Change Active Voice to Passive Voice Worksheets

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Change Active Voice to Passive Voice Worksheets

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Change Active Voice to Passive Voice Worksheets

1. When will you leave the hotel?

2. When will you meet the man ?

3. Where do you repair your car ?

4. Which cat doesn’t eat fish?

5. Which one do you like?

6. Who discovered America ?

7. Who doesn’t love chocolate ?

8. Who has damaged your cycle ?

9. Who has found my purse ?

10. Who has not supported him ?

11. Who has paid the bill ?

12. Who has planned the picnic ?

13. Who has switched the light off ?

14. Who paid for the meal ?

15. Who wants an ice cream ?

16. Who will answer my question ?

17. Who will clean the suit ?

18. Who will do the work for you ?

19. Whom do you want?

20. Whose accounts do you keep ?

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21. Whose car did he drive?

22. Why did Anamika miss the bus ?

23. Why did he not suspect anything?

24. Why did they send you away?

25. Why did you not open the gift?

26. Why didn’t you say so before?

27. Why have you called me ?

28. Why have you not visited the Taj yet?

29. Why have you written this ?

30. Why should he always be made to sleep outside the house?

31. Will art give us a livelihood ?

32. Will John not wash the dishes ?

33. Will Rudra direct the show?

34. Will the director not give you instructions?

35. Will the institute teach foreign languages ?

36. Will the manager give you the pass?

37. Will they inform the police ?

38. Will you not help the poor?

39. Will you sign the contract?

40. Would you like a cup of coffee?

41. Write a letter.

42. You are always abusing and worrying Sidda.

43. You are doing me a favour.

44. You are going to remember Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones.

45. You are leaving the house.

46. You are watching a movie.

47. You didn’t have to snatch my pocketbook.

48. You do not know me but I know you.

49. You do not know me.

50. You draw this picture.

51. You drove the car.

52. You executed his brother and seized his property.

53. You have already been answered.

54. You have had tea.

55. You have learnt the table.

56. You must ask your teacher.

57. You ought to do your duty.

58. You painted the picture.

59. You should take an umbrella.

60. You shouldn’t have ordered the dish.

61. You take care of the other three, I take of this one that looked worse.

62. You were not wearing the shirt.

63. You were singing the song then.

64. You were trying your luck.

65. You will attend the class.

66. You will pay the tax.

67. You will prepare the dish.

68. You will remember that my Oxen Meadows touch your birchwoods.

69. You win the prize.

70. Yuvraj threw the ball at the wicket.


1. When will the hotel be left by you?

2. When will the man be met by you?

3. Where is your car repaired by you?

4. By which cat is fish not eaten ?

5. Which one is liked by you?

6. By whom was America discovered?

7. By whom is chocolate not loved ?

8. By whom has your cycle been damaged ?

9. By whom has my purse been found ?

10. By whom has he not been supported ?

11. By whom has the bill been paid?

12. By whom has the picnic been planned?

13. By whom has the light been switched off ?

14. By whom was the money paid for the meal ?

15. By whom an ice cream is wanted ?

16. By whom will my question be answered?

17. By whom will the suit be cleaned ?

18. By whom will the work be done for you?

19. Who is wanted by you?

20. Whose accounts are kept by you?

21. Whose car was driven by him ?

22. Why was the bus missed by Anamika ?

23. Why was not anything suspected by him?

24. Why were you sent away by them?

25. Why the gift was not opened by you ?

26. Why was that not said by you before?

27. Why have I been called by you ?

28. Why was not the Taj visited by you yet?

29. Why has this been written by you?

30. Why should you always make him sleep outside the house?

31. Will a livelihood be given to us by art ?

32. Will the dishes not be washed by John ?

33. Will the show be directed by Rudra ?

34. Will you not be given instructions by the director?

35. Will foreign languages be taught by the institute ?

36. Will you be given the pass by the manager ?

37. Will the police be informed by them ?

38. Will the poor not be helped by you?

39. Will the contract be signed by you ?

40. Would a cup of coffee be liked by you ?

41. Let a letter be written.

42. Sidda is always being abused and worried by you.

43. A favour is being done by you to me.

44. Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones is going to be remembered by you.

45. The house is being left by you.

46. A movie is being watched by you.

47. My pocketbook did not have to be snatched by you.

48. I am not known to you but you are known to me.

49. I am not known to you.

50. This picture is drawn by you.

51. The car was driven by you.

52. His brother was executed and his property was seized by you.

53. Someone has already answered you.

54. Tea has been had by you.

55. The table has been learnt by you.

56. Your teacher must be asked by you.

57. Your duty ought to be done by you.

58. The picture was painted by you.

59. An umbrella should be taken by you.

60. The dish should not have been ordered by you.

61. The other three are to be taken care of by you and this one that looked worse is to be taken care of by me.

62. The shirt was not being worn by you.

63. The song was being sung by you then.

64. Your luck was being tried by you.

65. The class will be attended by you.

66. The tax will be paid by you.

67. The dish will be prepared by you.

68. It will be remembered by you that your birchwoods are touched by my Oxen Meadows.

69. The prize is won by you.

70. The ball was thrown at the wicket by Yuvraj.