMark standards
D) PFA standards

12) Severe Acute Malnutrition diagnostic criteria include all except :
A) Bipedal edema
B) Visible severe wasting
C) Mid arm circumference below 115mm
D) Weight for height below 2SD of WHO Growth Standards 2006

13) Learned behavior which is permanent and consistent, but liable to change:
A) Cultural belief
B) Attitude
C) Knowledge
D) Practice

14) According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, following is at top of pyramid:
A) Physical needs
B) Self Actualization
C) Safety
D) Esteem recognition

15) Average Mental IQ according to Wechsler’s scale is:
A) 70-79
B) 80-89
C) 90-109
D) 110-119

16) Income generated within a country is known as:
A) Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
B) Net National Product (NNP)
C) Net Domestic Product (NDP)
D) Purchasing power Parity (PPP)

17) Not seen in fecal pollution:
A) Staphylococcus
B) Streptococcus
C) E.coli
D) Clostridium perfringes

18) All the following statements about purification of water are true except:
A) Presence of clostridium spores indicate recent contamination
B) Coliforms must not be detected in any 100 ml sample of drinking water
C) Sodium Thiosulphate is used to neutralize chlorine
D) Coliforms may be detected by multiple tube method and indole production at 44 degrees

19) Confirmatory test for coliforms count :
A) Eijkman test
B) Casoni test
C) Nitrate test
D) Urease test

20) Kata Thermometer measures :
A) Air temperature only
B) Air temperature and Humidity
C) Air temperature, Humidity and air movement
D) None

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21) Acceptable level for physical comfort:
A) Corrected effective temperature 79°F
B) Corrected effective temperature 70-76°F
C) Corrected effective temperature 80-81°F
D) Corrected effective temperature >82°F

22) Strength of sewage is expressed in terms of all except:
A) E coli Count
B) Suspended particle
C) Chemical oxygen demand
D) Biological oxygen demand

23) The anopheles species most commonly found in cosastal resion is
A) Philippinensis
B) Stephensi
C) Fluviatilis
D) Minimums

24) The nerve gas “sarin” is
A) Organophosporus compound
B) Organochloro compound
C) Carbmate
D) Acridine

25) Not true about screw feed technique is
A) 80% volume reduction
B) Pathological waste are removed
C) Weight is decreased by 20 – 35%
D) Based on nonburn dry thermal treatment

26) Epidemics after disaster are caused by all except;
A) Leptospirosis
B) Rickettsiosis
C) Leishmaniasis
D) Acute Respiratory infection

27) According to the Workman’s compensation Act, 1992 which of the following is considered an occupational disease?
A) Typhoid
B) Anthrax
C) Tetanus
D) Dengue

28) Hardy Weinberg law is related to :
A) Gene therapy
B) Human Genome Project
C) Population Genetics
D) Eugenics

29) Effect of environment on genes is called :
A) Positive Eugenics
B) Negative Eugenics
C) Euthenics
D) Ergonomics

30) Which of the following is a set point framed for long term plans but is yet something that cannot be quantified or measured:
A) Target
B) Goal
C) Objective
D) Mission

31) Bajaj committee in 1986 proposed :
A) Multipurpose health worker
B) Manpower and planning
C) Rural health service
D) Integrated health services

32) Universal Health coverage of India was recently approved by which health committee?
A) Medical education health group
B) MPW in health and family planning
C) High level expert group
D) Health survey and development committee

33) Antenatal support is not delivered by :
A) Anganwadi worker
B) Female Health worker
C) Female health assistant
D) Traditional birth attendant

34) Tropical diseases targeted for research and training by WHO include all except ;
A) Trypanosomiasis
B) Filariasis
C) Schistosomiasis
D) Onchocerciasis

35) According to International Health Regulation (IHR) Act, a pregnant woman, with the following duration of pregnancy (in weeks), can’t travel by air to other country:
A) 20
B) 28
C) 32
D) 36

36) Yellow fever vaccination starts protection after how many days of injection:
A) 5 days
B) 10 days
C) 15 days
D) 20 days

37) Which of the following is used to denote a continuous variables?
A) Simple bar
B) Histogram
C) Pie diagram
D) Multiple bar

38) Likert scale is:
A) Ordinal scale
B) Nominal scale
C) Variance scale
D) Categorical scale

39) Measuring variation between two different units is done through :
A) Variance
B) Coefficient of variance
C) Standard deviation
D) Range

40) Z score criteria applicable to :
A) Normal distribution
B) Skewed deviation
C) Chi square test
D) Paired t test

41) For a Negative skewed data mean will be;
A) Less than median
B) More than median
C) Equal to median
D) One

42) Q-test is used for detecting:
A) Outliers
B) Interquartile range
C) Difference of means
D) Difference of proportions

43) About standard Normal curve all is true except:
A) Area = 1
B) S.D = 1
C) Bell shaped
D) Mean and Median = 1

44) For calculation of sample size for a prevalence study all of the following are necessary except:
A) Prevalence of disease in population
B) Power of the study
C) Significance level
D) Desired precision

45) True about cluster sampling are all except :
A) Sample size same as simple random
B) It is two stage sampling
C) Cheaper than other methods
D) It is a method for rapid assessment

46) In a study, variation in cholesterol was seen before and after giving a drug. The test which would give its significance is :
A) Unpaired t test
B) Fischer test
C) Paired t test
D) Chi square test

47) Appropriate statistical method to compare two proportion is :
A) Chi square test
B) Student’s t test
C) Odds ratio
D) Correlation Coefficient

48) For testing the statistical significance of the difference in heights of school children:
A) Student’s test
B) Chi square test
C) Paired t test
D) One way analysis of variance (One way ANOV)

49) Pearson or Spearman coefficient is used for evaluation of :
A) Differences in proportion
B) Comparison of more than 2 means
C) Comparison of variance
D) Correlation

50) Receiver Operator Characterstic (RO) curve is usually drawn between:
A) Sensitivity & Specificity
B) (1-Sensitivity) & Specificity
C) Sensitivity & (1-Specificity)
D) (1-Sensitivity) & (1-Specificity)